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  1. THIS FRIDAY The Watch, quite possibly one of the Highest grossing and most publicly trusted hero groups in America invites YOU into our home. While the Overwatch Tower's construction is underway, Lady Victory and the rest of The Watch have none-the-less decided to open our doors and say "Come meet us!" An open house for people to come visit, explore the tower and see just what we *do* here at The Watch every day. We've a full gym, combat room, fighting pit as well as a Cafeteria and much more. Make connections, establish your presence or just meet some of America's most iconic heroes. - Event Date: 12/02/2022 Starts: 10:00 PM IC Location: Overwatch Tower -
  2. Back on live there were arcs on AE by "Ivan Turgenev" that made the Devices choice list. Ghost in the Machine parts 1 and 2. These told the story of Dani Mizel aka 'Sunglare'. I enjoyed these arcs a great deal when the game was live and searched for them when I returned to Paragon last year. Obviously I was disappointed but not surprised that the story arcs hadn't been transferred and assumed that they had been lost forever. So I was watching a twitch stream this Sunday (Shout out to @greblaja) when 'Turgenev' popped in for a chat, curious about how people are playing (and streaming COH) 10 years after shutdown. I mentioned the old AE arcs but didn't assume this was the same person (more than one fan of a 19th century Russian writer may exist). Turns out that they were the original author of the arcs and even better, they had saved the data on a thumb drive. They play and stream Elder Scrolls Online these days but this morning I got a link to 3 .storyarc files. They don't work straight off the bat unfortunately but I've been going over the errors of the first story and have got to the point where I can start testing. Sadly the late shift beckons but once I get these arcs playable I'll publish them. I've created a fresh account @Turgfiction (with 'Ivan's' permission) and a level 1 Peacebringer is waiting at the Pocket D AE facility ready to upload it. It may take some time for me to test and publish them all but I've posted this here to motivate me into doing it.
  3. So I joined an RP group awhile ago, but it was pretty dead for the most part, but i noticed one of the events they use to do was a full city Immersion RP, example: The Night Ward, for a few hours a whole day, everyone in the zone are mostly RPing, maybe specifically the ones that have an affinity for the dead and occult, or and affiliation with the Midnight Squad, but anyone would be welcome. Instead of being cooped up in Pocket D or the Bases for a a little bit, we could dedicate a whole zone for RP, and all RPer's could "set up shop" literally and figuratively. I'd love to do this, but id need other dedicated RPer's who would want to help plan something of this scale, or have planned these type of events. My goal is to have a fully immersive experience in each zone for a full day, letting it unfold organically, players can set up shops, markets, merchants.... advertise super groups, casual RP to hero team up RP, id like to get more Hero RP going since i see a lot of casual RP and social RP on Everlasting for the most part, but all RP would be welcome, i want to create a space for that RP, Hero Team Up, sidekicks, personal story arcs, even origin stories. Theoretically, id love it to be a monthly thing starting out until we see how logistically tedious it is, then we can move it to something like every other week to weekly, and even extend the "Zone RP" duration for more immersion, all things are possible. ((Hopefully this a thread, let me know your ideas, message me on here or under this topic, let me know if you'd be interested in helping create something like this and attend it. My global is @CherokeeMan2000 same as this user lol, i guess thats a given.
  4. Hey everyone! Thought I'd take another break from the super serious posts and make something a bit more on the silly side. These are some of my headcannons for the game world. You don't have to take them seriously. Like. At all. This is just some ideas I've had about how the world works. 1. Most of the Rogue Isles population doesn't own a car. I'm going to explain my reasoning zone by zone. Mercy Island The vast majority of the zone is made up of slums (Darwin's Landing) that would probably allow a car to go unmolested for about 15 minutes at most. Mercy City itself is barely large enough to justify a moped. More importantly, however, is that there is literally no way to get your car from the raised fortress to the ferry below. So even if you somehow managed to get a car delivered into Mercy, you're going to have a hard time getting it anywhere else. Port Oakes This is actually one of two exceptions to my headcanon. It has plenty of roads and places to drive to. In fact, this is one of only two zones red side that actually has cars driving around the map. Interestingly enough, the tunnel connecting Port Oakes to Cap au Diable was actually destroyed after a turf war went explosive and has literally just been sitting there despite people actively petitioning Arachnos to repair it. Speaking of... Cap au Diable You know what I noticed about Cap? There's not really anywhere to park a car in most of the city. In fact, the only place you can find non-industrial cars parked is at the two ferry ports in the north and south. If you move around the industrial area, you'll see a lot of trucks parked, but none actually going around the city. In fact, because of the power grid built around in Cap au Diable (the PTS), most of the streets are completely inaccessible in the south. My theory is that Aeon was so focused on building his magnum opus that he failed to consider the infrastructural difficulties that would result from taking the fastest, potentially cheapest method possible. If he had dug the pipes into the ground, all of the roads would still be accessible. Instead, they are just built over the existing roads (since there was no room anywhere else) and just left it at that. The only place there's any room to drive, really, is New Haven which could be argued is the "nice" part of town (which is exactly the kind of place that would have the influence to insist on smarter deployment of the system). But as there is really no room to drive in Aeon City, the only place you can really drive is to the ferry. So the only people who would probably have a car either frequently travel on the ferry to other islands where driving is actually a useful thing to do or are using the car as more of a status symbol that they never actually use. If anything, the fact the island is extremely difficult to navigate with a full sized car might be part of the reason the tunnel between Cap and Oakes