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  1. ((OOC: I know a lot of people who play heroes and villains whose secret identity are either students or teachers at Paragon University. So I was thinking what better place to set an open RP again. The general idea is there is no set story and anyone can join in. Feel free to create courses, lectures and locations with in the university. Here is some basic info which I have gathered to help set the mood. )) Welcome to Paragon University My name is Anne Andersen, Dean of Resident Life. Welcome to Paragon University. I’m sure by now you’ve received your class schedule, but please allow me a moment to explain the campus a bit. Campus Buildings One of the main buildings you’ll likely visit often is the Student Union. You can pretty much always meet other students here. The other likely place to run into students is the Green. It’s located just outside the Union and has a large fountain in the center. The Houston Library contains any, and likely, all books you might need, though, make sure you turn them in on time. The librarian, Miss Binks is very strict when it comes to late books. A few other buildings to mention are the Dormitories. The Sinclair and Williams Dormitories are co-ed dorms with women’s dorms down one hall and men’s down the other. The Armstrong Dormitories is every other floor and is overseen by the Athletic Department. The Xavier Hall, Hartigan Hall, the Chemistry, Earth Science, and Mathematics buildings have classroom/lecture hall settings, The Applied Technologies building contains most of the university's laboratory facilities, including computer science labs, assembly shops, and the unviersity's recently installed supercomputer (Room 1138), donated by Portal Corporation. We also boast a fairly large theater Reeve Theater. Clique is the head of the Drama department and also manages the Drama Café next door. Extracurricular Activities There are a few extracurricular activities available (Swimming, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading) ,So please look into them if you are interested The team name is The Statemen and their mascot is Statey. Faculty Now, onto the Faculty. I will first point out some of the more prominent faculty members, and if, as you look over your class list, you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you. Department Faculty Name Archeology Professor Howards Archeology Professor Sydney Fox Biology Dr. Sanstad Biology Professor Moreau Business Chinese Daniel Cao Chemisry Professor Richards Criminal Psychology Professor Clemens Drama Clique Geology Professor Styles Geology Professor Pratt History Dr. D. Stine Mechanical Engineering Professor Crump Physics Dr. “Mad Doc” Maddendoch Psychology Professor Blustein Psychology Dr Z, Stardust Psychology/Antiquities Professor White Sociology/Anthropology Professor McBrayne Staff There are also a few staff members that you might run into on occasion. Position Name Superintendent of the Humanities Departments Superintendent Wallace Academic Dean Dean Richards Dean of Resident Life Anne Andersen Administrative Assistant of Resident Life Guidance Consultant of Resident Life Kevin Banyon Fergus McRae A.K.A. The Legendary Living Hellfire Head Librarian Miss Binks Head Custodian Scruffy Manager of the PU Security Force Ms Michaela Technical Support Supervisor John Bain Head Football Coach Stan Limebeck Assistant Football Coach Offense Tony Perry Head Swim Coach Coach JJ Johnson Assistant Swim Coach Brie Smith Head Wrestling Coach Perry Erickson ((OOC Information below)) Paragon University Campus The campus itself is not located in any of the in-game zones. It’s somewhere between Steel Canyon and King’s Row. Also, now that there are satellite campus locations in game, these will possibly play a more prominent part of the storylines, however, most of the interaction will still probably take place on the main campus. Meeting the Other Students A good place to meet other students is in either the cafeteria/Student Union or out on the Green. Characters Introduce yourself slowly. Let people get a feel for who your character is, how you write, and how often you are committed to posting. Don't force an intro right off the bat. Coordinate with private messages (PMs) when you do start interacting. Almost everyone will respond positively to PMs for advice, and coordinate with you as you make an effort to fit in. This is a big one if you and another writer are writing a scene with a lot of dialog. Writing it up via PMs and then posting a large post, or 2-3 smaller sized posts, This helps when others don’t have much time to read and end up inundated with 50 new posts in one day. Learn some of the others' history, even if you can't draw on the information until it comes up again in your part of the story. Do read the thread backstory.
