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  1. So, as a City of heroes noob who wanted to make an Ice/Time toon can anyone please make a build since I'm not good at making builds at all? with the fighting, flight powerpools as well as other pools for solo defense
  2. Hello Defenders! I was wondering if anyone has a decent Time/Elec build? I've never played either power set before, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what powers are worth getting/avoiding and what enhancements would help me get the most out of this combination. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!
  3. Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! The Moment Everyone has Been Waiting For! I have reviewed and overlooked everything! I Have your official winners! I would like congradulate everyone for competing in a tough event like this! Just a little something before i announce. I really want to say thank you to everyone that was involved in helping me with this event. To all the team captains that helped pitch in ideas and helped me keep things clear here on the discord. I have been wanting to do something like this for a real long time and finally i was able to do it! The best part of City of Heroes is not just the game it self but its this FUCKEN COMMUNITY that keeps this game running and makes me proud to call this one of my all time fav games ever! But im done talking now time to get to the good stuff! For those that dont know what this was it was a 5 man Speed TF triathlon! Accumulative time wins and winners received 500 mill infamy and title on discord! 2nd got 300 mill and 3rd got 200 mill! Had a total of 9 teams that entered it was fun and exciting! Your TASK FORCE OLYMPIAN WINNERS ARE: 1st Place - TEAM USA @Grimjack (Blaster) @Bloodom (Blaster) @DarkBladed (Scrapper) @Elmyder (Corrupter) @Faultline (Corrupter) LRSF - 10:27 ITF - 8:17 MLTF-12:53 TT -31:37 2nd Place - 4-thots and sloth @Firyos (Corrupter) @anelec (Corrupter) @Sloth (Blaster) @Alouu (Scrapper) @whoogie (Scrapper) LRSF - 10:28 ITF - 9:16 MLTF-13:38 TT -33:22 3rd Place - Speed Monkeys @Techno (Blaster) @Tux (Corruptor) @Philtrum (Scrapper) @Princey (Corruptor) @Xemnas (Corruptor) LRSF - 14:03 ITF - 9:57 MLTF-16:29 TT - 40:19 Special Shout out! ❤️ @Rezzpls @smallz @Rowdy @SoMEonE Nice @Firyos @Exit @murkd @MidnightMoonzies @MidgetTosser @StrangeBird There will be more events in the Future stay tuned! Have any questions message me @BigPeanut Also join the discord https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum
  4. So ... a while back (as in, May 2019) ... I took a stab at making a Gravity/Time Controller build. Some of you may have read it and made your own. Other people were inspired by it, and for a little while we had a bit of a ... craze, I guess you could call it ... of people trying out playing Gravity/Time and enjoying the Well of the Furies (WotF?) out of the combination. Well ... a little time has passed since then ... and a fair amount of research has been done in the meantime on how procs work (credit to @Bopper for a lot of that research!) and how a variety of different powers ACTUALLY work, particularly when those procs get slotted into those powers (*ahem* ... Tactics with Gaussian's!) ... and ... you get the idea. In other words, it's time for brushing off the old build and giving it a touch up for the sheer amount of knowledge (and let's be honest, cleverness!) that has been (re)discovered since Homecoming burst onto the scene like a meteor falling onto Galaxy City (help keep Galaxy City clean!). Which is a long winded preamble to say, if you've read my previous thoughts on this specific subject, don't worry ... I didn't shift the goalposts THAT far down the field regarding the build. However, if you're still interested in knowing the "shape" of my current thinking (and playstyle) on this topic, now that I've gotten a few Levels into my Controller, feel free to read on. Oh and this won't QUITE be (quite as much of) a WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU!!! situation as usual, since I'm dealing with somewhat well tilled ground here, but the build will be in the next post down below after this one if you just want to grab the data and run with it. So one of the BIG discoveries of the past few months was the research into procs and how they inter(re)act with various enhancement options. At the same time, credit needs to be given where credit is due for little discoveries such as this one ... So wait ... You can slot a Sudden Acceleration KB>KD proc into Wormhole ... and it won't negate the aggro-less aspect of how Wormhole works? And it will cluster up widely dispersed (within 20ft radius of the selected $Target) spawn groupings and dump them out in a neatly collected PILE without needing to resort of use of terrain/corners to keep them clustered up and avoid Knockback scattering? You still have 5 remaining slots left over ... which is EXACTLY how many slots you'd want/need to 5-slot the Overwhelming Presence set and ITS proc into Wormhole, where it will do you the most good? And you can use it as an Alpha Strike ... to prevent retaliation? So ... aggro DENIAL by use of Wormhole? And as if that wasn't enough of a gravy train, @Sir Myshkin had to go out and discover this ... So let me get this straight. It's not only possible, but also desirable(!) to use Wormhole AND Dimension Shift (of all things!) to neutralize an entire spawn group AND prevent them from wandering away? So ... Stun + Immobilize = (ghetto) AoE Hold that you can deploy more than once per minute?!? Um ... yeah ... I'll take two (per minute) ... and call me from the Zig when you figure out you've been arrested and just haven't gotten the memo yet (see above, Space and Time Controller!). /em polite cough Oh and by the way ... that Overwhelming Presence proc is going to have a really nice and high chance to spawn an Energy Font pet that will broadcast a PBAoE Stun aura around itself to help keep everything in lockdown. Have a nice day (being arrested before you even know what happened, $Targets). Okay, that's enough of an EBIL IDEA™ that it seems like something ought to be done to make this happen pretty routinely. Now, one of the side effects of pulling such a ... stunt ... is that needing a full suite of Defensive oriented protection powers stops being quite AS important when you can just "neutralize $Targets into a compost heap for disposal" TWICE per minute using Wormhole ... meaning that Maneuvers in the previous builds turned into something of an unnecessary set mule power given the overall context of the build. City of Wormholed Statues in a Dimension Shift anyone? So with that in mind, one of the things that I've been noticing while playing my Gravity/Time Controller is that, of all things, I miss not having Crush available (see previous builds). I say that simply because I've run into situations where sure I could just rely on Gravity Distortion, Lift, Propel (and have) ... but Propel now has a Target AoE Knockback component to it, which widens its aggro "reach" potential. Fighting Vahzilok zombies, I found myself frustrated by the fact that I could defeat them one by one using single target ranged attacks, but as soon as I'd use an AoE I'd have to deal with the entire dogpile all at once. If I had Crush available to me, I'd be able to manage them with a 3 power rotation of single target attacks only, rather than trying to make do with 2 singles and a single target that splashes Knockback (and aggro) around my $Target. Is Crush "all that great" on its own as a power? Well, maybe not, if you're talking about "perfect attack chains" and so on. But if you're looking for a single target ONLY attack chain (for ... reasons), you really want to be using a 3 power rotation rather than just 2 for that. And while Propel is technically a single target attack and takes single target Ranged set slotting, the Knockback "splash" around your $Target makes it an "aggro noisy" single target attack that can draw the attention of more than one $Target onto yourself. Now, granted, Vahzilok are kind of unique in this regard, in that if there are no "leaders" for the zombies (Reapers, Mortificators, Eidolons, etc.), you can pull off the single target sequential pickoff strategy with relative ease because they won't "communicate" their aggro state to those around them (while the "leaders" would do so to give the zombies their marching orders). Point being, there's an edge case where Crush can be more useful than the alternative ... and that's not even including how Immobilize works on AVs and GMs to keep them pinned in place where you'd want them. So I dropped Maneuvers out of the build and replaced it with Crush as the Level 1 power pick for greater flexibility in use of the attack chain, both in the early game and in the Incarnate Trials endgame. Research done by myself and others into the interactions of Build Up relative to straight up damage procs yielded some interesting islands of stability in unexpected places/combinations of powers. For Defenders and Masterminds this synergy tended to manifest when carrying the Build Up proc through multiple attack rotations in a way that would offer multiple bites at the apple (so to speak) and when that attack rotation included an AoE attack of some kind (in my Defender and Mastermind builds this wound up being a mix of Cones and Target AoEs) the increased damage throughput became multiplicative rather than merely additive like you'd see with a straight damage proc. Well that logic changes in the context of a Controller ... because of Containment. That's because the +64% damage bonus of a Build Up proc modifies the damage produced BEFORE it gets doubled by Containment. Well, I've worked out that with an attack chain of Crush (1.33s), Gravity Distortion (1.83s), Lift (1.03s) and Propel (2.07s) ... in that order, for a total of 6.26s of animation for all 4 attacks (a rate of better than 1.6s per attack, on average), yields 4.19s of time elapsed before returning to Propel ... meaning that from a single Build Up proc out of Propel (in this case) you can "wrap back around" to activate Propel again(!) while the Build Up buff remains active. So if you're just chain casting on a 132413241324 type rotation, so as to get the most out of Containment and Impact against hard(ish) $Targets that aren't Minions (who will crumple "too quickly" for this kind of damage appreciation!), you'll be able to leverage a single Build Up proc for +64% damage through Containment AND Impact for both Lift AND Propel ... even if the Decimation Build Up proc is put into Propel! The attack chain will animate fast enough(!) for Propel to benefit "directly" from the Build Up proc slotted into it! In a lot of cases, you won't get that kind of return on investment going with the Decimation Build Up proc (although I seem to have started to make a specialty out of it in my builds). This then yields an unexpectedly robust single target attack chain