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  1. I think there should be a melee equivalency to blasters. Instead of a ranged combat set you would choose a melee combat set and your secondary powers would be utilitarian, like blasters, and have two to three ranged attacks included. For instance I like playing ninjas and the only thing that gets close from my point of view are blasters. Lots of versatility. The drawback is that it is oriented to ranged as apposed to melee. Thoughts?
  2. ‘City of’ Idea For Special Origin Enhancements Ver. 2.3 Or Increase the usefulness and longevity of Special Origin Enhancements (Hamidon Origin, (Crystal) Titan Origin, Hydra Origin and D-Sync Origin) Challenge: Right now, Special Origin Enhancements seem to have a limited use and have been this way ever since the Invention system and sets were introduced. Currently these enhancements are received through Hamidon Raids, the Lord Recluse Strike Force and the Ms. Liberty Task Force. Lessor versions can also be earned from the Eden and Abandoned Sewer Trials. But what if these enhancements had an additional use? What if, the more you had of each type of special origin enhancement, the more you could do a particular thing, in addition to what they do now? Goal – The Goal of this idea, is to increase the use and feasibility of Special Origin Enhancements. I propose that to do this, a new mechanic be created to give each special origin a unique global ability. Doing this will make the enhancements more desirable as rewards to be kept, and to use alongside or in place of IO sets and procs to increase build diversity. Solution - I propose a two pronged solution. First, to give each of the Special Enhancement Origins groups a specific Origin ability or Proc. My suggested ideas of these are listed Below. Second, and due to the above idea, give players to the ability choose which type of special origin enhancement they rank up to level 53 at the outcome of combining like enhancements. Hamidon Origin: Having been exposed to the power of the Hamidon, you now gain the ability to output some of that power as your own. (Specifics – Each slotted enhancement will provide a 1.25% chance to proc for minor Special/Untyped damage on all your attacks. Note: A cap of 20% is the suggested max for this ability, or about 16 enhancements in a build.) (Crystal) Titan Origin: Having fought the Crystal Titan, you’ve learned to deal with the special energy attacks favored by the Devouring Earth’s largest threats. (Specifics – Each slotted enhancement will add 1.25% damage resistance vs. Special/Untyped Damage. Note: A cap of 20% is the suggested max for this ability, or about 16 enhancements in a build.) Hydra Origin: : Using Hydra cells to augment your abilities has resulted in a strange mutation that makes you harder to put down. (Specifics – Each slotted enhancement will give a 1.25% chance for the character to ‘Fight on’ and prevent knockout when they otherwise would have been defeated, keeping them at 1 HP. Note: A cap of 20% is the suggested max chance for this ability, or about 16 enhancements in a build. This ability would give the chance for the character to continue on instead of being defeated, by keeping them at 1HP for a # of seconds (tbd). Similar to1 the Original Moment of Glory. I suggest at least a 120 second cool down.) D-Sync Origin: Utilizing the D-Sync System, to sync with alternate-dimensional versions of yourself, you can now call one of your ‘Ripple’ selves to aid you for a short time. (Specifics – Whenever you use an attack power, you will have a 1.25% chance per D-Sync enhancement for a ‘Ripple’ clone to appear and charge the selected target. They persist for X seconds (tbd). Note: A Cap of 20% is the suggested max for this ability, or about 16 enhancements in a build. The clone would have minimal HP and a minimal taunt or attack. Not unlike a one man, Phantom Army. Recommend a 120 second cool down.) Challenges – While understanding that this may not be the easiest of feats, due to current code and functionality restraints. It would be interesting to see how feasible it is to do this. Previous discussions with @Faultline on the subject revealed that, right now, straight enhancements cannot have Set Bonuses and anything with Set Bonuses can’t be slotted more than once. There is a good chance that a new Global Origin ability would most likely have to be created separately from either of these options and this means both some development and testing time. In Closing - Ultimately, I believe this will benefit the player base as it gives more options for their characters and builds. This also has the potential to future proof enhancements to some extent, as new Special Origin types could be added in the future (such as the D-Sync Origin will be) with new abilities. It would be nice to see these Special Origin Enhancements get back to being top tier rewards again as they were before. However, for now, merits and incarnate rewards seem to be more desirable and hold those slots. Of course, it’s possible that with the upcoming Aeon Strike Force (ASF), where Villains will gain another avenue to receive these types of enhancements (D-Sync Origin), along with new combinations of enhancement boosts, that Special Origin Enhancements will rise in popularity again. In the end, I hope all those who look upon this idea will be receive it with due consideration. After all, we love this game and only want to see it thrive. For now and always. Good luck and good hunting! -Vagabond With many thanks to GM Impervium, Faultline, Iron Joe, baneypantz, Take One, Albion and Amur for their help and input.
  3. Hello, everyone! I wanted to start by saying that this list is not a complete accounting of all the suggestions in this forum, this is an effort on my part to curate some suggestions given to me in other forms and formats, and to promote neat ideas that players (and even staff!) have come up with that are a bit within my purview as a rep for the Roleplay community. If you have roleplay suggestions that you think might not warrant an entire forum post, you might drop them here, or if you think it’d be something you’d like me to take a peek at, too! I’ll be checking in occasionally and adding things to the list as we go, so keep an eye on this thread if you want to see what’s been added! I’ll add personal notes of my thoughts on the suggestions, underneath each. Please note that anything shown or not shown here does not mean it will or will not be considered – these are merely ones I am observing myself! The list so far! Trigger invasion events for player-run events This is an interesting concept – this would largely be just activating an otherwise ‘random’ or timed event at a time when a roleplay event is being run by a group to coincide with whatever storyline they have going at the time! Pull league groups into an AE map This one surprised me! I hadn’t considered the implications here, but right now you have issues getting league-size people into an AE map, and largely the suggestion revolved around group RPs that have large numbers of players using a large map, like the Ruined Atlas map for group combat RP and the like. Narrate for AE arc RPs This one can technically be accomplished by the story leads at the time using team chat/local chat with something like [Positron]: Blah, but it’s a neat concept if they want to see the actual NPCs chat a bit. New invasions/redo old invasions This one somewhat applies outside of the RP community too, and ties into the suggestion above – people liked some of the old invasions or want to see ones triggered more often for specific things. Events and the like that were hosted on live but haven’t shown back up since. I like it! Larger descriptions The current description limit of 1023 characters is quite a bit limiting, so seeing it expanded to allow for larger descriptions with more detail would be just a generally nice quality-of-life change that would let people be more creative and descriptive with their character’s bio! Bio editor bug fixing There are some issues with the bio editor at the moment, a bug-fix sweep would be quite welcome. GM line drop/appearance at player events This one would be fun! This would be, for example, a story event being run by players where a hero/villain might show up and say a few lines, sass some people, or generally appear for the sake of the story to enhance it. It could be a lot of fun! Weekly-change/etc callouts and chatter by quest giver NPCs This one surprised me as well – I genuinely hadn’t thought of this! As our weekly targets change, a GM could call out as that character in LFG and other methods to seek help from willing heroes/villains, as well as chat with players as they collect the mission from the quest giver! They could congratulate successful teams, offer advice, and generally breathe some life into the existing story arcs by providing input from their spot. Add a Bouncer role to SGs to boot people out of a base With public SG bases come people who are going to try to cause trouble. With that in mind, giving SGs the ability to boot people out who are causing problems would be nice, as the only other option right now is to completely kick out everyone, rather than selectively. This would be a good quality-of-life enhancement for everyone, not just roleplayers! Add an option for variable chat range When you start roleplaying in places like Pocket D or in big SG bases, it can quickly become very hard to keep track of who you're talking to because of how wide the /local range is. Perhaps an option to reduce local range? Or another /whatever option to speak/emote in shorter range like whisper? Dicerolling! Because why not? /rollxdx would be nice.
