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Found 5 results

  1. I have a macbook pro and I'm not able to log on. Not even past the screen. When I press 'enter' after putting in my password, it freezes for a moment then gives me the same notification popup saying that its either the server thats down or a firewall issue. It's about a paragraph long. I turned off firewall to see if it was that and it was still saying it. I checked the server status and it's not down. I checked to see if I had any anti-virus programs and I don't. I'm so confused. I uploaded an image. I even went to the "island rum" app and pressed rescan several times and nothing. I restarted computer and checked for any updates. Nothing. This sucks! Please help! This was only gonna be my third time playing.
  2. I was looking around and playing with power set combinations and was sad to see that there isn't a tanky support class. I am kinda enthralled by the idea of a Bio-armor/Nature affinity character that I think could be really fun to play. I haven't given too much thought to how the synergies would work or if it would be even remotely balanced (in either direction...I can see it being possible to make a character that cannot deal any damage, which would obviously be a problem.) Anyway, what are everyone's thoughts on this? We already have the Sentinel which is a kind of Tank/Blaster type, so what about a Tank/Support?
  3. The Experience I went digging, I do a lot of sleuthing about on the nitty gritty of the game these days, looking for a small bit of information on a specific Task Force the other night that I found myself soloing simply for the heck of it. By the other end of it I came up pretty empty handed both in regards to that Task Force, and just the general fact that there was strangely a lack of discussion around the idea of soloing it. Hoped back onto the forums from beyond Google to see if there were ever any threads with open discussion about soloing content, thoughts, experiences, just anything in general in the last few months. Not a thing specifically designated to that purpose. So I figured, why not open that floor up and see what the thoughts are out there? I recently took on the challenge of building a Titan Weapon/Regeneration Scrapper with the explicit purpose of putting it through as much challenging content as I could, with as much solo as I find the time to do. The game was quiet, so I decided I'd try and take a peak around Khallisti Wharf for the first time ever, and also take a swing at the Task Force (Market Crash) while I was around. I hadn't actually taken a tour through it yet, and thought it'd be fun to try and run something brand new. There's relatively no direct-link resource for that TF, so it was a bit of a blind-run (not a big deal, really), until the end with the last AV (Crimson Prototype). That thing smoked me within 15 seconds and I was, truly and honestly, baffled. I hosp'd and took another swing, got it about 1/5 down before it happened again... just flat-lined out of no where. Que growing rage. For an AV, the Crimson Prototype is kind of annoying, but in a solo circumstance I was finding him, on that build, irritatingly difficult and it wasn't until another death, and really looking at the combat log that I realized it causes -MaxHP. I knew I had a ton of effective debuffs stacking on me, but not a lot of time to really stop and question them individually in my fight to kill that thing, and stay alive at the same time. There's also the fun little fact that whenever it manages to get a hold of, or summon a Force Field Generator, that tiny little drone makes the CP effectively untouchable. Its debuffs are what killed it for me on a Regen, though. I could cycle a lot of +Def and +Res, and hold up for a considerable amount of time without question, but at the end of it all Regeneration is one of my key elements, and that guy was stripping me down 100's of HP at a shot to the point where I was getting dropped by half, making those meager 150-200 damage attacks critical me. In the end I had to fold and give up the TF. It didn't matter if my Regen ridiculously high, it was chopping my hit points right out from under me. In the end, I might not have made the attempt if I'd come across a more definitive "btw, watch out for this..." I'll possibly revisit it down the road once I have the last few sets catalyzed in my build, and the Incarnates at least all T3 (versus only having Alpha and T1 Judgement). The Call to Action! That being said, I wanted to call out to others whose quest is to solo the content of our great city on their thoughts, tips, tricks, or stories they've experienced that might weigh in on the idea for others. What lessons did you learn, or what event happened that no other soul got to witness but you, alone in that dark cavern beneath Oranbega? I wanted to hear from others, to share those memories into something constructive for others, if anyone's interested. What's your Solo: Best Experience Favorite Content Task Force Tips AV Challenges GM Takedowns Bang-for-Buck Arcs Merit-Making Side-Runs Soul Crushing Defeats World Breaking Wins Solo Questions Advanced Warnings Overall Tricks If enough people dive in and there's a good flow of info, I may even go back and edit it together into an archive/table of contents.