was never rebuilt. Sharkhead Isle Now, hold on, I bet you're saying. Sharkhead has plenty of roads! Plenty of places to park and drive! Why would you say few residents here own cars? Well, quite simply, the island is a company town. Cage Consortium basically owns the whole bloody island. I dare you to find a single (functional) land based vehicle on Sharkhead that isn't a truck. Those trucks aren't owned by the residents, they're owned by the company. Besides, the vast majority of the island is under Cage's thumb and likely don't make a ton of money. How could they afford to even buy a car, let alone maintain it? Nerva Archipelago You know what most residents here likely own? Small motor boats or even rowboats. You know what they couldn't drive around on in a city with literally no roads. intended for anything but pedestrian traffic. Not even Crey uses cars here. Much like Mercy, even if you owned a car here, you'd have nowhere to bring it. St. Martial This is my second exception to the rule. Not much to say here. The roads are (mostly) functional and there are actual cars driving around. Nothing really to add here, but it's still an exception. Grandville This one shouldn't need much explaining. The upper levels of the city are most definitely not designed for vehicle traffic. The lower levels of the city, while they could have supported vehicles at some point, clearly can no longer as the entire city has been segmented off and blocked off with checkpoints. It's little surprise that an organization that emphasizes control over its subjects would limit their mobility as well. And just to make this a complete... Warburg It's a literal warzone that is under constant attack. The only vehicles driven around here are likely the heavily armored kind. Bloody Bay While there are still civilians that live here, they likely go out of their way to not draw attention to themselves. Not only can no cars be seen driving around, but the fact there are literal alien invaders filled with the desecrated corpses of former residents probably encourages people to travel, at most, on a quiet bike. The Abyss Lol no. TL;DR: The only place people are going to own their own car is going to be in St. Martial or Port Oakes. 2. The Zig isn't the prison. Brickstown is. Those that read my post on lore and headcanon already know my stance on the Zig. However, because of how many people disagree with me on it, I came up with a headcanon to explain why the Zig is still utilized. Strap in because I have a lot of logic behind this. First, let's start with the obvious. The zone is surrounded by War Walls. That means that there are only five ways of getting out of the zone. The first is by air which is not something a prisoner is likely going to be able to do on their own. I don't think it's even possible to fly past the war walls if you simply fly high enough...it would defeat the purpose of the walls to begin with. So you would need some kind of sponsor to get out this way (like Arachnos). The second way out is on foot through the tunnel which seems very improbable. What are the chances they don't have some kind of checkpoint to prevent something like that from happening within the tunnel itself? There's also the tram which is literally guarded by robots that are extremely effective at arresting people so that's another no go. You could try your luck with the sewer system, but even if we discount the fact that there is no way that we as players can access the sewer system of Brickstown via the main network that connects much of the city, the sewers are absolutely filled with people that might attack you on sight. Lastly, there's the exit into Crey's Folly which...I mean, even if you could press past the security checkpoint there, I don't think surviving the trek through Crey's Folly out to the Rikti Warzone is going to be an easy trek. So we've established that, even after escaping the Zig, you're going to have a hard time escaping. Not only would this explain the prisoner mobs that are only really found in Brickstown itself, but it would also explain something else found around the zone. If you aren't interesting to any other major criminal organization that can extract you from Brickstown, do you know who would most certainly be interested in somebody who has everything to lose? Crey Industries who, if you look around the zone, can be seen negotiating with prisoners. What better location to get cheap labor (or even test subjects) that you can keep off the books than Brickstown? All of this would also explain why it took a massive military force like Arachnos to not just assault the Zig but extract a ton of high value prisoners. There's a reason I wanted to open with how hard it is to break out of the zone because there's another layer here. The actual layout of the city places its tallest buildings not just farthest from the prison but also closest to the most obvious points of extraction: the tram, the tunnel going to Independence Port, and the checkpoint to Crey's Folly. These tall buildings, in the event of a large scale prison break, could be used as sniper/lookout posts. They are effectively covert watch towers. What's more, the zone is, for the most part, extremely flat. There are very few points that are elevated outside of the buildings themselves. That is, with one major exception: The heavily industrialized zone in the north. A place that would likely have plenty of things a prisoner could use as an improvised weapon has major choke points and can be easily sealed off. It's not perfect, mind you, but the general design of Brickstown does make containing escapes far more feasible. Which finally brings us to the districts in the the city. To the far north and around most of the prison, we have industrial buildings and warehouses with the heavy industrial buildings being sunk into the ground and easy to seal off and the smaller scale industrial buildings and warehouses almost all being fenced off. We have residential and shopping districts located to the west with the industrial areas acting as a buffer with a few scattered around the east and south but, as we have established, the only route of egress there is maybe the sewers and it isn't something you'd be keen to use. Office spaces that could house the administration of the prison are located to the far north and north west, making the life of any prisoner trying to get access to there to get access to prison documents all the more harder. But all of these different districts brings more to my mind than simply providing buffer zones, though. Everything the prison needs to operate save perhaps for power generation exists within the city itself. Where do the employees live? Residential district. Where do they shop for goods? Within Brickstown. Where does the prison get its