  2. I took this picture with my drone. I'm a visitor here. Different planet, different species, different culture. When I first arrived here, I was greeted very well by Vanguard, only to leave the Warzone and see ... this. I have fought beside Vanguard, and your local heroes. I have bled for your citizens and your diplomats. This doesn't even account for the friendly Rikti who are helping dismantle their old regime. This doesn't account for the Kheldian Warshades and Peacebringers that defend your entire planet. This doesn't account for every other extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial being that has come to the defense of you and your people. I am Arkove R'val, Registered Vanguard Operator. Vanguard calls me RAITA. I am creating this petition to have these disturbing, ugly, and offensive billboards removed or replaced. I will pay for it myself if I must, but they have to go. --- If you believe the same thing, leave your mark. Humanity is above racism. Prove it. ::If you wish to be contacted about potential protest action at City Hall, please e-mail me at [email protected]uard.Net::
  3. Hey Everlasting! Come Saturday, August 20th the Sekhem-Sa will be hosting a Bio Contest in Echo Plaza with over a billion inf in prizes! Yes! Distill your character's entire life story down into 1024 characters or less and potentially win free money! The Sekhem-Sa is a gothic roleplaying group, a sanctuary for the lost, damned, persecuted, and outcast: our members include vampires, werewolves, librarians, monsters, and praetorian war machines among other things. Roleplaying is not needed to participate but we will be IC during the event and we encourage you to come out, meet new people and have fun! There will also be a side costume contest that will run concurrently to the Bio Contest, no need to set up a separate area as all entrees to the main event will automatically be considered for their costume for MORE free money. No need to stress about one or the other if you want to participate, just dress how you like and enjoy! (Here's a screenshot from our first Bio contest about a year ago!)
  4. So I joined an RP group awhile ago, but it was pretty dead for the most part, but i noticed one of the events they use to do was a full city Immersion RP, example: The Night Ward, for a few hours a whole day, everyone in the zone are mostly RPing, maybe specifically the ones that have an affinity for the dead and occult, or and affiliation with the Midnight Squad, but anyone would be welcome. Instead of being cooped up in Pocket D or the Bases for a a little bit, we could dedicate a whole zone for RP, and all RPer's could "set up shop" literally and figuratively. I'd love to do this, but id need other dedicated RPer's who would want to help plan something of this scale, or have planned these type of events. My goal is to have a fully immersive experience in each zone for a full day, letting it unfold organically, players can set up shops, markets, merchants.... advertise super groups, casual RP to hero team up RP, id like to get more Hero RP going since i see a lot of casual RP and social RP on Everlasting for the most part, but all RP would be welcome, i want to create a space for that RP, Hero Team Up, sidekicks, personal story arcs, even origin stories. Theoretically, id love it to be a monthly thing starting out until we see how logistically tedious it is, then we can move it to something like every other week to weekly, and even extend the "Zone RP" duration for more immersion, all things are possible. ((Hopefully this a thread, let me know your ideas, message me on here or under this topic, let me know if you'd be interested in helping create something like this and attend it. My global is @CherokeeMan2000 same as this user lol, i guess thats a given.
