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  1. Between the forums and the Discord channel, I see a lot of folks confused about setting up base teleporters. It's easy to do once you understand the principles, but since there are things that aren't self-evident, I decided to put together a little guide. (With pictures and everything! Ooh! Ahh!) I've separated my lame jokes from the main text by using a different font color for your convenience. ;D Contents: The Basics The Components Setting Up a Zone Teleporter Setting Up an In-Base Teleporter Troubleshooting Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits #1: The Basics (or, What's All This Hullaballoo About Teleporters, Now?) Base teleporters are, in the simplest terms, a base item you can click that will move your character to somewhere else. Because real heroes & villains don't take cabs, and car insurance in Paragon is just outrageous. What base teleporters can do: They can transport a player to any city/hazard/trial zone that has a beacon and matches their alignment. They can transport a player to another spot within the base, a new function since the old days that's super-cool. What base teleporters cannot do: They cannot transport you to zones you can't access. (i.e., Heroes can't go to villain zones or vice-versa, and low-level Praetorians can't go to Primal Earth.) Silly baby goldsiders, you can't escape Cole's utopia that easily, muahaha! They cannot transport you from city zones into the base. (Though, as noted by justicebeliever--thanks!--you can get a base teleporter power by collecting badges or purchasing it from the P2W vendor.) They cannot change where you zone in to the base when you use a base portal, or make it so different people will zone into the base in different spots. No making the peons turn up in the back alley by the dumpster while the CEO shows up in the penthouse suite; sorry. A note on "Secret Entrance" Portals: Despite being a type of portal, the "secret entrance" is an entirely different beast than a teleporter, with different rules. The secret entrance cannot be deleted. So much for that Poe-themed base idea. There can be only one secret entrance. ...#highlander... If you ever see more than one, it's a glitch; leaving the base empty of people for 20 minutes should reset it. Though the secret entrance can be moved anywhere in the base, the entrance room can't be resized or deleted. Typing /stuck will return you to the secret entrance. Anyone entering the base through the secret entrance will always be facing south. And it just goes south from there! Haha! A-haha...ha...*cough* 😒 Leaving via the secret entrance will return you to the zone you were in before you entered the base. Déjà vu, or a glitch in the Matrix? You decide. If you entered using a base portal, you'll reappear beside it; if you entered any other way, you'll reappear at the zone's designated teleport spot. (Thanks to justicebeliever for the clarification. :) ) Okay, so now that we know what teleporters are and aren't, how do they work? #2: The Components (or, 'Porters & Beacons & 'Port Points, Oh My) Regular teleporters (i.e., the "teleport to zone" types from the live era) have two parts: Teleporter Beacon (the thing you click) (the place you go) Arcane Example: Tech Example: PI Paragon's VP of Engineering, Karen, agreed to be in these photos to provide a sense of scale. She's a shapeshifter and a bit of a clothes-horse, but so dependable and dedicated--I never see her leave her office! For in-base teleporters, there's one other component, a teleport point...but we'll come back to that in a bit. #3: Setting Up a Zone Teleporter (or, Transportation by IKEA) To make a working zone teleporter, all you need is a teleport device and a beacon of the same style placed within range. That's it! Back in my day, we only had one basic and one advanced 'porter for each style...and you needed a special Transportation Room and enough power to run the thing...and even then, the basic 'porters would only go to two places, uphill, BOTH WAYS! These young whipper-snappers and their free, pretty, 10-destination porters don't know how good they have it! Muttergrumblemumumble... (I'm totally kidding about the grumbling, to be clear. They can pry the new porters from my cold dead hands.) The beacons, up to ten per teleporter, can be placed anywhere...above the porter, behind it, buried in the floor, wherever...as long as they are within range. You can tell if a beacon is in range in two ways: Click on the beacon, and make sure there's a yellow box around the teleporter (or vice versa). -or- Click on either the beacon or teleporter, and check the object description box (the "Info" tab for beacons, or the "Aux" tab for the teleporter). The attached items should be listed. #4: Setting Up an In-Base Teleporter (or, "But I Don't Wanna Go Outside, Mom!") For teleporting to another area within the base, there's one more piece you need: a teleport point. Regular beacons teleport you to zone points the game already knows how to find. So, to make an in-base teleporter work, you need to explain to the game where you want people to end up. That's where this tab comes in: Currently, there are ten points available to place inside your base. When placed, they look like this: VP Karen not included. So, let's say you want to teleport from your office to your bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go, amirite? To do that: In your office, put a teleport device. In your office, put an Aleph beacon. In your bathroom, put the Aleph teleport point. (Teleport points don't have a style, and can be used with either arcane or tech devices.) And voila, you can teleport directly from the office to the potty. Base Teleporters: Bringing you proper hydration without fear since 2019. Note, the above setup will only get you to the bathroom. If you want to teleport back, you'll need to repeat the steps above, except in the opposite direction and using a second teleport