processed materials (be it food or building equipment)? The northern industrial sector. Where does it store its raw and processed goods? The warehouses within the zone itself. Literally everything the prison and its employees need to survive can all be found within the zone itself. Shipments into the city would mainly be raw goods and very little needs to be shipped out. This last point is vital for this headcanon to function because it provides a massive blow to any escape plan involving sneaking out with shipments or getting something smuggled in. It's all a little convoluted but...I rather like it. "Okay. Congrats. You broke out of the Zig. Now what?" 3. Portal Corp isn't Open House I think a lot of people take Portal Corps for granted. As super heroes, you're going to have far easier access. But I think the full extent of what Portal Corp has found and is capable of is kept pretty close to their chest. Nevermind the security checkpoint in their front lobby, the actual means of traveling to other dimensions, even known to the world, is likely not really possible by the vast majority of the world; including the metahuman community. My justification for this? Their list of dimensional coordinates appears to be strictly confidential and something of a holy grail among the villain community. In the Dr. Aeon Strike Force, one of the places High Roller shunts you to involves attacking a Vanguard Base. To avoid major spoilers, there is a means you can do this that would give you the opportunity to get Portal Corps full list of dimensional coordinates. When that assault concludes, however, you not only don't get that list, it's given the air that not being given that list is a huge disappointment. This makes sense, when you think about it. The risk of outside influences interfering with scientific endeavors that rely on fragile ecosystems aside, there's also the risk that someone who doesn't know any better could stumble into a dimension you have marked as extremely dangerous and accidentally spread a threat from that dimension to here. The technology of dimensional travel and the restrictions on the coordinates is so great that, as far as I can tell, the only other canon group to accomplish this to the same level as Portal Corp is Arachnos and Dr. Aeon. This isn't a huge surprise, but it does set the bar pretty high. 4. The Rogue Isles Have Free Public Schools Funded by Arachnos This might, initially, seem odd to you. Why the hell would Arachnos pay to educate children? Well, it's not as selfless as it sounds. To start, we already know that Arachnos is willing to fund public welfare programs as a means of advancing their own goals. The orphanage in Grandville is a great example of this (do NOT play that arc unless you want to feel like a horrible person). However, one need to look no further than the real world to see why this would be appealing. The first is pretty obvious. Indoctrination. Ideologies picked up and held by children into adulthood are by its nature going to be extremely difficult to remove. In case it isn't obvious, there's a lot of things that Recluse would want to teach to his people as young as possible. Respect for authority, distrust of outsiders, the list goes on. In fact, at this point in time, people who were children when City of Villains first came out are now old enough to serve him as loyal soldiers (feeling old yet?) and, as time goes on, he can only get more of them. What's more, I seem to remember that the primary religion in the Rogue Isles literally is worshiping Recluse as a god king. What better place to reinforce how awesome he is compared to everyone else than in a setting you are told that everything presented is truth? But it goes deeper than that. The far larger thing that Recluse needs to avoid is brain drain. One of the biggest reasons public schools were created, made mandatory, and made widely accessible in the united states was not a desire to enrich the youth but, instead, to futureproof the working class. Industrialists realized that advancing technology was requiring more and more that those operating them have some level of basic education. They ended up spending time teaching adults things as simple as reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. So, what did they do? Lobby the government to create public schools. That way the burden of teaching these skills was taken off of their own shoulders and, instead, put onto society at large. If you've ever heard that schools are more focused on making you learn to memorize and listen to orders instead of using critical thinking, that's why. But why bring all of that up? Even people who only have an interest in profit see a value in ensuring the population is educated and prepared to work once they come of age. This would not only definitely be a thing Recluse would make note of, but would also address brain drain. To those that don't know, brain drain is when a region begins to struggle to maintain a workforce because the youth are moving away to find greener pastures, are unable to educate people to the same standard as those that came before them, are incapable of attracting skilled laborers to the region (see the shortage of medical professionals in the United States), or a mixture of the three. Let's be real, living in the Rogue Isles probably sucks to anyone who doesn't know of any other life or isn't internationally wanted elsewhere. At this point, natives to the Rogue Isles who were there before Recluse took over are dying off. The number of people moving into the Isles is likely a trickle at best. His plans absolutely require an extremely well educated working force and he can't just kidnap all of them from other countries. It's not sustainable. The number of people you would need to kidnap at a minimum for Recluse to keep the Isles operating and under his control is huge. Never mind his soldiers, he also needs doctors and engineers. The more he relies on private interests like Crey, Aeon, the Family, etc to handle keeping things running, the less of an importance Arachnos would appear to have on the islands. Appearing to be less important than the people maintaining your roads is not something he could tolerate. Put simply: The strong rise to the top...but they must be taught to hold a sword first. If he doesn't cultivate his own people with opportunities to climb their way up through education, his rule isn't going to last another generation. Those are probably my top 4 picks. I have one kind'a brewing around Ouroborus, but it's way more speculative than anything else. What does everyone think? Am I making valid points here, or is this just another case of trying to find Pepe Sylvia? This post is tangentially part of my series talking about roleplaying! You can see the full list of posts Here!