  4. This is for all of us who have always wanted to make a truly "magical" defender/corruptor/controller/mastermind, but don't want to be bound purely to the "dark arts" of Darkness. The concept is a unique one, but I think it's doable, given that Radiation and Sorcery sets both have powers that act this way already: The "effects" of your powers will differ based on the target. Foes are debuffed/weakened, allies are buffed/healed. This would offer great adaptability between solo and team play. All of the numbers are based off Corruptor/Controller levels. I tried to use powers that already exist in some similar form and existing animations. Mystic Empowerment: You are a master of mystic forces, and can use both new and ancient incantations to aid your allies, weaken your foes, and turn the tides of battle against your enemies. Tier 1: Mending Incantation targetted AoE Heal/Heal Over Time You speak a mending spell which instantly heals a targeted ally and places a healing aura around him, sending tics of healing over time to all allies around him for a short duration. 83.35 Heal (8.5%) on target, 5 tics of 30 HoT over 30 seconds on nearby allies. Recharge 20 seconds. (This could use a slightly altered temporal mending animation combined with the runes aura.) Tier 2: Unveil Anima: Toggle Targeted AoE Ally +Resistance. Foe -dmg, -speed, -acc. You expose the true spiritual essence of your target for all to see. If cast on an ally, the vision inspires them, giving them strong resistance to all types of damage, and grants a moderate resistance boost to allies nearby. If cast on a foe, they are left exposed, suffering reduced damage and recharge, and even weakening the damage of other nearby foes. Foe cast: -20% dmg, -30 rech Ally cast: + 20% res on target, +12% res on nearby allies. This could use a slightly altered Darkest Night animation, combined with the effect from Possess. When cast on a foe it would have a dark tint, when cast on an ally it would have a bright one. Tier 3: Ethereal Vortex: Targetted AoE Ally +dmg, +rch. Foe -res, +slow You open a portal to the spiritual plane directly beneath your target, creating a patch of spiritual energy around them. If your target is an ally, the energy within the portal will bestow a boost to damage and recharge rate of allies within. If your target is a foe, the flames of the nether world will lower their resistances to damage and slow their movement and attack speeds. You may only have one active vortex at a time. Foe Cast: -30% res, -30% speed Ally cast: +20% dmg, +20% rech 90 second Recharge, 30 second duration. This could use a slightly altered tar patch animation (given a "flaming" outline), combined with the "dome" effect from Time Manipulation's "distortion field or perhaps an altered version of gravity's phase location based AoE. Tier 4: Arcane Fires: Targetted AoE Absord/ Single target Fire DoT, -tohit You can can imbue your allies or curse a foe with arcane fires. They become surrounded by flaming swords. Allies will find these swords offer protection, absorbing incoming damage until they dissipate. Foes will find themselves under assault from the flames, suffering damage over time and a decreased chance tohit. Foe Cast: -20% tohit for 30 seconds, 30 tics of .33 fire damage over 30 seconds. Ally cast: +30% Absorb for 30 seconds. Recharge 45 seconds I'd LIKE this to use the flaming swords from the Apex TF, only smaller versions that simply hover around your target. Tier 5: Vexing Ward You can imbue an ally or foe with a vexing spell. This ward will protect an ally from status affects like fears,holds,confuses,sleeps, and disorients. When used on a single foe, this ward has a strong chance to Disorient them briefly. Foe cast: Mag 3 Disorient, 9.5 secs. Ally cast: Mag 10 status Res. 90 secs. 16 second Recharge This could just use a combination of the empower demons animation from demon summoning and the "enforce morale" animation from Pain Domination on the recipient (or a standard disorient animation on a foe). Tier 6: Judgement of the First Ones Team Resurrect, +dmg/ foe +Negative dmg, +fear. You call upon the judgement of the First Ones for all who have fallen in combat nearby. Fallen allies nearby will be granted a return to life for their heroic deeds and be empowered for battle, while fallen foes will unleash torment on their own kind. Foe Cast: +145 Negative Energy damage, 6 second mag 3 fear. Ally Cast: Team Rez, +30% dmg 60 seconds. 90 second Recharge This would use the Howling Twilight animation on allies, and the Fallout animation on a Foe. Tier 7: Counter Spells: PBAoE Toggle: Foe placate You are constantly casting counter spells to incoming attacks. These spells are simple magic and don't always work, but affected foes nearby will find themselves unable to attack you. 4 second mag 2 placate, 50% chance, 4 sec mag 1 placate, 80% chance, 15 foot radius. 20 second recharge. This would use a demon summoning rune animation at start, then he World of Pain dome animation from Pain Domination while active. Tier 8: Celestial Winds Ranged Facing Cone: +Regeneration/+Recovery You can summon the celestial winds, giving you and allies in front of you a boost to your Regeneration and recovery. Allie + 20% Regen, +20% Recover. Recharge 240 seconds, duration 120 seconds. Effects do not stack from the same caster. This would use the animation from Regrowth, adding in runes from the rune aura to make it appear mystical in nature. Tier 9: Summon Familiars Ally +absorb, +dmg, +Tohit You summon familiar spirits for you and your allies. A single spirit will follow each teammate, protecting them from pain while helping them make their attacks more damaging and likely to hit. These sprits can be attacked, and will eventually dissipate. summon pet :familiar. These would be "buffed up" versions of the wisp vet reward buffing pet, summoning one for each member of the team. They would have a moderate amount of their own HP, and would give themselves and their target periodic tics of 10% absorb every .5 seconds, 18% +dmg, and 12.5% +tohit. They would last for 90 seconds. Recharge 255 seconds. Duration: 90 seconds.
  5. I haven't played in months so I just reset my password now. However, the new password is not working. Please help!
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