  5. An elderly man, perhaps in his 70's or 80's, dressed in deep green dress clothes and glasses ambled his way through the Vanguard DPO within the Rikti Warzone. One would have expected a man of such small stature to be sauntering his way toward a lab, or an office, but, he was making his way toward the exit. His destination was outdoors. Little Round Top, to be precise. "Professor?" a younger male in a lab coat would jog to catch up to the elderly man's slow gait. "Oh, hello young man." the elderly gentleman stops and turns his attention to the younger scientist. British. Very British. The old man sounded like he was fresh off a flight from his homeland. "They told me they were bringing in a specialist, but I didn't think it was going to be ... you." the younger man says. "It's a matter of need, really. One of the forward teams had a building collapse on an armor rig." he tips his head to the right in slight. "...and they need the debris removed without alerting the enemy. No explosions." "...but, Professor, you're not exactly ... you know ..." "A spring chicken? Oh, I know, lad. Don't worry, though. Stronger 'hero' types patrol all the time. I'm sure a little old man will get an escort." he chuckles wryly. "That's not funny, Nick." the younger man says, not amused. "Lad ... " the older man, Nick, raises and rests his right hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Relax. It's going to take more than a few ugly little monkeys to stop me." "You can't fly, or shoot lasers from your eyes. You have an issue with STAIRS, Nick." he shakes his head, shrugging Nick's hand off of his shoulder. "This is careless, and you know it." "Get back to the lab, Jenkins. I'll be back in a few." he turns on his heel and makes his way out. Pavia and The Bulge remained well-defended, allowing the short statured senior to make his way out of the region without much issue. Looking about as he kept the same slow, sauntering pace, the sounds of explosions and weapon-fire permeated the air like the smoke and the stench of death. Straightening his off-gold tie and then adjusting his glasses, he'd look up as the concussion of a sonic-boom made his clothing whip about. A high-speed flying 'mask' was after a Rikti Drop Ship. "By Harry!" he raises his left hand to the top of his head, stopping his hair from moving about as he just ... kept on walking as slowly as he had been. Coming upon a squad of armored, armed, Vanguard specialists holding a small trench outside of a leveled building, one of them would dart over and hurry The Professor over behind one of the armored vehicles. "Thank whatever Gods exist, Doc. Welcome to hell!" the Vanguard that hurried him over removing his helmet and setting it on the hood of the truck. "You'll have to forgive me and the boys, here. We thought we had more time to get cheese and wine for your visit!" he shouts over the sound of the battlefield stretched around them in every direction. "Nothing so fancy, lad!" Nick responds. "Cucumber sandwiches and tea, perhaps!" he chuckles. "Is this the place?" he asks, turning his attention to the mess of rubble. "That's the one! One of our pilots drove one of our suits in there after one of the Monkey Commanders. Ugly bastard dropped the building down on the suit! Now, we're still getting a good read from the cams and systems, but, our drones weren't meant to hold up -buildings-, Doc!" "I wouldn't imagine so!" he turns and makes his way toward the rubble. "Give me some room, would you, lad?" he asks, waving his left hand some. The Vanguard 'superior' retrieved his helmet and replaced it as Nick approached the mess of concrete and twisted supports. Finally reaching it, the old man rolled his shoulders and stretched his left arm out to his side. Curling his fingers downward, a framework would begin to be drawn within his grasp, drawn in fluorescent green lines, the spaces would begin to fill. A rather simple looking bowler hat was held in Nick's left hand, turning it about and placing it over his head. "Translating ... " his voice sounding deeper and more vivacious, taking to his right knee. His entire form being encased in a blue-green bubble, sparking and crackling as dust made contact with it, with a sharp 'pip' sound, the bubble would burst. Standing where the elderly man once stood was a well-built man in his 20's, perhaps. The tails of his vest had grown, his moustache straightening and curling upward slightly. He looked like he'd stepped out of 1950's Britain. Tweed suit, perfectly bow-tied shoe-laces, and no more glasses. Reaching both hands up and resting both open palms upon the pile of debris. Within seconds, the same green wireframe would begin to be drawn around the whole of the pile of milled stone and metal, the eyes of the man-out-of-time blazing in what appeared to be green flames. Splits in his exposed forearms were seen forming, green light leaking out from the new cracks before the same 'flames' would vent from them like small jets. With the show of light and fire, the debris trapped within the green 'frame' would begin to shake without sound, it's very existence being shaken and displaced, looking like a colorless, poorly done 3-D image being shaken back and forth rapidly. "Trans ... lating ... " he chokes out, knees quivering as he spread his arms to his sides, appearing to be fighting against a heavy unseen force. The shadow of the debris was no longer visible, light passing between the very atoms that made up the wreckage. "Holy ... mother of ... " the commander being stunned at what he was seeing. Clapping his hands together, Nick's green flames would extinguish instantly, but the largest change was the collapse of the debris without even a sound. The wireframe and all that was within had been ... erased. Tech scans of the area would read high-yield non-ionizing radiation. Research of the area indicated that the very matter of the debris had been converted, 1-to-1, to energy, and left to disperse over time, as energy is want to do. Dropping to his knees immediately after the 'collapse', Nick's own image began to flutter back and forth within a short space. "Doc!" the commander shouts, sprinting over to him. "BACK!" Nick responds loudly. "STAY BACK!" which caused the commander slow to a stop about halfway to Nick. "Doc? What's goin' on, here?" "Overflow." the 'chap' responds through his teeth. With the debris now gone, they could have removed their armor, however ... the Rikti that had brought down the building, had done so on top of himself, as well. With the debris now gone, the sound of automatic plasma weapon fire erupts from where the debris once stood. Nick stood immediately, spreading his arms, taking four of the six shots and staggering backward. The remaining two, luckily, planted themselves into the side of the APC. "Make a hole!" the commander shouts, taking to his knee and shouldering his rifle. The other Vanguard operatives turned to train their weapons in the Rikti's direction, though, Nick's back was in the way. "Doc! Move!" "I don't much ... care ... " Nick starts, standing upright and rolling his shoulders once more. " ... for the cut of your jib, sir!" Nick shouts at the Rikti, putting his hands up like an old timey pugilist. A boxer. Fists closed and turned upward. As he took this stance, the splits in his skin began to vent out more green flames, each streaming out an inch or two from his body. The Rikti Rifleman takes three more shots, and with both blinding speed, and trails of green light, Nick would knock the plasma bolts aside with his fists. The Rifleman took a step backward. Just one. This made Nick grin from ear to ear, even as the Rikti unloaded the remaining twenty-six rounds from his plasma-rifle. Nick stepped TOWARD the shots with each swing, causing the bolts to go flying and arcing off into the distance to explode, in most cases, a quarter of a mile away. His hands and arms were moving faster than the short period of time between each rifle blast. Parts of his shirt and vest were being sheared off with the speed of each swing. CLICK The Rikti Rifle clicks, the shooter looking down at his weapon, and then back up to Nick, who was now within reach. With a wink, Nick cocked his right hand back and took one swing, just as quickly as he'd done with the plasma rounds, in the dead center of the Rikti's armored chest. A gout of green flames erupted from its back before it fell forward and collapsed. Within seconds, Nick was on his knees as well, hunched forward, arms wrapped around his stomach, the venting flames dispersing, leaving slowly bleeding cuts all over his face, neck, and arms. "Get a damned Med Unit out here, stat!" the commander shouts, sprinting toward Nick. "Doc!" Nick's left hand reached up for the hat on the top of his head, removing it as it deconstructed itself the same way it had appeared. The same bubble of greenish electricity surrounds the super-chap before the familiar 'pip' of it popping. What was left was a frail looking, smoldering, cut up and bleeding old man, pants being all that remained of his clothing. Even his shoes had burned up from the movements. "I'm ... I'm aces." he raises his left hand shakily and gives a thumbs up before it returned to the ground as he was on his hands and knees. "They said you used to be a cape, but damn, old man!" the commander says, kneeling beside old man Nick as the armor suit was retrieved by the pilot from the safety of the APC. "Used to be." Nick repeats. "I don't suppose you'd do me the courtesy of keeping that little ... outburst ... out of your report?" he asks between coughs, turning his head up to the commander. "Sure as shit, Doc. You got it. You just saved us a few million dollars." "Smashing ... now ... when is that Medical Team arriving? I think I broke my ... everything ... "
  6. There look to be two places that could be 'appropriate' for this kind of thing, and I'm not sure which I should have done, so, I'll do both 🙂
  7. Stay awhile and listen, weary traveler! A great contest is upon the wind, a quest that awaits the eager, the adventurous, and the brave! That quest is... THE TRAVELER'S GUILD CLASSIC SWORD AND SORCERY CONTEST! Aye, my dear friends, once again The Traveler's Guild is celebrating the bookend of a mighty quest of their own with a Costume Contest that all are welcome to attend! Come hither, for prizes and merriment await within! Plumb the depths of the fantasy of yore, of Conan and Elric and The Gray Mouser for this theme calls upon the classics of the much-beloved Sword and Sorcery genre of Fantasy. Bring your loincloths, your staves, your wizarding caps, and your chainmail bikinis! And don't forget, most of all: Have fun! What: A Costume Contest themed around Classic Sword and Sorcery is to be held today! All are welcome to attend and participate, but do remember the theme! A prize pool of 500 million to be doled out to multiple winners! Where: Echo Plaza When: 5:00:00 PM PST We hope to see you there!