  5. Stay awhile and listen, weary traveler! A great contest is upon the wind, a quest that awaits the eager, the adventurous, and the brave! That quest is... THE TRAVELER'S GUILD CLASSIC SWORD AND SORCERY CONTEST! Aye, my dear friends, once again The Traveler's Guild is celebrating the bookend of a mighty quest of their own with a Costume Contest that all are welcome to attend! Come hither, for prizes and merriment await within! Plumb the depths of the fantasy of yore, of Conan and Elric and The Gray Mouser for this theme calls upon the classics of the much-beloved Sword and Sorcery genre of Fantasy. Bring your loincloths, your staves, your wizarding caps, and your chainmail bikinis! And don't forget, most of all: Have fun! What: A Costume Contest themed around Classic Sword and Sorcery is to be held today! All are welcome to attend and participate, but do remember the theme! A prize pool of 500 million to be doled out to multiple winners! Where: Echo Plaza When: 5:00:00 PM PST We hope to see you there!
  6. FBSA Licensing Exam 2021 Arc ID: 36217 Difficulty: +2, 8x, Archvillain, Custom AE and Standard Villain NPCs In order to gain or re-new their existing Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs Provisional License, students of accredited educational institutions must complete a 4 part examination. This exam covers emergency response, combat skills, team coordination, and investigative abilities. Each section is timed for 60 Minutes. Sections 1, 3, and 4 are each 10% of a student’s grade and Section 2 is 70% of their grade; Section 2 is also the only section graded on an individual scale while Sections 1, 3, and 4 are graded based on the team’s overall success. Sessions are being overseeing by Back Alley Brawler in Atlas Park and can be completed by 7 Students at a time led by 1 Instructor. Guides for Instrutors are available at www.FBSA.gov/LicensingServices ((https://docs.google.com/document/d/11CW3VsQTtxGDZ3oyPn8UGN_WfH4Bb9WWWx9yGmMWB2k/edit)) ((Hey folks! So if you are a School RP SG or a Supergroup with a bunch of young sidekicks, the FBSA Licensing Exam is open to everyone to play and incorporate into their RP. If you are an Officer/Instructor with an SG, please read the Exam Guide I've made available for a basic walkthrough and suggestion (also for any cheaters out there, nothing in it will help you pass). Have fun!))
  7. (Hello, all! I'm relatively new to CoH and its particular brand of RP, so as a means of both acclimating myself to the lore and getting a feel for my characters, I decided to write some short stories focusing mainly on a couple of my Rogues and their pre-RP adventures. So, without further ado, let's dive in.) Story 1: "Online" Story 2: "Lost and Found" Story 3: "Aggressive Negotiations" Story 4: "Life's Ambitions" Online Her world suddenly came to life, text and numbers racing across her field of vision. Static and snow parted to reveal the world around her. Surrounding her was a place that resembled a small warehouse. Several crates and boxes lined up on one wall, a rusty filing cabinet up against another. In front of the filing cabinet was a desk, sporting a few writing implements, several drawers, and little else. The odd light gleamed overhead, one directly above her shining its rays onto her person. She appeared to be facing upward, directly into that light. The glow was already blinding, forcing her to turn her head away. “Don’t move.” The voice was sharp, commanding, and accompanied by the click of what sounded like a rifle. “I had you put back together, but I can easily take you apart again. Permanently.” She froze, though her head was already titled enough to the side that she was not eyeing the light. Without that light, however, her environment was dim. The warehouse looked as if none used it, but clearly, someone was using it. Perhaps its use was only recently? It looked rather unkempt in spite of— “All right, now sit up.” She obeyed, her metallic hands finding the arms of a chair beside her and using them to prop herself up. Now she could see the voice’s owner: a man with an athletic physique, human in appearance and garbed in a grey bodysuit. Over this bodysuit appeared to be brown armoring, its darker shade befitting the dismal warehouse but contrasting the white of his skin and red buzzcut hair. “Good,” the man said, a purple-and-grey rifle in his hands. It was not currently aimed at her, but she suspected that could change in an instant. “Now, identify yourself.” Her options had always been few; if she was given an order, everything in her drove her to follow that order to the letter. As foreign as her new situation was, this time was no different. “I am Clockwork em-three-three-five-six-five-seven,” she answered. “My primary function is to uphold the highest standard of cleanliness in the Praetorian household to which I am assigned, and to support my host