  4. Looking at all the PBAoE attacks in the Dominator Assault sets, they all seem to be 15ft Radius... ...Except for Atom Smasher in Radiation Assault, which has a much smaller radius at 7ft. Was this an oversight in translating the Radiation Melee version (7ft radius, as most all the other PBAoE in melee sets), or intentional? It does do a little more damage (raw) than the other PBAoE attacks, but also has an animation that's a little on the long side, balancing that out to some degree. (Also how about raising Dominator damage cap to 500%, alongside Blasters, Scrappers and Stalkers?) Edit: Atom Smasher has a 10ft radius on Dominators, which is still not 15ft like the main PBAoE attack in the other Assault sets.
  5. I've been trying to do all of the 45-50 Redside contacts as a bit of a change. So many little, fun, challenging arcs vs Longbow/PPD/Heroes. (NOTE: For full transparency, I just want something on my PB to acknowledge I beat the snot out of this guy) Abyss gives you a mission to take out the Vindicators (which is no mean feat in itself) but also Sunstorm. I dont think he's fightable in any other place, no? Could we get a badge for smackin' the smuggest PB in town in the face? Name suggestions: Extinguishing Radiance Void Hunting Alien Territory Khelle Surprise Alien Nation
  6. So I would like to have feedback on this idea. I certainly could be overlooking something and if so let me know. Most people I have spoken to seem to agree that Defender > Corruptor overall. Again this may not be true entirely, but it feels like the general consensus in my experience. *(I know my one experience is not the be all end all of experience) Anyways, Corruptors seem to have a role problem. Where exactly do they fit? Defenders are better at support and can match them and in a lot of cases surpass them in damage output. This isn't saying Corruptors are useless, not at all. It is simply that it seems they serve a very niche role. Keep in mind this is coming from a person who has played both Corruptors and Defenders EXTENSIVELY since the beginning of Corruptors. So, I had this idea based purely on the name of the AT: Corruptor. Corruptor says to me, really strong de-buffs, aka corrupting a target or targets. I am not saying they should have stronger de-buffs than a Defender. But, I would suggest that (for de-buffs only) they should be equal. This gives a clearer edge to Corruptors in damage output as well as gives them a better place among team play, and also helps distinguish them further from Controllers and Masterminds in terms of their support abilities. To be clear, their buffs would remain the same as they are now (which is weaker than a Defender) but their de-buffs would be brought to the same level as a Defender. Again, I could be missing something and this could throw things out of whack. If that is the case please point that out. Otherwise, I think this could be a good change that would be just enough of a nudge to give Corruptors more of a clearly defined role. Also it is possible that this suggestion isn't even possible. I would like to know. Or maybe this suggestion just isn't the right fit? If so, what other things do you think could be done to more clearly define the Corruptor and give the AT just a little bit of love? Does it need any adjustments at all? Look forward to hearing some constructive feedback! 🙂
  7. I've been sitting around these past few weeks, trying to think of ways to reinvigorate the costume creator. There are the obvious solutions of just introducing more pieces, which would be great, obviously. However, there may be a better, overall solution entirely: let us double up on costume pieces in particular slots. Stay with me now... What I mean by this, is that if we're allowed to equip multiple items to a single slot, we can multiply how many combinations of costume pieces there are. This may sound ridiculous on the surface, but with shoulders alone, there are several items that aren't necessarily shoulder items. Imagine being able to have a spiked collar AND shoulder pads. Additionally, even items that do occupy the same area could benefit: suddenly you could pair the Imperial Defense gloves with the Spiked gloves to give a unique, more aggressive look. Not everything will work, obviously, as several items have parts that have the same geometry, which means their obnoxiously overlapping textures will give off that clipping-based flicker. Still, on the whole, it would result in more horn/have combinations, back piece options, gloves, boots, so on and so forth. I'm sure I'm overlooking something and someone has quite likely already had this idea, but I couldn't find it after 45 minutes of searching so... Here ya' go 😅 Prepares for onslaught of reasons why this is dumb...
  8. So I've made threads about this in the past and each time I've learned something about making these suggestions for fixing Mercs work. I consulted users over the Discord and was advised to keep suggestions as simple and direct to the cause as possible, so that's what I'm going to do now. I have also consulted Mastermind players, also on the Discord, who share my concern with Mercs' poor performance since the day City of Villains launched with the Mastermind archetype. I'm going to keep things as simple as I can think of. I'm going to list each henchman, a list of proposed changes to its powers like patchnotes would be presented, and my reasoning for enacting the changes I propose to each henchman. I will then summarize my proposed changes, why they're beneficial, and why there should be minimal objection. All numbers provided will be at base level 1. Soldiers: Burst: Increase damage to 9.9 (3 ticks of 3.3), fix activation time to 1.0 like Assault Rifle -> Burst is for players. Resulting damage per cast cycle will be 1.98, or very slightly behind Thugs' Pistols Heavy Burst: Increase damage to 18 (6 ticks of 3), which will bring damage per cast cycle up to 1.69 or just slightly higher than Thugs' Dual Wield Auto Fire: Fix activation time to 4s like Assault Rifle -> Full Auto for players and widen the cone angle to 20 degrees. That will slightly increase damage per cast cycle to 0.9, or slightly above Thugs' Dual Wield, and allow it to hit far more targets than the current 5 degree cone angle does. Why?: This will bring Soldiers' damage output much closer to Thugs as a reference point, who are pretty close to other T1s in terms of damage while Soldiers' were far behind. So this just brings the T1 up to par with the rest. Medic: Replace Frag Grenade with another support power handed out in a manner similar to Stimulant: choose either an absorb shield, max health, or a regeneration buff enhanceable with healing. This power should have a duration of 90s and a cooldown of 4s. Stimulant should also have a cooldown of 4s and a duration of 90s. Also consider replacing Heavy Burst with another healing enhanced power as suggested above. Why?: Medic having Frag Grenade is detrimental to its function and survivability, and the henchman could stand to have a stronger presence in improving Mercs' survivability as, indeed, is its function. This should make slotting for healing more worthwhile as well. Spec Ops: Burst & Heavy Burst: Enact the same damage and activation time changes that were done for Soldiers. Snipe: Reduce cooldown to 6s and change activation time to 2.67s similar to Assault Rifle -> Sniper Rifle for players. This will increase damage per cast cycle to 2.01 from its current 0.88. Web Grenade: Add 15 Toxic damage (5 ticks of 3 Toxic over 8.2s) and shorten the recharge to 8s. This means a damage per cast cycle of 1.52. Flashbang Grenade: Cut recharge down to 45s, increase -To Hit and other debuff durations to 30s. Increase -To Hit debuff to -7.5%. Tear Gas Grenade. Cut recharge down to 45s, change -Damage to -7.5% To Hit, and increase debuff duration to 30s. Why?: Strongly enhanceable -To Hit which, along with their hard control, applied much more consistently will help provide survivability. Debuffs for half a minute, crowd control for 6s, should make Spec Ops a decent debuffing henchman that provides much of Mercs' survivability by reducing the enemy's chance to hit for a decent window of time. They also lack severely compared to some other Tier 2 pets' damage, and that would be addressed with the changes to their attacks and web grenade. Commando: Burst: Same thing done for Soldiers here. Full Auto: Fix animation and activation time 4s like Assault Rifle -> Full Auto for players, and reduce recharge to 30s. This changes the damage per cast cycle from 0.39 to 0.76. LRM Rocket: Simply reduce the recharge to 30s. This increases the damage per cast cycle to 0.67 from 0.09 (lol). Why?: This should help the Commando's AoE damage to be decent. Serum: Cut down the recharge to like 90s or something and remove the crash. Why?: Well sure it's like putting a tier 9 super armor on your pet, but the problem here is that it only protects a portion of your damage output from getting snuffed out, whereas for other players it protects all their damage and that makes it a lot more meaningful. Here, it's just a waste as you make one pet harder to kill but then neuter its offense by taking away all its endurance for 20s, a painfully long time, only a minute later. I wouldn't use this power even if it were given to me for free as it is. So why do all this? Why should no one object? I see Mercenaries was built to be a sort of utility set with decent damage like Necro was made to be, but it just doesn't perform this function with the source of its utility being on terribly long cooldowns that stops them from being present for a great majority of the time. They also suffer very low damage not just from their type being resisted, but because their damage output is just plain low. Increasing their damage values to approach other henchmen is the logical thing to do here, and fixing their activation times like has been done for players' AR is also needed to help them go through their abilities so they can have their effects out faster. They have almost no other defense outside of their Spec Ops' CC and debuffs. Imagine Bots without shields, or Thugs without Enforcers (and damage), or Necro without the Lich. That's what Mercs is like right now. Here is data produced by Galaxy Brain testing all Mastermind pets, and only pets, on SO enhancements. Mercs are dead last in single target. It also needs to be noted that Bots in the Single Target category, though only appearing ahead of Mercs by 10 DPS, is likely further ahead than this graph shows, so Mercs are relatively further behind than that.
