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  1. I took this picture with my drone. I'm a visitor here. Different planet, different species, different culture. When I first arrived here, I was greeted very well by Vanguard, only to leave the Warzone and see ... this. I have fought beside Vanguard, and your local heroes. I have bled for your citizens and your diplomats. This doesn't even account for the friendly Rikti who are helping dismantle their old regime. This doesn't account for the Kheldian Warshades and Peacebringers that defend your entire planet. This doesn't account for every other extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial being that has come to the defense of you and your people. I am Arkove R'val, Registered Vanguard Operator. Vanguard calls me RAITA. I am creating this petition to have these disturbing, ugly, and offensive billboards removed or replaced. I will pay for it myself if I must, but they have to go. --- If you believe the same thing, leave your mark. Humanity is above racism. Prove it. ::If you wish to be contacted about potential protest action at City Hall, please e-mail me at [email protected]::
  2. Every day on Excelsior I run a daily afternoon Mothership Raid in the Rikti Warzone. Invites start around 3pm EST. (8pm GMT) My global is @Doctor Proteus but I rotate through my many characters every 3 Veteran Levels earned per character. I will announce what character I will be on in the excelsior-events channel on the Homecoming Discord 1 hour before invites go out. All levels are welcome. The raid may occasionally run late or be called off, pending changing circumstances. I will announce changes/problems in excelsior-events if possible. There is usually a coterie of reliable fellow Raid Leaders who step in whenever I am absent to ensure the usual Afternoon Mothership Raid proceeds uninterrupted. EDIT: I set the time for 3pm on the calendar, but some people are telling me it is showing as 10am for them. This may be because the calendar is using my time-zone in the UK as the basis, but for the records it is meant to be 3pm in the USA. Please keep me informed if anything seems off. INVITES Anyone who wishes to attend should ask for an invite in the Rikti Warzone broadcast channel, so I can see we are in the same zone. Please ask in broadcast and do not send me a direct message. I cannot invite players to the league if they are members of the opposite faction unless we are in the same zone. I do not want to have to /who everyone while I am focusing on assembling and organizing the raid, and replying to direct messages can be a hassle, especially if there are many. If I can I run two raids a day so that anyone who did not make it into the first run at least has a chance to attend at least one raid if they choose to stick around for round 2. INSTRUCTIONS At the start of the raid during the Pylon phase, I will give out comprehensive instructions on what to do in full-caps in the Request Channel, so anyone new to Mothership Raids will have an idea on what to do and so I can give out bomb assignments. I use the Request Channel so that people can still use League Chat freely. Bomb Assignments will be sent out a second time at the last pylon for anyone who arrived late. Please make sure you have the Request Channel active in an visible chat window. You can check by clicking on a chat tab and going to edit, this will show what channels are active in that chat window. THE QUEUE I try to be as fair and impartial as possible to attendees. Anyone who leaves the zone or disconnects has about 4 minutes to return before their spot becomes available to anyone waiting in the zone. If the raid fills, any additional Players will be queued for entry into the raid in order of their arrival to the zone, to the best of my awareness. I cannot promise that I will always be able to keep track of everyone who comes and goes. Anyone who leaves the zone will be removed from the queue. AFK & LEECHING If you need to go AFK during the raid, please let me know. People tend to assume someone who has gone AFK Un-announced is a leech. I and most raid attendees do not appreciate Leeching. A Leechers spot is a spot that could be used by someone productive who may be waiting to get into the raid and most attendees can be very vocal to me about it. Anyone who needs to go AFK should let me know beforehand. TIME-ZONES I am from England and not running on EST. I am not intimately familiar with American time-zones nor will I be immediately aware of any changes to American time-zones. I apologise for any confusion this may cause if American time-zone shenanigans occur without my knowledge. When referencing the daily event, I typically take into account the fact I am on an American server, and consider myself a guest, so I try to use American time. For me the raid starts at 8pm in the evening, but I refer to the event as being in the afternoon based on the present time in the U.S.A. GO. HUNT. KILL RIKTI.