family in their daily activities.” The man blinked. “…you’re a maid?” His captive Clockwork hesitated for a moment; his surprise was unexpected. “In a sense, yes. Is that unsatisfactory?” “Never mind,” the man sighed and shook his head, laying his rifle onto his shoulder. “Just wondering what made Maelstrom desperate enough to grab domestic robots for his plans.” She paused again, staring blankly ahead as her inner workings raced to recall the requested information. “I…was recruited to serve Praetoria in a greater capacity,” the Clockwork replied. “I was gathered alongside my fellow Clockwork for a covert mission that would benefit Praetoria’s glorious—” The rifle slid off the man’s armored shoulder and into his hands. The barrel aimed directly at her mouth, her captor’s own lips contorting into a sneer. “You invaded my Earth,” he growled. “You were part of Maelstrom’s most recent act of betrayal against his own planet. You and your ‘fellows’ stormed into our Galaxy City to pick a fight with our heroes and force your sickening dictatorship onto us.” Her eyes trailed down to the rifle’s barrel. A more diplomatic approach seemed to be in order. “I…apologize,” the Clockwork said slowly. “I was merely—” “—following orders, I know,” the man snapped, though he did withdraw his rifle and sling it across his back. “I’ve been a soldier, I know how these things work. But that doesn’t change the fact that your ‘orders’ were to give grief to the world I call home and defend as such. Fortunately, you’ll have your chance to make up for it. As of this moment, you’ll take your orders from me.” She hesitated again, calculating potential routes for this conversation to take. Her first inclination was to obey; after all, that was what she had been built to do. Further analysis justified this, given that the man before her could not only destroy her, but could very well be her best lead on her situation. “Understood,” she finally said, earning a nod of approval. “But I do not know your name, or what purpose you serve.” “Well, fair enough. Name’s Deagon,” the man replied, shrugging one shoulder. “I’ve had a few ‘purposes’ over my life, but these days I work to keep my world safe from the kind of extraterrestrial and extradimensional threats that have been hitting it for God knows how long: Rikti, Shivans, Kheldians, Praetorians, and so on. Most would just call me a mercenary, though, partly because my equipment doesn’t come cheap and food needs to get on the table somehow.” The Clockwork simply nodded; objecting to being in this mercenary’s care was not deemed a wise course of action. “Now, then…calling you by your serial number will make things harder than they need to be, so you’ll need an actual name,” Deagon said. He took a moment to look her over before speaking again. “Ah, why not, let’s go with Robbi.” The newly-named Clockwork blinked, staring in bewilderment. “Robbi? As in Robby the Robot? Science fiction icon?” The confused stare and silence continued. “From the movie Forbidden Planet? 1956?” More silence. “Said movie being loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and leading to Robby making appearances in numerous other films following Forbidden Planet?” Still silence. “No one has ever talked about any of these terms around you, or programmed you with even the most basic knowledge of them?” Deagon asked. “I mean, I know it’s an old movie, but it was good enough to make its mark on popular culture.” The Clockwork shook her head. “The extent of my knowledge is that which is most relevant to my duties. Entertainment media would be filed under supplementary knowledge that I would acquire over the course of serving the family to which I would be assigned.” Deagon sighed, putting a gloved palm to his forehead and muttering something about Praetorians projecting their lack of culture onto others before cutting himself off and addressing his charge again. “Well, at any rate, I’m calling you Robbi. Get used to it.” Robbi merely nodded. “Now that we’ve got that settled, we have work to do,” Deagon began, readying his rifle again. “I understand you Praetorian Clockworks are good at fixing things, including yourselves. Your job is going to be fixing my equipment, helping me install security around here, and whatever other technical tasks I need from you.” “Acknowledged,” Robbi nodded. She paused, looking around. “Would I also be carrying out domestic duties?” “We’ll figure that out later,” Deagon replied flatly. “First priority is setting up security. The things we need to do that are in those crates by the door. Get up and help.” Robbi wordlessly complied, accompanying Deagon to the indicated supplies. Analysis indicated that her existence had taken a perplexing turn. It was true that she was capable of combat, but full-on mercenary work was not something she had been programmed for. Adaptation was going to be key.