  9. The Fighting Pool has a mechanic where picking powers in the pool enhances other powers. However, as spammable pool power melee attacks, many of the effects advertised on these attacks are lackluster apart from the small increase in damage. This is a quick brainstorm of one way the set could be improved, and potentially encourage players to use more of these powers as part of their attack rotation. Do note that the ideas in this post include an additional mechanic where the powers check whether or not certain statuses are applied. While I am aware Stunned is a flag that can be checked, I am currently unsure if Knockdown/Knockback can be detected in a similar way due to how it works, so this mechanic may need to be revised. Brawl Increase the Regeneration and Recovery penalties to -25%. (Still less than most debuffs, but possibly worth noting.) Failing to proc a Brawl Synergy effect will not overwrite a successful proc. (Why on Earth is this even a thing?) If you have Boxing or Kick, using Brawl on a Stunned target will guarantee the Accuracy penalty (rattling the head). If you have Cross Punch, using Brawl on a Knocked Down target will guarantee the Regen/Recovery penalties (gut punch). Boxing Make the Fatigued kerning optional, as a customization option. (It's guaranteed to proc, anyway.) Raise Fatigue to -4 END and -10% Recovery against critters. Using Boxing on a Stunned target will perform an uppercut with a high chance to knockdown. (Using Super Strength's uppercut animation.) Using Boxing on a Knocked Down target will perform a ground slam with a very high chance to stun for a brief duration. (Using the two-handed slam animation from various melee sets.) Kick Make the Fatigued kerning optional, as a customization option. (It's guaranteed to proc, anyway.) Raise Fatigue to -5 END and -10% Recovery against critters. Using Kick on a Stunned or Knocked Down target increases the potency of the Knockdown effect into a small Knockback. Cross Punch Using Cross Punch on a Stunned or Knocked Down target increases the damage significantly. (Similar to Containment; +50%?) Using Cross Punch on a Stunned or Knocked Down target increases the potency of the Knockdown effect into a small Knockback. (...Tough and Weave are their own beast entirely and won't be discussed here.)
  10. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be nice to have a button in the launcher that lets you toggle if you want the City of Heroes login screen, the City of Villians login screen or the Going Rogue login screen. It would be a nice throwback. I think there's a launch parameter that allows you to do this anyways? But I don't think most people know or bother with it. Might be cool to add a toggle to allow you to use the OG CoH music or the CoH Freedom music as well.
  11. The time is now! After fully re-attuning myself to the mastermind experience after all these years, and seeing countless complaints and suggestions from fellow players as to how to advance the experience, here is the total compilation of mastermind needs. That's right, needs. Because despite the zeal of the titular concept above, at least one player finds one of these to be of utmost import. However, there are some higher priority suggetions, at least from my perspective, and so I will be color coding the urgency of certain submissions as follows: Ultimate Priority -1 High Priority -2 Moderate Priority -3 Highly Reccomended -4 Topic-for-Thought -5 Community Inspired -6 UPDATE: Now includes popular suggestions from within and outside of the thread (with credit given) in green. The Wishlist is a catalogue with additional links detailing full potential reworks of Mastermind Primaries. Visit this thread to find the full extent of the primary changes: This thread will be categorized by Cosmetic, Specific Primary Sets, Specific Secondary Sets, Enhancement Sets, and Miscellanious. Priority is not divided by category; there can be a Ultimate Priority QoL suggestion and a T-f-T enhancement one. Each suggestion will exist to address one or more shortcomings within the category, which will be discussed at the end. While there will be some inadvertant aversions of topic in this thread, I won't be repeating many suggestions from my last threads. Suggestions are not inherently mutually inclusive; some of these would be great together but others are similar enough to clash or are alternate options, and thus stand on their own. Now that all is in order, let us begin. Miscellanious Increase all pets to share casters experience level, from level 1 onwards. Swarm pets (Posse, Living Hellfire, Nanites?) will maintain the -1 level differential. Add the aura buffs from ATOs to Supremacy, rising in effectiveness from level 15-50 until it is at the same strength as they are now (credit to Everfreefire, et al. for this one) Remove aura buffs from Expedient Reinforcement & Sovereign Right; proliferate to the t4 and t9 pet upgrades with a new enhancement set category "Upgrade Integral Pets" or "Equippable Pets" which will include a proc for pet debuff res. Arachnos' Order: Defense/10% Recovery Resistance or concept of that nature. Equippable Aura Def and Res buffs would be enhanceable, but lowered by 0.5% and 4% respectively. (Now High Priority) EX: Equip Thug gives +8 def base. Upgrade Equipment gives +16 res base. Adding the Upgrade Integral Pets Proc would increase these to 9.85 and 18.54 without boosters. T9 Pet Upgrades offer set-themed buffs Mercs get range or acc (not to-hit) increase Thugs get range or rech increase Zombies get speed increase etc Significantly reduce mastermind attack powers endurance costs across the board (Credit @plainguy ) Add an "Attack my Present Target" option to list of mastermind commands (Credit @MsSmart) This could be implemented as a toggle. Add a 'Come to me' option to list of mastermind commands (Via Monos and Galaxy MM Changes) Add a "Follow my/this target" option to list of mastermind commands. This would essentially be 'Attack my Target' but without the aggression. Zombies Improve Wraith AI to use Necroplasmic Grasp when not damaged (rarely does) Make Wraith share level of caster Remove Grave Knight Toxic res, add smash or lethal or both (they are knights) Grant Lich Containment Grant Lich Self Soul Extraction (thematic, maintains Lich's support role) Give lich proper zombie resistances (aside from psionic res) Give Grave Knights Slice remove Dark Blast @ajlee209 Enable Critical Modifier in PvP (Various) Allow Soul Extraction to be usable on enemies corresponding to their rank the type of Ghost (with AVs and GMs spawning either Wraith or multiple Wraiths) (Various) Increase cone radius for Zombie vomit (Various) Zombies are an effective set, but certain thematic upgrades are in order to prevent the lack of damage resulting from the boss pet being a controller from causing it to fall behind other sets strengths. Obviously not all sets will hit as hard as others, or even hard at all, but Lich has been known to feel lacking as a pet when not coupled with a res or def support secondary. These will offset that and give further control potential so its greatest strength compares to the trumps of others. Mercenaries Convert Serum into an augmented Adrenalin Boost + Fortitude Remove End Crash, Add high -def and moderate -res 800% regeneration, recovery 25% dmg, to hit 25% def Remaining Adrenalin Boost/ Fortitude stats Stealths Spec Ops Last 1 minute, recharges in 7 Weaken Serum's stats, remove crash, turn into an AoE (Credit Rosewire) Spec Ops adds random moderate stackable debuff when stealthed (debuff crits) Stealthed SCAR Snipe has chance to secondary effect debuff Medic loses Frag Grenade, Granted Triage Commando loses buckshot Granted Willie Pete Round Commando LRM Rifle recharge reduced to 1 minute 30 sec, damage buffed, AI uses in combat often Give LRM Rifle a fire patch (Credit @shadowrex ) LRM Rifle tagged as "snipe" for enhancement category Replace Serum with Super Serum (or retain the name) a unique transformation that acts as a 3rd Upgrade. 