point. #5: Troubleshooting (or, LIEZ!! It doesn't work!! UR AY FRAUD AN SHUD B ASHAYMED!!) I hope that amused someone because typing like that made me die a little inside. If you've placed a teleporter and it doesn't work the way it should, there are a few things to check: Did the beacon connect to the wrong teleporter? If you have two teleporters close together, the beacon may have linked to a different one than you expected. And next thing you know, the teleporter and the beacon are arguing about infidelity on Dr. Phil. Are you trying to connect more than ten destinations to a single porter? Any beyond ten won't connect. That's what happens when you let the henchmen do the math. Are you using a functional teleporter? As one might imagine, teleporters labeled as inactive or destroyed won't work, but it's an easy mis-click. Now where do I get a portal repair tech at 3 AM on a Saturday?!? The second-most common problem: Is your character the right alignment to see the zones in question? A villain character can't go to hero zones, and vice versa, so the list will be blank even if the beacons are connected and working properly. Nice try, Lord Recluse. And--*drum roll*-- the biggie: Is your beacon the same style as your teleporter? Items from the tech tab will not connect to items from the arcane tab; the styles must match. Arcane & tech elements in the same teleporter ensemble is so last season. Remember... goes with goes with #6: Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits (or, Things You Wish You'd Known Before Wasting That Last 3 Hours) The order zones appear in any teleport listing is according to the zone's ID number in the internal database. The only way you can affect the list order is to link beacons to separate teleporters. We won't discuss how long I tried to alphabetize the teleport beacons before I learned this. I (like a number of other folks, it seems) like to set up my zone 'porters with one for blueside city zones, one for blueside hazard/trial zones, one for redside zones, and one for everything else (although our current base has them split up slightly more for aesthetic reasons). If you aren't sure/can't remember which zones are which, this wiki page may help; it has zones separated by alignment, and you can sort the list by type or level. None of the teleporters are tintable, except the Oranbegan Portal in the Arcane tab. That one lets you recolor the runes that circle around the edge of the portal. I see a red portal and I want to paint it black... There are currently no doors in the base builder that open/close...but you can simulate one using in-base teleporters. You'll need two teleporters (the Interdimensional Shard is a popular choice because it's small), two beacons, and two teleport points. Place the Shards as far inside your doors as you like, as long as enough sticks out for people to click on. Place Beacon A on one side of the door, and Point A on the other...then place Beacon B on that side, and Point B back on the original side, as noted in this high-quality illustration: [Point A, Beacon B, Teleporter] {[DOOR(S)]} [Point B, Beacon A, Teleporter] Great, there goes our whole graphic design budget. Note, you'll want to use two teleporters and make sure your beacons connect the way you intend, because otherwise both destinations would show up on the same teleport list, and someone could inadvertently teleport to where they already are. Ha ha, suckers. Er, I mean... :-X Whatever direction you're facing when you click an in-base teleport point, that's the same way you'll be facing when you come out the other side. (As ajax34i observes, the points -- and the Secret Entrance, for that matter -- do have directional arrows you can see using the Hidden Markers option...but they don't seem to actually be correct or do anything.) Turn around, bright eyes... Since you're actually teleporting instead of using the door like a door, you have the option of putting the "other side of the door" anywhere in the base you like. It doesn't have to be physically near the original door. And they'll never know they've been fooled! MUAHAHAHA!! ...well, unless they look at the map. If devious hidden doors are your jam, you can easily bury your teleporter almost all the way inside pretty much anything...secret door hidden in the bookshelf, anyone? From Catgoyle: "For semi-secret in-base teleports, the globes are about the right size to fit the "interdimensional shard" into (and I hide the beacon under the floor -- enable room clipping)." Just make sure Alfred doesn't set it off accidentally while dusting Wayne Manor. There's no way to re-name the in-base teleport points. What you see is what you get. Fun Fact: I learned that the point names are letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Thanks, Google! Clicking a teleporter always brings up a pop-up destination menu, even if you only link one beacon. At present, there's no way to make it click-and-go like mission doors. Some of the flatter teleporters (the Carnival of Light portal, etc.) are difficult to select once they've been placed. In addition to the usual camera angle shuffle, it can help to hold shift, which helps you click objects hidden behind other things. If all else fails, you can choose "Current Room," sell off the portal, and start over. If a sound/visual effect remains after you delete a teleporter, leaving the base for 20 minutes should reset the map. Anybody else entering the base in that time will prevent the reset; stowaways walk the plank. WanderingAries adds that if you've read all this and decided it's too much work, you can always coalition with someone who's built zone teleporters already and use theirs. 😉 So there you have it, everything you need to be a physics-defying location hopper. Did I leave anything out? Did something get added/changed since this post was written? Did I...*GASP*...get something wrong? Or worse yet...HAVE A TYPO?!?!? :-[ Let me know, and I'll get it fixed. Happy base building!