for a Controller ... especially if both Lift and Propel are also slotted with Force Feedback procs for the bonus recharge needed to make Chrono Shift effectively perma in this build. There are a few other aspects of this revision that will be "familiar" to anyone who has been following the evolution of my build plan schemes ... such as the slotting for Chrono Shift (now a "standard" on all of my Time Manipulation builds) and also Health and Stamina for maximizing yield on endurance recovery. I put the Decimation set into Propel, rather than into Lift, in this build for the very simple reason that the Build Up buff duration of 5.25 seconds doesn't begin until the power it's slotted into completes its animation. Essentially, the buff doesn't "start" until the next power gets used, that way it doesn't buff the power that procs the Build Up during the use that triggered the proc. The animation times of Crush, Gravity Distortion and Lift add up to 4.19s of duration before getting back to Propel, meaning that Propel "gets to use" the Build Up buff's remaining duration to apply to Propel on the repeat of the attack chain. The same does NOT hold true if Decimation is slotted into Lift! The animation times of Propel, Crush and Gravity Distortion combine to be 5.23 seconds ... which makes it extremely likely(!) you'd have a situation where the Build Up buff would only apply to 3 attacks, instead of 4(!), by slotting the Decimation set into Lift instead of Propel. It CAN be done, of course ... at the expense of the "yield" derived from the Build Up proc (3 attacks instead of 4). However, if you REALLY want to push your recharge, it can be done by simply dropping Crush from the rotation, which having Force Feedback procs in both Lift and Propel may very well be able to do for you (depending on Exemplar Level at the time). Which then brings up the point that not everyone would want to add Crush to their build (let alone slot it) like I'm doing here, which is a fair criticism. However, if you're the type of Player who would easily ditch Crush for something else/better/anything(!) then this build offers a ready made alternative (although some serious power picks and slot shuffling will be needed to implement it). Swap Crush for Enflame from the Sorcery pool(!). Since Crush is 6 slotted in this build, if you swap it for Enflame you'd be able to 6-slot Enflame without needing to pull slots from other powers, so all of that would stay relatively the same. However, the "yield" of the overall build would change rather markedly ... thanks to the ready made combo of Wormhole and Dimension Shift. Why? Because you could Wormhole a group into a unified "compost heap" to defeat them without drawing aggro. Cast Enflame onto your $Target, who will presumably be in the center of the dogpile after the Wormhole. Cast Dimension Shift to "close the oven door" and let your $Targets "cook" until done while they're Stunned by Wormhole, Immobilized by Dimension Shift and can't get away from the burn patch lit up by Enflame. As an added extra spice for your flambe cuisine preparation ... you can dump the "compost heap" onto your Singularity (or any old aggro magnet you have handy) and then "light 'em up" with Enflame before you "slam the oven door" on them with Dimension Shift and sit back and wait in relative safety for the (cosmic) microwave (background) to finish turning them into an accretion disk of XP and drops for you. And that's not even including the added seasonings of Distortion Field and Slowed Response for additional tenderizing. "Feed them to the Sharkticons!" indeed ... Dimension Shift will reach its 20 second expiration just in time for Wormhole to be recharged ... so you can wash/rinse/repeat if needed. And if that kind of EBIL IDEA™ sounds like just the fresh baked XP kitchenware you're looking for ... you might want to consider taking the build I'm posting below and make a few ... alterations ... to it, in order to achieve that outcome. You're welcome. There are of course a couple other bits of trickery involved in this build, but compared to the above, they're pretty minor ... mainly just ways to stay relevant during AV/GM battles and attacks on Hamidon where stacking Holds is the answer to a lot of questions. Anyway, they're there for any Disinterested Observers™ to find for themselves, if they're so inclined. Oh and pay attention to the proc chances I calculated, since there's some interesting stuff there too ...
  5. Hi all, I made an Ill/Time Controller and have been having a lot of fun with the combo. This is my first time using either powerset, though, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good guides for either. Basically, I'm curious about which powers in them are considered must-picks, and which are skippable. With Illusions, I'm curious how important Spectral Wounds is in the late game. If I respec out of it, will my pets be able to do enough damage for me to solo? Is Time's Juncture worth it if I'm going to be standing back most of the time? Same concern for Flash; anything that's PBAoE makes me a little concerned. Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Okay … this … is going to take some explaining. There really isn't any way around that, because the interactions with the procs slotted into this build (and WHERE they're slotted, and why!) isn't going to be something that translates out as being intuitively obvious just looking at the build planner. It's why I really wish that future evolutions of the build planner we keep using will include a new section detailing the proc chances of any procs you slot into your powers, within the context of the build's "design" and overall choices. It would make cross-comparison of these factors to weigh alternatives a LOT easier to do! But since that hasn't been implemented yet as a Feature Request™ … we work with the tools we have. So, just in case all of that preamble wasn't obvious enough … WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU!!! Seriously. Even I'm looking at what I wrote up for this, with all the Show Your Work math involved, and it's pretty daunting. Even I took a critical hit from the wall of text on this one (and if you think that's bad, take a look at my sig)! But if you're fine with taking damage like that … let's get down to brass tacks on what I've got going on here. However, if you're wanting skip over all the Good Bits™ of theorycrafting and just get on with the build spec, here's a link for you to jump to. First of all, a round of thanks is most definitely in order for all of the researchers in this community who provided their most valuable resource of all … their TIME … to hunting down and codifying a lot of the underlying formulas and maths behind how procs actually function here on Homecoming under the PPM regime instituted for Issue 24 (and consequently, the "Issue 25" we're all playing in now). I basically took all that info and "ran with it" to produce the results you'll be seeing here in this new build. This build is essentially a refactor/respec/update to a previously posted build I put in these forums. My Ninja/Time/Mace ... the Tankermindroller post was my starting point for this rework, for what ought to be obvious reasons. I am also drawing upon the lessons learned from my own dabblings into proc monsterhood in my Time/Dual Pistols/Soul ... Yet Another "No Escape" Build thread, which will at some point no doubt be getting updated (again?) using everything I've learned over these past few months since Homecoming "came back" to us all. A multitude of thanks are also owed to all of the researchers and participants in the Procs Per Minute (PPM) Information Guide thread, now in the Guides forum, without which this new build wouldn't have happened. Bopper, I blame you entirely for motivating me to do this … although I'm certainly willing to blame others too (including myself) for providing me the needed impetus to go ahead with this rebuild in the form you'll see it in here. Inspiration for this build was also drawn from the conversations found in the Proc Monsters - The New Offender thread in the Defender forum. Yes … I LOVE this community. Why do you (even need to) ask? 💖 So … with all of that out of the way, let's talk about what latest bit of "You did WHAT? With WHO? And for HOW MANY jelly beans?!?" that wascally Redlynne has been up to lately, shall we? "There is madness to our methods, YEEESSSSSSSS …" So these are all of the procs that I'm putting into this build that have a chance to proc functionality that we need to be worried about in an offensive context. Overwhelming Force Genin (@ 1): 20% chance per attack (not a PPM) for Knockdown Soulbound Allegiance in Genin (@ 1): 3 PPM for +100% Damage and +15% ToHit (on Genin) for 10s Decimation in Snap Shot (@ 2): 1 PPM for +64% Damage and +32% To Hit for 5.25s Preventive Medicine in Temporal Mending (@ 4): every 5s (90s lockout) for +Absorb Entropic Chaos in Aimed Shot (@ 8): 3 PPM for 5% Heal Winter's Bite in Aimed Shot (@ 8): 4 PPM for -Speed and -Recharge Annihilation in Fistful of Arrows (@ 10): 3 PPM for -Resistance Dark Watcher's Despair in Time's Juncture (@ 12): 3.5 PPM for -20% Recharge for 20s Basilisk's Gaze in Distortion Field (@ 20): 3.5 PPM for -25% Recharge for 10s Achilles' Heel in Slowed Response (@ 35): 3.5 PPM for -20% Resistance for 10s Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control in Tactics (@ 44): 1 PPM for +64% Damage and +32% To Hit for 5.25s Here's what those procs wind up "doing" inside of the overall context of this build. Click Procs that are NOT chains PPM * ((BaseRecharge / ( 1 + RechargeBoost from Enhancements and Alpha / 100 )) + CastTime) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + Radius * (11 * Arc + 540) / 30,000))) = Proc Chance *Note* For Single Target, Radius = 0 and Arc = 0. Decimation (1 PPM … minimum chance = 6.50%) 1 * ((2 / ( 1 + 37.91 / 100 )) + 1.188) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 0 * (11 * 0 + 540) / 30,000))) = 6.50% (pre-minimum 4.40%) Entropic Chaos (3 PPM … minimum chance = 9.50%) 3 * ((4 / ( 1 + 43.03 / 100 )) + 1.118) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 0 * (11 * 0 + 540) / 30,000))) = 19.92% Winter's Bite (4 PPM … minimum chance = 11.00%) 4 * ((4 / ( 1 + 43.03 / 100 )) + 1.118) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 0 * (11 * 0 + 540) / 30,000))) = 26.56% Annihilation (3 PPM … minimum chance = 9.50%) 3 * ((8 / ( 1 + 14.74 / 100 )) + 1.32) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 40 * (11 * 30 + 540) / 30,000))) = 22.17% per $Target hit by Fistful of Arrows Basilisk's Gaze (3.5 PPM … minimum chance = 10.25%) 3.5 * ((60 / ( 1 + 31.59 / 100 )) + 2.244) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 20 * (11 * 360 + 540) / 30,000))) = 85.87% per $Target Achilles' Heel (3.5 PPM … minimum chance = 10.25%) 3.5 * ((90 / ( 1 + 21.20 / 100 )) + 2.508) / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 25 * (11 * 360 + 540) / 30,000))) = 