  8. I have this character, Mackintosh, who's a sentient cloak--think MCU Dr. Strange's cape or Carpet from Aladdin. The body/mannequin is there only because the character creator forced me to have one. To keep this short, I'll put Mack's bio in a reply. One of the RP hurdles is that Mack can't speak. Mack is weakly telepathic and can "hear" that way, but it can't really have a conversation. I've mostly been talking OOC, or using thoughts to describe physical actions. 1) Anyone have a non-speaking toon and have tips to share? 2) How would I craft some macros/keybinds for common actions? "Mackintosh flies up to $target and swirls around them in greeting" 3) Would the example in #2 violate the no-touching rule of RP etiquette?
  9. The Green Mans Tavern's Yule & Winter celebration; with a Secret Santa / Gift Roulette / Exchange. Info: https://tinyurl.com/GreenManYule2020
  10. The following posts will be a list of the majority of my characters on Everlasting, of which are all roleplay characters with backstories of various depths. Provided below are just little blurbs about them, rather than their full descriptions, to cut back on message bloat. I post this in hopes of sparking some interest in exploring various characters' narratives and to provide the players with whom I already roleplay some additional options for potential expansions of our shared stories. Last revision: 2020-04-25 --- Hero-leaning VileTerror, Natural Mastermind: Demon Summoning / Kinetics, Level 7 - extradimensional entity Coital Shades, Science Defender: Dark Misasma / Radiation Blast, Level 24 - street-level person with powers from unfortunate circumstances making the best of her situation Madre Tramontane, Magic Controller: Ice Control / Cold Domination, Level 13 - ancient Kruos matriarch who has sustained her life through a form of magical vampirism, but only ever with consenting partners --- Vigilante-leaning Richard Teeman, Science Dominator: Gravity Control / Psionic Assault, Level 22 - Rikti infiltrator who has split from both the Traditionalist and Restructurists Chad Dup, Natural Blaster: Archery / Tactical Arrow, Level 22 - extradimensional mercenary task force member hired to provide support to restoration efforts of Paragon City --- Rogue-leaning Issues, Science Scrapper: Savage Melee / Ice Armour, Level 22 - genetically blended son of Captain Mako and Manticore, with some sizeable chips on his shoulders Ostinato, Natural Warshade, Level 14 - professional, university-level music teacher who was infused with a Warshade, but his own will proved too much and nothing but the powers of the alien survived Academy Guard Sabre, Technology Scrapper: Electric Melee / Shield Defense, Level 13 - professional and consummate security guard for a prestigious Etoile academy --- Villain-leaning Commandant Nongratis, Natural Mastermind: Mercenaries / Traps, Level 22 - ex-retired self-styled military dictator megalomaniac Recruitment Admin (formerly Gunner Xylmder), Natural Soldier of Arachnos, Level 14 - parent of close to a dozen children who supplements her income working for Arachnos with "independent security evaluation contracting" to afford professional caretakers for her children, recently promoted to an administrative position within the United Assocation for the Arachnos Spiderling Scouts of the Etoile Isles Professor Morte, Natural Arachnos Widow, Level 30 - ex-Arachnos Widow who is now working in the private sector as a professor at a prestigious academy in the Etoile Isles, training the next generation of masters of spycraft Operative Beloeron, Natural Stalker: Claws / Willpower, Level 18 - wannabe member of the 5th Column, but a total screw-up (seriously, I think the game knows . . . has 95% to-hit with Assassin Strike, but rolls 95.01+ roughly half the time. Statistically improbable, but so hilariously poetic) Child of Pain, Magic Blaster: Dark Blast / Dark Manipulation, Level 21 - torture victim who fused with a Banished Pantheon Spirit of Pain, but psychological damage was too much for even the spirit to bear with its will intact Corrupted Imp, Natural Brute: Energy Melee / Fiery Aura, Level 23 - regular imp corrupted by the promise of power offered by The Forces of Light; now consumed by an all-consuming desire to consume all in fiery consumption! Rawr Mel Scarlet, Technology Mastermind: Robotics / Radiation Emission, Level 12 - extradimensional invader who piggy-backed with Chad Dup's team. Gets along famously with Commandant Nongratis, as a hint toward his personality Deathguard Alpha, Technology Sentinal: Beam Rifle / Energy Aura, Level 23 - one of several manufactured footsoldiers as a prototypical series of an evil corporation's planned Legion of Doom product line