  3. until
    I hold weekly Rikti mothership raids every Thursday evening (with the exception of holidays) on the Excelsior server, at 8:30 P.M. ET/5:30 P.M. PT. We will meet in Pocket D, and begin forming the league fifteen minutes in advance. You must be level 35+ and have the Member of Vanguard badge to participate. When the Rikti mothership raid begins, we will start with Pylon 11, going in a roughly clockwise formation. When Pylon 1 is destroyed and the Rikti mothership's shield drops, we will stay at the Pylon 1 location and buff up. Once buffed up, one or two people from every team will plant a bomb on the mothership, and everyone else will head directly to the bowl. Once the Rikti mothership raid is over, we'll begin the Rikti dropship hunt. For more information on the instanced Rikti mothership raid trial, see here. Hope to see y'all there.
  4. @Anyad led an instanced Rikti mothership raid on Torchbearer this evening, Friday, July 9th. We entered the instance and started forming the league at 8:03 P.M. ET/5:03 P.M. PT. The pylon phase began at 8:31 P.M. ET/5:31 P.M. PT. Everything was going well. IIRC, we had 45 people on the league. During the bowl phase of the mothership raid, at 8:51 P.M. ET/5:51 P.M. PT, the entire mothership raid league was hit by a mapserve. Everyone on the entire league lost connection to Torchbearer. Those that were on the instanced Rikti mothership raid also seemed to have been rolled back a couple of minutes, with fewer Vanguard merits, XP, and INF than we had just prior to the mapserve. As best as we can tell, everyone else on the shard that wasn't in the instanced Rikti mothership raid was fine. Anyad started forming another instanced Rikti mothership raid from inside the instance at 8:57 P.M. ET/5:57 P.M. PT. Everything went mostly okie from there on in, however a few people could not enter the instance. Anyad invited them, they would enter the instance... and then immediately be hit by a mapserve and kicked out. I don't know exactly how many, Anyad would be able to tell you that. I reported all of this real time in the #report-server-issues-here channel of the Homecoming Discord, but was instructed by GM Crumpet to file a bug report here. Sorry for being a bit thorough with the times, but I hope it helps y'all track down the issue.
  5. I looked and didn't see anything directly related, so I will make a thread about my bane of existence on Homecoming, or as I like to call it: The league bug. Leagues are typically formed for Hamidon raids, Rikti mothership raids, and Incarnate Trials. Most typically, the raid or trial leader will invite people as they come, and then organize them into teams later. It is easier for the raid or trial leader, quicker, and the raid or trial leader won't receive a tell from the player asking why he or she hasn't been invited yet. However, if you invite someone to join your league who isn't already on a team, the game sometimes (seemingly at random), won't actually place the player in a team. The league window will show that player in the team, but if that player opens his or her team window, that player will see that he or she is not actually on a team. Global friends can also apparently see that that person is not actually on a team. There is no way for the league leader to know however, unless that person realizes it and mentions it to the league leader. The ramifications for the league bug don't impact Hamidon raids. The league bug definitely hits it, but few people notice because you actually don't need to be on a league to get your rewards from Hamidon raids. You only need to get in your attack chain. The real problems are with Rikti mothership raids and Incarnate trials. People show as on a team in the league window, but actually aren't. If that person is on a level 40 Controller, they're not being sidekicked up to level 49. Up against level 54 Rikti, that is one very dead level 40 Controller. In addition, those affected by the league bug in Rikti mothership raids don't get full Vanguard merits. There have been many Rikti mothership raids where, at level 50+1, I would only get 550 - 700 Vanguard merits where most on the raid got double that. Why? Because the game only counted the Rikti I personally damaged, not the others that the league window showed were on my team, as I was not actually on a team. I also strongly suspect that the league bug is the root cause for people being booted from locked league teams in Incarnate trials. League leaders are locking teams, but some people are not actually teamed despite the league window showing otherwise. Once the trial starts, those who aren't actually teamed are booted because the team they are supposed to be on is locked. The only thing I can think of that can get around the league bug is to form teams the old fashioned way. Once people have set teams of eight players, then, and only then, form the league. I do not recall this bug before sunset, and I routinely lead Rikti mothership raids and was a team lead in Hamidon raids. I would really greatly appreciate it if it was looked into.
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