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  1. Hello, everyone! I wanted to start by saying that this list is not a complete accounting of all the suggestions in this forum, this is an effort on my part to curate some suggestions given to me in other forms and formats, and to promote neat ideas that players (and even staff!) have come up with that are a bit within my purview as a rep for the Roleplay community. If you have roleplay suggestions that you think might not warrant an entire forum post, you might drop them here, or if you think it’d be something you’d like me to take a peek at, too! I’ll be checking in occasionally and adding things to the list as we go, so keep an eye on this thread if you want to see what’s been added! I’ll add personal notes of my thoughts on the suggestions, underneath each. Please note that anything shown or not shown here does not mean it will or will not be considered – these are merely ones I am observing myself! The list so far! Trigger invasion events for player-run events This is an interesting concept – this would largely be just activating an otherwise ‘random’ or timed event at a time when a roleplay event is being run by a group to coincide with whatever storyline they have going at the time! Pull league groups into an AE map This one surprised me! I hadn’t considered the implications here, but right now you have issues getting league-size people into an AE map, and largely the suggestion revolved around group RPs that have large numbers of players using a large map, like the Ruined Atlas map for group combat RP and the like. Narrate for AE arc RPs This one can technically be accomplished by the story leads at the time using team chat/local chat with something like [Positron]: Blah, but it’s a neat concept if they want to see the actual NPCs chat a bit. New invasions/redo old invasions This one somewhat applies outside of the RP community too, and ties into the suggestion above – people liked some of the old invasions or want to see ones triggered more often for specific things. Events and the like that were hosted on live but haven’t shown back up since. I like it! Larger descriptions The current description limit of 1023 characters is quite a bit limiting, so seeing it expanded to allow for larger descriptions with more detail would be just a generally nice quality-of-life change that would let people be more creative and descriptive with their character’s bio! Bio editor bug fixing There are some issues with the bio editor at the moment, a bug-fix sweep would be quite welcome. GM line drop/appearance at player events This one would be fun! This would be, for example, a story event being run by players where a hero/villain might show up and say a few lines, sass some people, or generally appear for the sake of the story to enhance it. It could be a lot of fun! Weekly-change/etc callouts and chatter by quest giver NPCs This one surprised me as well – I genuinely hadn’t thought of this! As our weekly targets change, a GM could call out as that character in LFG and other methods to seek help from willing heroes/villains, as well as chat with players as they collect the mission from the quest giver! They could congratulate successful teams, offer advice, and generally breathe some life into the existing story arcs by providing input from their spot. Add a Bouncer role to SGs to boot people out of a base With public SG bases come people who are going to try to cause trouble. With that in mind, giving SGs the ability to boot people out who are causing problems would be nice, as the only other option right now is to completely kick out everyone, rather than selectively. This would be a good quality-of-life enhancement for everyone, not just roleplayers! Add an option for variable chat range When you start roleplaying in places like Pocket D or in big SG bases, it can quickly become very hard to keep track of who you're talking to because of how wide the /local range is. Perhaps an option to reduce local range? Or another /whatever option to speak/emote in shorter range like whisper? Dicerolling! Because why not? /rollxdx would be nice.
  2. Remark 1: I'm a semi-serious RP'er. Meaning that I usually RP when playing my characters, but you won't see me hang out with other RP'ers in any zone much. Still, if you see any of my characters expect them to reply in-character. Remark 2: Probably contrary to the usual RP rules/expectations: Anything I say in Team-chat is out-of-character, unless the entire team is RP. But everything I say in Local-chat is in-character, even when I'm in a team. So you may find me spamming Local-chat with all kinds of in-character chatter while doing missions, yet being very quiet on Team-chat. (As a person I'm not the chatty kind, but some of characters are extremely chatty) Remark 3: This list is incomplete and may change without notice. == HEROES / VIGILANTES == Star Jewel (Mutation Blaster: Energy Blast / Energy Manipulation) Born with powers but hidden until 16. Moved to Paragon City after school incident. Trained to become hero. Killed during intense battle with SJ-X4 android. Reborn months later from DNA residue found by Emberflair. Emberflair (Magic Controller: Fire Control / Kinetics) Gained magic powers from a space-stone. Ex-girlfriend of Omegamax. Mystfury (Magic Defender: Storm Summoning / Electric Blast) Sister of Star Jewel. Not born with powers. Got powers from magic spells cast by CoT and Emberflair. Novaspark (Peacebringer) Daughter of Star Jewel. (father unknown) Inherited powers from mother. Came from the future. Dawnshade (Science Dominator: Darkness Control / Dark Assault) Orphan at birth. Kidnapped at 9 by mad scientist and experimented on. Escaped at 12 when Star Jewel's team raided the lab. Was trained and joined Star Jewel's team. Lumitia (Natural Controller: Illusion Control / Radiation Emmision) Alien princess. Crashed spacecraft on earth, rescued by Dawnshade. Trained by Emberflair and joined Star Jewel's team. Omegamax (Magic Scrapper: Energy Melee / Energy Aura) Gained magic powers from a space-stone. Ex-boyfriend of Emberflair Miss Unity (Science Brute: Street Justice / Willpower) Member of WWII resistance group in Europe. Injured during transport mission. Rescued and infused with experimental potion to become super soldier. (think Captain America but without the shield) == VILLAINS / ROGUES == SJ-X4 (Technology Sentinel: Beam Rifle / Electric Armor) Android created to assist Star Jewel. Software malfunctioned and became evil. Has one mission, to kill Star Jewel. Umbraflare (Magic Dominator: Darkness Control / Fiery Assault) Mirror image of Emberflair created by magic spell cast by Emberflair that didn't go as intended. Thinks she's the hero while Emberflair and friends are villains she needs to take down. Haitaka (Natural Stalker: Ninja Blade / Ninjitsu) Highly trained personal guard of Japanese mob-boss. Boss was accidentally killed after being arrested by Star Jewel's team. She's hunting down team members as revenge, because she thinks she failed her boss.
  3. The Hero Corps Information Exchange Since its inception, the Hero Corps has been dedicated to providing heroes the resources they need to create a better tomorrow. ™ Saturday, January 4th, beginning at 5pm est, Hero Corps representatives will be present in Kallisti Wharf providing training and information to our community of heroes in Paragon City. What: This is a monthly event open to everyone! We want to promote roleplay and community interaction by providing in character leads on good deeds waiting to be done. This will take the form of codes for AE missions that are lore friendly and can be run in character with friends, or possibly even with new allies made at the information exchange. Expect casual interaction and a friendly, helpful environment. When: January 4th at 5 pm est, and recurring the first weekend of every month. Where: Kallisti Wharf by the Hero Corps Field Analyst What We Need From You: If you have an AE mission or arc you would like promoted, please directly message me either in game or through discord with the name of the mission, name of the contact, primary mission enemy group, and the location it takes place in. Otherwise, all we ask is that you feel free to show up and have a good time. Contact Information: Hero Corps Discord: https://discord.gg/5PuHX7T Phantom Fright global handle: @Ma1function Phantom Fright Discord: Ma1function#2267
  4. FBSA Licensing Exam 2021 Arc ID: 36217 Difficulty: +2, 8x, Archvillain, Custom AE and Standard Villain NPCs In order to gain or re-new their existing Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs Provisional License, students of accredited educational institutions must complete a 4 part examination. This exam covers emergency response, combat skills, team coordination, and investigative abilities. Each section is timed for 60 Minutes. Sections 1, 3, and 4 are each 10% of a student’s grade and Section 2 is 70% of their grade; Section 2 is also the only section graded on an individual scale while Sections 1, 3, and 4 are graded based on the team’s overall success. Sessions are being overseeing by Back Alley Brawler in Atlas Park and can be completed by 7 Students at a time led by 1 Instructor. Guides for Instrutors are available at www.FBSA.gov/LicensingServices ((https://docs.google.com/document/d/11CW3VsQTtxGDZ3oyPn8UGN_WfH4Bb9WWWx9yGmMWB2k/edit)) ((Hey folks! So if you are a School RP SG or a Supergroup with a bunch of young sidekicks, the FBSA Licensing Exam is open to everyone to play and incorporate into their RP. If you are an Officer/Instructor with an SG, please read the Exam Guide I've made available for a basic walkthrough and suggestion (also for any cheaters out there, nothing in it will help you pass). Have fun!))
