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  1. For those who haven't seen yet we got a treasure trove of fun data today about all the AT's and combos. One set I have always loved thematically, and was very excited when homecoming launched was some changes to the set for Sentinels. Can't say I was surprised that Ice Armor was the least seen defensive set at 50 especially when compared to the top 3 and Ice Armor being near the bottom with every AT it is available to, but I do still feel like it would go a long way if this bug with Frigid Shield was addressed making ice armor more attractive to Sentinels.
  2. Playing an Archery/SR Sentinel I really have not had a hard time playing this character, it's been a smooth but slow ride. I cannot help but feel that Sentinels were undertuned for fear of them being OP from the gate. Range + mitigation has a recipe to be the Titan Weapon/Bio of ATs. So if you were part of the homecoming team, how would you buff, if at all, Sentinels? For starters I would like to see them have their range brought closer to Blaster level and have the same AoE cap.
  3. Okay, this isn't REALLY a "Guide" so much as a set of pre-prepped builds in Mid's/Pine's. The basic touchstones are more or less identical across Tanks, Brutes, Scrappers and Sentinels. So I'm going to provide the templates pre-built and slotted out for Invuln, Fighting, Leaping, Maneuvers (when needed) and the basic expectations for Health and Stamina. Just plug in your attack primary/secondary and go to town. Updated 07-21-21 (Compatibility with newer Mids) (All frameworks updated!) Invuln Framework 2021 - TANK - Tanker (Invulnerability).mxd
  4. One thing I'd really like to work on, if possible, is to create a group repository of information on Sentinels as a whole, explaining what makes a strong pairing from each primary to each secondary and all of the pool powers, as well as what distinguishes Sentinels from Scrappers and Blasters. I understand that this is a big undertaking, but I think it could be extremely helpful to new players. I have some thoughts on these subjects, but the fact of the matter is, I didn't play CoX live at a very high level of proficiency and there are limits to how much I've experienced in Sentin
  5. Hi. Here is my Sentinel Ice blast/ Ice armor Named Skate. And yes she is a themed character. And just so we don't get off topic I am looking for a build NOT recommendations for another AT combo. Not really good at sifting through the forums and finding what I am after in all of its overwhemingness. But I have not found a build for this specific combo. Been toying in Mids for a bit with this but not all that confident. Any comment related to this direct inquiry would be greatly appreciated. Thank you a lot in advance, Pouncy
  6. Tomorrow I have a free day, and I've NEVER rolled sentinel. Is /bio the business? Is dark blast insane? Do you rad/rad in madness? Where do you say to yourself 'this can only be on sentinel'? What would you choose, what would it be, if you had one day to get hooked hard on sentinel?
  7. So, after considering things and the fact that "good" ranged damage + mezz protection seems to be too much, how about we change that up? With tanks getting boosted damage/aoe-numbers, I'd surmise that it isn't resistances/defenses that the developers are leery of, but decent defense/mez protection with medium-high ranged damage. So instead of boosting the damage, how about bumping the Resistance cap to 82.5% along with a (roughly) 7.5% boost to Def/Resist/Regen numbers? Maybe add a hard single target taunt effect and turn Sentinels into something between a s
  8. 2021 is upon us and it is a time of great change and new beginnings! So, let's take this opportunity dig up something we have been talking about for a while now 😉 Goal: The Sentinel AT has a great foundation all things considered, but a clunky inherent ends up leaving many players feel underwhelmed with them and often going to other more specialized roles or playstyles. They are a hybrid class that specializes in mid range engagement, but are not particularly high damage, not particularly tanky, nor do they have particularly stellar support. The inherent tries to rectif
  9. There are three issues with this power right now. Two are probably bugs (#1 and #3), and the second is tuning depending on the fix to #3. This defensive currently drops when you are mez'd in PvP. Minor fix. If one of the devs could also review the numbers on this ability. It seems very low for being a toggle & currently it is 5% of max hp. 5% is less than most +hp passives. Even frost protection, in the same set gives +10% hp as a passive. For comparison look at Ice Armor vs Regen. Ice Armor's tooltip doesn't show even show the absorb amount so Ive had to calculate in ga
  10. Sentinels have inherent shorter range than other ATs, and I think that's fine. However, AoE ranges get reduced even further, while other ATs have normalized ranges for AoEs. Here's a example comparison with powers like Ball Lightning and Fire Ball: Blasters have 80 range. (ST range for the AT is 80) Corruptors have 80 range. (ST range for the AT is 80) Defenders have 80 range. (ST range for the AT is 80) Sentinels have 40 range. (ST range for the AT is 60) Could we normalize the AoE ranges for Sentinels so they're mostly equal to their
  11. Hey guys! I guess this is only my 3rd post on these forums. I'm more of a reader and lurker. I wanted to suggest some changes to Ice Armor and get peoples feedback. It was my favorite armor back on live and still is here on homecoming, something about it just looks so cool to me. So much so that I recreated my main character from live with the same costume and everything. Ice Armor, however, continues to be the least or second least played armor set on any Archetype (Tanker, Scrapper, Stalker, Brute, and Sentinel). And when you look at the actual surviv
  12. Best Sentinel Primary Power There comes a time when we sentinels have to decide which primary power is best suited for us. It might be the power set that might have the mighty Fire Blaster take notice and say "This poseur might have something". It could be a set that allows you to have fun with your friends and enjoy your character to the fullest. It might even have a hidden feature that most people overlook until they see first hand what you can do with it. The combination of ranged attacks and survival have never been more beautiful. Whether it be the potent blasts and damage ove
  13. Hello and thank you in advance for taking a look at this build. Normally, I just surf the forums and look for someone who has put together a build that works for the character I'm playing. Partly this is pure laziness, but there is a large portion of lack of knowledge on my part of how to put together an effective/synergistic build. I've read quite a few few posts on what Dual Pistol and Super Reflexes powers are best, what are skippable, and how they best work together and from that, I've created the monstrosity that is below. If you have the time to give it a look, throw your kindness out th
  14. NO ENHANCEMENTS! Same rules as before: “Worst” in however you interpret this to mean. Multiple selects are allowed if needed.