90% (pre-maximum 117.45%) per $Target Notes for Snap Shot and Aimed Shot Swapping the Decimation and Entropic Chaos procs between Snap Shot and Aimed Shot yield a 6.64% chance for Decimation in Aimed Shot and a 13.19% chance for Entropic Chaos in Snap Shot. Since this is inferior to the (minimum clamped) 6.5% and 19.92% chances to proc (+0.14% and - 6.73% respectively), Entropic Chaos is used in Aimed Shot with the Winter's Bite proc (which adds Recharge, but not much when Winter's Bite is slotted as a Level 10 enhancement to increase the proc chance for both Entropic Chaos and Winter's Bite relative to higher Level on enhancement options). Furthermore, if Winter's Bite is upgraded to Superior, it will increase the amount of Recharge on Aimed Shot, lowering the proc chance of both Entropic Chaos and (Superior) Winter's Bite, but the Superior Winter's Bite will have 5 PPM instead of only 4 PPM, which may offset the lower proc chance due to Recharge for it, but not for Entropic Chaos when slotted into Aimed Shot. Note that in the context of this build, additional Recharge added to Aimed Shot would be "wasteful" since the power's recharge time is already below the minimum animation arcanatime of 1.188s, meaning that there is no additional performance "gain" that can be squeezed out of Aimed Shot while using it in an attack rotation by increasing the Recharge enhancement values slotted into the power itself. If anything, increasing the Recharge value of the enhancements slotted into Aimed Shot would cause the proc chances to be negatively affected for little to no gain ... unless switching to a higher PPM proc than the ones I'm using in this build. I'll be looking at this point again whenever I get around to posting a Purple 50 version of this build later. While the Hasten and Chrono Shift buffs are active, Snap Shot has a recharge time of 0.56s and Aimed Shot has a recharge time of 1.1s in the context of this build without any Incarnate slotting at all. Since both Snap Shot and Aimed Shot have arcanatime animation durations of 1.118s each (meaning recharge time for both powers is LESS THAN the animation times for both powers!). This means that against a single target it is perfectly possible to have a 121212 repeating attack chain using just these two powers(!), that lasts only 2.376s(!) at a cost of 3.54+4.59=8.13 endurance per cycle, which is an endurance cost of -3.42/s, which cannot be sustained indefinitely … but which this build would be perfectly capable of sustaining for "a while" with the endurance recovery options fully slotted into this build before needing to pause (or chomp a blue skittle). And as if that weren't enough, while doing a 121212 repeating attack chain, if the Decimation Build Up procs the 5.25s duration of the buff AFTER Snap Shot finishes animating it will last long enough for another FIVE ATTACKS … since 1.188*4=4.752s giving you multiple bites at the Build Up apple (so to speak). And in the context of the chances to proc Build Up at least once every 3 rotations of the 12121212 pattern of using Snap Shot and Aimed Shot, you're looking at a 1-(1-0.065)3=18.2% chance to proc Build Up EVERY 7.128s(!!!). That's slightly better odds than rolling a 1 on a 1d6, every 7.128s. Not bad, eh? A Build Up proc will yield the following. +13.312 Lethal damage per buffed Snap Shot +19.5776 Lethal damage per buffed up Aimed Shot +17.8112 Lethal damage per $Target per buffed up Fistful of Arrows Although that sounds like meager small potatoes, in the context of a 121212 repeating attack chain, this adds up to being … (Aimed+Snap+Aimed+Snap+Aimed) = 26.624 (Snap) + 58.7328 (Aimed) = +85.3568 additional Lethal damage to a single $Target. Given the animation duration of the 121212 attack chain producing this performance, that's +85.3568/7.128s=+11.9748597 additional Lethal damage per second(!) increase over the entire duration of the Snap Shot that procced Build Up through the end of the last Snap Shot attack to benefit from the buff (and this is on a Mastermind using the personal attacks!). Okay ... granted ... if you take that +11.9748597 and multiply it by the 18.2% chance to proc every 3 rotation cycles, you'll wind up with only +2.1794244654 additional Lethal damage per second over an averaged infinite time frame ... but that's if you're only using the single target 121212 attack chain. What happens if you're throwing in Fistful of Arrows into the mix too? Well, funny you should ask .... Notes for Snap Shot, Aimed Shot and Fistful of Arrows While Hasten and Chrono Shift buffs are active, Fistful of Arrows has a 2.39s recharge time in the context of this build without any Incarnate slotting at all. This is merely 0.014s longer than the animation time of Snap Shot followed by Aimed shot as detailed above. Meaning that with a 123123 attack rotation it is also perfectly possible to repeat (for as long as your endurance holds out) which will have an arcanatime animation duration of 3.696s and cost 3.54+4.59+6.81=14.94 endurance per cycle, which is an endurance cost of -4.04/s, which cannot be sustained indefinitely … but which this build would be perfectly capable of sustaining for "a while" with the endurance recovery options fully slotted into this build before needing to pause (or chomp a blue skittle). And as if that weren't enough, while doing a 123123 repeating attack chain, if the Decimation Build Up procs the 5.25s duration of the buff AFTER Snap Shot finishes animating it will last long enough for another