  11. Hey, all. So, I'll admit - I originally played on the Thunderspy servers to see what the difference was between Homecoming and coxg/Thunderspy, and while I do like what they've done with their modifications and original content, I definitely enjoy some things Homecoming has they lack - one thing being (after actually experimenting a bit with my Warshade) the color customization for Peacebringers and Warshades - which got me thinking about making a Peacebringer. And being an roleplayer at heart for many a game, I wanna make a name that's both available and something I'm comfortable with for the character, but fits as well. And would also be available on both clients/versions of CoX. Sadly, for Everlasting, one name I saw was available on Thunderspy was - unsurprisingly - unavailable. So I gotta ask... aside from things like the stars, the Sun, the Moon, light, etc - what are some good ideas for both inspiration and approaching naming a Human-Kheldian hybrid (non-WS/Nictus)? I've got some ideas jotted down, but....well, we're our own worst critics so I feel uncertain about them in general. X_X
  12. Now open, to the left of Pocket D. 😎 enter_base_from_passcode Indohub-1675
  13. SG Name: F.E.N.R.I.S. RP Friendly: Yes Theme/Era: Supervillains Redside/Blueside: Redside Recruitment Message: Focusing Evolution Networking Ritualism and Information Syndicate or F.E.N.R.I.S. as it is more commonly known, is an organization founded by Oliver Felix. Within its ranks three core factors are taught, Strength, Willpower and Intelligence. Every member of FENRIS must possess above average in these categories, two out of three being the bare minimum required to join. Oliver founded F.E.N.R.I.S. due to his beliefs of world governments to be currently flawed. Collaborating with other members, he aims to recruit unique individuals to build a better society by eliminating the current establishment. With that said, not every member of F.E.N.R.I.S. is there for political revolution, some simply want financial gain, other's the rush of adrenaline when they are in the frontlines of battle, and a select few simply want security in numbers. After all, it is much safer to be a part of a faction in the Rogue Isles than working alone. While other villain groups have been strictly one origin, F.E.N.R.I.S. believes every origin of power has merit, should the individual prove themselves worthy to co-operate and pull their weight. Villains of mutant, magic, natural, scientific, or technological origins can join, each mutually benefitting each party through trade. Oliver is not a dictator in this faction, each member is given the right to vote and can openly voice their opinion on every assignment, part of the roleplay in F.E.N.R.I.S. is to test how well villains can work together, as one of my main gripes in comics was how the heroes got an easy win due to villain team ups inevitably going south, I aim to avoid that sort of direction in the roleplay but am not completely opposed to it, given the right circumstances. Finally, I would like to mention that we have a Discord server for this SG, and regularly chat OOC about City, other games, and team OOC and IC to tackle WSTs and have general chit-chats. We currently have over a dozen members and are looking to expand, so I’ll leave you with these final notes. The group is currently housed on the Everlasting server. All members of the group need to be at least 18 years old OOC, as the RP sometimes tackles darker and more mature themes not suitable for younger audiences (think graphic novels). This does not happen all the time to avoid us becoming edgy and stale, but due to the fact it can happen, this rule is put in place and is non-negotiable. Further information on the group asked about either here on the forums or in game, my handle is @Ry Potential members are welcome to come into the Discord server and ask current members about the RP and community before joining to see if they connect well with others! (PM me for a Discord link here or in game) Our community is friendly and open to a variety of roleplay scenarios both related and unrelated to FENRIS and are looking to involve ourselves with both hero SGs to fight again, and other villain groups to form rivalries and potential alliances. It's like Zangief once told us, we might be the Bad Guys, but we're not bad guys. if you’re interested in joining, or want to use your SG as plot point for a joint event of some kind, or an ongoing plot, then I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you, please don't hesitate! 💜
