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Found 3 results

  1. A while ago l decided to make actual Stalker toon, that would have Psionic Primary, so it could penetrate certain enemies' DCD's, but then l have certain questions: Stalker ATO - l believe l read somewhere that there's some trick as something would better go with Highest Hitter or something - can u suggest Me how to slot Primary Powers? And more importantly what to pair it With? l looked at certain Sets, but as far as l can understand it - those buff +DEF are far, far more desirable, especially in Solo Play than +RES, because. 1. When enemy notices a player, players +STEALTH radius means Absolutely nothing, as Enemy'll continue to see player magically. 2. Enemy can attack player, and if player gets hit, the player'll be unstealthed & Assassin-something Attack is going to be interrupted. That narrows the choice, but what set exactly is considered to be the best? l looked @ certain possibilities: Ninjitsu - upsides - has Flashbang Power, which can Placate Multiple enemies. Have no idea how AoE placate is useful RN. Is it VERY good or moderaltly good or poor? Has selfheal power. Besides that it has pretty poor stats & may require unwanted IO to cap all Positional Defenses, click Antimez power, and Caltrops would be good AoE, but it causes enemy to have clucked. Many skippable powers in a set in general. Super Reflexes - upsides - it caps Positional Defenses pretty easily, defensively increases +RES's depending on HP, offensively +20% Recharge. Downside - click antimez power, no selfheal. Shield Defense - upsides - it has extra Splash that spawns Pseudopet and doesn't break Stealth, has some +RES and +HP besides DEF. Downside that on stalker its +DMG when hidden probably would work wonky, click antimez power, no selfheal. Energy Aura - upsides - it has Great Typed +DEF stats, which are easily capped, also portion of +RES and SelfHeal. Has an Endurance Draining power that buffs DEF. Also +20% to Recharge, toggle Antimez power. Downside is its PSI and TOX hole because of no Positional Melee/Ranged defenses, that means these enemies can interrupt character! Disrupt and T9 are likely skippable, or that Mez won't be excessive? Ice Armor - upsides - it has decent S/L/E/Ne Typed Defenses, but Fire/Ice powers can interrupt. Fire powers are usually AoE though, so hide's +37.5% AoE DEF is going to cap DEF to e.g. Council Flamethrower. Has Selfheal, +END and DEF buff and Amazing T9 Res Button. Aura deals -DAMAGE. Toggle Antimez Power. Plenties of defenses, no extra Offense though, PSI/TOX hole is like previous one. Bio Armor - upsides - it has Capped F/C/E/Ne and partially PSI +DEF (EDIT: slightly better than INV), a lot of offensive buffs such as +DMG and +ToHit. Obvious downside - Smashing/Lethal Attacks are going to interrupt Main attack, thus maybe great in Teams, but lackluster in Solo. Haven't tried though, so dunno reilly. Willpower - upsides +END, Capped Environmental and PSI +DEF (EDIT: even worse than INV). Downside is - and very big - Smashing/Lethal Attacks interrupt. Thus don't think it's going to work well. Invulnerability - VERY TOUGH to cap S/L/E/Ne/F/C Typed +DEF, but doable from what it looks and tons of +RES, debuff resistances and Heal/HP on top of that. No extra offenses though... So l think besides survivability it isn't brilliant anywhere - and payoff for that may become quite crippling and fatal for the build. Has PSI/TOX hole, so these damage types may interrupt. So, what do you think - what Secondary to Choose?
  2. I heard Kinetic Melee was good so I want to try it. I need help picking a Secondary. The options are:Bio,Dark,Energy (Maybe),Invulnerability,Regeneration,Super Reflexes,Willpower. And the only reason why those are the only options because I'm trying to stay with my character's look. (Plant/Nature creature sort of) Anyway..HELP PLEASE! THANKS 🙂
  3. Could someone explain Blaster secondaries to me please? It seems they are just for two things; Blapping and, One Build Up skill. Other than these they seem rather pointless. ... can someone put some nuance on this or explain secondaries in a more eloquent manner please?
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