  8. The following posts will be a list of the majority of my characters on Everlasting, of which are all roleplay characters with backstories of various depths. Provided below are just little blurbs about them, rather than their full descriptions, to cut back on message bloat. I post this in hopes of sparking some interest in exploring various characters' narratives and to provide the players with whom I already roleplay some additional options for potential expansions of our shared stories. Last revision: 2020-04-25 --- Hero-leaning VileTerror, Natural Mastermind: Demon Summoning / Kinetics, Level 7 - extradimensional entity Coital Shades, Science Defender: Dark Misasma / Radiation Blast, Level 24 - street-level person with powers from unfortunate circumstances making the best of her situation Madre Tramontane, Magic Controller: Ice Control / Cold Domination, Level 13 - ancient Kruos matriarch who has sustained her life through a form of magical vampirism, but only ever with consenting partners --- Vigilante-leaning Richard Teeman, Science Dominator: Gravity Control / Psionic Assault, Level 22 - Rikti infiltrator who has split from both the Traditionalist and Restructurists Chad Dup, Natural Blaster: Archery / Tactical Arrow, Level 22 - extradimensional mercenary task force member hired to provide support to restoration efforts of Paragon City --- Rogue-leaning Issues, Science Scrapper: Savage Melee / Ice Armour, Level 22 - genetically blended son of Captain Mako and Manticore, with some sizeable chips on his shoulders Ostinato, Natural Warshade, Level 14 - professional, university-level music teacher who was infused with a Warshade, but his own will proved too much and nothing but the powers of the alien survived Academy Guard Sabre, Technology Scrapper: Electric Melee / Shield Defense, Level 13 - professional and consummate security guard for a prestigious Etoile academy --- Villain-leaning Commandant Nongratis, Natural Mastermind: Mercenaries / Traps, Level 22 - ex-retired self-styled military dictator megalomaniac Recruitment Admin (formerly Gunner Xylmder), Natural Soldier of Arachnos, Level 14 - parent of close to a dozen children who supplements her income working for Arachnos with "independent security evaluation contracting" to afford professional caretakers for her children, recently promoted to an administrative position within the United Assocation for the Arachnos Spiderling Scouts of the Etoile Isles Professor Morte, Natural Arachnos Widow, Level 30 - ex-Arachnos Widow who is now working in the private sector as a professor at a prestigious academy in the Etoile Isles, training the next generation of masters of spycraft Operative Beloeron, Natural Stalker: Claws / Willpower, Level 18 - wannabe member of the 5th Column, but a total screw-up (seriously, I think the game knows . . . has 95% to-hit with Assassin Strike, but rolls 95.01+ roughly half the time. Statistically improbable, but so hilariously poetic) Child of Pain, Magic Blaster: Dark Blast / Dark Manipulation, Level 21 - torture victim who fused with a Banished Pantheon Spirit of Pain, but psychological damage was too much for even the spirit to bear with its will intact Corrupted Imp, Natural Brute: Energy Melee / Fiery Aura, Level 23 - regular imp corrupted by the promise of power offered by The Forces of Light; now consumed by an all-consuming desire to consume all in fiery consumption! Rawr Mel Scarlet, Technology Mastermind: Robotics / Radiation Emission, Level 12 - extradimensional invader who piggy-backed with Chad Dup's team. Gets along famously with Commandant Nongratis, as a hint toward his personality Deathguard Alpha, Technology Sentinal: Beam Rifle / Energy Aura, Level 23 - one of several manufactured footsoldiers as a prototypical series of an evil corporation's planned Legion of Doom product line
  9. The Hero Corps Information Exchange Since its inception, the Hero Corps has been dedicated to providing heroes the resources they need to create a better tomorrow. ™ Part of this ongoing task is connecting the various great heroes of this fair city with the tasks that need doing, and that's exactly what we intend to do in our next Information Exchange! What: The Information Exchange is our monthly event where we do lore-friendly AE missions, made by the community, with the community! The intention of this event is to be a friendly, open roleplay experience! If you wish to interact with your fellow heroes in some mission-based RP, now's the time! If you want to see what all your fellow community members have been able to create with the Architect system, now's the time! Or, perhaps if you have a mission you'd like the whole world to see and get a guaranteed audience... Now is the time! When: August 1st at 6 PM EST/5 PM Central/3 PM PST! Where: Kallisti Wharf by the Hero Corps field analyst! You can access Kallisti Wharf through any train station if you're a hero, or through the Smuggler's Submarine if you're a villain. If you're at least level 40, you can also use the LFG system to queue up solo for Market Crash, which will drop you very close to where the event takes place. (You don't have to actually do Market Crash if you use this method.) What We Need From You: If you have an AE mission or arc you would like promoted, please directly message me either in game or through discord with the name of the mission, name of the contact, primary mission enemy group, and the location it takes place in. Otherwise, all we ask is that you feel free to show up and have a good time. Contact Information: Hero Corps Discord: https://discord.gg/5PuHX7T Aviel global handle: @PresidentDSG Aviel discord: PresidentDSG#0916
  10. Ry

    Ry's Characters