  2. Updated 2021-01-23 This chart has been assembled from a variety of sources, relying primarily on the current Info text for each power and in-game testing of actions, times etc. It can be considered to supersede all other current information sources, including the patch notes, wiki and (in some cases) even the powers' Info data. Note that this is only the pool/prestige/temporary TP powers, and not those included in the Teleport and other power sets. Notes Base portals and the Ouroboros portal summoned by these powers no longer vanish when the summoner uses them. They persist, and can be used by any alt, for the duration specified. The Monitor Duty and Rapid Response Portal powers appear to be earned simultaneously, by logging out near base portals, and earn new uses in parallel by doing the same thing. The RRM power appears to lag getting the accolade, however, for unknown reasons. Ouroboros Portal The Ouro portal power can be obtained in several ways. The simplest is to dive through an Ouro portal. While you're at it, climb up the gnomon (big arc over the pool) to obtain the exploration badge. For the record, return transit from Ouroboros can be to any of the following zones (hero/villain limitations apply): Atlas Park Independence Port Talos Island Founder's Falls Peregrine Island Cap Au Diable Sharkhead Isle St. Martial Nerva Archipelago Grandville And while we're at it, the only way to get to the Echo Zones is via the Ouro portal at the rear of the building in Ouroboros. (Base transport beacons were removed in I27.) Long Range Teleporter The Long Range Teleporter is unlocked when an alt collects all exploration badges in a single zone for that zone's accolade badge. (Atlas Park and Mercy Island are the easiest, hint hint.) It can also be purchased from P2W if you find 1M Inf easier than hunting a few badges. After that, collecting any one exploration badge in any zone adds that zone to the LRTP's list of target zones. The LRTP can also be unlocked by spending one hour in Pocket D to obtain the Pocket D Gold VIP badge. The Pocket D beacon is unlocked if you gain the LRTP by getting the Pocket D badge. If you get the power any other way, you must unlock the Pocket D beacon by getting one of the two zone exploration badges. (Go for the Trucker one, daredevils.) LRTP Beacons The available Long Range TP zone beacons are (currently) as follows. Each can be obtained by collecting any one exploration badge in that zone. Inherent Your SG Base SG Base via passcode — note that base-entry macros will work in this menu Pocket D — may need to be unlocked Paragon City Atlas Park Kings Row The Hollows Perez Park Skyway City Steel Canyon Boomtown Faultline Talos Island Striga Isle Independence Port Terra Volta Croatoa Brickstown Crey's Folly Founders' Falls Eden Peregrine Island Rikti War Zone Kallisti Wharf — note odd grouping for this one Dark Astoria Rogue Isles Mercy Island Port Oakes Cap Au Diable Sharkhead Isle Nerva Archipelago St. Martial Grandville Praetoria Nova Praetoria Imperial City Neutropolis First Ward Night Ward Shadow Shard Firebase Zulu Cascade Archipelago The Chantry The Storm Palace Obsolete TP Powers The Pocket D VIP transporter has been removed with I27. The Long Range TP power has a Pocket D option, though. The many auction house TP powers may not be earnable by new alts any more, but if you had earned uses remaining, you can keep the power until they are exhausted. Some auction house teleport powers can still be obtained as temporary powers. The Base Entry Macro The short-lived, beloved "zap to base from anywhere, any time, no penalties" command/macro is no more. Well, it exists, but it was greatly nerfed from Dev/God power to something less game-breaking. It is still very convenient to create a macro for entry to your own SG base, if you have one. A good second choice is to use any SG base that publicizes their entry code and doesn't mind guest users. The original promoter of this power/macro/buff was the Cosmic Transport SG, which built a base with every portal and home feature you'd want. The macro definition below uses their base code. You can substitute your own or others, or even have multiple macros if you like. Clicking this macro icon while within a few feet of any base portal will instantly transport you to the corresponding SG base, without having to click through the "Your Base/Enter Passcode" menu. This also works when the LRTP menu is open. Other macro icons can be selected from the massive list of power icons (found on the website in the sig, and elsewhere). I picked a pretty and unusual one here. /macro_image DilemmaDiabolique_Diabolique_ShadowTeleport "TP to SG" enterbasefrompasscode COSMICTRANSPORT-6608 A version of this post with a reproducible version of the chart will be found at the Heroica! website in the sig. Corrections, updates and suggestions welcome. I'm just sorta kinda surprised no one has created this short, accurate chart in the months since I27! 😛
