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  1. How does your characters handle being behind schedule, or unexpectedly delayed on their usual routine? Crys -hates- being late for anything, be it a family gathering, a meeting, or arriving late to a scheduled event. Drives her to the point of being frustrated with herself for the time missed. Most times it's no fault of her own, delays happen, family emergencies ect. But sometimes it is something she could have scheduled better and just lost track of her time.
  2. After a particularly long day or night shift, your main character arrives home. What is their usual routine for unwinding and downtime? For my dragon, she tends to spend a lot of time with her friends and her family both during her off shift hours, it's a great way for her to unwind and just meet new people as her friends introduce new people to the circle that's developed over the last couple years following her shifts with raid leading in the Vanguard HQ. Following that, she heads home to prepare a meal and make sure her kiddos are fed, gotten their homework dealt with for school the next morning, and settles in to cuddle with her mates in the den. Her routine does sometimes gets shifted around, adding a visit to help out at the local hospital for a night shift, or assisting with welcoming newcomers to the city, or even Prime occasionally. As odd as it sounds for a disco-scale colored dragon, she's very much an ambivert, she has a difficult time being in crowds of people she's unfamiliar with for long periods, and "recharges" in a fashion by reconnecting with her friends and her family every night.
  3. Personally I draw a lot of inspiration for my characters based off of comic books I read during the 1990's and some from earlier still. A few (*eyes their dragon character and the army of dark elves waiting impatiently to be leveled and played on the roster for Everlasting.* ) had been with us since our childhood and sort of took root from there. What inspired some of your characters? Babe/Babe 2 (1989 to 1996) and a blenderful of Greek mythos was my inspiration for Areia, and about six or seven light romance novels in the mix. Crys, literally was a concept character for D&D that got written out and sort of offered to Wizards of the Coast as a template character sheet for dragon characters back in the early 1990's. I was thrilled to be informed when the Draconomicon was finally included among the dozens of core books available for the TTRPG in about mid 2000's. Little Crys, was one of many dragon character sheets that encouraged the original creators of the game to take a closer look at the concept for potential player additions. (And no, never asked for credit to the inclusion, just to be informed if they did choose to add it, which they did, several years after the sheet was sent in to them.) Some of my characters were based off of other universes I've played in and developed characters for, but can't return to, either because of toxic community's there or just cause this seemed to fit them so much better. (Yes, the elves, all of them, every single one.)
  4. Everyone has family ties, whether found, or blood relations doesn't matter as they are equally valuable. What kind of family does your characters have? Crys started a family of her own here in Paragon after her rather rough arrival. She's now a mother of four children and the teacher / watch guardian of two teenaged human girls. Her mates can sometimes cause in-fighting now and then, but they are very loving to the children they all look after, and sometimes funny things just happen. Her first mate poking fun at her through Ar'kun over the loudspeaker system in the Vanguard HQ, for instance. Her family is large, loud, welcoming and loving to those she adds to the number. She's adopted at least a dozen or more regulars from the Vanguard Mothership Raids over the last couple years, simply cause she could tell they were lonely and didn't have anyone to really look out for them. (Big sister/Mom mindset in a big way.) Specialist Mayday's family ties are a bit strained. Her father is a senator running for reelection after 25 years of service with the state of Rhode Island, and his influence was a pretty big reason why she doesn't raid as often as she really would like to. She's a member of The Sidekicks with her fiance', Timothy Kingsley aka Operator Kingsglaive and they've really come into their own as heroes in the make under Terran Commander's close watch and guidance. Her father isn't approving of her dating or becoming engaged at her age, she's only 18, but she and Timothy had grown up next door to one another and been in love for a couple years now. His influence on her choices is a if-y sort of balancing act. But she moved out of the senator's manor roughly a year ago and has been doing really well for herself ever since, independent of his campaigning and trying to use her to build a voter base among the heroes of Paragon City.
  5. Everyone has a hobby, some are really common placed, and others are not. What type of hobbies does your characters have? Crys, she loves reading and finding a new book during her travels is always her goal when she's on an outing, whether it's mission related or not. You should see her library...
  6. (Thank you Papa Nandez on the City of RP discord for this suggestion!) Friendly or not. How/why did it start? How long has it lasted? Did the rivalry ever get resolved? I'll be honest, I really don't know if Crys' has a rival or not. She just kind of does her own thing, helps people that ask for it, and kicks booty when she's called to do so. Otherwise, she's generally a pretty calm, laid back individual. I can only think of one time she had anything close to a rivalry, and that's with Areia, but it's more a tense sort of bickering friendship these days. That one lasted about three, or four months? They crossed paths over Crys' first mate, Darisek and Areia's interest had Crys' a bit cross with her for a while. I can't say it's been resolved but I can say that it's less of a tense situation than it was when they first crossed each other.