    Hey guys, here's a list of RP characters I play. I'll be updating this as I make more alts or play some older ones more often. It's basically the biographies and a bit of trivia in the form of likes/dislikes! I hope this will make some new connections and that my alts can catch your eye. Now, in no particular order of power level or play time, let's begin! Snow Blight: Grace Ramirez has sunk deep into the criminal underworld over the past few years, claiming territory scattered across the Rogue Isles by sheer force and tactical spending. She can be either a powerful enemy or your best friend. She's an unstable personality, often described as a "Jekyll and Hyde" type. Despite her violent tendencies and outbursts she has earned the love and respect of most of her crew, affectionately called "Momma" by her girls due to her saving them from enemy drug lords, or simply giving them a place to feel safe. Spoiling them with gifts certainly helped. As the villain "Snow Blight" she leads The Poisoned Apple gang, claiming turf primarily in Port Oakes. She seems to be at war with Arachnos, The Family and the heroes of Paragon, calling them out several times on social media, saying she'll do "What she wants, when she wants". Likes: Winning, action, rap music, birds. Dislikes: Losing, vegetables, elderly people, police. Domination: Oliver Felix's mutant powers developed rather late in life compared to most; despite this shift, mastering his abilities was instantaneous. Gravity itself was his to control at the ripe age of thirty-five. Before this transformation he lacked proper direction and purpose. Early on he tried to get into politics in his hometown of Nottingham but received criticism for his very right-handed views on most subjects. His transformation shifted his mindset even further towards elitism and a lack of empathy. Over the years he built up a small following in England before taking his resources and allies overseas. As his villain career began Oliver's sheer power and ruthless use of it earned him the name Domination in the press. With little protest to the name, he continues to search for allies who share his political values, aiming to change the world and build a new society with those he deems worthy. Likes: Reading, brandy, politics, fighting. Dislikes: Stupidity, nightclubs, heroes, video games. Arbiter Cotton: Despite Arthur's pranks, constant interruptions at meetings and love of life in general, he has claimed the prestigious rank of an Arbiter, much to the disgust of his colleagues. Many have tried to assassinate him or figure out how he has this rank within Arachnos, with an equal amount of missing posters and corpses. He may smile often, but behind that gleeful and toothy grin is a very dangerous man. With an intense and tight web of connections, weapons and technology, Arbiter Cotton has maintained his place and rank. He knows his reputation and welcomes the challenge; after all, only the strongest survive. Likes: Meat, parties, comedy, women. Dislikes: Vegans, religion, metal music, tardiness. Bunny Boy: Beckett Rose started his journey towards heroism through smaller acts of kindness. Over the years he volunteered in an animal shelter and helped his neighbours with their chores, never asking for payment. Later in his teens, his powers of heightened reflexes and incredible jumping emerged. At first, he continued his charity work with one major change: he did so in costume. On his way home one night he was witness to a mugging; without any hesitation, he sprang into action. Despite never being in a fight a day in his life, Beckett acted on instinct and kicked the thug unconscious with one quick strike. After the police arrived on the scene, an officer noticed he saved the day without a license. Instead of scolding the young man, he pointed Beckett in the right direction. Likes: Art, soccer, heroism, animals. Dislikes: Villains, guns, hunting, extreme violence. Hellzone: Matias Moore had a troubled childhood, born out of adultery and raised in a shed with only his mother for company in his early years. His education and lifestyle absent of normality and socialisation; despite living in England most of his life, he never got to see a grand majority of it, locked away by his shamed father. During childhood Matias felt emotionally dead and tried to find ways to feel happy with many attempts being unsuccessful, until one day, he swatted a fly. After years of having a void inside himself he smiled for the first time. With the first spark lit, a murderous flame began to burn. After growing up and moving out his uncomfortable home, he lost contact with his family and began to experiment with weapons, forming a personality over time in his pursuit for the thrill of taking lives. Likes: Guns, murder, sports, gold. Dislikes: Censorship, rent, powers, prison. Eruption: In the satanic worldview of the Hellions, falling is a good thing. Metaphorically speaking, that is, rather than falling flat on your face. Zack Daggero grew up in a rough household, one of the many children adopted by a woman as cruel as she Is blind. Fighting with his siblings and petty thefts led him down the path towards gang warfare. Somehow, he survived enough shootouts to make a deal with a demonic entity for volcanic powers. Under the name Eruption, Zack claims to have bested the demon by cheating his way out of paying his end of the bargain, though the details of such a claim are sketchy at best. He's a loyal Hellion to the core despite many criticisms and hate, he won't abandon his colours for anyone. Fire always wins! Likes: His fiance Eve, donuts, Call of Duty, cars. Dislikes: Lag, science, family meals, holy magic. Roksana: Born into a poor family in the heart of Russia, Roksana displayed remarkable strength at an early age. Her Father wanted to capitalise on this gift, making her train using what little money they had under strict wrestlers and bodybuilders. Rather than protest to the idea, Roksana enjoyed the challenge and over the years got stronger and stronger. Shortly after her parents died Roksana discovered that she was a metahuman, explaining why she could keep up with the toughest fighters over the years. Later in her adult life she fought in underground cage matches, claiming several heavyweight titles along the way. Roksana used her prize money to open up her own arena in the Rogue Isles, running it strictly ever since. Likes: Metal music, vodka, fighting, gambling. Dislikes: Unpatriotic people, water, pacifists, Christians. Stallion: Marshal Knight always wanted to be a hero, though his dream didn't see the light of day until he was a man. It took years of preparation both physically and mentally to get himself ready for what was to come. Both Rikti Wars and the Praetoria invasion that followed years later tested the sheer limits of his will and resources. Marshal was by no means a rich man, or an overwhelmingly powerful one either. His training could only take him so far and after several bad injuries in the field he learned strength and determination alone simple wouldn't cut it. Under the official alias "Stallion" he arranged dozens of charity events and sponsorships to help those in need, slowly working his way up the political ladder to establish a connection of resources to help others and better equip himself. Over time, people in those circles