30% Resistance 1 minutes 30% Def for 1 minutes 50% Dmg for 1 minutes 15% To Hit for 1 minutes Replaces all Brawls with Smash | High Dmg Melee | Chance for Knockdown Grants Willie Pete Round to Soldiers, Spec-Ops Grants Dull Pain to Soldiers, Spec-Ops, Commando, Medic. Grants Shrapnel Bomb to Soldiers | Moderate Ranged AoE | Fire, Lethal, Smashing Dmg | Chance to Hold Grants Long Range Explosive to Spec-Ops | 3 Long Ranged Trip Mines | 15s Recharge | Creates a patch that spawns Trip Mines Grants Buckshot Burst to Commando | High Dmg Cone | 3 Ticks of Lethal Dmg | Chance for Knockdown Grants Footstomp to Commando Grants Empty Arsenal to Commando | Superior Dmg Nuke | Cold, Toxic, Fire, Lethal Dmg | 30s Recharge Commandos LRM Rifle is obscenely underwhelming, being 4 minutes in recharge, long cast, and weak. And Serum is easily the worst mastermind power available, with buffs easily providing the benefits it has without the existing debuff that undermines these very buffs. Being smash/lethal damage, soldiers do nearly no damage at all, and should be given additional means to circumvent this great weakness through heals, debuff, and at least one pet that is actually damage impressive. Demons Ember Demon AI Prioritize Group Healing In Combat Ember Demon needs to prioritize group healing in combat Ember Demon should use Abyssal Reconstruction more often Ember Demon Abyssal Reconstruction upgrade max target from 8 to 30 Hellfire Gargoyle Hellfire Smash should add -res like its other moves Let Hell on Earth accept to-hit IOs Please fix ember demon heal Demons are my mastermind main, so I'm really ardent on this one: Ember Demon needs to use its heal more often! Demons are a great set, with no shortcomings in its intended affinities, and so I would simply ask that the support pet do what it's meant to do. Ember Demon almost never uses Abyssal Reconstruction in combat, which is troublesome considering it's low damage being supplemented by its role as healer. More importantly, the extremely small target cap means the use of Hell On Earth immediately prevents either the caster or main pets from being healed due to the surplus of additional targets. Thugs Functionally Perfect Gaussian's Proc in enforcers (see enhancement section) Robots Nanites upgrade Replace nanite heal with nanite support pets summoned similarly to Hell on Earth Spawns nanite colony around selected pet, increasing recovery and max health of selected pet Nanites offer group pet percent heal over time which increases with each nanite spawned (10) Nanites last for 1.5 minutes Recharge 6 minutes *Credit to @Rosewire @AgentForest* Create a toggle that summons two little floating drones, zapping nearby bots with healing rays Rays heal via priority health to pets, heal user when pets are full Robots are functionally perfect, and simply had a worthless power that was in dire need of upgrade. The new power can act as an IO holster for the aura procs, and mitigate need for aid other in those that role non-heal supports (though they may still want it as nanites will recharge slow and can be killed). Ninjas Give all ninjas increased defense from inherent Resistance Add moderate lethal and minor smash res to all ninjas inherent Resistance Add minor defense resistance to all ninjas inherent Resistance Re-evaluate Smoke Bombs endurance cost and recharge appropriately *Credit @Unknown Magi Offer Jounin Explosive Shuriken with increased recharge @kelika2 Personal attacks changed from bow abilities to Minor, moderate, and AoE Shuriken throws Add a moderate but short lasting, low radius Defense buff AoE to Smokebomb Ninjas, despite their theme, have the lowest unbuffed defense of the pets that offer it, paling in comparison to bots force field and thugs leadership. While it is appropriate that it not be as high as the formers' buff-granted defenses, they should at the very least approach it; while having unique strengths of their own and resistances worthy of the combat practiced elite that they are. Beast Mastery Functionally Perfect Ensure all debuffs have appropriate IOs slottable Give t1 and t2 pets a longer reched, high damage attack *Credit @Kinvesu* Increase likelihood Beasts use their group buffs in combat (or simply allow them to if they cannot) Ensure all bites and claw swipes offer DoT or a chance for DoT (some do not) This last point brings us to the enhancement category which is of vast importance. Masterminds have been struggling to find IO compatibility for what feels like eons, desperately dispensing pets with little end-game enhancement backing. While masterminds, like any class, will be fine once maximized through incarnates and the lot, the reward and efficiency from enhancements is both limiting and necessary to the extent that upgrading the class can feel like litte more than a catalog of constraints. Not surprisingly, I've seen many become disinterested in the archetype as a result. Here are some suggestions (and a few definite must fixs) to help brighten up that dismay. Return player proc to Soulbound Allegiance Debuffers such as cold and therm with the knowledge have found GREAT utility in the ability to have a minor build up through the faculties of their own build, with no outside source. The Boost Up from Soulbound is definitely nothing new or unique, but was a surefire assurance that your next Heat Exhaustion or Benumb or Weaken was going to hit your elusive opponent. This was true of both PvP as well as PvE instances. Return pet proc to Gaussian's when placed into a pet with +to hit These last two were changes recently added to the beta server, and they really need to be reverted as quickly as possible. Mastermind IO advantage was hyper low before, and this change removes a cherished, long recognized benefit to powers that thug users have benefitted from for ages. Enforcers gaining the boost up proc was considered integral and removing it without warning or request was truly silly. This one NEEDs to come back. Ensure pets can be slotted with all appropriate IOs Bruiser slottable for hold enhancement sets Dire Wolf slottable for slow Commando slottable for snipe, knockback etc. Some of these not working might be glitches, but the fact that they haven't been permitted for ages has hurt IO viability for masterminds. Including the corresponding enhancement categories for all pets will improve the issue at hand greatly. Install the "Upgrade Integral Pets" enhancement category w/ proposals Arachnos' Order | Rare Defense enhancement set with Defense/10% Recovery Resistance proc (on user) Roar of the Devoured | Rare Resistance enhancement set Resistance/10% Mez Resistance (on user) Possession of Oranbega | Uncommon Defense enhancement set Tactical Command | Uncommon Resistance enhancement set These would be enhancements that are unique to pet affecting buffs, notably all of the the henchmen Equip and Upgrades, current Serum, Hell on Earth, Smokebomb, Fortify Pack, and current Repair. Proposed with slotting into the Equip and Upgrades in mind, however. That concludes the priorities that I have found through my own experience, and through community concern. Tell me (and the devs!) what you think! Popular responses will be added above. And lets make sure to keep this on topic, so these well needed changes find their way to the live servers in record time. I'm particularly interested in the IO change discussion, so if necessary that can be another thread.
  12. Since we're now removing the mutual exclusivity of travel and prestige powers, would it be possible to take a look at maybe adding some of the prestige travel animations (esp. Void Skiff) as customization options for the Fly power pool, or otherwise removing some of the restrictions they have regarding using abilities and detoggling powers while it's in use? I realize there's possibly some trickiness to some of those animations that have resulted in them working the way they do, for instance a character that's doing a kick is going to have to be animated to have their feet leave the vehicle and return. But for those of us who have characters that would like to use the theme of some of these prestige pieces (for example for a Green Goblin-like character using the skiff as a glider), it would be great if they could be usable in combat like every other travel power or at least not interfere with combat by detoggling everything when they're used. The same thing goes for any of the jetpack powers for characters who actually want their characters to be jetpack users. Would be a nice QoL thing along the lines of the great work that was done with Ninja/Beast/Athletic run. Thanks in advance.
