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  1. I'm putting together a rather proccy Earth/Thermal, and see that Volcanic Gasses has fun pet power spam behavior similar to Carrion Creepers, and is ripe for proccing. However, it looks like Hold damage procs are likely to be much more effective given the way these entities work. Has anyone done any testing on how Ranged aoe procs stack up in comparison? My current slotting maxes out on the hold procs, but I'm weighing how worthwhile it is to fill the remaining slots with others. Thus far, I'm not seeing any such results in the forums, but perhaps one of you has some first-hand perspective!
  2. MELEE DAMAGE SET TESTING: Link to Rankings Hello everyone, It has come to light that the current metrics for testing performance are not reflective of normal game play conditions. Common metrics such as fighting a Pylon or clearing a Farm map do not take into account the realities of playing through a mission, which is 90% of the normal content players would be going through. In other threads, we often see these metrics tossed about to claim the power of certain sets over others, but rarely do we see... or rather even have metrics on "Normal Game Play". Pylons have unique properties that don't reflect "real" ST damage for most content, as shown by wild DPS swings from person to person on them (due to their stationary nature, and other factors). Farm maps similarly do not reflect how moving through a map, or just fighting different types of enemies can affect performance which leads to certain sets seeming much better when thrown at those specific environments. That said, mission environments can vary wildly as well which makes testing on them rather unreliable. (Luckily, we are able to pick maps in AE.) PREMISE: After conversations with @Infinitum, @TheAdjustor, @Steampunkette, and @GM Sijin, it seems that the balance of attack sets has become a bit clouded by the current meta. IO bonuses, Procs, Incarnates and the like have lead to outlier cases and combos that make sets seem much better or worse than they possibly should be. It is tossed around that the game should be balanced around SO's, but to our knowledge there have been few tests to actually gather data in a realistic setting on them. Copied from Beta: (The rules of this test are better described here: ) Overview & Biases: The above link will go into a bit more detail, but the goal of this test is to provide benchmark tests for Scrapper Primaries in a more or less neutral environment (no gimmicks, no enemy resists, etc) that aimed to emulate a standard mission experience. This means a 4-floor defeat-all mission with slight variations to mob placement, size, and level room to room as well as a mix of enemy ranks with a mandatory defeat of 2 boss spawns and a final elite boss spawn. With /Willpower and no pools/epics besides Combat Jumping (for the SO test, IO's had hasten), the enemies and difficulty setting were just enough to get "Safety" as a metric as many sets have clear design intention of trading damage for utility or mitigation, or vice versa, and allowing myself to actually experience or mitigate damage I felt is a worthy point of interest. Given this is an "everyday" sort of benchmark, ignoring the impact that Ice Melee's safety provides I feel would be unjust compared to if I just made myself invincible and went to town to track raw output. Likewise, a set like Fire Melee really showed where it can struggle if it's not constantly killing. This test has less mobs than a farm, but more to deal with than a Pylon, so results may vary wildly from the expectations provided by those popular trials. Both of those I feel do not provide a full picture between the mix of AoE and ST output, favoring the extremes on either end. The office map simulation just as well does not highlight certain sets in the way you'd expect either. Something like the new Energy Melee may massacre Pylons but end up on the low/mediocre end here or vice versa with other sets. I hope you find the following enlightening in some ways, and let the results speak for themselves when it comes to the changes to multiple melee sets we see here in Beta. Results on SO's only: All sets were played with a SO build with /Willpower as a secondary and no pool powers/epics except Combat Jumping, in order to isolate the primary set as much as possible. (except for Claws and Kinetic Melee which were given Overwhelming KD IO's + a lvl 50 damage IO to have the same slotting + knockdown on their ranged cones. These were ran due to the incredibly common practice of slotting for KD, and only 2 melee sets actually "needing" it.) Results without the IO in Claws can be seen here: As you can see by some of the names, we have been testing these changes internally for quite a while now to make sure things land in the desired spot! Breaking down this chart, each column represents a different aspect: AVG = the average clear time of the mission from all 10 runs (minutes : seconds : milliseconds) SWING = How far away from the Total Average the set performed SD Deviation = Standard Deviation from run to run, measuring how consistently each set performed despite the 10 runs having slightly different mob formations and placements BEST TIME = the best run time of the set, shows the max potential WORST TIME = the worst run time of the set, shows the minimum potential SAFETY = This counts the number of deaths in the 10 runs. A score of 0.50 means that I took substantial damage but never died, a 0.00 means I was practically invincible! SAFETY ADJ = Each point in the Safety column is multiplied by 20 seconds, and then added to the average to show an Adjusted Safety Average. With those all factored in, we can rank the sets against each other on more than just the average clear time: From left to right, we have the results with Claws KD, Claws "Pure", and the average between the two. Now, lets see how this changes when we jump to an IO build: Results on a "Mid Level" IO Build: All sets were played with a n IO build with no purples, winter sets, or "special" procs beyond a single Damage Proc like Mako's or Obliteration that *any* Melee attack could slot. All sets achieved 72.5% global recharge (142.5% most of the time with Hasten up, only a 20s cooldown there). All sets had the normal uniques like Numina, Kismet, etc slotted All sets ran the tests at +3/x5 difficulty With recharge and procs thrown into the mix, the top sets become a LOT closer in clear times, and safety really isn't a concern outside of Energy Melee where rapid ET's kinda hurt lol. Like above, lets see how all the factors weigh in: The margins are so close for the "top tier" that with more than 10 tests a piece I'm sure they'd all be near dead even! Combined Results:
  3. Howdy, I made an AE Adventure consisting of 3 Missions for this Halloween... It just needs some Beta Testing and Feedback for improvements... Also be aware there is a lot of text in the form of Clues, Pop ups, and dialogue with the contact (be aware, only the leader can see the Contact text if you test it with friends)... There is a GM in the final mission, but if anyone thinks it's a bit too hard, then I can downgrade it to something else and make the appropriate text changes... Let me know what you think of it... The AE # is 33618... It is meant to be story driven, and uses a unique and fun method with most of the text... If you think the pacing of the text is off, let me know in a PM here and/or in game, so I know where to look, so I can fix it...Thanks... Happy upcoming Halloween All, and can't wait for Trick or Treating in-game... Thanks, Zip
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