started using him as a poster boy for ELITE. Marshal agreed to this, on the condition it didn't hinder his work. Likes: Exercising, helping the community, his wife Crystal, horses. Dislikes: Villains, crime, weapons of mass destruction, drugs. Steel Scale: The Rogue Isles is full of people who have committed heinous crimes, but not every crook is as monstrous on the outside as they are on the inside. Charles Vega is no gentleman, standing over eight feet tall with a crisp smell of the ocean glued to his heavy mass. His voice is guttural and gravelly, resembling a pestle and mortar grinding down rocks into powder. He's a predator, the Isles are his jungle. This foul creature has a kill count almost as big as his appetite, his long-jagged fangs have bitten into man and woman alike, in a constant fight against his beastly instincts to completely devour them. After a few rampages shortly after his transformation, he was given the name "Steel Scale" by the WSPDR news chain (much to his disgruntlement) and has worked for numerous criminal organisations as a hit-man. Charles rarely showing long term loyalty for one individual faction, though he's gone on record to say its not completely out the question. Despite the immense physical strength and stamina, he claims if he had a choice, he'd revert back to his human form, not many know the exact details of how he turned into a monster, but him ripping and tearing through many Aeon Corp facilities gives people a few ideas. Likes: Board games, jazz music, motorcycles, cooking. Dislikes: Aeon Corp, Rikti, loud noises, psychics. Chainsaw: Joseph Mosca is vicious even by a mobster's standards, his short fuse and tendency to use a chainsaw for interrogations have earned him a very bloody reputation. The Family have a mixed relationship with him at best, over the years he's done both good and bad by them, but never to the point where his life was made forfeit. As punishment for one of his more recent "screw ups" Joey was ordered by his superiors to work with his cousin in the Rogue Isles. There he decided to work on maintaining a healthy relationship between Arachnos and The Marcones in Port Oakes, providing himself stability in a bad situation. Likes: Blonde women, beaches, scaring people, gun fights. Dislikes: Rain, short jokes, ties, Tsoo. Professor Wraith: Few speak about Professor Wraith, even fewer respect him in the ranks of Arachnos. Raymond Wraith is a mad scientist who sees himself as a jack of all trades. Experimenting in most fields of science and engineering while enhancing himself with Crab Spider cybernetics. Middle-aged and lacking any rebellious intent, he spends his time and effort staying unseen and working on his projects. Some say there's more to this quiet working man than meets the eye, some claim he's a little -too- compliant. Whether those rumours are true or not, his sarcasm and dry wit have earned him a few scowls in his life and while he isn't on Doctor Aeon's level, there's clearly potential in his work, maybe that's why Arachnos keeps him around. Likes: Being left alone to work, tea, chess, computers Dislikes: Animals, Black Scorpion, art, magic. River Spider: For young villains, their greatest ally is also their most dangerous foe.” These words ring in the mind of this young man daily. Born into a high-ranking family of the Rogue Isles in Grandville. Myles Quinn signed up for Arachnos as soon as he could. His Father served as a Mu Guardian for many years and expected his only son to continue the bloodline to its full potential, however, this did not come to pass. Despite his heritage Myles could not access this power, his magic connection tampered by a minor mutation, giving him the ability to breathe under water. Naturally, he felt robbed, to have his families power excluded from him and traded for something quite underwhelming. But rather than give up and feel bitter, Myles trained hard to earn his spot, graduating into the Wolf Spiders despite many doubts. Shortly afterwards his father went MIA, unable to congratulate him. Myles has made it his personal mission to find his father, on this quest his talents were soon recognised by Arbiter Cotton and under the name River Spider he has become the Arbiter's apprentice, despite their differences in personality he is loyal to the lighthearted Arbiter, who promised to help him unravel the mystery of his missing parent. Likes: Training, work hours, discipline, destroying enemies. Dislikes: Vigilantes, Heroes, socialising, lust.
  11. Do you suffer from chronic altitis? Do you have so many characters you can't keep them straight any more? You need help, my friend - help tracking all those characters! The Character Tracker is a Windows program I put together as my diaspora of characters spread across different games. It's handy for keeping track of builds or associated web pages (like a Virtueverse page, or perhaps a Field Trainer link when it's done), taking down notes, or writing character bios while outside the game. Track all of your characters, with a biography preview window, a field for notes, and the ability to launch a URL or external file associated with each one! Add multiple games to the program and launch them directly. You also have control over how the biography preview looks for each game. Get it here: CharacterTracker_20200322.zip Some screenshots of what it does: Character management: Game management:
  12. A few nights ago, I was RPing as one of my favorite characters, Dr. Joseph Schmoe. I like to think of him as a chaotic neutral guy, but I made him say something that could only be construed as evil. (More specific details in the spoiler.) What do you guys do when your character does something uncharacteristic? How do you take back control? Thanks in advance!
  13. First off: I love the new Roleplaying tag, even has the word 'Roleplaying' up above the title and everything! However I'm making this because immediately after using it I've notice how...dark it is! I like the purple but it really does make it harder to see the names of people compared to the lone cyan, helper yellow, teamed green and even the Helpme! pink. I think what all those statuses have in common is that they're all on the brighter end of the spectrum and the subtle dark outline and gradients used are optimal for brightly coloured text. Again, Purple is fine but it looks like it's a bit too dark a purple to be readable at a glance, bump up the brightness a bit and it should be perfect!
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