  3. tl;dr: Add all zones to Ouro and remove the level restriction on the portal. Nerf enterbasefrompasscode so that it only works next to base portals. When I first started playing on Homecoming, one of the very first things I was shown on Excelsior by another helpful player was the p2w vendor and a macro for accessing the 'Cosmic Transport Platform', a universal Supergroup Base. "Do we not have regular SG bases any more?" "No, you still can have one, and all the items are free. There's no more prestige or anything like that. This is for players who don't belong to SGs or who don't feel like decorating bases." And, yes, it is broken, and probably should be eliminated as an exploit, especially when it removes the effort of 'Master' badges or is used as an ejector seat in PVP. However, it's not nearly as badly broken as many think, especially when you look at all the factors that affect zone-to-zone travel. Let's look at our current intra-zone travel methods: Trams, Ferries, and TUNNEL - Free, No teleport, instant travel to connecting zones. Ouroboros Portal - Free, 5m rech teleport, connects to Atlas, Talos, IP, FF, PI / Cap au Diable, Sharkhead Isle, Nerva Archipelago, St. Martial, Grandville, and Echo zones. Pocket D VIP Pass - Free or via p2w Purchase, 30m rech teleport, connects to KR, Talos, FF, Faultline / Port Oakes/ Sharkshead / St. Martial Base Transporter - 1m p2w purchase, 30m rech, instant travel to all zones if you've set up teleporters Mission Transporter - 1M p2w purchase, 30m rech, Direct-to-mission TP Team Transporter - 10M p2w purchase, 30m rech, Direct-to-mission TP The enterbasefrompasscode macro is by comparison, free, no recharge, instant travel to all zones When we compare the various transport methods, we see that there's a fairly mild curve to their use. The various long-recharge portals are differentiated in *when* you can acquire them, as measured by a player's wealth, rather than how often you can use them. The only times when enterbasefrompasscode is truly superior to the Oroborous Portal is when you want to travel to one of the few zones NOT on the connecting list, when you're finishing missions faster than 5m apiece, or, and this is the big one, you're under level 14 and can't use the Ouroboros portal. The first condition is going to cover teams that are doing missions or taskforce content that has them crossing zones frequently. On Live, before the advent of Team Teleporter, it was not uncommon for players on the same taskforce, say Citadel, Manticore, or Numina, to race each other, trying to figure out who knew their connections the best and who timed their powers to be used the best. The second condition applies to speed-runners. I think we can fairly safely assume that teams of dedicated speed-runners are going to shell out for the Mission Transporter and Team Transporter powers. An 8-person team, if they're careful and coordinate their power use, can transport from mission to mission a little less than every 4 minutes. The last condition targets players who are traveling between lowbie zones and doing the first few taskforces. If the game were not 16+ years old, and almost all the current playerbase is returning from the long sleep, I'd be tempted to say, 'well, new players *should* run from zone to zone so that they learn the way things connect.' In reality, I think that the player who doesn't know how everything connects is such a rare and special animal that they are, maybe, a little overwhelmed by how helpful the CoH community can be. Any question they have is almost immediately answered. There are three or four players willing to drop what they're doing and shepherd them along for the first few hours of gameplay. (Congratulations, City of Heroes! We've become so friendly, we've crossed the line between warm and creepy! That's not a bad accomplishment in my book!) So, anyway, with this comparison, the only real reasons that a person would feel *forced* to use the enterbasefrompasscode command is that they need something that: a.) provides reliable travel for characters at low levels or with low funds b) provides all the amenities of a LARGE supergroup base c) provides reliable travel to the handful of zones Ouroboros does not connect to. All these 'forced' conditions can be relieved by making a few tweaks to the Ouroboros zone, the Ouroboros portal, and Ouroboros portal power: First, change the Ouroboros zone so that it connects to all zones rather than a select handful. Second, change the Ouroboros portal so that it accepts all comers, regardless of levels. If a level 1 clicks on it, he'll be teleported to Ouroboros, regardless. Finally, and completely optionally, if you want to preserve the 'level limit' feel, only have the Ouroboros portal power activate if a player is level 14 or over. This way, if a team