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  1. I and several others have posted guides on how to use converters to craft and convert to items that will sell on the market and make you good money, and yet I still find people that struggle with the process. This boils down to familiarity with the market, knowing what to buy, at what level to buy it, and what will sell. So I thought a step-by-step guide on exactly what I do to make money would be useful. This process usually nets me 50 to 75 million influence per session, per character that I do it with. Note: This guide assumes you understand how to use converters. If you're brand new to this, you might want to read one of the other guides first, then this one once you have the basics down. That said, it's pretty self-explanatory if you study the converter window and play around a bit. Step One: Buy Converters You will probably need at least 100 converters at a minimum, but 200 for preference. If you have enough money, buy converters off the market -- otherwise you can start out by buying them with reward merits. I usually put in bids of around 90,000 per converter and give my bids 24 hours to fill, and they almost always do in that time. 200 converters at 90,000 influence per equals 18 million influence, if I'm calculating correctly. Caveat: buying converters, and having enough money to craft and list for a good price, is the first hurdle for anyone. If you're starting with just a few million, you'll want to do 1-2 recipes at a time until you've made enough money to go at it like I do, 20 at a time. Step Two: Buy Recipes For recipes, set your minimum and maximum level to 31. This is how I do it -- it allows me to craft at the lowest level possible (IE cheapest crafting costs) without dealing with level 30 recipes. There are, of course, some good IOs that you can come up with at level 30, but also a lot more stuff that won't sell for you, so this is what I consider a good "sweet spot". Others do things different, but if you're just learning, follow my guide until you have a good idea of how things work. ^_^ I tend to craft 20 recipes per session / per character. I'll log into multiple characters, but for each I will collect sales, collect converters I've bought, grab 20 recipes to craft, and craft and convert them and list them for sale. The next evening I'll do the same thing. So! Buy recipes in bulks of 10, and put in bids of 5,000 to 10,000 per recipe. Bid for 40 or 60 or 80 recipes at once, so you're sure to have enough for several sessions. I buy the cheapest recipes I can, and I usually bid 10,000 per recipe, as this is a pretty good high price that will mean my bids will normally fill in 24 hours or less. Good recipes to buy cheap: Confuse - Perplex Defense Debuff - Undermine Defenses Fear - Nightmare Flight - Soaring (except Soaring: Fly/Endurance which requires rare salvage) Holds - Essence of Curare Immobilize - Enfeebled Operation Knockback - Kinetic Crash Leaping - Springfoot Running - Quickfoot Sleep - Lethargic Repose Slow Movement - Tempered Readiness Stuns - Rope-a-dope Taunt - Mocking Beratement Teleport - Jaunt To Hit Buff - Adjusted Targeting To Hit Debuff - Dampened Spirits Good recipes with multiple uncommon/junk conversions: Melee - Crushing Impact Melee - Focused Smite Melee - Smashing Haymaker Pet Damage - Blood Mandage Pet Damage - Brilliant Leadership PBAoE Damage - Cleaving Blow PBAoE Damage - Multi-strike Ranged Damage - Maelstrom's Fury Ranged Damage - Ruin Sniper Attacks - Calibrated Accuracy Sniper Attacks - Exploit Weakness Targeted AoE Damage - Air Burst Targeted AoE Damage - Detonation Note that some of these damage recipes may sell for more than 10,000 influence part of the time. PBAoE is a quick conversion to Obliteration, which sells well, so those for example may sell for more than my usual 10,000 influence bid. Why buy these recipes, specifically? They're all cheap and all of the ones in the first group should convert to a rare IO if you do a Category Conversion (2 converters) first. The second group listed can convert to other uncommon IOs (there's more than one uncommon set in the category) so with those, you can do a Rarity Conversion (1 converter) first and hopefully get something that automatically converts to a rare with a Category Conversion, and even better, something in a category that will sell. Obviously, buying a "cheap" defense or healing recipe may sound like a better idea since it converts directly into something good -- but a lot of people can see this, and those recipes are sometimes selling for hundreds of influence per. Meanwhile, with converters, virtually ANY recipe can be turned into something valuable, so we just want some cheap recipes that we can get easily. Step Three: Crafting Once you have 20 recipes (either 10 of each of two different recipes, or 20 of one recipe) then buy the salvage to craft them. I tend to bid 5,000 influence per salvage for both uncommon and common, because I want my bids to fill immediately. I don't see much of an advantage in bidding ahead of time to save money -- you don't save that much. I like to craft in the Vanguard building, but a university works, or anywhere works with a crafting table which is 10 million from Pay 2 Win. Step Four: Converting As noted above, for IOs from group A, do a Category Conversion (2 converters) first so that you have a rare IO. Next do one to several Rarity Conversions (1 converter) until you get something that will sell well. For recipes from group B, do it in the reverse order -- one or more Rarity conversions, and then a Category Conversion to get to a rare. Then more Rarity conversions if needed. Things that will sell well (convert until you get one of these): *Defense - Luck of the Gambler. Always convert Gift of the Ancients and Reactive Defenses to Luck of the Gambler with Category Conversions. This can sometimes take a lot of conversions, because you'll also hit Red Fortune and Serendipity, but LotG sells better than almost anything so it is always worth it. I usually do in-set conversions until I get Defense, Defense/Endurance, or the +7.5% recharge IO, but all of them sell pretty well I think. *Resistance Damage - Aegis or Unbreakable Guard, or Impervium Armor Psionic Resistance. If you get any other Impervium Armor, my suggestion is to do a Category Conversion to get an Aegis or Unbreakable Guard, those sell pretty well and doing an in-set conversion to try and get the Psionic Resistance IO does not strike me as worth your time. If you get it randomly, then keep it and sell it of course. *Healing - Miracle +recovery, Numina regeneration/recovery. It is not necessarily a bad idea to sell any Numina or any Preventative Medecine that turns up, most of them will sell for 2-3 million influence, but what you want is the two above IOs that sell for 4-5 million influence. In my opinion it is always worth converting a Miracle IO into the proc, the profit is too good not to. *Endurance - Performance Shifter Endurance or +Chance of Endurance. I do in-set conversions to get one of those two, although the Endurance IO only sell for about 2 million right now. But it will definitely sell. *Some Damage IOs, as follows *PBAoE Damage (Obliteration especially, but also Scirocco's Dervish). Some Obliterations can go for 4-5 million depending on availability. *Melee Damage - Touch of Death and Kinetic Combat. Mako's Bite I usually convert again. Kinetic Combat is the only really good seller here, and I will usually convert the Chance to Knockdown into one of the others since it does not sell well. The other pieces sell for at least 2-3 million. Nothing else here sells for a lot, but I can list Touch of Death for about 1.5 million and it will usually sell. *Ranged Damage - Decimation only. Again not a huge seller, but sometimes certain pieces of the set are in short supply and sell for several million. The other options - Entropic Chaos, Devastation, sell for very little. *Targeted AoE - Positron's Blast, and to a lesser extent Annihilation. Annihilation does not sell for a ton but I can get 1.5 million to 2 million for them. Knockback - Sudden Acceleration: Knockback to Knockdown. Pretty much only this one knockback IO is worth your time, but it sells well. *Universal Travel - Blessing of the Zephyr. It's probably worth converting your BoTZ to the 4 points Knockback Protection IO, which always sell well -- although not well enough to chase it with in-set conversions, I think. *To Hit Buff - Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control. They don't sell for a ton, but around 1.5 - 2 million. *Running - Celerity (Steath only). Again, 1.5 to 2 million. I only sell the stealth IO (only this run version, I ignore the leaping version which sells even more poorly). If I get a Celerity that isn't the stealth IO, I do a random rarity conversion again rather than trying to do an in-set conversion, it's not valuable enough to mess with that. *Recharge Intensive Pets - Expedient Reinforcement. These sell for at least 2 million on average, sometimes more *Holds - Lockdown. I don't bother with Ghost Widow's Embrace, but Lockdown will sell for about 2 million. *Accurate Healing - Touch of the Nictus. These don't sell particularly well except when something is in short supply, but 1.5 million to 2 million per IO is possible. If you get anything other than what is listed above, do another random Rarity Conversion. They only cost 1 converter, so do as many as you need to get something good, and then do Category or In-Set Conversions as needed to get the right IOs. Remember, more Rarity Conversions means more chances to land on a Defense or Resist Damage IO, or a Miracle IO. Caveat: Everyone will have their own list of what they consider worth selling, and even mine changes occasionally. At one point I was selling Mako's and Devastation and I did not consider converting to the Numina unique worth my time. Always be willing to try new things -- the important point here is that you need to do enough conversions that a good portion of what you list is making good money. You might be able to sell a lot of other IOs for 1 million a piece and turn a small profit, but if we're going to all this effort we might as well do an extra conversion or two to get something that sells for 2 or 3 or 4 million. Step Five: Listing/Selling Never list for what you want to sell for. Your goal is to have the lowest price without selling it that low. If you think it usually sells for 2 million, list for 1.9 million, or 1.7 million, or however low you think you can go without accidentally selling it too low. Naturally, this trick only works some of the time, but that's okay too. The point is that you want your IO to sell, not sit around -- but you're hoping for a good price. ^_^ Pay attention to how many are for sale. If there are few for sale, you can sell at a very high price. IF there are only a couple for sale, or zero, then list for at or above the most recent prices, because you should be able to get that. Be careful of last five. Sometimes it lies to you. That said, most of this stuff sells frequently and I think that affects how often the display bug crops up -- I don't see it a lot when I'm listing these IOs for sale. Also you will learn from repeated selling about how much is the right price. I often see an IO that has sold for, say 2 million in the last 5, and I know it normally sells for 3-4 million and will again, so I'm not fooled by a temporary drop in price. Generally speaking the best IOs here are the Luck of the Gamblers that sell for upwards of 7 million. That's been a pretty consistent price for the +7.5% recharge. Recently though the Defense/Endurance has been really low and has also been selling for about that much. Miracle +recovery, Numina's regen/recovery, and sveral of the other specials will usually sell for 4-5 million. It's okay to sell a few of the cheaper things for 2 million but you want to hit on the expensive IOs about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time if you can, because that's where you make money fast. Step Six: Bidding Before you end your session, make sure you have bids in for enough recipes and converters for next time. --------------- And that's it! Once you have a good idea of what sells and what to list it for, you can do the whole craft and convert thing on 20 IOs and list them in about 10 or 15 minutes, and by the next day you should see at least 50 million in sales. Profits vary, and you'll be spending money to buy more converters, but it doesn't take very long doing this before you have several hundred million on hand.
  2. So currently we can set 1 power to auto use whenever it refills. I think the majority of people i know set this as Hasten except in a few cases. Is there any chance we could raise this so we could have 2 powers? For ATs like Doms or anyone with essential clicks that effect defence like Farsight and Mind Link this would be a huge game changer and honestly a lot more fun. It's a pain in the ass when rolling through mobs to suddenly drop dead because you forgot to click Mind Link .
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