  5. The following posts will be a list of the majority of my characters on Everlasting, of which are all roleplay characters with backstories of various depths. Provided below are just little blurbs about them, rather than their full descriptions, to cut back on message bloat. I post this in hopes of sparking some interest in exploring various characters' narratives and to provide the players with whom I already roleplay some additional options for potential expansions of our shared stories. Last revision: 2020-04-25 --- Hero-leaning VileTerror, Natural Mastermind: Demon Summoning / Kinetics, Level 7 - extradimensional entity Coital Shades, Science Defender: Dark Misasma / Radiation Blast, Level 24 - street-level person with powers from unfortunate circumstances making the best of her situation Madre Tramontane, Magic Controller: Ice Control / Cold Domination, Level 13 - ancient Kruos matriarch who has sustained her life through a form of magical vampirism, but only ever with consenting partners --- Vigilante-leaning Richard Teeman, Science Dominator: Gravity Control / Psionic Assault, Level 22 - Rikti infiltrator who has split from both the Traditionalist and Restructurists Chad Dup, Natural Blaster: Archery / Tactical Arrow, Level 22 - extradimensional mercenary task force member hired to provide support to restoration efforts of Paragon City --- Rogue-leaning Issues, Science Scrapper: Savage Melee / Ice Armour, Level 22 - genetically blended son of Captain Mako and Manticore, with some sizeable chips on his shoulders Ostinato, Natural Warshade, Level 14 - professional, university-level music teacher who was infused with a Warshade, but his own will proved too much and nothing but the powers of the alien survived Academy Guard Sabre, Technology Scrapper: Electric Melee / Shield Defense, Level 13 - professional and consummate security guard for a prestigious Etoile academy --- Villain-leaning Commandant Nongratis, Natural Mastermind: Mercenaries / Traps, Level 22 - ex-retired self-styled military dictator megalomaniac Recruitment Admin (formerly Gunner Xylmder), Natural Soldier of Arachnos, Level 14 - parent of close to a dozen children who supplements her income working for Arachnos with "independent security evaluation contracting" to afford professional caretakers for her children, recently promoted to an administrative position within the United Assocation for the Arachnos Spiderling Scouts of the Etoile Isles Professor Morte, Natural Arachnos Widow, Level 30 - ex-Arachnos Widow who is now working in the private sector as a professor at a prestigious academy in the Etoile Isles, training the next generation of masters of spycraft Operative Beloeron, Natural Stalker: Claws / Willpower, Level 18 - wannabe member of the 5th Column, but a total screw-up (seriously, I think the game knows . . . has 95% to-hit with Assassin Strike, but rolls 95.01+ roughly half the time. Statistically improbable, but so hilariously poetic) Child of Pain, Magic Blaster: Dark Blast / Dark Manipulation, Level 21 - torture victim who fused with a Banished Pantheon Spirit of Pain, but psychological damage was too much for even the spirit to bear with its will intact Corrupted Imp, Natural Brute: Energy Melee / Fiery Aura, Level 23 - regular imp corrupted by the promise of power offered by The Forces of Light; now consumed by an all-consuming desire to consume all in fiery consumption! Rawr Mel Scarlet, Technology Mastermind: Robotics / Radiation Emission, Level 12 - extradimensional invader who piggy-backed with Chad Dup's team. Gets along famously with Commandant Nongratis, as a hint toward his personality Deathguard Alpha, Technology Sentinal: Beam Rifle / Energy Aura, Level 23 - one of several manufactured footsoldiers as a prototypical series of an evil corporation's planned Legion of Doom product line
  6. ((OOC: I've found myself concentrating more and more on Kaikara as a character lately, and as a result the majority of the images I've captured seem to be focused on her as well. While I'm still going to keep my City Scrapbook thread in General Discussion for other screens, I thought it might be fun to have a specific IC picture thread here, in the Roleplay section, specifically for Kai. A place where she could post her "selfies" and talk about her friends and their adventures. Kai is the young, mortal apprentice of a "semi-reformed" Oranbegan Death Mage named Tavaris. She's the orphaned daughter of a pair of former Midnighters. She loves dance music, pizza and Nick's ChiliWeenies. She's an expert at getting into trouble... and though she's good-natured and good-hearted, she has a strong attachment to both her teacher and his people. She has no problem helping a heroic friend save the world from marauding demons in in the morning, and then going home to study necromancy with the ancient, body-snatching ghosts who created the rituals for summoning those monsters the same afternoon. In spite of her magic, and her history and her guardian, and the general weirdness of her life she is... for the most part, anyway...like any other teenager.)) =================================================== Dear Diary, Okay. So, I've never really tried to keep a diary before, but Tav says I've been spending too much time on my phone and not enough time with my books and that I need to start "keeping a record of my reflections". I think he thinks that I'm going to write about my necromancy lessons with him, and my homework from Master Maros and all the ancient history that Mistress Mesanes has been telling me about. I really don't NEED to put that in a diary, though. I took notes on all of it already and if I forget anything, I can always sneak back into Master Vermis' library or the Midnighters' and find a book about it. (Okay. Yeah. Percy ratted me out about sneaking in to read the Midnighters' books. But Tommy told them who my mom was, and the librarian just gave me a lecture about "appropriate subjects" and "responsible magic" and "asking permission