of all level 8s is together with no other travel options, then it may be in their best interest to hoof it to the tram. Otherwise, a single higher-level member of the team can summon a portal and grant them all access. Ouro was always intended to be available to all players, spreading virally. That level limit, initially 20, and now 14 doesn't really do anything to stop the 'spread', so to speak. All players can still eventually get the power with little effort. In my opinion, we're at the point that level limit should probably just be eliminated all together, especially since Ouro can be used to access Echo: Galaxy and Echo: Atlas, which are ideal places for low-level players to get in some quiet street-sweeping. Now that the 'forcing' conditions are relieved, the travel is happening after a 5 minute cooldown, we can set about making changes to enterbasefrompasscode to make it less of an exploit. I've seen a suggestion before that it would work only when next to a base portal... allowing bases to work as sort of extended coalition bases. That 'Cosmic Transport Platform' and other public transport bases will still be useful and used. Just, most people will want to use Ouroboros instead. If the changes are made to Ouroboros, this is really the only change that needs to happen to enterbasefrompasscode.
  4. Yep, another one. In this one tho, you can race on the super speed track, host a CC in the club (it has a catwalk!) and use the speed ports (color coded and divided into Blue-Line, Hazard, Magical/Co-op and Villian). Jaded speedsters channel and @Cultivated Darkness hosted a big CC for our anniversary and we got crashed by GM Smol - SO FUN! My intent is that this be a space used by whomever enjoys it, so please do! I love yous guize! Do: /macroimage "E_Icon_StreetCred" "Indo Hub" "enterbasefrompasscode hub-6968"
  5. Don't have a SG or have a hard time remembering where your SG's teleporters or a specific zone are? The Tiki Club SG is making available to everyone on the Indomitable server a public teleporter hub. It is bare bones with just the entrance and small doors leading to four teleporter rings, but contains all currently available zone beacons which are sorted alphabetically for easiest usage. Each doorway has helpful letters to tell people what zones can be found in that location. This should make it completely user friendly to anyone who understands the English alphabet for finding their zones. Top letter E bottom letter I for example would house zones Echo: Dark Astoria (Echo: Dark Astoria is included in both A-D and E-I), Eden, Faultline, First Ward, Founders Falls, Echo: Galaxy City, Grandville, Hollows (Also in R-T for The Hollows), Independence Port. That's right you do not need to know whether your zone is blue side, red side, or whatever. All you need to know is the name of the zone you want to get to and the alphabet. If you are pure Hero or pure Villain you will only see available zones for your faction, but Vigilantes and Rogues will see all possible zones. Now for the info on how to actually access it. If you are trying to enter manually from a zone's Base Portal entrance click on the portal then click on "Enter Passcode..." and then type in this TOUR-5307 After type that "TOUR-5307" in the text box click on the "OK" button. You will now enter the hub. Alternatively you can type one of these two codes a single time in each character's text window before pressing enter: /macro TP enterbasefrompasscode TOUR-5307 (or) /macroimage DayJob_Teleport TP enterbasefrompasscode tour-5307 Only need to choose one not both since they each do the exact same thing. Whichever you choose, that command when entered into your textbox will add a grey button with white text on your first available / open hotbar called "TP" for code one or alternatively a bright yellow button of a man teleporting for code two. Click or hot press that button any time and anywhere from any part of a zone to get access to the base teleporter hub from your current location. (Until the devs remove this ability some time in the upcoming future.) Some zones currently can not be teleported to from a base. If you can not find a zone you wanted to teleport to then chances are the game currently does not allow it. But feel free to report any missing zones you run across in case I missed one while putting this hub together for everyone. Thanks to JJ the leader of the Tiki Club for giving me permission to make this available to the community. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or complaints about this base feel free to post them to me either on these forums or in-game using my handle "@Sweet Torment". I hope this will be helpful to some or all of you and that I did not just waste my time setting this all up. xD Edited to add the second code I always had intended on adding but forgot. 😕
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