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Found 5 results

  1. I am working on a Dark/Shield Brute and I saw two builds on here and wondered what people thought of em'. I was thinkin' of using one of em.
  2. Just finished Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I'm already having withdrawals. I've begun re-watch all 7 seasons and it's proving very re-watchable. There's so many nuanced foreshadowings and subtle references that are now better understood. I also love how they chose to create a solid ending for another Marvel TV series as well. Those who've seen season 7 know to what I'm referring. I'm really grateful they were given the green light for the last two seasons and didn't end with season 5, as had been anticipated.
  3. Not looking some super IO'd Apex build as I'm not trying to solo GMs and AVs. I like teaming, and I just want to perform well in level 25-45 content. Would like to stay mostly in the powers in the set, Super Jump would be my travel power. Don't need perma-hasten if it requires sacrificing fun powers for Pool Powers to mule LotG. Basically just something better than Workbench IOs without going crazy.
  4. I have a tanker that I really want to love, but I'm having difficulties getting up to capped stuffs in Mids. If anyone can drop a build on my face, I'd be most appreciative. Note: I know this combo might be decent for a farmer, but I have a Brute for that.
  5. I'm trying to finalize my Elec/SD scrapper and I think this might be a pretty decent build. I've kind of neglected ranged defense some and overdone melee defense in the event of debuffs. (54 melee, 32 ranged, 45% smash lethal resist). Probably go with Cardiac, Ageless, Melee. I *think* endurance issues will be handled by procs. BU/LR/SC are up every 18 seconds. Total damage with build up for those two attacks is 1327. Caltrops with a heavy slow debuff followed up by up to 500-ish damage from Tstrike proc bomb and a couple hundred from Chain with knockdown/stun procs.
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