  13. If what I know is correct, the calculations for Proc PPM is determined by the modified recharge rate of a power plus its activation time, therefore the greater the recharge enhancements applied to the power, the more negatively it is impacted in PPM chance. The only exception to the rule is Global recharge given by set bonuses and powers such as Hasten. Now I'm not against enhancement recharge affecting PPM in this way, what I am against is the idea that the Alpha slot does, it makes such sets as Agility and Intuition (I may be wrong on that) PPM breakers since they count as enhancement bonuses. And I am not a fan of options functioning as secret downgrades to character performance. The solution seems simple: Change the portion of recharge that ignores Enhancement-Diversification into Global Recharge instead of an ED-defying enhancement bonus. The function is exactly the same since Alpha affects all powers that accept recharge and still ignores ED like it too. And since the recharge bonus is global, it will affect PPM much less (especially at Tier 4),
  14. In light of the delightful remix that is the Sentinel AT, I have been thinking of a new archetype for the game. I have seen others mention the general idea below before, so if there are other threads already covering this, I'd be very interested. In general, I am not a numbers guy. This is a thought exercise and the numbers would need to be developed and scrutinized by those with the technical know-how. Anyway, here is my current idea for a new AT... Guardians. Any feedback would be most welcomed! Guardians live to protect, and as a Guardian, you will revel in supporting your fellow hand-to-hand combatants. With moderate offensive power sets designed to inflict damage and moderate support powers to aid your team, you're the most balanced melee-centered support there is. Protracted battles focus your energies to support your team, making your heals, controls, buffs, and debuffs more effective. You do lack true combat defenses, so you may be vulnerable to being overwhelmed without allies to cover you. The Guardian's power sets are: Primary: Melee Secondary: Support The Guardian has Medium Hit Points and Medium Damage. Inherent Power Prowess - Each blow a Guardian lands increases the potential of the secondary effects of their powers. A Guardian's Prowess level is shown by an orange bar between Endurance and Experience Points. It rises each time they attack and rises faster if the Guardian has more teammates. This is a mild effect with one or two teammates, but on a large team Prowess can be brought from 0 to over 90% with fewer than ten attacks. The Prowess level falls very slowly when not used, and falls to zero after 90 seconds of being activated. When a Guardian activates their Prowess, their powers' effects like disorients, holds, immobilizes, heals, defense buffs, endurance drains, knockbacks and more, are all slightly improved for a short time. They will also gain significant protection again controls for the duration of the Prowess effect. Edit: Updated the inherent to work like that of a Dominator so that mez protection could be worked into the build (they were missing that protection otherwise). Primary Power Sets The primary power sets will be almost direct copies of the Brute/Scrapper primaries, with a couple of power replacements and modified numbers. Guardians are not typically great at burst damage, so Build Up effects are replaced with a new power, Abate. They also have other crowd control options, so Taunt/Confront effects are replaced with an ally/pet placate similar to Smoke Flash. Abate - When this power is activated, you focus your fighting prowess to find a weakness in your foe's defenses to your attacks. By sharing your knowledge of the target's weaknesses with your teammates, you effectively reduce their resistance to damage. The type of resistance that is weakened is related to the base damage type of your melee powerset. Distract - By intervening on a pet or ally's behalf, you can distract foes attacking them. The Distraction will allow your ally to Placate their nearby foes, and makes them stealthy and hidden for about 10 seconds. Requires the same prompt used for teleport-other powers. War Mace Bash Pulverize Jawbreaker Abate: Ranged Foe -Res(Smashing) Clobber Distract Whirling Mace Shatter Crowd Control Secondary Power Sets The secondary power sets are a mix of controls, buffs, debuffs, and heals mixed thematically from other sets. With Prowess in mind, very few, if any, toggle-based powers are present as the scaling values could easily make them overpowered. Each secondary set has a Warrior power, imbuing their attack powers with an additional secondary effect for a time. The general template I'm using for a secondary set is as follows: Single-Target Immobilize Heal/Buff/Debuff Single-Target Hold Warrior Click Power Sustain Power (from Blaster secondaries) AoE crowd control AoE buff/debuff AoE buff/debuff Pet I tried a bunch of different combinations of existing powersets, and this felt like the most balanced way to achieve these sets for Guardians. Using the template above, I was able to get a decent set for Ice, Fire, Radiation, Electricity, Nature, Storm, Dark, and Devices. Here's an example of the fire set, Thermal Protection. Thermal Protection Ring of Fire Warmth Char Fire Warrior - While active, most of your attack powers have a chance for additional fire damage over time. Cauterizing Aura Flashfire Blazing Shields - Combination of Thermal and Plasma Shield powers with lower base stats. Melt Armor Fire Imps I can list out the other sets I mocked up later, but as the Guardian's secondary is the most different from other sets, I thought it would be better to tweak the formula as needed first. Again, all feedback is welcomed!
  15. Hi everyone, I've been a long time Kheldian player and have quite a few of them as I can't get enough of tweaking and working on them till they're a diamond in the rough. That being said, I would like to address the state of the archtypes post the Christmas update with a few things I find as pet peevs playing them. First of all, Kheldians are relatively well balanced if you use them as intended as group support characters. I've personally managed to build a powerhouse tri-form/human only Warshade and Peacebringer on a single character build and can solo AVs as either playstyle. However, that being said, I do agree the Warshade is weaker in the respect that they cannot solo as well as any other archetype in the game, and really do need mobs to fuel it for it to be an amazing class, making it a long winded affair to fight singular AVs or EBs. I would suggest in this regard maybe changing the Kheldian mechanic of group play to something more in line with a Defender's archtype, where as a solo player you receive larger benefits, but in group play the Kheldian buffs are weaker, but wider ranging. For example a +10% damage and defense boost as a solo player; But a +2% resistance, defense, damage (ect.) boost in teams. Obviously not those values, but the concept overall. This would not only circumvent the frustration many players had in Live and now in Homecoming about a shortage of enhancement slots (I personally don't mind it but I agree more slots would always be nice! 😉 ), but it would also make the class more friendly for newer players. The main peev I personally have is the new long range teleport rework. I enjoyed being able to jump into a purple portal across entire zones, since it felt like a very 'Warshady' thing to do. The new rework takes away some of the joy playing as a teleport inherent Warshade since the cooldown and the gfx have made Warshade teleporting feel as if the archtype was left behind. I would request that the long range teleport either be brought back as an inherent power, or as a power in the set, since that would make it fun to jump around again. If that's not possible, then please reduce the cooldown on the new teleport for Warshades, and allow for the customization of the gfx to allow for the purple portals. Keeping the badge collecting feature for the teleport would actually work really well if you see it in the terms of the Warshade having to see a place first before being able to teleport there. Another rework for the Warshade that I would suggest is removing starless step. It isn't practical in a fight to be jumping all over the place, especially in a group setting given that for a majority of 'triformers' they'll be either in Dwarf or Nova anyway; As for Human-only, the powers are geared for ranged fighting, with a handful such as Essence drain or Gravity Well needing you to be in melee range. I saw that Unchained Essence and Quasar worked okayish with the to-hit buff, but after popping a sunless mire as either a triform or human-only player, do you really need the to hit bonus Starless Step gives? Perhaps a melee power or even a new pet (permanent or otherwise) would really be appreciated here. You could even use this power space to provide a boost for solo players through a toggle or pet to circumvent the problem outlined in the first paragraph. Peacebringers are much more player friendly. There is not much you can change about them as they really do feel like duct tape as a super hero. Need a tank? Be a Dwarf. Need a ranged blaster? Be a Nova. Need a swiss army knife? Be a human only or a PB with any combination of the shapeshifting powers. However, Combat Flight for Peacebringers could use a rework in its visuals, as it feels goofy 'flying' so slowly around in a Hover-type power. It would be nice if the power was at least customizable to be changed into the same look as regular Hover. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So in summation: Warshade: Rework Dark Sustenance to make it more solo player friendly, Bring back the Long Range Teleport or lower the cooldown on the new teleport power and add an option for Kheldian gfx, Remove starless step and add a melee or pet power that can either help human only players or circumvent the first problem. Peacebringer: Allow for the change of Combat Flight's gfx to that of Hover. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope y'all have a happy new years!
