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  1. Hi, I finally got my first character to level 50, where I only managed 49 back on live. So this is my first attampt at understanding the Incarnate system. I think I have a resonable handle on how the trees work, and how to make the things. The character is a vaguely Kryptonian inspired flying brick. For my Alpha slot I'm working towards the Spiritual Total Radial Revamp, as that seems to be the best option for this build. For the Justice slot I'm working towards some form of the Cyonic abilities for thematic reasons (Kryptonian Ice Breath) For
  2. Hey there, I can't seem to find any of my old builds for Ice Armor Tanks, and I'm looking to slap something together for my SJ/IceA Scrapper. Can I copy someone's homework here? 🙂 Thanks. Later on, Generator EDIT: just to try and lay out some general cost principles, let's say... no purples, I avoid PVP pieces in general, unless we're talking about one-off pieces here and there (like the special pieces of Panacea or Gladiator's Armor). ATOs are pricey but I'll go for it. In general I'm hoping any given power will at least be functional i
  3. Something I’ve found when playing Street Justice is that Sweeping Cross starts feeling a little superfluous once I have Spinning Strike, and a lot superfluous once I have Crushing Uppercut. As a combo finisher, I don’t want to use it before I hit level 3 combo, but once I have level 3 combo, the other two finishers are almost always a better choice to spend it. This means I rarely actually use it, which is a problem as it’s one of the only two AoEs StJ gets. To solve that, I think the easiest solution would be to make it so if you have level 2 combo or lower, it builds combo instea
  4. Hi folks, I've made a few other stalkers, but this is my first soirée with either Street Justice or Energy Armor. These forums have been a good resource to point me in the right direction. I again put my faith in you. Below is the build I've put together. I've found a few other StJ/EA builds on here that I used as a framework. However, the builds that I found had defenses that seemed excessively high, like in the 60+ region. If there was a reason for that, please let me know why Energy should build for def way above the cap. If there isn't a reason other than a cascade buffer,
  5. Muppy

    StJ/Dark Help

    Before I start working on a build and post it, I have a dumb question... Is it worth it to take either of the status auras? (Cloak of Fear and Oppressive Gloom) I'm thinking I DON'T need either, but I wanted to get some feedback from you guys first before I get to that point where I have to pick a power. I'm assuming that other things such as leadership might be best... Again though, I'd like to hear what you guys say, then I'll post a build. If there are other skippable powers or any other suggestions, let me know. Soul Transfer looks tempting... but I know I'd need enemies around me for it t
  6. Zuldain

    StJ/WP Brute

    **Edited, reduced global recharge a bit. Increased AoE defense a lot** First post. Been a long time CoH/V player. Good to be back. I just found this server at the end of March and have been working on a Brute. Be gentle. First glance, my defenses look kinda low. Resists I am happy with, though. Recharge is decent. I am just looking for optimizations without sacrificing too much. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Zuldain: Level 5
  7. Hi, So my altitis struck again, and I rolled up a Street Justice/Ice Armor Scrapper last night who's now into his teens. Lots of fun so far. This is my first time back on Street Justice since the Live era, I'd allowed myself to forget how fun it is. Anyone else doing this combo? Have a great day and stay safe. Generator
  8. Not looking some super IO'd Apex build as I'm not trying to solo GMs and AVs. I like teaming, and I just want to perform well in level 25-45 content. Would like to stay mostly in the powers in the set, Super Jump would be my travel power. Don't need perma-hasten if it requires sacrificing fun powers for Pool Powers to mule LotG. Basically just something better than Workbench IOs without going crazy.
  9. I've been searching through the forums for a SJ/EA Scrapper build and can't find one anywhere. I find it mentioned, but with no attached build. Is this because it's not a common combo or a weak combo? I have to say. it's been fun to play so far, but having just hit 50 it's time for a Respec. One thing is for sure, I want to keep Spring Attack in the build simply because it's fun as hell and actually does a lot of damage. Thanks for your help, guys!
  10. I was wondering if anyone had some experience with these two sets in conjunction. Is it a bad idea? Is the endurance pit a never ending problem? At incarnate levels it looks like a resistance monster for a scrapper. Defenses look unimpressive but that cloak of fear should mitigate that as it gains uptime. Shadow meld is in there but its uptime is strained even at incarnate levels. 3s down is a long time when the big shots are raining down. Mostly it's around 10 seconds down. I cut down the STJ selections to keep an economy of slots. Katana is another thought for this ki
  11. Hi all, With the upcoming tank changes I thought I would roll a new tank with two sets I have never tried Radiation Armor and Street Justice! I have taken a look around the boards and tried to pull together what I think is a half decent attempt at min/maxing the two sets so I can tank end game stuff and solo stuff with lv 54s. But as I am new to both sets any advice or tweaks to the build would be really welcome. I normally play DA/DB which is an absolute beast. Hoping this set can be the same. Cheers in advance for your views and advice. Hero Plan by Mids' Hero D
  12. Planning my Bio/SJ Tank's build for his level 50 respec. Won't be soloing much with him but like WP, Bio is making me confused on what numbers to try for.. I've come up with the following: Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 2.22 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build! Siggrd Ericson: Level 50 Magic Tanker Primary Power Set: Bio Armor Secondary Power Set: Street Justice Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Power Pool: Speed Ancillary Pool: Energy Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Hardened Carapace -- TtnCtn-ResDam(A), Tt
  13. So its been a long long time since I have even thought about slot priorities and enhancement sets and ED problems when looking in to all of this. Would anyone happen to have a resource to help look into the priorities for slots and possible enhancement theory crafting for WP specifically, cause I think it then comes down to looking at what you have remaining to put into SJ after you've made sure you can't die to anything. I assume some pretty safe assumptions is, max slot every WP passive, as well as active defenses, but maybe not on the self resurrection, and I also remember throwing s
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