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Found 7 results

  1. Do need help visualizing your character? Do you feel like you're in a creative rut? Do you just want to give up? Don't worry! Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll whip a costume up in a jiffy! Satisfaction guaranteed. P.S. Everyone's free to pitch in. The more suggestions, the better! P.P.S. If you can, please add a reference photo. It helps us out a ton. (Leave it to me to get things totally wrong 🙄)
  2. Members of the Blaster community, I come to you for a request. As someone who has not rolled a Blaster since i2ish, I am at a loss for direction. I recently rolled this character as a concept, but then started having fun with her while leveling through Praetoria. I am currently only L13, so not too far along. I would like to keep Reach for the Limit and Speed of Sound if at all possible. Whirlpool and Burst of Speed, while nice, have not been seeing much use as things tend to melt with just a steady rotation of Bolt>Burst/Dehydrate ,the P2W attacks, and Ki Push whenever mobs get in close (did not take Storm Kick as I had planned to avoid BLAPping, but I'm not averse to the style. Also, for when I get that high, how does Martial Combat>Reaction Time work? It's a toggle that needs to be de-toggled for full effect? I'm not over-flowing with INF, so I would love to have a starter build (non-Purple) to begin to work towards. Again, thank you for reading/responding and any and all help is greatly appreciated. Much love to you and yours today and everyday.
  3. I never managed to get into the playstyle of Stalkers back on Live, so I wanted to give it a solid chance this time around. After trying out various combinations, this was the one I settled on. My build, currently, is a hodgepodge of SOs and IOs, but with the "Chance to Hide" ATO in AS. If anyone would have any cheap/Yellow builds lying around, it would be mighty helpful to learn where I need to go. Below is my current build. It worked fine for leveling, but I'd love to learn different takes on the combo. Thank you all in advance | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1403;582;1164;HEX;| |78DA7553D96EDA40141D07BB84AD09A429618DC356C2E242DBF72A09A44B8214297| |D472E4C88156410385279EC53FFA67FD6E50FE865E6189C38B5E4399E73EFB9F778| |96DEB74EF4E787EFEF99123B1B9BF379FFDA31C7777CB6DDBB774CC79AD86CF504E| |9CD22D2EFF131E7C6856573C71AF44F1CC71CDC65DC6087DF707BCE8DAECD67A345| |FFE47E66B2E8D56432362EB939B5EC51584CAEA79C0F13E2F30B959B4E66B25B445| |0E7636B74EBA4BA536B609C4E868B7ECF9C3B7CB670CD1D909D0ABD669CE1596A2C| |4D5050D9D691C4704EE201F0D5921ED616E369883845E818CBCBF8D73828AAA5FCA| |7D6CB276A0D4817802E009D0A9DFAA4EEB51887A4D3A4074D83EE998BD047730FB1| |F9833AB555C6E3724B48AB06EB32B6EDE21B892F5C14DDBAF4C721FC7108D5CF888| |B482E1001F71CABB1EB22F80EE5C6901B7B949B00D644A773CADC9199EA4E037B00| |CC8B8C8A674CD26FC84D5CB27855661589DB03B7D7C40A12B70FFFFBE87743C224F| |292F8FB5BE252D88D1456330DBF69AC621E78241CC8F123B9CE288AD065502B8B3E| |591D3AF0A5D5BC412894657296838B1C3A59E4E2102E0EE142474C47151D2E4A9E3| |3F1895C14A42E50104CB1247B151FCC54AA5F96ABA194E1A6020C52AC8A9DAA823B| |86EEF8D17C44B975F8AC8B0E0DDFD8F48C1AE51B325F313CBE3F93EF16F896E76E6| |4D4F5FD5C6637DFAB29456B3EA6E563DA3EE6AD8F79E7632E7DCC95BABEDD4C114C| |68777D6F97BFC214C5E95270E2FE6CB82DA5E43DE172FCEDD5E0E4FEF56A706A12B| |AF7B45DD4362BF20FA9BB3070| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  4. Exactly what the title says perma dom fire/fire build would love to be able to do 4/8 content
  5. Hi there! My main is an ill/kin, and is currently slotted for perma-PA using one of the builds in this thread as a starting point and making minor tweaks: I was hoping someone out there would have a build that does something to make this powerset less squishy. Perma-PA wouldn't be a main priority just getting either defenses or resistance up high so I'm not getting obliterated when things hit the fan. I tried building one myself from scratch and I just do not have the gift when it comes to making builds from scratch for a specific purpose. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Are there any guides or posts out there that give some general tips and points for constructing a build? For when you can't find the exact build or guide for the one particular power set(s) that you're interested in. Like, when is it better to put six slots into a power? One or two slots? What are some powers that should always/never be slotted? Should some ATs put more slots into their primary or secondary? When is a good time to take a travel power, or put it off? Obviously not every build is going to be optimized completely, but sometimes we want to make a build for less conventional power selections! At the very least, maybe this could make more guides available for searching!
  7. So unless I’m just completely illiterate, which is entirely possible, I can’t seem to find Maelstrom as a useable boss in Architect mode, only his pistols ironically. I went through every available boss and found pretty much everyone but him. Am I missing something or does he need to be added in? Thanks!
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