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Found 16 results

  1. Expensive is fine, just not good with the numbers and would like to see if anyone has any builds they can share?
  2. After all the work on bane builds. I am shifting back to my Widow. I am not very interested in running a Night Widow as a straight scrapper. If I could leverage 85% resist cap and high defense. How tanky could I make a widow? First draft, haven't tried it on the beta server yet. I went with Night Widows over Fortunatas because of the ease of perma Mind Link. Obviously, this build is a late bloomer and very expensive. Pros: All def soft capped, except psi def which is 42%. Lots of debuf buffer in positional. All resist 85%,
  3. In your opinion or experience what is the tank that just keeps going regardless of enemy type, number of enemies, etc. The one that faces hordes of CoT or Vanguard wizards and laughs, the kind of tank that walks over and kicks Scrapyard in his ass. The last person standing kind of tank, the one that puts "super" into superman, the Unstoppable in Juggernaut, etc. I realize survivability is more than the damage in dealing with a tank, and I love my broots, but, I want a runaway train kind of tank.
  4. The proc for the Superior Might of the Tanker ATO gives 6.7% when active in Combat Attributes. The buff tooltip says it only gives 6%, which is wrong. The power tooltip says it only gives 4%, which is also wrong.
  5. Hi all, As part of the Tanker Tuesday (TT) theme and mantra (to run all content using only all Tanker teams), we’re going to attempt to fulfill one of our collective bucket list items and run an all Tanker Hami on September 29th, on Excel at the usual TT time 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern. We’d like to invite all Tank enthusiasts to join our attempt with this historical undertaking. Our goal is to get a full league of Tanks, but with 35+ Tankers joining the event, I think we have a good chance of success. But, we’re Tanks, so, the more the merrier! And, the closer we
  6. Hello, So to start, I want to credit: @Hyperstrike. I took his base INV/ Tank build and added my SS. Also keep in mind this is my first attempt at a "build", is this over kill? I want mainly survivability which I'm hoping I accomplished through his INV/ portion. Just didn't know if the SS portion was overkill. Let me know what yall think, thanks. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1458&c=685&a=1370&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594DB4E13511486F7B4534B4BA1E5D016044A5B0A3DC140917B13458C4A134CD1DB3AC2B64CA8A599B62A97BE81A2C63BBDF57CE
  7. I am reviving all of my old heroes from Live and up next is my main tank. I kept none of my notes and builds from Live so please help critique this build as I start my planning. Dull Pain is perma. Haste is just two seconds shy. Attack Chain would go KB>Jab>Haymaker>Jab>Foot stomp>Haymaker Recharge was obviously a priority, but after that I kind of lost focus. I just grabbed a little defense, a little res, and a little regen. I took Unrelenting as a chaser for Rage to minimize the DPS crash. Let me know if this is a dumb idea. After the core b
  8. Currently a work in progress, but will be updating as I go. This thread will be used to compile my thoughts on Ice Tankers, all the secondary sets I've tried on Ice Tanking, As well as data mining things such as "How taunting actually works" and suggestions on how to improve/change Defense-based tanker sets.
  9. I've been leveling a Bio/TW tanker and was looking around for a build. Despite lots of people talking about this combination, I could find very few build examples. Plenty of examples for both Bio/something and something/TW, so I picked out bits and pieces and tried to make a cohesive whole. This build is a planned end-game build, primarily because it skips out on so many early attacks. (Defense Sweep and Follow Through hardly constitute a complete attack chain.) I've never played either set to higher levels than my tanker currently is (level 29), so I don't have a great feel for ho
  10. This is basically an idea of changing the Mastermind from a supportive ranged DPS to a tanky melee support, focusing on high aggro and working on applying debuffs up close, effectively being an off brand tanker. Of course this sounds weird without any thought into the powersets, which luckily I thought of. Thugs, Beast Mastery, Ninjas, they all work well, just give thugs street fighting or club, beast mastery Savage melee, and ninjas the ninja sword. But that begs the question on what else? I was personally thinking clones (Which could have different edits cosmetically
  11. I'm building up another tank to not only be able to be sufficiently versatile to tank anything and do a bit of farming if I choose. I'm not sure yet on the incarnate choices and I may not need Hasten I think. I share with you for your wisdom! **edit: I'm probably not going to run tough. I just took it to get to weave. Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Fire Rad: Level 50 Science Tanker Primary Power Set: Fiery Aura Secondary Power Set: Radiation Melee Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership
  12. I was looking around and playing with power set combinations and was sad to see that there isn't a tanky support class. I am kinda enthralled by the idea of a Bio-armor/Nature affinity character that I think could be really fun to play. I haven't given too much thought to how the synergies would work or if it would be even remotely balanced (in either direction...I can see it being possible to make a character that cannot deal any damage, which would obviously be a problem.) Anyway, what are everyone's thoughts on this? We already have the Sentinel which is a kind of Tank/Blaster type, so
  13. I have a lvl 50 Stone / Dark melee tank have him max'd on incarnates but cant get the build the way I had it in live back in live I used a build I found online and tweaked a bit the place I found was something like (angry bunny or something like that it was a blog) I could run out of granite most of the time and in granite I was untouchable. LR couldn't even touch me in STTF I have my build now for max running speed does anyone have a good build for Stone/dark?
  14. This is going to be a "grind from 1-50" character. As such, especially with all the abundant respecs, I've come to think in terms of leveling up with "Early", "Mid" and "Final" builds. Just for reference, for new characters, I pre-purchase all the IOs attuned and just slot them when the time comes. Tank SR caught my attention for the next grinder because I was curious what kind of layers I could add to it. More later about where that ended up for the final build. I chose Claws because, well, why not? (Rhetorical question) First Stage (1-25) This is
  15. Hi so im not very good at making builds but i wanted to roll this tanker cause it seemed fun so i just learned the soft caps and basically things im supposed to be looking for when building a tank so i threw this together and i dont know if its any good so feel free to look and change it up to make it better and id appreciate all the feedback i can get 🙂 building this for high lvl gameplay like incarnates and stuff! Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Natural Tanker Primary Power Set: Ic
  16. Hi can anyone point me to a Pines build for this beast, I have just reached 50 and would like the best build to tank AV's. Any advise would be useful
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