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  1. Croax's Tier List and Build Collection Index Introduction Primaries Secondaries Builds Introduction Hi all, as some of you might know, i really love to play the Stalker AT. That is why i have written a Guide to cover all the basics and give new and old players an idea of how to play the Stalker. Maybe that was the reason, why i started to look more into the Stalker AT Forum and noticed that the same Threads appeared with different people starting them. They were all like: "Is X/Y a good combination?", "X/Y need Build,
  2. With the ban lifted figured I'd finally post this. If you don't like the effects, I couldn't preview them on my trash computer so it wasn't easy to tune/change them.
  3. Notes from the Author Edits made to the build: 2021 Feb 28: 2021 Feb 19: Design Goals: High Recharge: I want to have near perma-Hasten while also having my best attacks up more often Be surviable: Softcapped Defenses (45+% to S/L/E/N/F/C), Decent Regeneration (400+%, 25+ HP/sec), No Endurance Issues, Decent Resists (40+% S/L, 30+% in F/C/E/N) DPS for anything: Single Target (wreck Bosses+) AoE (mow through Minion/LT packs) Range (I don't always w
  4. Spines / bio stalker (todo: one of those nifty power review things, they're fun to read) - fantastic toxic damage component - yes, you want build up, because of the atos. Take both ato sets. Don't bother with placate. - ranged damage and varied, good set options for slots - ultra sneaky, and with fancy anti-stealther perception buffs - uses the sleep aura with placate set, seems to go off all the time - not even veteran level 4 on it and can go trash +4/8 groups in PI (or ae, but I won't) - haven't tried dark Astoria but nigh on u
  5. if you were choosing a judgement for a stalker, anything worth but ionic? (it has to be ludicrous!) vorpal is quick to activate, doesn't need a target. cryonic is neat, but works best on a controllery type void is like might one never tried might one (big knockup i hear) ionic is ionic
  6. Looking for tips from y'all about this build, because I always feel like I'm missing something. This is a concept build, so I'm only looking to min/max within those parameters. Note the teleport powers: they're placeholders for the new equivalents (Combat Teleport, Fold Space, etc.). I just want a fairly survivable build that packs as much punch as possible. Given that I hate running out of endurance and don't like relying on Ageless, I went for Cardiac Core, but if there's IO choices that can net me some better recovery I'll take it! Let me know any and all thoughts! Villain Plan
  7. Lately I've noticed that at least once a mission, my stalker's stealth attack hits and does no damage. I know it hits because if it didn't a "missed" message appears above the target's head.
  8. More than just a Ninja - A Guide to Stalkers Index Introduction AT Powers inherent to Stalkers Primaries Secondaries Basic slotting Combat, Tricks Beginer Nin/Nin Build The ATO Synergy Advanced slotting Incarnates Advanced Nin/Nin Build Introduction Hello all, i have played a Stalker back in the day and was thrilled to play one here on homecoming. I mostly played on redside only before the ATs and alingnments allowed everyone to switch side and go rogue. Stalkers used to be good in P
  9. Hey guys! I guess this is only my 3rd post on these forums. I'm more of a reader and lurker. I wanted to suggest some changes to Ice Armor and get peoples feedback. It was my favorite armor back on live and still is here on homecoming, something about it just looks so cool to me. So much so that I recreated my main character from live with the same costume and everything. Ice Armor, however, continues to be the least or second least played armor set on any Archetype (Tanker, Scrapper, Stalker, Brute, and Sentinel). And when you look at the actual surviv
  10. [Reconstruction] power from Stalker > Willpower does not accept Resistance sets, but it does accept normal Resistance IOs and SOs. The original power from Regeneration does accept Resistance sets, so hopefully this is an oversight?
