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  1. "Welcome back Omnibus" Thanks Forums... Happy 4th of July to @Tyrannical. I believe your in UK time zone so I wanted to rub in your face the American Independence since we crushed the British. That is right I'm back with another powerset proposal. I'll go straight into the topic for this one. This is another melee set, the theme for this powerset is seismic. Now I know the vast majority of you may be thinking the following. Why do we need seismic melee if we have stone melee? Well "Seismic" is a potential energy that focuses on the forces responsible for channeling those natur
  2. A few days ago I had an idea for a toon that popped into my head as I was looking at making a new toon with a power set that I hadn't played. Well I've played quite a bit of shield defense as has just about everyone as we all know it's great with positional defense, extra hp, more damage, decent ddr. Now the kicker, having played since Beta back in 2004, I had never tried Stone Melee. Maybe at the time it was unappealing or I was told it was super endurance heavy or put off by more smashing damage, I'm not sure. So since I had never tried it I decided to give it a whirl.
  3. I've been fiddling with an Ice/stone build today, as I've always wanted to use both sets, and they work thematically with the crystal theme. I'm a bit surprised to find how difficult it is to bring Ice/ even up to the levels I managed on my Stone/ tanker that doesn't use Granite! By comparison, the Stone/ has much better S/L resist, comparable (even a tiny bit higher) S/L/E/N defense, and actually has Psi defense (pretty strong, too), rather than just a little nod to resist. All this while still doing what I want in my secondary. What the heck - Ice/ even has a little less DDR!
  4. Hey guys, rolling a Brute. The stats say I have a decent thing going here, but I beseech ye build experts for any tips. Still new at this y'see. The character is not a farming character - it's built for concept more than anything. Let me know your guys' thoughts and if I'm missing anything or can slot something better than I already have. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Hellscaper: Level 50 Magic Brute Primary Power Set: Stone Melee Secondary Power Set: Fiery
  5. Hello all. I'm asking for help today to give me every little thing I can get out of my new toy. Her name is Goldirocks =) A little background on me and my toys, she is my sixth Brute 50, all but one is IO'd out to the best of my ability through Mids. I seem to make one, farm with it, get the four major accolades, do TF's with them and have a little fun before moving on to my next creation I know it sounds cruel, but I do go back and play with them all. I put as much inf into all of them so inf is not an issue whatsoever. i'm not trying to brag, I just REALLY love to farm, it's calmi
  6. EDIT: at least got the build into shape for common IOs, next stop is Set Pieces. Also, pay no mind to the choice of Agility for Alpha sliding. That's left over the character in this Mids file was Shield Defense. Hey there, I figured it was time to just jump in and play a Bio Armor character, but I didn't have a build laid out for one. I just opened up an old Stone/Shield Brute's build from 2011 in Mids, unselected Shield Defense and selected Bio Armor for her instead. The result is a mess. I need to reallocate slots, and figure out how to enhance the powers. If someo
  7. This is a leveling build with a few Set IOs thrown in. I'm at 22 now, and a major focus is reducing End cost...Not sure if I did it ok, or if I overdid it. Any major mistakes I made here? I'm not particularly tied to any of the power picks, if there is something better to substitute in there, let me know. And if anyone wants to take a shot at final build with Set Bonuses for 50, that would be great. Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Sanguine Shard IO: Level 50 Magic Tanker Primary Power Set: Dark Armor
  8. I have been looking at both of these in Pines. With 26 slots left to go I can easily get Invul def to 39.6% S/L, 37.1% E/N/F/C, and 29.5% psi, with res 90% S/L, 48.2% E/N,Toxic, 45.2% F/C, and 55.7% Psi. Regen at 216%, HP 188%, 50% DDR. At about the same amount of difficulty, Willpower has def 26.3% S/L, 37.2% F/C/E/N, 32.5% Psi with res 90% S/L, 31.1% F/C/Toxic, 34.8% E/N, and 66.5% Psi. Regen at 663%, HP 162.2%, 21.6% DDR. Willpower also has better status protection to confuse and fear, and better status resistance. I want to pair this armor set with Stone Melee. The qu
  9. Made a short stocky character called Dwarven Bulwark that is WP/SM. Feels very SMASH to me at 17. What powers in /SM did you find that were skippable? I am eyeing Hurl Boulder and Fault but have not had the pleasure of testing them yet. Thanks!
  10. Thoughts on this pairing, yay or nay? If you have a build, please post. I'd like to get an idea of what I'm looking at.
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