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  1. I've been trying to do all of the 45-50 Redside contacts as a bit of a change. So many little, fun, challenging arcs vs Longbow/PPD/Heroes. (NOTE: For full transparency, I just want something on my PB to acknowledge I beat the snot out of this guy) Abyss gives you a mission to take out the Vindicators (which is no mean feat in itself) but also Sunstorm. I dont think he's fightable in any other place, no? Could we get a badge for smackin' the smuggest PB in town in the face? Name suggestions: Extinguishing Radiance Void Hunting Alien Territory Khelle Surprise Alien Nation
  2. So I would like to have feedback on this idea. I certainly could be overlooking something and if so let me know. Most people I have spoken to seem to agree that Defender > Corruptor overall. Again this may not be true entirely, but it feels like the general consensus in my experience. *(I know my one experience is not the be all end all of experience) Anyways, Corruptors seem to have a role problem. Where exactly do they fit? Defenders are better at support and can match them and in a lot of cases surpass them in damage output. This isn't saying Corruptors are useless, not at al
  3. I've been sitting around these past few weeks, trying to think of ways to reinvigorate the costume creator. There are the obvious solutions of just introducing more pieces, which would be great, obviously. However, there may be a better, overall solution entirely: let us double up on costume pieces in particular slots. Stay with me now... What I mean by this, is that if we're allowed to equip multiple items to a single slot, we can multiply how many combinations of costume pieces there are. This may sound ridiculous on the surface, but with shoulders alone, there are several items
  4. So I've made threads about this in the past and each time I've learned something about making these suggestions for fixing Mercs work. I consulted users over the Discord and was advised to keep suggestions as simple and direct to the cause as possible, so that's what I'm going to do now. I have also consulted Mastermind players, also on the Discord, who share my concern with Mercs' poor performance since the day City of Villains launched with the Mastermind archetype. I'm going to keep things as simple as I can think of. I'm going to list each henchman, a list of proposed changes to its powers
  5. The Fighting Pool has a mechanic where picking powers in the pool enhances other powers. However, as spammable pool power melee attacks, many of the effects advertised on these attacks are lackluster apart from the small increase in damage. This is a quick brainstorm of one way the set could be improved, and potentially encourage players to use more of these powers as part of their attack rotation. Do note that the ideas in this post include an additional mechanic where the powers check whether or not certain statuses are applied. While I am aware Stunned is a flag that can be chec
  6. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be nice to have a button in the launcher that lets you toggle if you want the City of Heroes login screen, the City of Villians login screen or the Going Rogue login screen. It would be a nice throwback. I think there's a launch parameter that allows you to do this anyways? But I don't think most people know or bother with it. Might be cool to add a toggle to allow you to use the OG CoH music or the CoH Freedom music as well.
  7. The time is now! After fully re-attuning myself to the mastermind experience after all these years, and seeing countless complaints and suggestions from fellow players as to how to advance the experience, here is the total compilation of mastermind needs. That's right, needs. Because despite the zeal of the titular concept above, at least one player finds one of these to be of utmost import. However, there are some higher priority suggetions, at least from my perspective, and so I will be color coding the urgency of certain submissions as follows: Ultimate Priority -1 High Priority -
  8. Hello, everyone! I wanted to start by saying that this list is not a complete accounting of all the suggestions in this forum, this is an effort on my part to curate some suggestions given to me in other forms and formats, and to promote neat ideas that players (and even staff!) have come up with that are a bit within my purview as a rep for the Roleplay community. If you have roleplay suggestions that you think might not warrant an entire forum post, you might drop them here, or if you think it’d be something you’d like me to take a peek at, too! I’ll be checking in occasiona
  9. Since we're now removing the mutual exclusivity of travel and prestige powers, would it be possible to take a look at maybe adding some of the prestige travel animations (esp. Void Skiff) as customization options for the Fly power pool, or otherwise removing some of the restrictions they have regarding using abilities and detoggling powers while it's in use? I realize there's possibly some trickiness to some of those animations that have resulted in them working the way they do, for instance a character that's doing a kick is going to have to be animated to have their feet leave th
  10. If what I know is correct, the calculations for Proc PPM is determined by the modified recharge rate of a power plus its activation time, therefore the greater the recharge enhancements applied to the power, the more negatively it is impacted in PPM chance. The only exception to the rule is Global recharge given by set bonuses and powers such as Hasten. Now I'm not against enhancement recharge affecting PPM in this way, what I am against is the idea that the Alpha slot does, it makes such sets as Agility and Intuition (I may be wrong on that) PPM breakers since they count as enhancement bonuse
  11. In light of the delightful remix that is the Sentinel AT, I have been thinking of a new archetype for the game. I have seen others mention the general idea below before, so if there are other threads already covering this, I'd be very interested. In general, I am not a numbers guy. This is a thought exercise and the numbers would need to be developed and scrutinized by those with the technical know-how. Anyway, here is my current idea for a new AT... Guardians. Any feedback would be most welcomed! Guardians live to protect, and as a Guardian, you will revel in supporting your fellow hand-to-h
  12. Hi everyone, I've been a long time Kheldian player and have quite a few of them as I can't get enough of tweaking and working on them till they're a diamond in the rough. That being said, I would like to address the state of the archtypes post the Christmas update with a few things I find as pet peevs playing them. First of all, Kheldians are relatively well balanced if you use them as intended as group support characters. I've personally managed to build a powerhouse tri-form/human only Warshade and Peacebringer on a single character build and can solo AVs as either playsty
  13. First of all im not a Native English Speaker, so im pretty sure i will write some thing wrong ^^ (guten Tag from Germany) There is a thing that really bugs me and that is that i mostly played all lvl 50 avaiable Storyarcs a dozent times and no new lvl 50 Storyarcs have come for a long time 😞 And running lvl 50 Paper or Radio Missions feels like a tasteless meal. On the other side we have SO MANY good Storyarcs in the Lvl range from 40-45, it really bother me that u lvl so fast out there. REALY GOOD underratet Storyarcs! Is it possible to make the lvl 40 storyarcs ava
  14. Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. We've got quite a few variations on radiation now in the game, and I saw someone posting about getting more elemental pools so you could do an ice/ice/ice scrapper for example. But what about radiation? I've cobbled this together using the pre-existing powers so obviously the numbers would need fiddling. Let me know. Some of em are possibly a little heavy-handed (meltdown on a dominator 🤯). I tried to copy the rough feel of how fire and elec works in the epic pools - for example, with Radiation Therapy feeling like a version of Consume.