  7. Lucky Egg, hands down best take out egg rolls in the city. - Crys Heroes Gyros, they have the best taziki! - Mayday & Alaneo Mako Tacos out in the Warf, what's with that look? You never had a mako taco? - Cynthia
  8. This ones going to be a little silly and light hearted but given the last prompt, I felt it was appropriate. So here we go! What are some of your characters favorite firsts? I suppose Cry's favorite first, was the first time she tried an egg roll from the Lucky Egg take out place in Atlas Park. I kid you not, she had eaten some good food in the past, but egg rolls for some reason turned out to be a complete culinary obsession for her, and a means to judge whether a buffet or asian place is any good. For her, if it doesn't have the right kind of crisp to the eggroll shell, or the right flavors inside the shell, it just won't do and she'd pay her bill and leave without a second thought. It's funny cause the few people that DO know that she loves a good eggroll, often bring her some at the Vanguard base while she's on shift, just so she can be a happy sparkle dragon for a few hours. Another favorite first was when Crys' offered to take in Kami when her father was sniped in the Warzone. Instead of just fostering Kami, she ended up legally adopting her, and that's a memory that's really close to Crys' heart. Her kids on the other hand, well, their first MSR run with the regulars at the Vanguard base was probably one of their favorite memories. Aki brought home a massive Rikti sword to put on display in the trophy area of the den, and Nee brought home a Rikti skull (Sans such in the base items, turned into a human skull on display.), Cloudberry brought home a chunk of Rikti ship shielding which their uncle Daris is studying to learn about it's attributes and to help improve Cloud's armor that he made for them. They are favorite firsts for many reasons, but dragon whelps didn't get to do any of this back on Pellea, and Crys cherishes the freedoms these whelps of hers have in Prime.
  9. Credits to Occult for this one. Memory can be a really tricky aspect for roleplaying and a lot of the times it becomes background information. What is the most beautiful, or haunting memory your character has? I suppose a dragon would have many, but Crys' has only a few memories of her home world that really stuck to her. A lucky thing given what all had occurred there. The most haunting memory was the shadow of her brothers looming over her and her first nest before the wars started. Something about the way they were hovering over her and her beginning family really struck a terrifying chord with her and sometimes, even now, she jumps at shadows of larger people around her. The most beautiful memory however, was the hatching of her three whelps in this world, she didn't get that chance to be a real mother back in her world and she absolutely revels in it in this world.
  10. Everyone faces hard times, sometimes those events shape our characters differently or leaves them with difficulty facing similar events again. What kind of difficult situations has your character faced? I suppose Crys has had quite a share of difficult situations. Watching her adopted daughter rage at her birth fathers murderers, feeling helpless and unable to do more than offer the child comfort and support, seeing others in pain and unable to do more than soothe what they allow her to, even emotional pain is difficult for her to stand by and just simply watch. She's kind of adopted a mother-in-the-wings sort of personality over some of these situations, because she hates seeing others suffering and hurting and feeling helpless in doing anything to help them about it. This has caused some difficulties for her, as she does get overwhelmed and sometimes overtaxed by her capacity of empathy for those around her, draining her to the point that she wobbles her way home instead of flying because her wings just feel too heavy to lift. That's the most PG I can actively share, other events are more dark and aren't suitable for a public audience.
  11. This is the first trigger-warning writing prompt, so if you are anxious or triggered by death mentions, violence, or threat of harm I hope that you exit the thread. I care about your mental health and do not wish to cause any episodic flashbacks, collapse or upset for you. Your well being is priority #1. For those wishing to read more and write replies, read on under the spoiler line, and please, if you have content to add that might make others uncomfortable, spoiler it. Thank you. Again, I warn, this is triggery content, but is safe to post without delving into explicit detail. (Yes double checked with forum COC to stay within the rules, if you feel your content might break them, please review them to make sure and edit as you feel needed. Stay within the PG-13 range content wise for guidelines.)
  12. Romantic situations and romance does often come up in story and character development as characters meet people they like, fall for, and become infatuated with. Sometimes it's just a flirting situation with a dear friend, and sometimes it evolves into something more. How does your characters handle romance? Admittedly, it's an ongoing joke that Crys' has developed a pretty intense crush on Veracor, but she is too blasted shy to approach or even discuss it with him or his partner. She likes him, appreciates his friendship and his playfulness but also knows when work is a priority, to try not to distract him when she and the others are on the job. The teasing just goes on and on, from her friends, her mates, and even her family members poke fun at her over her crush on the big ol dragon raider pro. It's all in good natured fun however, nothing serious intended behind it, and I doubt he even really takes notice since he's not deep into the RP aspects of the game. Crys' is all thumbs when it comes to talking to people she has become infatuated with, sometimes she just acts on impulse and lets things unfold from there. She's had bad relationships and good but her openness, insightfulness and appreciation of those around her kind of gives her a bit of a charm most folks kind of like about her.
  13. We all have our moments where we flub a situation or circumstances don't quite go the way we had originally thought out. This is a good chance to write a little about those, I'll share one of my own. My dragon doesn't very often enjoy being in club situations for a variety of reasons, but the one that was originally grilled into her base concept, was the fact that she simply doesn't like crowds all that much, but she lives for the loud beating music. Reason for this is because she had some pretty bad encounters in the distant past, one resulting in losing a good deal of memory, and the other resulting in a broken heart. She'd likely talk about it if she trusted ya enough to talk over a bottle of black label mead, but she tends to keep a lot of those embarrassing moments mum.
  14. Someone seems to have left a letter in your mailbox, without a return address, or a means to return contact. Do you open it? What do you think it would read? Knowing my own main, Crys would likely end up opening it and receiving something left by one of her mates as a reminder, or a prank to poke fun at her some more over her admitted crush. Her mates love her dearly but they love to tease her all the more about her professed interest in someone, just for the sake of making her laugh, even if she was embarrassed by it.
  15. Holy carp! You struck it lucky! A lotto ticket dropped into your hands following a fire rescue out in Brickstown. Only thing is, you gotta decide what to do with about 3 million in influence dropped into your very lap. Knowing my dragon, she'd likely just donate the whole thing to the local human services department as a Christmas gift. Those people work for peanuts compared to some of the folks she's rubbed elbows with, and they could really use the extra funding to get those orphans from Galaxy City into good healthy homes.
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