before I copied dangerous spells". It's not like they can really stop me from getting in or anything. <_<) I think I'd rather write about fun stuff... Like going back to the city to borrow some ritual components for Psimon. He's an interesting person, and a lot less creepy than that Darrin Wade guy. (I didn't like him at all when we met. I told Master Theo about him, and he laughed and said I was "a good judge of character". I guess he didn't like Wade either.) Some of the people I met in the city didn't know me, and thought I was an escaped sacrifice or something. I... might have had to knock them out of their bodies for a little while. I don't think I really hurt them, but I'm NOT going to be some demon's lunch. >_< I do kind-of wonder what Psimon's going to do with six pounds of frog wort and a fire drake's tongue, though. I've never seen a headache curative that used either one of those smelly things. Yuck! -k =================================================== Hi Diary! It's been a really, really, really busy week... I had one of my books stolen yesterday by a big guy with a television on his head, and I had to chase him down into the sewers to get it back. (EUWH!) My Tome of Hequat smells awful now. The cleaning cantrip hasn't helped at all, so I'm going to try Lysol next. Where magic fails, maybe chemistry can succeed. Then Master Maros sent me to find this weird fish-guy in this HUGE cave and I found something sort of strange. The cave had teeth. I've never seen a cave with teeth before, so I stopped to take a picture. That was right before some big guys made mostly of metal showed up and tried to kill me. I told Master Maros that he should have warned me about the metal guys before I left, but he just shook his head and told me that I wasn't supposed to know about them, and knowing would have ruined... something. I don't know. I'm supposed to be learning about causality and the fluid nature of time from him, but sometimes I just don't get what he's talking about. Tav says that's okay. Sometimes he doesn't get it, either. -k =================================================== Diary, I am in *such* trouble... Tried to prank some Luddites. Almost got the binding wards around Bat'zhul broken. Dr. Aeon was really, really sore about it. I'm grounded. This SUCKS. PS: I did meet a really cute guy, though. I wonder if he likes pizza? -k
  7. Hey, all. So, I'll admit - I originally played on the Thunderspy servers to see what the difference was between Homecoming and coxg/Thunderspy, and while I do like what they've done with their modifications and original content, I definitely enjoy some things Homecoming has they lack - one thing being (after actually experimenting a bit with my Warshade) the color customization for Peacebringers and Warshades - which got me thinking about making a Peacebringer. And being an roleplayer at heart for many a game, I wanna make a name that's both available and something I'm comfortable with for the character, but fits as well. And would also be available on both clients/versions of CoX. Sadly, for Everlasting, one name I saw was available on Thunderspy was - unsurprisingly - unavailable. So I gotta ask... aside from things like the stars, the Sun, the Moon, light, etc - what are some good ideas for both inspiration and approaching naming a Human-Kheldian hybrid (non-WS/Nictus)? I've got some ideas jotted down, but....well, we're our own worst critics so I feel uncertain about them in general. X_X
  8. Heraclea Furia, consular legate to Paragon City, salutes the Consul of New Colchis, Julia Calusarides. I am writing to update you on the Caelia -- or as she prefers, 'Yamnaya' -- situation. Her religious eccentricities are the least of our problems. If she prefers to call Faunus 'Pauson', or make up novel deities like 'Donavis, Queen of the Freshwater Nymphs' and offer them sacrifices of horse milk and melted butter, these things are indifferent to me. It is her closeness to the Vanguard that causes concern. As I have observed before, the Vanguard is a faction of villains that operate as a paramilitary outfit whose nominal purpose is to combat the Rikti, 'alien invaders' operating out of a crashed ship. They also offer bounties to those who are willing to slay these Rikti. Their methods are underhanded and disreputable; they employ sorcerers who curse their foes with exhaustion. The organization attracts fanatics, it seems. They spend almost as much time fighting breakaway factions as they do fighting these Rikti. The Rikti, by contrast, seem to be an honorable warrior culture with which some accommodation could be made. Yamnaya has been instrumental in bringing one of these Vanguard operatives into the base, where she can eavesdrop on the proceedings of the local assembly. The nominal purpose of this person is to serve as a 'trainer'; apparently all of the other candidates for the position are male. This too is obviously unacceptable, but the Vanguard presence is unnecessary when those who require training can simply apply to Miss Liberty, Swan, or other acceptable choices. Their influence has also affected her fighting methods, which are my gravest concern. We knew of course that she was a spy. Her method is not to defeat enemies openky, but to defeat only those enemies designated specifically as targets. But her tactic now includes appearing in the midst of enemies to exhaust them and render them helpless. Such methods are contrary to the mos maiorum (customs of the ancestors) and seem inherently disreputable. The recruit Catrina Calaveras seems to be of one mind with me about this, despite her own religious eccentricities and fondness for brujeria. There is no dishonor in her vendetta against the Skulls. The other spy, Grandma Gnosis, at least does not use Yamnaya's tactics, even if her own are not much more honorable. Catrina is a positive influence on her; they too share a fondness for established novelties in religion. Given on the sixth day before the Kalends of August, at Paragon City.