  16. First of all im not a Native English Speaker, so im pretty sure i will write some thing wrong ^^ (guten Tag from Germany) There is a thing that really bugs me and that is that i mostly played all lvl 50 avaiable Storyarcs a dozent times and no new lvl 50 Storyarcs have come for a long time 😞 And running lvl 50 Paper or Radio Missions feels like a tasteless meal. On the other side we have SO MANY good Storyarcs in the Lvl range from 40-45, it really bother me that u lvl so fast out there. REALY GOOD underratet Storyarcs! Is it possible to make the lvl 40 storyarcs avayable till 50? That woud be AWESOME! Also the 40 Storyarcs finaly have their Time to Shine The lvl 45-50 can stay the way they are, they just get added to the pool when u get 45 I think both sides will have a huge Benefit then and u also have more "lvl 50 Content without any HUGE Work" Sure u have Oro but u can´t inv new players into it while u running it And we often build a team where we run lvl 50 Story Missions arcs, and not all players have some hours to stay so thats why i think an opening of the 40 arcs till 50 woud be better then just to replay it in oro with a small team or solo Dear Devs is this possible?
  17. Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. We've got quite a few variations on radiation now in the game, and I saw someone posting about getting more elemental pools so you could do an ice/ice/ice scrapper for example. But what about radiation? I've cobbled this together using the pre-existing powers so obviously the numbers would need fiddling. Let me know. Some of em are possibly a little heavy-handed (meltdown on a dominator 🤯). I tried to copy the rough feel of how fire and elec works in the epic pools - for example, with Radiation Therapy feeling like a version of Consume. Let me know! Controller Proton Stream (sent power) Neutron Bomb Alpha Barrier Radiation Therapy Meltdown Dominator Radiation Therapy Lingering Radiation Alpha Barrier Particle Shielding Fallout? Meltdown? Sent Electron Shackles (AoE version - from Atomic Manipulation) Radioactive Smash/ Negatron Slam Positron Cell Atom Smasher Radiant Aura Scrapper & Stalker Electron Shackles Positron Cell X-ray Beam/ Proton Stream (sent) Lingering Radiation Neutron Bomb Mastermind X-ray Beam/ Proton Stream (sent) Neutron Bomb Positron Cell Radiation Therapy Meltdown Tanker & Brute Electron Shackles Positron Cell X-ray Beam/ Proton Stream (sent) Lingering Radiation/ Radiation Infection Neutron Bomb/ Irradiate Blaster Proton Sweep Particle Shielding Alpha Barrier Lingering Radiation/ Radiation Infection Meltdown Corruptor & Defender Negatron Slam Alpha Barrier Radiation Therapy Atom Smasher Meltdown
  18. It's barely a buff, just a little QoL for the frosty bois. I could rant and rave about other stuff ice needs help on but this one seems very quick and easy, and would help a lot with slotting.
  19. Hey all! It's me! Spazz! Here to hopefully make a post in the right place! I've had these badge ideas for ages and always thought it was a shame they weren't in the game. So...here they are! 1. "Bad With Secrets": I've always been amused that Ouroborus is supposed to be this super well kept secret but all it takes is for someone to throw down a portal and you're given instant entry. Thought a funny nod to that would be if you were awarded this badge if someone else who did not have the "Entrusted With the Secret" badge used your Ouroborus Portal. My personal choice for the description would be: "You had ONE job!" 2. "Trick or Terror": Did you know that the seasonal instanced mission for Halloween where you roam the mansion and beat up a roided up Frankenstein's Monster actually has a hidden Easter egg where you murder two innocent civilians (regardless of alignment) and summon a literal demon from the depths of hell? It's true! Just off to the left, there's a few witches hanging around a ritual site. One of them can be spoken to and, if you do, you have the option to help them complete a ritual! How you ask? Well, like I said. You poison large containers of candy, tell a random civilian to eat from it, murder them, then return to the witch for the ritual. It's real anti-climactic. The summoned creature is only a boss and goes down like a chump. Still, it's always confused me why they'd throw that in there and not have a badge for it.
  20. Acknowledging that this is wishful thinking, one of the alternate animation options I wish was available for the beam rifle set is the ability to shoot the beams from my hands. Conceptually, I have a character who doesn't fit with energy blast, or with any other blast set that really exists; nothing out there lets me shoot laser beams of hyper hot energy from my fingertips. Then I see Beam Rifle, and I love the blast effects and the overall mechanics of the set! I just wish I had the option to do away with the giant gun. I'd be all over that set. Does anybody else experience stuff like this? Any sets you wish had a "no weapon" option? Any folks out there who wish they could shoot bullets from their hands? ☺️
  21. See my guide to MM epics here for background info and my thoughts on the current state of things: The recent dominator and snipe changes on the beta have given me hope for interesting balance changes going forward. I'm not sure how sweeping they'll be, but who knows! So I thought it was worth putting out my thoughts on these pools, after having spent ….way too many hours on too many masterminds on live and now. In my previous post I laid out what I thought each set should bring, so here are my proposed reworks. Keep in mind that these suggestions are intended to take the minimum amount of work to implement. So no new powers beyond what can be made by swapping damage types and effects on existing powers. Also note that I've always found it frustrating that masterminds - THE pet class - didn't get at least one pet option in the epic pools. Yes, yes I know they can "already do that" but I dunno, I appeal to the "rule of cool" (often invoked in D&D) - it would be FUN. People play masterminds (usually) because they love pets, why not give them another? Plus, with the patron pets as they are now, they are super hard to perma anyway (which is a subject for another thread…). Not mention that controllers, dominators & SoA get more pets. Point being here is that just swapping in a pet for one of the less interesting powers in the patron pools would be great BUT I provide a non-pet option for the patrol pools below in case that's a bridge too far. The one place where I'm really breaking with original design #s (although, I would argue, not with the design intent) is changing the damage formula (increasing it) on mm epics - I think that change should be part of the epic itself, since MMs can't normally deal good damage, providing that is sort of in line with the epic philosophy of giving ATs access to something new. [Also, honestly I'm tired of trying to talk myself out of mace mastery on most of my mms 😉 ]. So, here are my proposed changes to the mastermind epic pools to make each one unique, desirable, and worth taking as well as making power choices tougher and more meaningful. One major thing I want to address is that only 2 of the 8 sets have a defense based shield (compared to 4 resist sets).
