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  1. Not sure if anyone's doing any Mission Architect content outside of farms these days so I thought I'd mention that I did a thing. In particular, said thing is a Mission Architect story that spans across 3 arcs (i.e., 15 missions), basically making a task force of sorts. Story Details Sergeant DaCosta's Task Force Morality: Heroic Levels: 40 - 54 Keywords: Non-canon, Ideal for teams, Custom characters Length: Very Long (3x 5 missions) Agents of Change, Part 1: The American Way (Arc ID 48597) Chapters 1 - 5 As a simple favor for Captain Nolan, you've been asked to help out with PPD Sergeant Giancarlo DaCosta's department as they have been stretched thin lately. But now something suspicious is going down in PI and you find yourself having more than the occasional run-in with the US Agency as you go investigate. Wait, the US what? Who even are these guys? Agents of Change, Part 2 - Taken Identities (Arc ID 48598) Chapters 6 - 10 Your involvement with the US Agency isn't over yet. Your continuing investigation for Sgt. DaCosta has now looped in SWAT Lieutenant Martin Zarovsky's own investigation, bringing you to some familiar (and, in some cases, too familiar) faces as you both chase down the truth behind the impersonating act you witnessed earlier. Is a larger conspiracy at hand? Agents of Change, Part 3 - A Foreign Soil (Arc ID 48599) Chapters 11 - 15 The truth behind the seeming duplicity you witnessed earlier has revealed something of an inhuman plot and it would appear that the US Agency is mixed up in it. But are things really what they seem to be? Your continuing investigation is taking you places and Sergeant DaCosta is looking to your task force team to save the day. Story Features & Caveats - Custom baddies as well as allies across 4 unique (and well-populated) factions. - So much flavor text, so much story text: Pay attention to the Clues gained and Mission Start/End Popups. Everything is right-clickable for more info. There is story everywhere. Even some little jokes and references. - Despite the amount of flavor added to parts of the arcs, some missions only really require a couple items to complete (in spite of the number of glowing things making glowie noises at you). - 4 of the total 15 missions will be legitimately fail-able to impart a sense of urgency. So be careful. - There are a couple defeat-alls but none of them will be timed missions. To balance this out, there are also some small mapped missions. - The difficulty increases the further you go into the entire 15 mission arc. The difficulty starts at Easy from Missions 1-5, then it scales up a little to medium for Missions 6-10 and then it's mostly medium-hard for Missions 11-15. If you give this a play-through, let me know if you encounter any errors and typos. As it is, I encountered quite a few bugs in dealing with Mission Architect and made do the best I could. Please be kind in your comments. Enjoy.
  2. I’ll be the first to admit that controllers don’t always feel great in the end game. Rolling nukes and super IO builds that need little support leave a traditionally low damage AT that specializes in creating safety out in the cold. But rather than lament those shortcomings, I embrace being left out in the cold. I prefer instead to ask, not what I bring to a team, but rather, what does a team bring to me? Grab a blanket and curl up by the fire because it is about to get cold Character: Frosticus Build 1: Illusion/Cold/Psi (survival build) Build 2: Illusion/Cold/Stone (damage build) Build 3: Illusion/Cold/Primal (retired generalist build seen in a few screens) (All the following are with NO insp/temps/lore/amplifiers) So far I have: MoAPEX MoMarketCrash MoITF MoLGTF MoLRSF MoKhan Some GM's/AV's (NO insp/temps/lore/amplifiers) -Sinclair lvl 54+3 -Mot lvl 54+3 -Lusca -Jack/Eochai -Council Goliath Warwalker (GM) -Kronos Class Titan (GM) -Lt. Sefu Tendaji lvl 54 -Siege lvl 54 (BAF version w/ rings of death) Kicking it off with: MoApex Got this on my first attempt. None of my other characters have made it to the final mission under these restictions. The Toxic snake pits can tear down builds in moments. Turns out they tear themselves apart pretty quickly too! Battlemaiden isn’t “that” hard for ranged characters (just shoot and move), the surge of adds causes my summons to lose focus slowing the fight down a fair amount. The previous mission with wave after wave of warwalkers always overwhelms my other characters. I found that it relieves enough pressure if I confused one of the warwalkers and then took on the rest during each wave.