  9. SELF-CONCEIT A Community Story Arc on the Everlasting Server
  10. until
    https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15702-monkey-fight-club-its-not-a-secret-anymore/ At 9:30 pm Eastern, in Sharkhead Isle on the Everlasting Shard, we will be having one of our Rikti Monkey Fight Club events! Door prizes for all attendees! (Please be sure to "sign in" by sending a Global Tell to @VileTerror when you arrive, so you aren't missed.) We're also looking for additional Donations and Support for this one. Please get in touch with @VileTerror in-game or @FoulVileTerror on the forums.
  11. until
    Utilizing: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/18837-rising-pinnacles-roleplay-game-system-rules-working-title/ In a world full of Heroes and Villains performing epic accomplishments, sometimes it's the little people who have to get their hands dirty and handle the smaller problems. The Amoral Hearts roleplay campaign is an on-going, weekly series of sessions focusing on street-level rogues living and operating in the Etoile Isles. Not Destined Ones by any measure, these player-characters are your typical freelance "problem solvers." Inspired by the likes of Shadowrun and other tabletop roleplaying games, Amoral Hearts has a heavy focus on non-violent conflict resolution, performed through the Rising Pinnacles in-game test resolving mechanic (see link above). Players interested in becoming involved weekly would be interviewed for compatibility with the overall themes and tone of the campaign, and then their character(s) would be interviewed in-character with the "job fixer." Players interested in providing supporting roles as "NPCs" or antagonists may also contact the player organizing this campaign. Please feel free to reach out to @VileTerror in-game for more details or to explore opportunities to participate. Takes place on Everlasting. 8pm Eastern. NOTE: Decidedly -not- "comic booky," this campaign borrows from a variety of media for inspiration.
  12. I am a huge fan of detailed environments with atmosphere and intrigue in games, film and literature. Places that carry a feeling of history, and of time and place, but also of mood, tension and personality. I have held this in mind when making my new roleplay oriented base. I have tried to make every area have something to peak your interest or that will feature a detail that could be incorporated into your roleplay. So I am now keen to get the base seen and experienced, to bring the players to the stage if you will and get some great stoylines going and have fun! My base is on Everlasting server. It is set in an old remote Tudor Mansion on The Rogue Isle. A University for Heroes. An unfortunate location certainly, not only in location but also by name. 'Recluse High' is a School / University for heroes of all ages. Those who wish to develop their unique skills and help bring salvation, truth and justice to all of Paragon. To cleanse the streets of the filth and heal the suffering of it's people who seem to be constantly caught in the crippling grasp of terror and evil doers. The professors, teachers and fellow pupils will help you to achieve that end. Recluse High's gates are now open to welcome you to visit and explore the wonderful mansion and grounds. I am seeking a wide range of roleplayers. From Mad professor types, Scientists, Archaeologists, Historians, misfit pupils, teens or adults, even experienced heroes who wish to hone their skills even further, or use the universities library and amenities for their own research purposes. Magic users, Martial artists, Combat veterans. This does NOT exclude players of questionable allegiances. Villains ARE welcome to the roleplay too. Perhaps undercover, or playing in that grey area between being good and evil. Perhaps as a native to the mysterious lands. As The Rogue Isle has many locations that could harbour the more twisted and strange types. The starting concept is that although the school is a hero driven school, the head of the school is a villain undercover. Working with the Arachnos secretly to keep an eye on any potential heroes who may be of risk and to also groom those who may be of great use for the Arachnos cause after their studies. * This does not mean it's a villain school* As heroes are fully welcome and encouraged to play here first and foremost. I find that it is important for roleplay to have conflict and intrigue and deception for fun to truly be had! Apparently the ancient Graveyard is haunted, and some say that the land itself carries some ancient terrors from a civilisation long gone. The flora and fauna seem harsh, even resentful at times. Most certainly there have been some troublesome uses of the arcane performed at the school. Rituals which have left some static in the air and a sense of being watched