  14. My character backstories don't really fit on the in game ID card. I am making this so those I play with may see them. As a content warning there are some potentially disturbing things mentioned in my character backgrounds but nothing is described in detail. Most of these were view-able in original CoX and if I thought I was violating any rules I wouldn't post here. I just wanted to be extra polite and mention. Backstory One: The Venus Illegitima The abandoned wooden shacks that rotted in the most decrepit area of the port's shanties were shunned even by the beggars. The liquid filth was home to a wide variety of vermin and pests. The few taverns and porters that did business in the area paid no mind to disposing of their trash and refuse among what was left of the buildings. Some people however had no choice but to live in them. As much as the homeless needed the charity of others they were quick to take from each other if they could. One man and woman could not exist among the other people. They were both blind and deaf or nearly so. On their own they could find foul sustenance among what others discarded and in the insects that nested. They stayed hidden to avoid being victimized. The one time they knew they had to find another was when the female was ready to give birth. It was no happy occasion to have another mouth to feed, and yet the pair were too fearful of others to allow their child in any one else's hands. Unlike his parents the child was quite canny and in full possession of his visual and auditory senses. His screams went unheard as pests and vermin crawled over and bit at him inside the lightless box in which he existed. He crawled in filth, excrement, and squalor. His first words were things said to beg of others. He would often to go the other parts of town to prostrate himself before others hoping to evoke enough sympathy to acquire from strangers what he could not from his parents. Earp had been what his parents called him. It wasn't even so much a name as it was a sound that was easy for them to make. He was a cute baby that despite being underfed grew into a beautiful boy a pediastric relationship with a rich became his salvation. Being the sexual pet of a rich old man could hardly be considered a good thing, but the warped feelings were the closest thing the unfortunate boy would ever have to being cared for. In his patrons household he became a sponge for knowledge. He was given an education, find clothes, and enough food to never be hungry. In gratitude he shared his body with his mentor. Earp even became friends with his masters children and was often paraded at gatherings for his unconventional wit and exotic beauty. Years of contentment, if not happiness, passed until foreign troubles called his patron away. The mistress of the house would not let him stay anywhere on the property and so Earp went back to the streets and stayed once more in the light less squalor his parents did. In his extreme depression he didn't even see the diseased condition his parents flesh was in. He contracted their leprosy and his beautiful body and face putrefied. In time he was forced to a leper colony. His face and genitals withered, ruptured and blackened. The only parts of him that anyone had ever valued, was destroyed before his eyes. His bitterness and loss made him welcome death. He exhaled his last labored breath alone and unwanted; full of hatred for all of creation. After his death the wailing spirit of the boy was taken by Tartarus, who gave him the name Alloces. He existed as a curiosity and bound slave. It took centuries but eventually the unthinkable happened: Tartarus was killed. With unrestricted access to the gods vault Alloces learned a great deal of magic, and even greater were his powers of biomanipulation. His short life taught him that beauty mattered above all and crafted for himself an uneartly beautiful androgynous body made from the most beautiful women in the world, all murdered by him to make himself even more beautiful. Now thousands of women have died and with each his body becomes a little better even on a sub cellular level. He also uses his fleshcrafting to create great monsters to serve him. He has no trouble using or hurting anyone because in his mind they would all abandon him to rot away again if he were not the fairest of them all.