  3. I put together this list from the sticky post for the Weekly Strike Targets for Double Merits (List at the bottom of this post) I got tired of looking up how many merits were awarded for each Task Force/Strike Force/Trial. The one-off reward (Double Reward Merits + Notice of the Well or bonus XP) can only be earned once per character, per week, even if there’s more than one Strike Target. This list may have some errors, the information came from the Homecoming Wiki which is somewhat incomplete. Hopefully this helps others to make informed decisions about how they want to gain their double merits. The number of missions includes the street hunts. Link to Google Sheet with Dates https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15qwbS67DmKU6A7eaIVb2ghU10CpsFBsLjDd7PHo8dVs/edit?usp=sharing Task Force/Trial Merits x2 Missions Hero/Villain/Coop Week 1 - New Cycle Begins The Rule of Three (Positron, Level 8-15) 11 22 7 H Dam Hero (Positron, Level 11-16) 15 30 7 H Beast of the Mountain (Virgil Tarikoss, Level 15-20) 13 26 6 V Week 2 The Praetorian Offensive (Tin Mage Mark II, Level 50 + Alpha Slot) 40 80 3 C Alpha Strike (Apex, Level 50 + Alpha Slot) 40 80 2 C Explorers and Exploiters (Dr. Quaterfield, Level 40-45) 122 244 24 H Week 3 The Fall of the Clockwork King (Synapse, Level 15-20) 58 116 15 H The Legend of Ruladak (Sara Moore, Level 44-50) 63 126 15 H Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Level 20-25) 42 84 6 V Week 4 Time's Arrow (Imperious, Level 35-50) 28 56 5 H The Saga of Faathim (Justin Augustine, Level 44-50) 42 84 32 H Temple of the Waters (Operative Renault, Level 25-30) 24 48 14 V Week 5 A Clamor for the People (Penelope Yin, Level 20-25) 20 40 4 H The Saga of Lanaru (Faathim the Kind, Level 44-50) 73 146 12 H The Crystal of Seraphina (Ice Mistral, Level 35-40) 26 52 7 V Week 6 Ms. Liberty TF (Ms. Liberty, Level 45-50) 38 76 5 H Future of Freedom (Lord Recluse, Level 45-50) 25 50 7 V Abandoned Sewer Trial (Mairenn MacGregor, Level 38-50) 28 56 2 H Week 7 Citadel's Children (Citadel, Level 25-30) 40 80 11 H Beast of the Mountain (Virgil Tarikoss, Level 15-20) 13 26 6 V The Eden Trial (Woodsman, Level 39-50) 6 12 2 H Week 8 The Lady Grey TF (Lady Grey, Level 45-50) 39 78 5 C The MegaMech Cometh (Ernesto Hess, 25-30) 19 38 9 H Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Level 20-25) 42 84 6 V Week 9 Following Countess Crey (Manticore, Level 30-35) 32 64 10 H The Sky is Falling (Admiral Sutter, Level 20-40) 22 44 3 H The Fire and the Flames (Mortimer Kal, Level 20-40) 22 44 4 V Week 10 Market Crash (Ada Wellington, Level 40-50) 20 40 3 C Temple of the Waters (Operative Renault, Level 25-30) 24 48 14 V The Kheldian War (Moonfire, Level 23-28) 31 62 11 H Week 11 Soul of the Woodsman (Numina, Level 35-40) 36 72 23 H Chasing Fool's Gold (Dr. Aeon, Level 35-50) 40 80 5 V A Tangled Plot (Katie Hannon, Level 30-34) 9 18 4 H Week 12 Return of the Reichsman (Dr. Kahn, Level 45-50) 20 40 5 H Thus Spoke the Reichsman (Barracuda, Level 45-50) 20 40 9 V Cavern of Transcendence (Karsis, Level 12-15) 7 14 1 H Week 13 Terra Volta Respec #1 (Jane Hallaway, Level 24-33) 27 54 3 H Tree of Thorns Respec #1 (Sparcetriel, Level 24-33) 14 28 3 V Terra Volta Respec #2 (James Harlan, Level 34-43) 20 40 3 H Tree of Thorns Respec #2 (Trepsarciel, Level 34-43) 14 28 3 V Terra Volta Respec #3 (Richard Flagg, Level 44-50) 20 40 5 H Tree of Thorns Respec #3 (Ractespriel, Level 44-50) 15 30 3 V
