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  1. Sooooooo....I have a spine/fire planned out, but I tweaked my plan a little and I have 9 slots leftover for Superior Conditioning and Physical Perfection. How would you recommend I slot them? If there's one left over after your help, I could slot in fly and be faster, which of course would be fun lol 🙂 Everything else is done. Please! Post a Mids link to your build. It's just easier for me. Thanks!
  2. Spines is a pretty unique powerset when you break it down but it has a a few issues. 1. It has to suffer redraw on every attack. 2. It has a relatively low DPA damage, this is because it has no superior or extreme damage attacks. 3. It's secondary effect does too little for too short of a period. I'm hesitant to suggest any changes due to how many people use these in farming, so I'm going to attempt to list a couple suggestions aimed at non-farm related improvements but there will likely be some carryover. Suggestions for Consideration: 1. Introduce
  3. My spines/energy scrapper just hit 47 and it's time to go SRS BZNS on the build. I currently have the Critical Strike set in Throw Spines, because it is usually what I open with. Is there a better place for it? I likewise have Scrapper's Strike in Ripper. Does it too belong somewhere else?
  4. Spines / bio stalker (todo: one of those nifty power review things, they're fun to read) - fantastic toxic damage component - yes, you want build up, because of the atos. Take both ato sets. Don't bother with placate. - ranged damage and varied, good set options for slots - ultra sneaky, and with fancy anti-stealther perception buffs - uses the sleep aura with placate set, seems to go off all the time - not even veteran level 4 on it and can go trash +4/8 groups in PI (or ae, but I won't) - haven't tried dark Astoria but nigh on u
  5. Hello all! I have always loved superheroes and never got the chance to play city of heroes when it first came out. I liked the idea of making a kind of toxic poison beast kind of character so spines and Bio fit the bill! I am hoping the build can become a bit of a workhorse to just tackle a whole bunch of things. Tanking with friends, solo farming/bossing, questing etc. It does not need to be great at any of those things it just needs to be able to do em' to some extent! I have downloaded Mid's and did a good deal of reading around the forums. Here is the build I came up with. ( Thematically I
  6. Alright, after months and months of playing, and farming, and grinding, and questioning, I have today a build that I am looking for some constructive criticism on. I'll preface this by saying that I'm not new to the game, I've been around since i2 went live. However I've never messed with IO sets, just the basic IO's and relied on HO's for the more superior (or so I thought) builds. Now that the game is back I'm dabbling more into sets and working with bonus's. The build below is about 3 weeks worth of tinkering and adjusting. Let me know where I'm falling short (cause I know I am) and wh
  7. Looking for comments or criticisms for my spines/wp build. Am i doing anything obviously wrong? Would it be better if some things were rearranged? Also, how does the FF proc work exactly? Do i have to use the power it's in and is it worth putting one in ripper? http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1550&c=711&a=1422&f=HEX&dc=78DA6D94CB4F135114C6EFB4531EA585D652CAB3A5B508022D545D4BA2A889D0A408826F1CE81526A9EDA45354E2CA857BC518372A6094F8DEB8F16FF0F967B8F291B8D2C48CA7733E4A63BD69F3BBFDEE77EE39F7DC99A6AF8D7B5E1FBB312694E6C339CD34E7A7178B9A61C8624
  8. So i'm just about to get my first character to level 50, once there I intend to do a full respec and try to rebuild him properly to be able to run some farming in order to get some inf not only for this toon, but for all my re-rolls when they will hit 50. I think about going the AE farming route. The main problem right now is that i'm on a serious budget. I would say I can reasonably get about 100.000.000 inf for the build, hardly more. Could anyone recommend me a build? Should I even consider sets? or just go basic IOs? I'm usually more into fun builds and picking
  9. So I first off the only Brute I've ever created was a stone/stone Brute on live which I leveled to... 20 I guess? Now I really like the look of spines and the bio armor parts, and having near to none experience on how I wanna build my brute I went for the looks only. He is now 43 and when it comes to doing just the regular content I don't regret picking this combination at all. However, as for now I don't have a single character dedicated for farming purposes so I wonder If I could also build him towards AE farming (perhaps making a second build for exactly that purpose that
  10. Hi. Does anyone have an endgame build for a fire/spines tanker? I was building one just to farm but I am quite enjoing it and I would like to use it also in PVE for incarnate contents. Thank you.
  11. Looking for a Brute Spines Fire Guide to make a farmer for the comic map
  12. Attached my build file to the post. My primary concern is tanking at endgame with this character, but I guess since they are a Spines Brute I wanted to also give farming a bit of a try too? First serious effort with a brute since before sundown of Live, so feedback appreciated. Chernobyl Rose.mxd
  13. I got my Bio/Spines tanker up to 20 today and figured it was time to work out what their final build would look like. I'm not sure how available any of the IOs here will be, so I avoided the Purple and PvP sets and laid out the build first with just basic IOs to make sure it would look functional with those, then reslotted as follows to see where it might plausible go. Anything stand out as misses or simple points of improvement? Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build! Dragonstriker: Level 50 Technology Tan
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