  15. It's barely a buff, just a little QoL for the frosty bois. I could rant and rave about other stuff ice needs help on but this one seems very quick and easy, and would help a lot with slotting.
  16. Hey all! It's me! Spazz! Here to hopefully make a post in the right place! I've had these badge ideas for ages and always thought it was a shame they weren't in the game. So...here they are! 1. "Bad With Secrets": I've always been amused that Ouroborus is supposed to be this super well kept secret but all it takes is for someone to throw down a portal and you're given instant entry. Thought a funny nod to that would be if you were awarded this badge if someone else who did not have the "Entrusted With the Secret" badge used your Ouroborus Portal. My personal choice for the descript
  17. Acknowledging that this is wishful thinking, one of the alternate animation options I wish was available for the beam rifle set is the ability to shoot the beams from my hands. Conceptually, I have a character who doesn't fit with energy blast, or with any other blast set that really exists; nothing out there lets me shoot laser beams of hyper hot energy from my fingertips. Then I see Beam Rifle, and I love the blast effects and the overall mechanics of the set! I just wish I had the option to do away with the giant gun. I'd be all over that set. Does anybody else experience stuff
  18. See my guide to MM epics here for background info and my thoughts on the current state of things: The recent dominator and snipe changes on the beta have given me hope for interesting balance changes going forward. I'm not sure how sweeping they'll be, but who knows! So I thought it was worth putting out my thoughts on these pools, after having spent ….way too many hours on too many masterminds on live and now. In my previous post I laid out what I thought each set should bring, so here are my proposed reworks. Keep in mind that these suggestions are intend
  19. I wanna fix mercs please. This is a topic I've given a lot of thought to, and Mercs is a set I want most to be successful and competitive with its fellow henchmen in the list of loyal henchmen available to our Mastermind players including myself. So no screwing around; let's get right to it. What's wrong? Mercs lack any strength relative to other sets, having very low damage with the dubious honor of the only set that can't break out of double digits in single target damage (assuming SO enhancements only), and no better survivability than even Ninjas. I want to address this problem by givin
  20. This is adapted from a suggestion by Bradley_IFV on the original CoH Forum. Basically, it's a more offensive Archetype intended to have aspects of a Scrapper, Mastermind and Defender. The primary is Assault, with some modifications for the main gimmick of the class, the Partner, a single, powerful, melee-oriented pet that benefits more from your support powers and shares your clicky buffs. The Defense/Support powers are mostly PBAoE so it encourages the player to wade in alongside their pet, but the AT could reasonably be played with a focus around supporting their pet from a dista
  21. Is there a reason that Scrappers still don't have Super Strength and Energy Melee? All other melee powersets now appear to to be shared between the 4 Melee ATs but these 2 are still missing on Scrappers. Is it a balancing issue? I think both would be really fun on a scrapper.
  22. One of the things I love about Homecoming is the ability to tailor your own game experience. For example, I don't much care for accelerated exp of any kind. I disliked 'Double Experience Weekends' on the Paragon-era live servers. I can, if I want to, use the NoXP option to completely turn off my experience as I'm going forward to avoid outlevelling content. However, as I explained to my wife, showing her the contents of the P2W vendor's inventory, if you want a 2xp weekend, this is where you get the stuff to make that happen. 'Slow' experience is not the only part of the 'Live Serv
  23. Perhaps I might be one of the few people that really look at the Kheldian HEATs and think 'When you really compare it to other AT's it doesn't quite measure up!' especially when the VEATs can be absurdly broken for very little work put into them (Leadership from their secondary and Pool is amazing for support). Honestly, it makes me sad when it boils down to it as the Dwarf Form for Peacebringer feels too squishy to compete with many high-end scrappers Or tanks for durability and the Squid Forms feel like a joke overall. But as I was toying with Mids numbers last night I kind of realized a lot
  24. So disclaimer: this has been on my defender, who's elec/elec. I've been enjoying the set a lot! But there's a few points worth noting. the chain based buffs are awesome but are also extremely loud and tend to smother other audio; in large teams this can result in basically the entire sound channel being taken up by zapzapzap sounds. This is maybe a bit overwhelming, and could stand to be muted a little in volume. I think this might be the first time a set like this has existed in City, which may account for why it's so loud--the engine simply hasn't seen this sort of thing
  25. I have an idea for a mod to the game. I think it would be awesome if someone could modify the code so whenever an NPC says something in-game you HEAR it. Even if it was an artificial voice I think it would bring the game to life. It would make the npc's around you more noticeable. I think this would be huge for immersion in this game. Thoughts?
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