FIVE ATTACKS … since 1.188+1.32+1.188*2=4.884s giving you multiple bites at the Build Up apple (so to speak). And in the context of the chances to proc Build Up at least once every 2 rotations of the 123123123 pattern of using Snap Shot and Aimed Shot, you're looking at a 1-(1-0.065)2= 12.5% chance to proc Build Up EVERY 7.392s(!!!). That's basically as difficult as rolling a 1 on a 1d8 every 7.392s. Not bad (again), eh? In the context of a 123123 repeating attack chain, this adds up to being …(Aimed+Fistful+Snap+Aimed+Fistful) = 13.312 (Snap) + 39.1552 (Aimed) + 35.6224 per $Target (Fistful) = +88.0896 additional Lethal damage to selected $Target plus +35.6224 additional Lethal damage to every additional $Target hit by Fistful of Arrows (max 10 targets) Or to put it in a more easily readable format … +88.0896 additional Lethal damage to a single $Target ... or up to +408.6912 additional Lethal damage to 10 $Targets per Build Up proc. SERIOUSLY NOT BAD (for a Mastermind's personal attacks), eh? Alright, you won't be shaming any Scrappers (or Blasters, for that matter) with that kind of performance ... but you've got to admit it's kind of remarkable, for a Mastermind! Given the animation duration of the 123123 attack chain producing this performance, that's +88.0896/7.392s=+11.9165178 additional Lethal damage per second(!) increase over the entire duration of the Snap Shot that procced Build Up through the end of the last Fistful of Arrows attack to benefit from the buff against a single $Target … or … up to +408.6912/7.392s=+55.2883116 additional Lethal damage per second(!) increase over the entire duration of the Snap Shot that procced Build Up through the end of the last Fistful of Arrows attack to benefit from the buff against 10 $Targets, requiring only 2 volleys of Fistful of Arrows against all 10 $Targets to accomplish that performance. Also note that this performance can (will?) be modified even further(!) by the -Resistance debuff procs in Fistful of Arrows (what a coincidence…) and Slowed Response, which can stack(!) with each other since they're different procs. NO REALLY SERIOUSLY NOT BAD, eh wot eh wot eh wot? Okay ... granted ... if you take that +11.9165178 and multiply it by the 12.5% chance to proc every 2 rotation cycles, you'll wind up with only +1.489564725 additional Lethal damage per second against a single $Target over an averaged infinite time frame using the 123123 attack chain ... but against 10 $Targets you'd be multiplying the +55.2883116 by 12.5% chance to proc every 2 rotation cycles, and wind up with "only" +6.91103895 additional Lethal damage per second against 10 $Targets over an averaged infinite time frame using the 123123 attack chain. Needless to say, in actual gameplay, with infinite endurance to burn you'd be looking at a gain of between +1.5/s and +6.9/s on average DPS gain, provided you never stopped attacking, which isn't ... how the game actually plays, but it's also not terrible when looking at a "pure" spreadsheet analysis of the situation. But more realistically, the damage "bursts" you'd get from Build Up(s) would be more "spiky" than evenly distributed, so that kind of pure spreadsheet analysis of the differences is a little bit of a mug's game ... but anyway ... on with the story. I mean … in the light of everything I've laid out above with Snap Shot and Aimed Shot in the overall context of this entire build, this is a pretty decent performance yield from a proc in a single target ranged attack, wouldn't you say? I mean, am I right or am I right? Now think about what the -Resistance debuffing from Fistful of Arrows and Slowed Response is going to do for your Ninja Pets (and Teammates as Pets?) with this build. Go on … just imagine the possibilities … I'm a */Time Manipulation/* Mastermind. I can wait for you to work out what it means … Toggle (and psuedopet?) Procs (PBAoE(ish)) PPM x 10 / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + Radius * (11 * Arc + 540) / 30,000))) = Proc Chance Dark Watcher's Despair (3.5 PPM … minimum chance 10.25%) 3.5 x 10 / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 25 * (11 * 360 + 540) / 30,000))) = 20.03% per $Target every 10s Basilisk's Gaze (pseudopet?) (3.5 PPM … minimum chance = 10.25%) 3.5 x 10 / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 20 * (11 * 360 + 540) / 30,000))) = 17.95% per $Target every 10s, duration 45s Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control (1 PPM … minimum chance 6.50%) 1 x 10 / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 60 * (11 * 360 + 540) / 30,000))) = 6.50% (pre-minimum 2.43%) per Teammate and Ninja Pet every 10 sec Gaussian' Synchronized Fire Control chance to proc based on quantity of Pets and Teammates. Team-1: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^1 = 06.5% chance to proc every 10 seconds Team-2: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^2 = 12.5% chance to proc every 10 seconds Team-3: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^3 = 18.2% chance to proc every 10 seconds Team-4: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^4 = 23.5% chance to proc every 10 seconds Team-5: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^5 = 28.5% chance to proc every 10 seconds Team-6: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^6 = 33.1% chance to proc every 10 seconds Team-7: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^7 = 37.5% chance to proc every 10 seconds (solo Mastermind with 6 Ninjas) Team-8: 1 - (1 - 0.065)^8 = 41.5% chance to proc every 10 seconds "Team-14" (1 Mastermind + 6 Pets + 7 other Teammates): 1 - (1 - 0.065)^14 = 61.0% chance to proc every 10 seconds Additional Important Note(!): Everything I wrote earlier upthread about the Decimation Build Up proc in Snap Shot adding damage to your attack chain? Copy Paste those yield results in here for the Gaussian's Build Up proc in Tactics … and even better yet, the two procs CAN STACK with each other! And it's right about "now" that I'm simply going to stop Feeling Sorry™ for my $Targets … along with anyone else who thinks that taking the personal attacks on a Mastermind is a waste of animation time, effort, power picks, enhancement slots, enhancements acquisitions, endurance and (of course) overall build efficiency. Foolish mortals ... Because … yeah … UNaugmented by Build Up, your personal attacks as a Mastermind look kind of wasteful/pathetic/squandery compared to any other Archetype's attack powers. But when you're proc monstering -Resistance debuffs and Build Up procs all over the place, while debuffing the stuffing out of your $Targets while you pincushion them with pointy sticks from your bow as your Ninjas go all La Machine on them in a frenzy of dismantle-age (in a hurry) … yeah … even with Time Manipulation, this Mastermind hasn't got the time needed to Feel Sorry™ for you. YOU'RE WELCOME! 💕 Okay … with that minor bit of business/preamble out of the way (and no doubt making your heads explode right about now) … the other thing I need to explain about this build is that, ironically, this isn't a build aimed at winning a Rikti Pylon Challenge. You can tell because there are numerous opportunities for damage procs that I deliberately passed up in order to skew this build more towards being a more Controller-ish type to play, relying more heavily on hard/soft controls to "neutralize" $Targets as an enabling tactic so as to keep my Ninjas alive (and kicking) longer. Pretty much everything I'm doing with this build is angled towards increasing the survivability of my Ninjas, rather than aiming for insta-gib DPS-ness Of Doom™! (+3) for fastest possible face planting of $Targets. This build is all about making the fight last longer on MY terms, rather than trying to end it as fast as inhumanely as possible. If you want to take this build and push it more in the direction of a damage proc monster … feel free to be inspired by what I've done here and see what you can make! If you're interested in doing that sort of thing, I'd honestly recommend seeing if you can somehow manage to shoehorn Enflame, from the Sorcery pool, into the build somehow, as an alternative to using the personal attacks like I'm doing here in this build. The "challenge" for how to do this, exactly, is left as an exercise to be pursued by the disinterested reader. Ye ken hoo i'tis. 👀 So, ideally speaking, when you're playing solo, what you want to do is open with Snap Shot from long range to attract the attention of only a few (preferably 1) $Target(s) who will then try to bumrush towards you and your Ninjas (that you've got on Bodyguard Mode). As soon as you're attacked, your Genin will respond by throwing Shurikens. This can potentially faceplant a Minion charging towards you before they even reach you, even if you aren't following up with Aimed Shot and/or Fistful of Arrows to take them down. If your $Target brought "friends" with them (who noticed that you Snap Shot-ted the first faceplanter) then you can pincushion them too while your Ninjas get to work on delivering the necessary beatdownage. I personally have found Time Crawl to be almost invaluable as a soft control/neutralizer of Lieutenants (and up) while soloing, because once they've emptied their attacks it takes them a LONG time to recharge … often "too long" for them to be able to attack ever again. This then lets me take them out of the fight while mopping up any other opposition with near impunity. For ease of reference, for those not steeped in the mechanics of -Recharge debuffing … the way the recharge formula responds to debuffing looks like this: RechargeTime = BaseRechargeTime / ( 100% + Buffs - Debuffs ) What this means is that a -75% Recharge debuff will cause a power to take 4x as long to recharge as normal (if it wasn't already recharge buffed). In a lot of contexts, this kind of -Recharge debuffing is as good (or even better!) than a Hold, because you can Breakfree out of Hold ... whereas you CANNOT Breakfree your way out of -Recharge debuffing! Consequently, against "most" PvE $Targets, sufficient -Recharge debuffing can feel an awful lot like a "harder" soft control, especially when you can stack it somewhat effectively. So the -60% Recharge debuff of Time Crawl makes powers take 2.5x as long to recharge on most PvE $Targets, which is quite the damage mitigator, particularly if you like to "kite" your $Targets so they can't melee you (which having personal attacks using your Bow will allow you to do VERY easily). This is why I've got -Recharge debuff procs slotted into Aimed Shot, Time's Juncture and Distortion Field, because combined with Time Crawl it turns $Targets into Test Dummies who can't fight back all that effectively (while my Ninjas use them for combat practice). I often times find myself using Temporal Mending either right after finishing a fight, so my Ninjas start the next one "fresh" and full up on their green bars (and to start the recharge countdown "early" before the next fight), or I'll use