  22. I wanna fix mercs please. This is a topic I've given a lot of thought to, and Mercs is a set I want most to be successful and competitive with its fellow henchmen in the list of loyal henchmen available to our Mastermind players including myself. So no screwing around; let's get right to it. What's wrong? Mercs lack any strength relative to other sets, having very low damage with the dubious honor of the only set that can't break out of double digits in single target damage (assuming SO enhancements only), and no better survivability than even Ninjas. I want to address this problem by giving them a defined strength that'll make them stand out and fun to play. The Direction? I want to see Mercs be a set with solid damage and a respectable survivability through debuffs courtesy of real world riot munitions. I'm going to be getting most of my inspiration from how Necromancy gets its survivability: debuffs and control. So let's address the problem by going power-by-power, and I'll say what I think will help Mercs be worth leading into battle and why I want to make the changes that I do. Soldiers, Role: Single-Target Damage & Healing So, Soldiers, they need a cutting down on activation time of many of their powers to help their damage output. The Medic oughta be better specialized to healing so that slotting for healing is worth doing. Every power I list will use level 1 stats. I'm shifting over to single shot/burst/heavy burst to solve the Soldiers' problems with activation time. I'm making the Medic more specialized to healing. Soldiers, submachine gun base power: Single Shot (Dmg: 9 lethal & -3.75% Def for 5s, Rech: 4s, Act.Time: 0.9s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 5.2, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.84) As it looks for Soldier of Arachnos. 1st Upgrade: Burst (Dmg: 9x3 lethal & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 1s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 8.53, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 2) Also as it looks for Soldier of Arachnos. 2nd Upgrade: Heavy Burst (Dmg: 6x6 lethal & -3.75% Def for 16s, Rech: 16s, Act.Time: 2.67s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 11.86, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.93) As it looks the Soldiers right now, but still single target. That makes three single target attacks. For weapon variety, consider giving one of the Soldiers one of these instead: Pump-action shotgun, for a close-range higher damage soldier. base: Narrow Spread Buckshot (Dmg: 18 lethal w/ 50% chance for mag 0.79 knockback & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 0.9s, Range: 45ft, End.Cost: 5.2, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 2.02) A short-range heavy blast of single-target damage 1st Upgrade: Slug (just as it is, but with added -3.75% Def for 8s) 2nd Upgrade: Dragon's Breath (Same range, animation, end cost, and activation time as Incinerator for Sentinels, but with 16s recharge. 3.5 fire damage as 11 ticks over 2.5 seconds for a damage per cast cycle of 2.14. And -3.74% Def of course.) Battle rifle, for the designated marksman base: Hip Shot (it's just Single Shot) 1st Upgrade: Aimed Shot (Dmg: 20 lethal & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time 2.67s, Range: 150ft, End.Cost: 8.53, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.87) Sniper rifle animation and sound. 2nd Upgrade: Incendiary Round (Dmg: 24 [12 lethal then 4 fire x3 ticks over 3 seconds] & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 10s, Act.Time 2.67s, Range: 150ft, End.Cost: 8.53, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.89) Sniper rifle animation, Council marksman rifle sound. Medic, some kinda carbine/short rifle base power: Med Kit (Mostly as it is, but with its recharge lowered to 16s) Single Shot (see above) 1st Upgrade: Bio Shield (20-25% or so absorption for 90 seconds, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 3.17s, End.Cost: 13) An absorb shield also enhanceable with healing 2nd Upgrade: Regeneration Treatment (+150% regen for 90s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 3.17s, End.Cost: 13) Another power that uses the medical tool animation. Applies a strong regeneration buff to henchmen and maybe even the Mastermind. Stimulant (Mostly as it is, but with a 4s recharge and 90s duration instead) Notice that the damage per cast cycle has gone up to around Thugs' level and that's mostly because activation time went down to reasonable levels, although the first two Soldiers boast a little more since I'd like to see the Medic specialized utterly to healing so slotting that becomes worthwhile and he will hopefully have a greater impact on Mercs' survivability which is presently very lacking. I also think they should have a bit of a range advantage, so we'll be seeing more of that going on here. On to the next. Spec Ops changes are going to focus on improving their ability to debuff the enemy's offense, and they will provide the bulk of Mercs' survivability through this. Spec Ops, Role: Offense Debuffs for squad survivability, Single-Target Damage All Spec Ops, weapon: suppressed assault rifle w/ Cryo Rounds base powers: Single Shot (As seen above, but with half lethal/cold damage and added -15% move/recharge) It should also use the SCAR snipe sound. It sounds great; we need more of it. Cryo Burst (Burst as above, but with half lethal/cold damage and added -15% move/recharge for 10 seconds on targets) Silenced burst sound, same Burst that Soldiers get, but with added slow effect to hinder enemy's pace of attack. Cryo Grenade (-20% move/recharge in 15ft. around target for 30s, Rech: 45s, Act.Time: 1.87s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost 13) Replaces Web Grenade. Hits a group of targets in a radius with a decent debuff to recharge and movement. 1st Upgrade: Beanbag (2 mag Stun for 8s, Rech: 16s, Act.Time: 0.9s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 10) Simple single-target mag 2 stun. Flash Bang (Mostly as it is, but the -To Hit goes up to -7.5% instead of -5% and lasts for 30s while the recharge goes down to 45s) Improved to provide better mitigation through more consistently applied debuff and CC. 2nd Upgrade: SCAR Snipe (Mostly as it is, but with half lethal/cold damage and Recharge reduced to 6 seconds for a new damage per cast cycle of 1.77, and with -15% move/recharge for 10 seconds) Council cryo rounds with a silenced snipe sound pretty much. Tear Gas (Mostly as is, but loses its Hold, adds -7.5% To Hit to debuff and extends debuff duration to 30s, and reduces recharge to 45s.) Same reasoning behind Flash Bang. Stealth (as is) So Spec Ops damage is going to go up a bit, but even more than that will its debuff and CC consistency and power, providing a lot of survivability for Mercs. Two Spec Ops firing their -To Hit grenades, without enhancements, should apply up to -30% To Hit between them both for a good while, and they can potentially have up to 4 mag 2 stuns out, potentially stunning 2 different bosses and everything around them below Lieutenant for a short while, or as long as both their beanbag and flash bang are affecting targets. That's nothing to scoff at. Commando should become an AoE damage machine, although not nearly as much as Assault Bot and that's fine. Commando, Role: AoE Damage Commando, weapon: assault rifle w/ under-barrel grenade launcher (not the frankenrifle please) base powers: Single Shot (as it is for Soldiers) Burst (as it is for Soldiers) 1st Upgrade: Buckshot (as it is) M30 Grenade (mostly as it is, but with 16 damage [6 smash/10 lethal] instead for a new damage per cast cycle of 0.89) So it doesn't suck. (edit in) Maneuvers (+10% Defense to all henchmen within 60ft) 2nd Upgrade: Incendiary Grenade (Shares most stats with M30 Grenade, but has no knockdown and does 24 pure Fire damage over 8 ticks [3 each] over 7.1s for a damage per cast cycle of 1.34) Good damage. Not multiple burn patches for Assault Bot good, but there it is. Replaces Flamethrower for an AoE power with less activation time. Toxic Grenade (Shares most stats with M30 Grenade, but has no knockdown and does 20 pure Toxic damage instead for a damage per cast cycle of 1.12) More solid AoE damage. LRM Rocket (Mostly as is, but with a 30s recharge instead for a new damage per cast cycle of 0.7) So it doesn't suck, pretty much. So my hope here is to make each Merc in the player's squad decent at what they do, and those roles should be pretty well defined here. It's kind of an involved overhaul, and it's for a set that's needed help since its first day on live over a decade ago. Well, I hope you guys like it too. Share your thoughts here. EDIT: Look, I think Serum should be fixed too. Here's a copy-paste from what I also said further down: Oh, right, addressing Serum. There's a few things I have in mind, actually. 1. Like ya said, Lynne, just take out the crash, cut down the recharge, and apply it to the whole squad. Well, you said take out just the -Recovery in the crash but I'd go further and say just all of it. However, rather than keep the anemic +Damage and +To Hit, I'd rather just drop it and let the power be purely a survival-boosting defensive buff. You mentioned adding a Regeneration component as well, and that might be considered so we'd be looking at strongly enhanceable properties as being resistance, recharge, and healing. That'd be the easiest way to do it. It doesn't feel particularly "mercs" to me though, so I have other things I hope get considered, such as... 2. Fire Support Beacon Place a Fire Support Beacon down with similar range and animation as calling in Seeker Drones. You can plop it right down in the middle of a group of bad guys. The beacon itself can be targeted, is very durable, and has a tendency to draw aggro. It will "fire" a number of PBAoE attacks around itself visually made to look like artillery and/or air strike munitions detonating around it, dealing high damage and drawing enemy attention to the beacon with a +threat component so it can tank for the Mercs for a bit. 3. Call Air Support Very similar in practice to the Fire Support Beacon, this power should call in a short duration temporary pet that makes a pronounced impact for its brief 60 second duration in battle. This pet, a repainted Longbow Chaser, is also targetable and very durable, and should be capable of laying down good area effect damage while generating threat with every rocket and bullet that hits before flying/teleporting off to refuel and rearm. Why'm I suggesting these things? Well, it's Mercenaries, right? Calling in air and fire support is a fairly common trope in military-themed games and especially shooters. I'd feel a lot more like a mercenary commander if I could call in such heavy assets. In-game, it'll have the role of adding some damage while drawing attention away from the squad, helping survivability while it's active.