  15. I believe the CoX community has given a lot of feedback on a previous poll and I believe an updated poll to include more ideas about the Sentinels and their redesign is in order. I also would like for this to remain open in order to get as much of the community's views and values on the Sentinel as possible. Why do I have these specific questions? Because a lot community pointed out that the Sentinel is supposed to be a ranged Scrapper. Not some hybrid Tanker with ranged damage, not a "blaster with defenses." I don't think comparing Sentinels and Blasters is a healthy debate due to
  16. more specifically when you use Genomic Evolution with Offensive Adaption it is supposed to give you a range bonus and it does not, I tested the other two adaptations and the auto power works fine with them according to Mids its supposed to give you around an 15% range bonus but it gives nothing in the combat attributes (and yes i for sure have the auto power that gives the ranged buff i triple checked) these screenshots are from the beta x64 server if that matters i was trying to get max range possible for fun based on a Mids build I did
  17. It seems that Sentinel's Beam Rifle attacks will start firing from the leg if you pick an Epic with a weapon (such as Ninja Tool Mastery). All attacks in the set are affected, even AoEs. Also affects the power preview in the costume editor. Once you get one power (doesn't need to be a weapon attack), your character will be bugged forever even if you respec out of the Epic. (Thanks Just-K from the Discord for the info.)
  18. I was deeply curious how sentinel players themselves felt about the sentinel. I have fun with it from time to time but I really wondered... Beyond a suggestion thread or random murmerings here and there... If you COULD decide the fate of the entire Archetype and how it was approached, balanced or changed. What would you choose? And I think that would yield more interesting results numerically than a thread of suggestions. So I'm posting this poll here.
  19. So I was thinking, with Sentinel's inherit power being rather lacking (or at least in my experience) I thought of a few ways to fix this; many say "MORE DAMAGE!" but honestly? I don't think that's we need to do here. Hear me out. Sentinel's secondaries (depending on what you go for) can make them pretty bulky, so why not lean into that? I thought of two ways to do this. 1) Give every ranged set the option to slot for taunt enhancements. This can give players the option to take a bit of aggro away from their teammates and provide more use. Sentinel's inherit power only really works
  20. It feels time to construct a thread to share some experiences about the AT after playing it for the better part of a year. When I first came to HC, probably right around this time, I wasn't sure exactly of what I wanted to play. I created a bunch of ATs and recreated old characters. I'm sure many of you understand. I saw the Sentinel and it got me curious. It was new, not many people knew anything about it, and it seemed like a challenge to play/build. I had tried to play Dual Pistols a few times but it never worked out for me. I didn't really care for it on Blasters (still don't) s
  21. After much consideration, I'd like to suggest a powerset reskin for Assault Rifle. I know that plenty of players would like to play a power-armor character with versatile gadgets, and I think that redesigning Assault Rifle to work with unarmed animations (such as Energy Projection) could make for a sleek transition into power armor design. What're everyone's thoughts on this? Does it sound like a good idea, and is it feasible?
  22. So I tried my hand at making my first build. I made it for doing different types of content, TFs, radio missions, ect. I was hoping to get some experienced input on the build. I dont know how to improve it or if I chose too many expensive sets and could use cheaper ones. Anyways, help please! http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1451&c=675&a=1350&f=HEX&dc=78DA6593D94F135118C5EFB48350CABEC8D60AAD400B85D2B22F2A5111A28184C0838F4D634798A469493B24FAE87FA0A8E1C5F5C1286E4FAEFF83EB9BEBB32BEA8326FA60F063CEB19074D2E63773EE77CEFDEEBD333327264AEE4E9D1A575AD9C1643C9B8D
  23. So! for a time I've been thinking what blast powersets we have at our disposal and how the damage types are a little disproportionate. So far we have five powersets that use Energy Damage: (Energy, Sonic, Radiation, Electric, Beam Rifle) four that use Smashing Damage: (Energy, Sonic, Ice, Water) four that use Lethal Damage (Assault Rifle, Archery, Dual Pistols, Ice) four that use Fire Damage (Fire, Water, Assault Rifle, Dual Pistols) three that use Cold Damage (Ice, Water, Dual Pistols) and only one each for Negative, Psychic and Toxic damage (Dark, P
  24. Hi all - here is a build for an Energy/Bio sentinel. While running in Offensive is capped at F/C/E/N Def and S/L Defence. EndUsage/Recovery is not a worry and has 299% Regen or 497% Regen with Ablative Carapace. Hasten is not Perma but wasnt going for it. Any feedback? Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Natural Sentinel Primary Power Set: Energy Blast Secondary Power Set: Bio Armor Power Pool: Flight Power Pool: Fighting Powe
  25. terrawar


    Looking for a water blast/invulnerability builds any one try this combo before? Mostly looking for a strong build for incarnate and 50+4 lvl missions .
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