Temporal Mending after the first few hits have been exchanged so as to "negate" the value of the alpha strike(s) that were taken at the opening of the combat. Temporal Mending is a HUGE boost to the survivability of pre-folded origami rice paper thin Ninja survival rates, particularly since it effectively "multiplies" the damage mitigation by division offered when using Bodyguard Mode to share out the damage that your Mastermind takes. Likewise, Time's Juncture with its -ToHit debuffing affords a remarkable increase in protection to Ninja Pets … enough so that it's actually rare to want to keep your Mastermind more than 20-25 feet away from what they're engaging on your behalf (so as to keep them within the PBAoE of Time's Juncture). However, despite this factor, I still wanted to make sure that Fistful of Arrows got at least some Range buffing on the power (in this build, enough to reach out to 55.3 feet away) so as to get the power to better be able to reach the limits of your inherent Supremacy radius of 60 feet. For endurance recovery options, I am now completely "sold" on the notion of putting 3 slots into Health and Stamina, so as to maximize endurance recovery from those Auto powers. Fully slotted out, this build has 115.9% Max Endurance … meaning that the Performance Shifter, when it procs, will award +11.59 endurance, not just +10. With ALL of the toggles on the build running (except Sprint for the Stealth IO), as slotted the build has a +4.32/s endurance recovery (for 30s under Chrono Shift buffing) and a +3.43/s endurance recovery the rest of the time … while draining only -1.5/s endurance in total toggle costs, and detoggling Scorpion Shield can bring the drain down to -1.19/s endurance in total toggle costs, so there's a decent bit of room for "going negative" on net recovery while in combat and then letting your blue bar fill up relatively rapidly between combats so you're somewhat self(ishly) sufficient on endurance management issues. In other words, this build won't be starved for endurance quite as much as some other Time Manipulation builds you might have seen in the wild. Health regeneration tops out at 217% for 9.42 HP/s, which is somewhat lackluster. But when you can cast a Heal for 183.4+244.5=427.9 HP of your 1041.944 HP (which is about 41%!) every 7 seconds … AND do the exact same for every one of your Ninjas within 25 ft of your Mastermind … well, that starts to add up pretty quickly when it comes to soaking alpha strikes (assuming you don't get mezzed by it, but that's what Breakfrees are for). As far as Defense numbers go … when you factor in -14.33% ToHit from Time's Juncture (without Power Boost … or -20.48% To Hit for ~15s with Power Boost) against +0 $Targets, you get this kind of return on investment: Melee Defense: 21 + 14.33 = 35.33% without Power Boost and unboosted Farsight Melee Defense: 6.6 + 20.51 + 14.33 = 41.44% with Power Boosted Farsight during Power Boost downtime Melee Defense: 28.9 + 20.48 = 49.38% with Power Boost for ~15s Ranged Defense: 23.5 + 14.33 = 37.83% without Power Boost Ranged Defense: 9.1 + 20.51 + 14.33 = 43.94% with Power Boosted Farsight during Power Boost downtime Ranged Defense: 31.4 + 20.48 = 51.88% with Power Boost for ~15s AoE Defense: 21 + 14.33 = 35.33% without Power Boost AoE Defense: 6.6 + 20.51 + 14.33 = 41.44% with Power Boosted Farsight during Power Boost downtime AoE Defense: 28.9 + 20.48 = 49.38% with Power Boost for ~15s In other words, if you need more Defense for your Mastermind, you can always burn a small Luck to get into softcap territory if you need it (or burn 2 if you're up against +4s). Also keep in mind that your Ninjas will have another 6-11% more Defense (all) natively themselves beyond the above numbers, and the Pet Aura buffs slotted into their powers will add another +20% Defense (all) on top of that. In other words, your Mastermind is the "weakest link" in the Defensive chain … which is why you either love Bodyguard Mode (not fighting mez) or you skip it (fighting mez). Basic idea is, either you're taking the heat for your Ninjas (and sharing what gets through to them) … or … you're letting them take the heat for you because they've got the power of NO GET HITSU!! thanks to all the Defense you can stack on them. Either way, you've got what you need to keep yourself, and them, protected (until the get One Shot™ and then you just resummon your faceless minions). The only other thing that I want to mention about this build is just how … TIGHT … it feels in terms of power picks and slots. I at least don't feel like there's any "useful wiggle room" on being able to achieve the same performance profile as what I've got here by any other means available. I've basically wrung every power pick and every enhancement slot of just about everything it can possibly do (and then some!), and I just don't think there's any "room" left to push the build any further than I have without radically altering its inherent "character" in the form I've got it in here. Other builds using the ideas I've presented here are certainly possible, but they would be somewhat radically different in execution and "feel" for how they would play. As always … Your Mileage May Vary on this point. Anyway, I think that's enough pontificating on this subject for the time being (don't you?) … let's get down to the actual build itself, shall we? Also, I'll be posting my bindloadfiles afterwards too, so look forward to that.
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