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  1. I know that the Rikti got a rework model wise with the change from the Rikti Crash Site to the Rikti War Zone, but I think they could use some more love now that we have very badge loving developers. Mobs that could use a badge: The Drones. Especially with some of the old cinematic and story showing and describing Stateman throwing them around. Something like 'Drone Master' could work as a badge name. Portals. The communication officers already got a nerf when people used to farm the Portals for XP, so now the Portals, and the mobs that come from it give zero rewards. A badge like 'Reinforcement Denied' could work. Headman Gunman. These guys teleport all around the place, and can be a pain to hunt down. Like Sorcerers from the Tsoo, they deserve their own badge for defeating a certain number of them. Something like 'No Escaping' sounds neat. Rikti Bosses. The Rikti Monkeys have a badge, but the bosses don't? One of the main pre-praetorian enemies and we don't get a badge for smacking them around? Pretty please can we get one? You could easily call this one 'Master Soldier' to match the fact you're defeating 'Chief soldiers/mez' mobs. Also, during Steven Sheridan's arc, the Rikti have zero dialogue. There is some dialogue used in some random ambushes for his badge mission, but overall, his entire story arc, which reveals a lot about the 'truth' of the Rikti has zero Rikti dialogue letting you know what they are doing or plotting. I really think it would add a lot to them to have some level of dialogue, but that could just be an opinion of mine.
  2. Folks, I'd like to know more about the game and share various spoilers that exist after playing through the content of this great game in order to better understand its story and lore. I am looking to contain this discussion to anything found in game - if it's in the Lore AMAs, I don't consider it canon. It should go without saying, but it is highly likely that this thread will contain spoilers, so please use the spoiler button when discussing something other players may not have finished yet. That being said I have a few bullet points, but I would like your help adding others. If you have an interest and provide some spoilers, I will update this post and credit it to the original poster: After completing the Rikti War Zone story arcs and the final task force from Lady Grey, I understand the following: Croatoa is a magical destination. I played through all of the content, but I couldn't tell you what the zone or story was about besides the Sleepy Hollow vibe. The Ouroboros is pretty thick with story, but I haven't honestly dug too deep in to it. I know that... The Shivans are... The Faultline zone story arcs and background (Credit to @GastlyGibus again!) Kheldian Lore: The comics and literature contain canon themselves: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but my hope is to develop a good picture of the overall game story (laughs out loud). I know I could just as easily browse the Homecoming Wiki (which is an awesome resource!) but it would be quite a lot of reading I imagine. Anyways, I will make note of the greater discussion that has come before me in other sections of this forum. For others interested in this topic who have posted in other places, many thanks - posters like @VileTerror, @Darmian, @Latex and many many others. Here is what I could dig up on such discussion on the forums:
  3. Howdy folks! o/ New Friends, Old Enemies, & A Box of Cigars is a brand new (semi-serious, very-jokey) story focused mission arc now available at an AE near you! This story is DONE! Buuuut I'm still looking for feedback. Some minor revisions/alterations may still be made to the dialog, clues, and mission descriptions based on feedback. However, this is essentially the completed product. Currently in need of some play testers and reviewers to let me know if I might have missed or glossed over anything while tossing it all together, and to help me make sure that the story telling involved (as crazy as it gets) stays on point. It's available to anyone level 5 and above, but the story assumes you are a newish hero in Paragon City and thus level restrictions will be applied. (Meaning you will be exemplared down for these missions if you exceed their level ranges). Anyhow, if any of you have some spare time and want to try out a different kind of story on the AE please consider giving "New Friends, Old Enemies, & A Box of Cigars" a try and leaving me a review. Arc ID# 39284 A couple of final notes: Without giving too much of the plot away, this arc is an attempt at re-casting your character as a co-star in a buddy-cop film. It does indeed start off with an escort mission. Don't worry, unless you are playing at a high difficulty the mobs are VERY unlikely to kill the target. There is ONE Kill All. I understand these are not very popular for whatever reason, but thematically it makes sense for the plot. After going through some of the feedback and messages I've received I did remove the Kill All requirement from the Warriors mission. The Arrest All the Nazis mission is still a Kill All. (1) They are Nazis. (2) If you played through the story, you know why they need to be arrested. (3) They are Nazis. There is a very large elevator shaft at the end of the final mission that your partner is not capable of climbing. This is meant to give players some agency in how they go about facing off against the BBEG at the end. You can go it alone (if you really want) and be THE HERO who saves the day and your partner's skin. OR: You can bring the boss back to where your loyal partner awaits and take him out together as the CRIME-FIGHTING DUO that you now are. Yay. Choices! 😁 There a lot of clues given to the player at various points in the arc. Try checking them out from time to time for a few more quick jokes. Also, on a side note, if *STILL* you want a few more quick cheap laughs try keeping an eye on the NPC's chatter during boss fights.
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