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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. Black Fang is an all VEAT (Villian epic archtype) super group based on Reunion: HC We accept all Spiders and Widows of any form and build. Our sg base is compact and functional with all the amenities availible to help facilitate the dastardly plots of our spider allies. We have sg runs on wednesdays, where we will do a SF or badge run or go for an accolade. Our rule is simple - have fun. This means there is minimal pressure to constantly be active (although we do kick a recruit rank at 14 days inactivity) and you can recieve a lot of help, support or just general companionship with your fellow spiders. Enhancements are freely availible, with recruits being able to access the crafted IOs (periodically seeded), enforcers and up can access attuned and set enhancements. Operatives and Webmasters can access purple IOs. Gaining rank is a fairly simple task of joining in on missions with officers who will then mark you with a star. At 5 star with any particular officer you will be promoted and your stars reset. Recruits can also obtain the enforcer rank (one up) by getting lvl 50. All lvl 50s that join are automatically promoted to enforcers. If you have a Widow or Spider and would like to join our SG you can msg me Old Man Crab in game or email your toons name to @Rivvic. Alternatively msg or email Six-Six Ps: all sg members get a free Arachnos coffee mug
  2. By this I specifically mean the Praetorian Notoriety NPCs. When you have Praetorian Beacons like First Ward and Night Ward, I like to have an NPC indicating where the teleporters are going to. This would go well with my other suggestion of the new Praetoria Beacons (that should have been added a long time ago). The P2W vendor would also be very nice to have in your SG base.
  3. Hola a todos, He creado a Furia Esp ( Furia Española ) para nosotros que hablamos Español tengamos nuestro propio Super Grupo. Si os quereis uniros mandame un mensaje privado o un mail dentro del juego. Mi pj se llama Shisiara. Espero conoceros y divertirnos juntos.
  4. Macshlong

    LF Active SG

    Hi all, I'm a UK based player that's on this server because I work shifts and also because its much busier than Union. I'm looking for an active SG thats into a mix of things, I have a couple of solo farm capable toons for when people need a little help and I enjoy running support classes in Radio, missions, TF's etc. Not into PvP at all. I'm on a lot, but I will have to occasionally go through phases of not being about for 2-3 days due to work commitments
  5. The Issue at Hand With supergroup bases now being free to create, it's now much easier to create bases for personal use, be that for fleshing out a character (giving them a home of their own), a means of storing more salvage/enhancements, or a quick way of getting from place to place (via base teleporters). However, it comes at the limitation of not being able to join a 'proper' supergroup on that character. Naturally, there is a workaround to this: creating an alt to manage the personal base for you, leaving your character free to join whichever supergroup they wish. While very serviceable, it does have its downsides. Namely: Entering your 'personal' base via a supergroup password becomes mandatory Editing this base requires switching between your regular and alt character You can't use the salvage/enhancement/inspiration storage facilities in said personal base As such, I believe it would be a nice quality of life (i.e. low priority) improvement to let characters create their own personal bases, alongside being able to join a supergroup. This would be done with the aim of resolving the downsides above. Potential Implementation Proposal Personal bases would function as a 'stripped down' version of a supergroup - ranks would not be necessary, though emblems/colours might be optional. There would be no need for permissions outside of "which characters consider this their personal base"; this would give them sufficient permission to add storage, edit the base, etc. This has added benefit for users who want to create a personal base for multiple different characters, allowing them to gather them under one easily accessible place. I imagine this as a join code via slash commands. For example: /joinpb password Designates the personal base with this passcode as the one your character resides in /sharepb password Make your personal base joinable Primarily for people with alts who want to have an umbrella base to join under. Definitely low priority, would be cool This assumes that personal bases would be owned by default. Proposed alternatives welcome! Entrance into the base for others would be through a password, similar to supergroup bases. I imagine that this would require the implementation of a different slash command, such as /pbpasscode password, to allow it to be set alongside a supergroup's. Those who enter via this means would be unable to access salvage racks, etc. similar to how supergroup bases function when entered via a password. When selecting a base entry portal, the "Your Base" option would default to your personal base (if you had one), with the options underneath showing the actual supergroup(s) you've joined/coalitioned with. Conclusion This sounds like a rather complex thing to do, for fairly small quality of life benefits, but I'm putting it out here because it'd be a cool thing to discuss, and small as the benefits may be, they might be of interest to others. So with that, I leave a few questions: Are proper personal bases something you'd be interested in seeing? If no, for what reasons are you opposed? If yes, for what benefits do you support the idea for? What do you think of the proposed implementation for personal bases? Do you have alternative suggestions on how it might be implemented? Any potential improvements on the proposal above? Concerns with the proposal? Looking forward to the responses from the community! Hopefully it gives some food for thought, and stirs a good amount discussion.
  6. Wondering if there are any Knockback-friendly SGs on any of the HC shards/servers? Knockback-positive would be even better. I kind of want to build a pepsi-popper and really slot it up for knockback, but I don't want to be the jerk on the teams throwing opponents out of everyone's range. Don't really care which shard it is in as I've got characters on all the shards, just looking for a group of people who love to drop kick opponents across the map. My in-game handle is @V.V
  7. Hey! Just wondering what the options are when it comes to (as the title says) changing leadership in a supergroup. Couldn't find any mention of a command or interface option that lets the leader (/owner?) transfer their title to another player/character. So question 1: Is letting the timed demotion kick in the only way of making this happen? Follow-up questions.. 2: Can I use this to switch leadership between my own characters? 3: Is there no way to disable the automatic demotion? I'm aware of why the system exists but other than the answer for question 1 being "yes", I have no need for it. Thank you!
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