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  1. I am a longtime Blaster who has never gotten a /Devices over level 10. I'm looking to finally give it a real college try - What should be my preferred pairing? I'm leaning Beam Rifle of Dual Pistols for the Tech theme, but will consider other options (as long as I haven't played them to death already).
  2. My second/last post for the night (that I plan on). Originally posted in the Gaming club. I didn't want to make too many since IDK if these show up in the feed or not.
  3. This is more for referral requests, but I think it's a good place for a general discussion of the topic as well, so I left the title more open. I considered a poll, but it may be Too broad for that. As seen in the earlier thread, I've got a pair of the original Sony Gold Wired/Wireless gaming headset that I've just began having to replace parts on. So what I'd like to discuss are how they might compare to Anything on the market as well as comparable alternatives. Nothing is really off the table, but below are my likes/dislikes. My personal likes about them are as follows: And then there's the gripes:
  4. I'm not sure if the forum shows the Original post in the Unread feed and I don't think many people know about the Club I made in the first place, but here's the discussion I created in search of feedback.
  5. I didn't want to make this part of the other discussion I'm about to start because it would split the focus. I've got a pair of the original style Sony Gold headphones that I really like, but they're getting old and I'm getting to the point of replacing components. I've already replaced the ear cuffs, the band is in a close second for need, and the battery is starting to show its age too as I have to charge it more than a PS5 controller (that's an insult btw). I've found only a couple of options on AMZ/eBay, but they all feel suspect as one has multiple reviews for reverse polarity of all things. Now I'm sure I could figure out how to move wires, but I shouldn't have to. Does anyone have some input for where to find such a thing?
  6. My main on Live was RooGirl, an MA/Regen scrapper, and I'm currently having fun recreating her. I know it's not the OP combo it used to be, but it's my fun build, with stealth and other extraneous toys. I'm also playing a fire/fire tanker with my mom, we used to play together on Live and we're having fun with it again. I'd like to play something completely other than melee DPS, which is what I always gravitate to in MMOs, because most of them don't have the flexibility of CoH's power system. Something that's great at soloing and would also have utility in the endgame/TFs/etc. No MM, because while they're fun, they're fiddlier than I want. I'm thinking along the lines of blaster or controller, but open to almost anything other than brutes, stalkers, tankers, etc. I'm asking for advice largely because there are so many more powersets now, I'm kind of paralyzed by choice. So if there's a combo you particularly like, and it's a strong soloer, tell me about it. I don't need to solo AVs or crazy numbers of +2s, just a fun soloing experience. I'm also looking forward to creating a costume concept around a brand new AT/powerset. Thanks for your suggestions!
  7. This is almost certainly never to be a thing as it is a considerable change, but I have to throw this out there as a suggestion anyways. For my own sanity at least. Quite literally, why cant we take a lunch to go? We absorb all of this essence and consume it to heal, buff our damage, or summon pets, but we throw away any we cant use right away? Why cant we store some of that for later? It becomes a malleable resource that we can use for whatever we want to burn it on. On an archvillian but no minions around? Use some of the stored essence to heal yourself or give yourself a damage buff while burning off your reserves (numbers not mentioned for obvious reasons). Or we could use it to summon pet(s) in the middle of that AV fight. We absorb essence from foes nearby, or siphon after the fact. We build up a bar, then spend it as needed. If we don't use it fairly quickly, it starts to evaporate and we lose it. This would be a possible solution to all sorts of problems we face as warshades. The current mechanic works, but I feel it has problems that need some brainstorming to fix. This is one possible fix I've been thinking about for a long time. This does bring us closer to some of the Peacebringer mechanics, but still has our own twist. Now again, this is almost certainly never to be a thing, but a keldian can dream right?
  8. I read on the forums guidelines that feedback about pain points are appreciated. So here are mine. 😃 I play the game a little differently than others do- in that I'm a total OCD nut. That being said, I understand that these vexations are small, but I also suspect I am not the only one to feel them. 1.) No P2W (or T4V) Vendor or Praetorian Tailor available in Bases. Granted, I've been spoiled by /enterbasefrompasscode, but it feels like a tedious amount of running around when my Base loses track of my original location because I wanted to pop into Pocket D for something. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE there to be a P2W & T4V vendor available as a Base item. I can't be the only one. 2.) It feels like teasing that I see these awesome Roman Cingulum and Chain Skirt items in the Kilt / Shorts bottoms for male toons, but they turn my legs into weird skinny twig things. I can't bring myself to use them, as they always look terrible. I would rather there was clipping. I can't be the only one. 3.) The Panther Travel Power boosts jump height by +327.60 and jump speed by +201.00, while the Coyote Travel Power boosts jump height by +600.60 and jump speed by +235.17. There is no offsetting advantage for the Panther Power. It's strictly worse. But it suits some of my toons better. But it's worse. But it looks cool. But its... just... worse. No one would be upset if Panther got buffed up to +600.60, and no balance issue, since Coyote is already there. Maybe I am the only one on this one, but... dammit! 4.) The Coyote Travel Power (on a toon with no enhancements at lvl 2) has a higher jumping speed than run speed. Which makes it faster to jump around all mimbly-bimbly than to run a straight line- a concept that CoH seems to (rightfully) acknowledge. It's the only time apart from Super Jump where this is the case- at least that I have found. It breaks immersion to be jumping for extra speed. I humbly suggest the Coyote Travel Power gets nerfed to the +201.00 jump speed that Panther has. It's a small reduction, but it should stop Jump Speed from exceeding Run Speed, as per usual CoH standards. 5.) It would be awesome if there were a tailor available to Praetorian Characters as a base item. Like, how do you know what dimension I'm from, lady? I just wanna give you some money to make me some clothes! My influence seems good enough for the nurses... I guess they don't have your acute sense of dimensional phasing.... You oughtta work for the Midnighter's Club instead of Icon with that kind of cognizance; or a Seer for Marcus Co.. oh, bother it, never mind. *Grumbles about the Icon lady as he runs around the old-fashioned way.*
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