when one innocently navigates the halls and corridors. Not to mention the sounds of strange voices calling out late at night that echo throughout the school. Strange unexplained energy shortages during storms, and maniacal cackling heard from close to the laboratories. If you are keen to take a look at the base take a portal to University-5704. You are welcome to roleplay there freeform if you wish, but if you are keen to get serious about the roleplay please consider messaging me and joining the SG so that some structure and roles can be set up to encourage some events and storyline building. I am VERY keen for people to make use of the base and take full advantage of what it could offer your characters and storylines. I look forward to hearing from you! Parellax - Everlasting Characters: Nancy Noruba (Student Character) , Miss Blackthistle (Head Mistress) Some Screenshots ❤️ https://imgur.com/OmG8noT - Main Gate https://imgur.com/ubCsxZu - Arcane Library https://imgur.com/CdWot3W - Dojo https://imgur.com/ue9b43Q - Maze Wide View https://imgur.com/wvrESE0 - Main Entrance https://imgur.com/T8YBPjy - Main Entrance 2 https://imgur.com/Wvod5Cw - Maze https://imgur.com/5GlXSiL - Graveyard https://imgur.com/jb2LitW - Graveyard 2 https://imgur.com/TzAsiBg - Headmistress' Office https://imgur.com/XLs8WpG - Main Hall https://imgur.com/DYEr8B5 - Main Hall 2 https://imgur.com/S4y5NZk - Lobby Reception Desk https://imgur.com/NWHotWO - Toilets https://imgur.com/q3aa4so - Secret Villain Underground Base https://imgur.com/7U7neGI - Secret Villain Underground Base2 https://imgur.com/6rM1p7p - Secret Villain Underground Base3 https://imgur.com/BIKy9ce - Sunken Amphitheatre 1 https://imgur.com/reu30yE - Sunken Amphitheatre 2 https://imgur.com/iw3l427 - Sunken Amphitheatre 3
  13. So I been reading this comic book lately many recommended for called Astro City, and let me tell you. It really gotten me interested despite the odd concepts. Like, how they made their Superman a 35th century hero blasted to the past to prevent human destruction, or Winged Victory being a troubled woman and was gifted with magical abilities, and so much more made me thinking. What obscured and odd 'trippy' concepts can you guys think of to publish here to see what you would oddly create if you were in Astro City?
  14. In another thread someone’s brought up that an important thing to agree on or at least find out is “what year is it in-universe?” And I wanted to hear from folks what they felt the year was in city of by this point? Some people I know did timeskips even further along than the shutdown. So for their characters, it’s 2030, for others - myself included - treat it as current year. But I think that if we want to continue the greater story, it might actually be best to pick up where we left off; in paragon and the rogue isles it’s still the year 2012, statesman’s death is recent as is the end of the praetorian war, and Gravity Falls started airing back in June. Part of why I feel this way is that it means the “coming storm” has not been twiddling it’s thumbs all these years, it also means that we don’t have to gloss over progress or changes which should have happened, and ultimately let’s the devteam exert a bit of control on the March of time in game. (Also, so many characters would be aged up otherwise). But that’s my thought on the matter and I want to hear yours.
  15. The Hero Corps Information Exchange Since its inception, the Hero Corps has been dedicated to providing heroes the resources they need to create a better tomorrow. ™ Saturday, September 7th, beginning at 5pm edt, Hero Corps representatives will be present in Kallisti Wharf providing training and information to our community of heroes in Paragon City. What: This is a monthly event open to everyone! We want to promote roleplay and community interaction by providing in character leads on good deeds waiting to be done. This will take the form of codes for AE missions that are lore friendly and can be run in character with friends, or possibly even with new allies made at the information exchange. Expect casual interaction and a friendly, helpful environment. When: September 7th at 5 pm edt, and recurring the first weekend of every month. Where: Kallisti Wharf by the Hero Corps Field Analyst What We Need From You: If you have an AE mission or arc you would like promoted, please directly message me either in game or through discord with the name of the mission, name of the contact, primary mission enemy group, and the location it takes place in. Otherwise, all we ask is that you feel free to show up and have a good time. Contact Information: Hero Corps Discord: https://discord.gg/5PuHX7T Phantom Fright global handle: @Ma1function Phantom Fright Discord: Ma1function#2267
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