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Found 8 results

  1. I was looking through some old COH stuff and found some screenshots, like...A LOT of screenshots. So I thought I would post a few old ones and if anyone else had some they could post as well. I figure I might come up with some new ones following different themes, maybe have a contest. Who knows? These are raw so they could all benefit from some cropping. So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, I give you: The Savage Maugrim.
  2. Encountered another member of the Protoss race. Its got me wondering, has anyone made or seen other Starcraft themed heroes? Its always impressive to see what other people have come up with. Adun Toridas & Cheers
  3. Invasions are hard work so take care of yourself first
  4. It was suggested to me to share this here. We were having a lovely time pre-bathing before the real BAF got started!
  5. Hello 😃 I'm trying to take better screen shots of my toons. Specifically, I'm wondering what the best way is to take full body "photos" of my toon without losing too much resolution. Currently my strategy is to rotate the camera around and play with the zoom. Usually I'm only able to zoom in on the toon from the waist up, or else I have to zoom out very far in order to capture a full body shot. For example: Is there any way to detach the camera so that it can be positioned better? Or is there a better method for getting full body toon screenshots? Thank you for your help!
  6. ((OOC: I've found myself concentrating more and more on Kaikara as a character lately, and as a result the majority of the images I've captured seem to be focused on her as well. While I'm still going to keep my City Scrapbook thread in General Discussion for other screens, I thought it might be fun to have a specific IC picture thread here, in the Roleplay section, specifically for Kai. A place where she could post her "selfies" and talk about her friends and their adventures. Kai is the young, mortal apprentice of a "semi-reformed" Oranbegan Death Mage named Tavaris. She's the orphaned daughter of a pair of former Midnighters. She loves dance music, pizza and Nick's ChiliWeenies. She's an expert at getting into trouble... and though she's good-natured and good-hearted, she has a strong attachment to both her teacher and his people. She has no problem helping a heroic friend save the world from marauding demons in in the morning, and then going home to study necromancy with the ancient, body-snatching ghosts who created the rituals for summoning those monsters the same afternoon. In spite of her magic, and her history and her guardian, and the general weirdness of her life she is... for the most part, anyway...like any other teenager.)) =================================================== Dear Diary, Okay. So, I've never really tried to keep a diary before, but Tav says I've been spending too much time on my phone and not enough time with my books and that I need to start "keeping a record of my reflections". I think he thinks that I'm going to write about my necromancy lessons with him, and my homework from Master Maros and all the ancient history that Mistress Mesanes has been telling me about. I really don't NEED to put that in a diary, though. I took notes on all of it already and if I forget anything, I can always sneak back into Master Arcanus' library or the Midnighters' and find a book about it. (Okay. Yeah. Percy ratted me out about sneaking in to read the Midnighters' books. But Tommy told them who my mom was, and the librarian just gave me a lecture about "appropriate subjects" and "responsible magic" and "asking permission before I copied dangerous spells". It's not like they can really stop me from getting in or anything. <_<) I think I'd rather write about fun stuff... Like going back to the city to borrow some ritual components for Psimon. He's an interesting person, and a lot less creepy than that Darrin Wade guy. (I didn't like him at all when we met. I told Master Theo about him, and he laughed and said I was "a good judge of character". I guess he didn't like Wade either.) Some of the people I met in the city didn't know me, and thought I was an escaped sacrifice or something. I... might have had to knock them out of their bodies for a little while. I don't think I really hurt them, but I'm NOT going to be some demon's lunch. >_< I do kind-of wonder what Psimon's going to do with six pounds of frog wort and a fire drake's tongue, though. I've never seen a headache curative that used either one of those smelly things. Yuck! -k =================================================== Hi Diary! It's been a really, really, really busy week... I had one of my books stolen yesterday by a big guy with a television on his head, and I had to chase him down into the sewers to get it back. (EUWH!) My Tome of Hequat smells awful now. The cleaning cantrip hasn't helped at all, so I'm going to try Lysol next. Where magic fails, maybe chemistry can succeed. Then Master Maros sent me to find this weird fish-guy in this HUGE cave and I found something sort of strange. The cave had teeth. I've never seen a cave with teeth before, so I stopped to take a picture. That was right before some big guys made mostly of metal showed up and tried to kill me. I told Master Maros that he should have warned me about the metal guys before I left, but he just shook his head and told me that I wasn't supposed to know about them, and knowing would have ruined... something. I don't know. I'm supposed to be learning about causality and the fluid nature of time from him, but sometimes I just don't get what he's talking about. Tav says that's okay. Sometimes he doesn't get it, either. -k =================================================== Diary, I am in *such* trouble... Tried to prank some Luddites. Almost got the binding wards around Bat'zhul broken. Dr. Aeon was really, really sore about it. I'm grounded. This SUCKS. PS: I did meet a really cute guy, though. I wonder if he likes pizza? -k
  7. Way back before the war (pick whichever is convenient) I was a member of the SG 'House of Shadows' and it was my unofficial role to create the lols. It turns out I still have my folder of stupidity and utter ridiculousness, and shall here share it in the hopes some of the old folk crawl out of the woodwork... and of course for general amusement.
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