  15. Feel like some light reading? Here's an amusing Discord conversation I had with a redside SG co-leader. The occasion was my proposal, in general chat, that we do something to make the group more friendly towards female recruits. I was the SG's recruiter at the time. This is posted in support of MetaVileTerror's Rule One. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. July 25, 2019 Feminist Last Thursday at 8:17 PM Okay. So what's with all the open hostility? Why are you this angry? MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:25 PM I feel similarly to others in that your argument came out of nowhere and that you are bringing up either past issues or non-issues for reasons unknown. The situation with MRA-0 was handled by MRA-0 and there were consequences for how it was handled. People had their differences and left. That happened in the past. Under new management and attempting to rebuild, you are bringing up past issues when they don't need to be brought to attention. More so, the biggest issue in my opinion is the fact that players got personally offended over a roleplay. It's akin to reading Game of Thrones, getting personally offended as if you were one of the characters in the book, and shaming George RR Martin for writing it. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:26 PM Once or twice, I'd agree with you. But this stuff built up over a long time. Many instances. Pretending that it has gone away won't make it so. I want to make sure that I'm not just recruiting new victims. It's an ethical question, really. I mean, look at MRA-3's reaction. He's practically frothing at the mouth. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:29 PM We make sure it doesn't happen again by telling new recruits what they are in for and letting them decide if they can handle it or not....Not by changing everything else so we please everyone, not offend anyone, and make it a safe and PG-13 place for all people. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:30 PM Okay. So I am supposed to tell people to expect abusive and sexist RP? How do I sell that? MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:31 PM Tell me, besides what MRA-0 did, who else did what exactly? And I want specific examples. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:31 PM You told me I should offer blowjobs to all the members. Was a serious statement that you later claimed was IC. I let it pass. Six women I talked to on their way out the door complained over and over that there's too much ERP. Four guys too. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:32 PM Yes, MRA-2 said that because I was responding in an IC manner and you weren't using brackets to show that you were speaking OOCly. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:33 PM Nah. It was an asshat thing to say to a brother officer. But i let it pass. IC OOC still asshat. So the problem is, these things are not fun for the recipient and that hurts the SG. This is my point. Folks will log on elsewhere if this is just a sausage fest. You, MRA-3, and MRA-1 are basically arguing for your sausage fest rights. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:34 PM OOC I wouldn't have said that, so don't assume the words came from the player when I am clearly stating that those words were said by the character because that's in the haracters personality. I even used quotation marks indicating it was IC. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:35 PM Hey I was there, remember? You said be specific. I am not asshurt about it. It's just a red flag. If you enjoy saying stuff like that IC then you're probably going to drive away the ladies. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:37 PM That's the characters personality. It is what it is. But once again, you are insinuating the player enjoys it because the character might. You are mixing IC and OOC and that's never good. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:38 PM Does. Not. Matter. It's all about being a decent human being. You and I never had harsh words. So I figured, it was just a bad day. People will be forgiving if it doesn't happen all the time. I want rules so it doesn't happen all the time. That's reasonable, I think. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:39 PM It matters immensely. RP is not real life. My character does not need to be a decent human being. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:39 PM If you want the group to thrive, yes you do. You and MRA-1 are officers. If you can't control your tongues, where will we be? Let me give you another example, one from my past mistakes. In my last SG, I was an officer who became a target. Other officers came up to me, IC, and told me I was terrible and should never have gotten the job. This went on and on. I cried. I got angry. I shouted out. "It's just IC," they all said and laughed. But I ended up quitting. It wasn't any fun to log on anymore. That is what we're up against. Most RPers have alts in several groups. If we want them to log on to us, we have to be reasonably nice people. Not attack females on sight, even in Discord. You, MRA-3 and MRA-1 all kinda batshit at the same time, in public chat, lol. Coulda been done different. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:43 PM Then clearly, you are taking the roleplay too personally. And attacking females on sight? In Discord? What are you talking about? You're a guy irl. Why are you even making this about gender? Feminist Last Thursday at 8:43 PM Right. But I'm standing up for women just now, and that's why you're mad I think. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:43 PM It has NOTHING to do with gender. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:44 PM Come on come on, you were just ready to fly off the handle. This is old business made new. The next person who comes into the SG and has anything to say about gender is going to be flayed alive too. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:50 PM No dude, you're not standing up for women. You are extremely toxic because you make up false statements and then really believe them to be true. You know what kind of person you are? You're the type to twist words to put yourself on a pedestal. Here's an example: You: "So do you like that girl?" Person: "Nah, she's not my type." You: "Why, because she's black?" Person: "What? No, they just aren't my type." You: "Oh so black people aren't your type? Your a racist bigot and it's people like you that ruin this country." That's pretty much you right now. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:51 PM I am asking you to change your behavior, become a decent human being. You are insisting that the world accept you the way you are. Even if it means I can't recruit because you will just tell all the female toons to go suck dicks. Yes? You want to be evil. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:52 PM Oh my word...you can't be this dense... Feminist Last Thursday at 8:52 PM Sayin' the same thing bro. You want a permanent excuse for any bad behavior you're feeling, any time. I am saying no can do. Are you MRA? There's a reddit for this kind of thing. ...and that's where our conversation ended, because MRA-2 booted me from Discord, kicked me out of the SG and deleted me from his global friends list. I guess he showed me, huh?
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