  4. Collection: Solo-friendly AV/GM/TF Builds Hi all. I've grown an interest in soloing in CoH, and did a fair bit of playing and reading up. I've collected what I've found and my own experiences playing a titan/bio, ill/rad, and ill/traps (incomplete) controller. I've also broken it down by content difficulty level, based on my experience. It's incomplete, so I'm hoping people will respond here to add in their experiences with builds I haven't listed. I'd especially like to know about MM's, ill/storm|cold, and fortunatas for harder & near-impossible content -- these are mentioned often but ppl don't say what content they can solo. Also, I don't play villain-side, so those are unknown. Without further ado: **************************************** Hard to solo: AV's for Accolades (Maria Jenkins, etc.) Most hero-side GM's ITF, regular setting Known viable builds: Ill/traps|rad|cold, Fire/ice blaster, @Chirikiti's mind/psy dominator, titan/bio scrapper Speculated: @Werner [email protected] Z Bubba's brute builds, @nihilii's fire/rad sentinel, Fire/fire blaster, empathy/? defender, Masterminds, Fortunatas, ill/storm, ill/cold, most scrappers, most brutes, @Elmyder's fire/fire blaster Harder: Sutter: Ill/rad unknown Katie Hannon: Ill/rad unknown Babbage (level-limited): Ill/storm known LGTF: Ill/traps unknown ITF +4/x8: empathy/? defender, brute builds below, ill/rad, Dark Armor/Martial Arts Tank, fire/rad sentinel, fire/ice, fire/time, dev/time blasters, sav/shield stalker, ill/therm, ill/traps are known AVs +4/x8: brute builds below, fire/rad sentinel are known Market Crash: Apex: empathy/? defender, demon/cold MM known Tin Mage: empathy/? defender known Jurassik: Goliath War Walker: Known viable builds: Ill/rad | cold, titan/bio scrapper, Elmyder's fire/fire blaster Speculated: Ill/traps, Werner's and Bill Z Bubba's brute builds, Nihilii's fire/rad sentinel, empathy/? defender, Chirikiti's mind/psy dominator Near-impossible: Kahn TF: corruptor (fire/cold) known, Frosticus' ill/cold controller (MoKhan), ill/therm, cold/sonic defender STF / MLTF: Nihilii's fire/rad sentinel known Known viable builds: titan/bio scrapper, Elmyder's fire/fire blaster ************************************ Sources: - Search for posts in the Brute AT sub-forum from @Werner & @Bill Z Bubba - Search for @Nihillii's post on "Silly Sentinel Tricks" on Sentinel AT sub-forum - Search for "Solo" and "AV/GM killer" posts - Titan/bio scrapper guide on Scrapper AT sub-forum - Ill/traps vs. Ill/rad threads on Controller AT sub-forum - Frosticus' Crazy Controllers 2021 edition post on Controller AT-sub-forum
  5. Tanker Tuesday is in event where tankers gather in Kings Row near the Independence Port exit to organize all-tanker teams that run task forces, missions, and other content. Start trime is 9 PM Eastern time, and usually riuns 2 hours.
  6. Totally Random Task Force Marathon for December 2019 The bus will be back on the road this weekend, and adding more stops to the Marathon. And with 9 stops already 'blacked out' there are plenty of chances of a Re-Roll coming up. Each time a 'Blacked Out' stop is rolled, a random team member will receive 10 MILLION Influence! On Sunday December 8th at Midnight, the Generator will reset, and all stops will be back on the list for the next week. Feel free to add me to your Global Friends List: "@MTNSide" Week of December 02, 2019 - December 08, 2019 Name of Event Time Completed 01) Justin Augustine 57m 02) Ernesto Hess 27m 03) Leader Renault 48m 04) Moonfire 35m 05) Dr. Kahn 47m 06) Penelope Yin 22m 07) Positron 2 33m 08) Imperious 25m 09) Abandon Sewer Trial 20m 10) Dr. Kahn (Player's Choice) 25m 11) Ms. Liberty 36m 12) Tin Mage Mark II 42m 13) Jane Halloway (1st Hero Respec) 18m 14) Lady Grey 35m 15) Ice Mistral 