  11. I heard Kinetic Melee was good so I want to try it. I need help picking a Secondary. The options are:Bio,Dark,Energy (Maybe),Invulnerability,Regeneration,Super Reflexes,Willpower. And the only reason why those are the only options because I'm trying to stay with my character's look. (Plant/Nature creature sort of) Anyway..HELP PLEASE! THANKS 🙂
  12. The reason I'm writing this is because Stalker is probably my favorite class and I wanted to have a build that would be diverse and satisfying to play in any in-game content (TFs, Missions, AE Farms, Events) as well as be built relatively cheap but have you feeling strong and powerful. A key point I was trying to achieve this flexibility of play styles to be fun for all players and affordability of IO sets to get you there without having to sink all your Inf into the build if you just want to try it out. My primary 3 others stalkers are Elec/Shield, STJ/Bio and Psi/Energy and my bi
  13. So I was noticing that Mids does not seem to have correct information on the Epic Snipes (at least for stalkers). So I went in game and did the info on: [Mu Mastery.Zapp] vs [Soul Mastery.Moonbeam] vs [Mace Mastery.Mace Beam] Here's what I got: Is the 5% chance for another 98.99 in error on Moonbeam? They all do 197.7 (mace is split between smash/energy), then should do another 98.99, but Moonbeam has only a 5% while the others are 100%? And I am not sure what the "special" energy damage is in Mace Beam for the crit/placate damage. Has anyo
  14. r0y


    I've been playing Mids far more than I'm playing the actual game. Reminiscence of my last days during live... Anyway, I'm on a Dark Armor kick (made a tank: DA/Claws) and wanted to make either a Scrapper or Stalker. So I'm looking at Stalker, and realizing that if I proc things out, along with the Stalker ATO sets and crit potential, it's likely to be a decent toon. I'm not thrilled with the survivability (this is all on paper for now), as the resists and defenses aren't that strong; I imagine it has a lot to do with the massive heal in Dark Regen... Since I almost n
  15. I have been playing for a while and I notice that the damage for LR doesn't appear in the combat channel. I see the figure on the screen as a floating number. My question was is this damage subject to the Build Up powers as others? I think I read that LR is different and is treated as a travel power and that is why it doesn't break Hide? The last part to this question is: are incarnate attacks also benefiting from the Build Up power. Thank you for educating this CoH loving player!
  16. Due to question in the stalker forum suggesting that Frozen Aura AOE does not generate Assassin's Focus. I ran some tests in Perez Park. The Frost AOE generated Assassin's Focus on every group I tested. Frozen Aura never generated Assassin's Focus. This appears to be a bug in the port of ice melee to stalkers.
  17. While playing my electric/energy stalker, I noticed that lightning rod would trigger the assassin mark chance to recharge build up and the message would come up on screen, but build up would not recharge. Is this a bug or working as designed? if it matters, I have lightning rod 5/6 obliterated and the chance for energy proc from the other set (forgot the name). The assassin mark/chance for bu Rech is in havoc punch along with 5/6 touch of death. Character level is 33-35 when I noticed it and it happened multiple times.
  18. Ninja Blade has a niche problem that many probably don't care about but it's a rather huge flaw with the set that can be fixed easily. Quite simply, Golden Dragonfly does not crit when attacking out of hide. The reason for this is because GD is a cone, and not a single target attack. But it is a tiny cone, and rarely used as a cone. The cone is a rare occurrence that feels kind of cool when it happens, but is not really much of a feature of the power. Unfortunately, this small "feature" makes it so that GD does not crit when used out of hide. Which, when compared to many other sets, is a massi
  19. More than just a Ninja - A Guide to Stalkers Index Introduction AT Powers inherent to Stalkers Primaries Secondaries Basic slotting Combat, Tricks Beginer Nin/Nin Build The ATO Synergy Advanced slotting Incarnates Advanced Nin/Nin Build Introduction Hello all, i have played a Stalker back in the day and was thrilled to play one here on homecoming. I mostly played on redside only before the ATs and alingnments allowed everyone to switch side and go rogue. Stalkers used to be good in P
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