  23. This is adapted from a suggestion by Bradley_IFV on the original CoH Forum. Basically, it's a more offensive Archetype intended to have aspects of a Scrapper, Mastermind and Defender. The primary is Assault, with some modifications for the main gimmick of the class, the Partner, a single, powerful, melee-oriented pet that benefits more from your support powers and shares your clicky buffs. The Defense/Support powers are mostly PBAoE so it encourages the player to wade in alongside their pet, but the AT could reasonably be played with a focus around supporting their pet from a distance. Duo The Duo is a somebody who knows that going it alone is foolish in a world of aliens, sorcerers and super-science. Your offensive power may be lesser than that of other melee combatants, but with your Partner in tow, you make an army of two, combining your own melee attacks with the offensive and support capabilities of your partner. Primary: Assault (with a Partner pet) Secondary: Defense/Support (with a Partner Pet) Inherent: Partnership Base HP: ~1020 Max HP: ~1610 Okay, so there's been a lot of changes to this archetype as I've been prototyping and testing it. I'n not gonna delete the original post, just spoiler it at the end for reference's sake. Primary Power Sets A Duo's primary power set is centered around both the character's Partner pet and both ranged and melee combat, having access to Assault powersets resembling those of the Dominator, except for a few small differences. First, they do not have the Build Up style powers found in Dominator Assault sets, as the burst damage from the Duo and their Partner's alpha strike should be about the same as the burst damage from blasting them with a Built Up attack. Also different is that they have two powers that Upgrade their Pet, providing it additional powers from your Assault powerset. These work like the Upgrades of the Mastermind's primary sets, but are divorced from the Pet, allowing you to give your pets powers that match yours instead of ones that match their theme necessarily. The Duo's damage values are equivalent to a Dominator's during current testing. Powersets: Dark Assault Earth Assault Electricity Assault Energy Assault Fiery Assault Icy Assault Martial Assault Psionic Assault Thorny Assault Secondary Power Sets The Duo's secondary sets are a combination of personal defense and team support, as well as determining their pet. Most of the personal defensive toggles in Duo's sets are converted into AoE Auras that provide the full effect to you and your pet, and half reduced effects to all other friendlies in their range. Their resistance and defense values are equivalent to a Stalker's during current testing. Powersets: Natural Instinct: Nature Affinity/Regeneration (Dire Wolf) Hellfire Aura: Thermal Radiation/Fiery Aura (Demon Prince) Super Serum: Poison/Invulnerability (Commando) Netherforce: Dark Armor/Dark Miasma (Lich) Ninjitsu: Amusingly enough, this could probably be ported from the Stalker set on its own without too many changes. It's a weird set. (Ninja) Robotics: Force Fields/Traps (Assault Bot) Street Smarts: Willpower/Leadership (Bruiser) Ancillary Power Sets Duos have the following Ancillary pool powers. Blaze Mastery Darkness Mastery Power Mastery Weapon Mastery Inherent Power The Duo's Inherent Power is Partnership. As long as the Duo and their pet are within 60 feet of each other, both receive +10% DMG and +10% ToHit. Additionally, you share the benefits of your defensive powers and any click powers from your primary or secondary sets with your pet within this range. Sample Primary: Electricity Assault Electrical Assault grants you several electrical ranged and melee powers. Electrical powers can drain foes' Endurance and can often temporarily halt their Endurance recovery. This can be quite effective against higher level foes and Bosses. Some Electrical Assault powers can even sometimes transfer this Endurance back to you. Charged Bolts 1 Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Charged Brawl 1 Melee, Moderate DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Disorient, -End, -Recovery Lightning Bolt 2 Ranged, High DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Charge Partner 6 Ranged, Grant Partner Charged Brawl and Lightning Bolt Havoc Punch 8 Melee, High DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Sleep, -End, -Recovery Zapp 12 Sniper, Extreme DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Static Discharge 18 Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Electrify Partner 26 Ranged, Grant Partner Havoc Punch and Static Discharge Thunder Strike 32 Melee (Targeted AoE), High DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Disorient, -Recovery, Knockback Sample Secondary: Netherforce Whether through arcane knowledge or dimensional tampering, you have forged a connection with a powerful being of the Netherworld known as a Lich. In exchange for allowing it to bind itself to the material plane through you, it offers you the ability to protect yourself and others with the powers of the Netherworld. Netherforce offers very good resistance to Negative Energy damage, and is one of the only defensive sets that offer some resistance to Psionic damage. However, its resistance to Energy is weak and it offers no protection to Knockback. Lich 1 Summon Lich Dark Embrace 2 Toggle (PBAoE): Ally +Res(Smash, Lethal, Negative, Toxic) Murky Cloud 4 Toggle: Self +Res(Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, End Drain) Obsidian Shield 10 Toggle: Self +Res(Psionic, Sleep, Hold, Disorient, Fear) Twilight Grasp 16 Ranged, Foe -Regen, -DMG, -To-Hit, Team Heal Cloak of Darkness 20 Toggle: Self Stealth, +DEF(All), +Res(Immobilize), +Perception Fearsome Stare 28 Ranged (Cone), Foe Fear, -To-Hit Oppressive Gloom 35 Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Disorient, Self -Max Health Soul Transfer 38 PBAoE, Moderate DMG(Negative), Foe Disorient, Self Rez
  24. Is there a reason that Scrappers still don't have Super Strength and Energy Melee? All other melee powersets now appear to to be shared between the 4 Melee ATs but these 2 are still missing on Scrappers. Is it a balancing issue? I think both would be really fun on a scrapper.
  25. One of the things I love about Homecoming is the ability to tailor your own game experience. For example, I don't much care for accelerated exp of any kind. I disliked 'Double Experience Weekends' on the Paragon-era live servers. I can, if I want to, use the NoXP option to completely turn off my experience as I'm going forward to avoid outlevelling content. However, as I explained to my wife, showing her the contents of the P2W vendor's inventory, if you want a 2xp weekend, this is where you get the stuff to make that happen. 'Slow' experience is not the only part of the 'Live Server Experience'. There are other limitations that were designed to make the game more engaging that we have cast away for the sake of time and longevity... like having to actually go to the Consignment Shop or Black Market to use it. I can see a demand for an game option or temp power that would reinstate the 'Live Server' conventions and limitations. At least I have that demand on some of my characters. You could even tie it to membership in a Supergroup, so you could have 'Classic' Supergroups. Why not having a 'Classic Server'? While Everquest has proved that these work and work well, our limited population causes a problem: Homecoming players seem to gravitate to where they can group. At the time being, this means that Excelsior has a large population. If you were to tie 'Classic' settings to a server, so few players would use that server that it'd almost be pointless to have it. With a setting or a temp power, you don't *have* to provision out a new shard. I'd like to see the 'Live Experience' setting or power come in two varieties: The 'Going Rogue Experience' setting would have restrictions that were in place right before the shutdown: You had to use the auction house physically, couldn't use base passcodes, etc... The 'CoX Experience' setting would have restrictions that were in place before the release of 'Going Rogue'. Hero and Villain ATs are enforced. There were no heroic brutes or villainous scrappers. Alignment changing is not allowed. Certain powersets are 'villainous' or 'heroic'. There are no heroic pain domination defenders and no villainous empathy corruptors. WSTs don't award extra benefits. There are no incarnate abilities, etc... Allowing these settings to be placed on a supergroup would encourage large teams of players to group together under the same limitations. Yes, you absolutely can challenge yourself and adhere to these restrictions if you want to already, but having a unified framework for doing so encourages a larger number of players to use it and group with others who are using it. It also opens the door to gearing new content towards this framework. Imagine awarding an account-wide badge to a player who leveled a character to 50 with no experience modifiers at any time, perhaps at issue 3-era speeds. Do you like this idea? Do you hate it? What changes would you make to it? What restriction sets would you like to see made available?
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