30m 16) Numina 44m 17) Sara Moore 1h 4m 18) Capt. James Harlan (2nd Hero Respec) 21m 19) Death From Below N/A 20) Admiral Sutter 32m 21) Ada Wellington (Market Crash) 33m 22) Virgil Torikoss 37m 23) Katie Hannon 23m 24) Speratrial (1st Villian Respec) 23m 25) Karsis (Cavern of Transendence) 6m 26) Synapse 1H 06m 27) Richard Flagg 30m 28) Tresparciel 13m 29) Positron 1 33m 30) Penelope Yin (Player's Choice) 21m 31) Apex 23m 32) Woodsman (Eden Trial) 16m 33) Manticore 34m 34) Lady Winter (Special Event Roll) N/A 35) Ractespriel 12m 36) Lord Recluse 34m 37) Karsis (Player's Choice) 8m 38) Citadel 41m 39) Faathim the Kind 1H 02m 40) Dr. Q 1H 35m (Week of December 08 - December 15) 01) Moonfire 31m 02) Woodsman (Eden Trial) 12m 03) Leader Renault 36m 04) Numina 28m 05) Lady Grey 38m (Successful Master Of) 06) Virgil Tarikoss 25m 07) Dr. Kahn 31m (Successful Master Of) 08) Positron 1 31m 09) Lord Recluse 51m (Succesful Master Of) 10) Trepsarciel 13m 11) Dr. Quarterfield 1H 46m 12) James Harlan 21m 13) Barracuda 1H15m 14) Positron 2 43m 15) Ice Mistral 36m 16) Justin Augustine 51m 17) Manticore 38m 18) Sparcetriel 13m 19) Death From Below N/A 20) Admiral Sutter 32m 21) Ernesto Hess 34m 22) Imperious 30m 23) Citadel 54m 24) Apex 24m (Successful Master Of) 25) Ada Wellington (Market Crash) 29m 26) Sara Moore 1H 11m 27) James Harlan 27m 28) Weekly Task Force (Katie Hannon) 26m (Week of December 16 - December 22) - This week OFF, Due to Holiday Prep! (Week of December 23 - December 29) 01) Virgil Tarikoss 24m 02) Mairenn MacGregor (ASN) 21m 03) Ernesto Hess 21m 04) Specetriel 9m 05) Karsis (CoT) 4m 06) Justin Augustine 53m 07) Death From Below N/A 08) Dr. Quarterfield 2H 6M 09) Jane Halloway 28m 10) Penelope Yin 21m 11) Katie Hannon 34m 12) Ractespriel 10m 13) Ice Minstral 33m 14) Moonfire 32m 15) Sara Moore 1h 23m 16) Manticore 42m 17) Miss Liberty 49m 18) The Lady Grey CRASH AND BURN NEW YEAR'S EVE MARATHON! I've reset the generator early this week for a END OF THE YEAR Marathon! All stops have been refreshed, and I'll be running the bus as much as I can today, and tomorrow. Let's see how many stops we can finish to end 2019 and start 2020! (New Year's Eve Marathon) 01) The Woodsman (Eden Trial) 12M 02) Justin Augustine 45M 03) Miss Liberty 45M 04) Faathim The Kind 1H 28M 05) Admiral Sutter 40M 06) Dr. Quarterfield 1H 58M 07) Lord Recluse 38M 08) Positron 1 33M 09) Capt. James Harlan 27M 10) Death From Below (Not Timed) 11) Sparcetriel 12M 12) Ernesto Hess 23M 13) Jane Halloway 32M 14) Barracuda 1H 10M 15) Dr. Kahn 31M 16) Drowning In Blood (Not Timed) 17) Ice Mistral 41M 18) Moonfire 33M 19) Sister Psyche 1H 3M 20) Silver Mantis 1H 6M 21) The Lady Grey 35M 22) Ada Wellington (Player's Choice) 24M 23) Citadel 1H 3M 24) Manticore 45M 25) Sara Moore 57M 26) Ractespriel 11M 27) Mortimer Kal 21M 28) Virgil Tarikoss 33M 29) Karsis 3M 30) Numina 32M 31) Officer Renault 38M 32) Imperious 18M 33) Mairenn MacGregor (ASN) 27M 34) Positron 2 18M Next Tour is Scheduled for Saturday January 11, 2020. No set time, but typically late afternoons into the evenings. (EST) A New Post will be started for each Month, to help keep the tour near that top of the forum list for better visibility.
  7. 4-Man STF Accomplished. 9-1-19 @ 2025 PST. Time - 2h 8m https://twitter.com/EverStryke/status/1168367288950505473 Team: @ Crimson-One - Electric/Energy - Tank @ Stines - Fire/Thermal - Controller @ Thunderstryker - Fire/Rad - Controller @ EverStryke - Fire/Kin - Controller Many valiant fire imps died in the attempt. Salute! Homecoming/Torchbearer
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