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  1. Last night, I had a ToT dream. Yes, Ive been ToTing so damn much, I DREAMED about it. It was a very short dream, in it was this ziggurat shaped pyramid castle, it was about 5 stories high I think, filled with rooms. Covered in heroes of all shapes and colors. And every single one of those heroes was AFK. Hotel AFk. My dream turned into a nightmare 😞 That really was a dream I had last night. I wish the AFKers would just stop. Do they honestly not realize what a drag they are? How by not participating they are actively reducing the amount of rewards that could be gained? Could they not at least move their useless bodies out of the doorways? Anyway, I guess the AFKers are so used to AE farming they reckon this is just the way of it (a pox on what AE has become). Please, just knock on the damn doors and if you just MUST leech, move away from the freeking DOORS.
  2. Something wicked this way comes......The Eternal Night Ghosts, goblins and witches that go bump in the night, we return to Mayhem Motel in search of a fright. Warwolves, vampyri, and zombies out in full view, may bring out new costumes and salvage for you. Banners and Rikti and Zombies, what fun, we'll continue the mayhem 'til the dawning of the sun. It is that time of year again fellow denizens of Torchbearer. By next week we shall be engulfed in more or less a solid month of candy fueled chaos. This is usually the busiest time for our shard, gaining more and more interest in the ToT League with each passing year. We'll be back in the saddle, chasing down roving Jack in Irons and Eochai, as well as herding cats. As many of our players are back to working in office or even busy work at home positions, you will likely not see the same person in charge the majority of the time. With that in mind we ask the following: Be participating - if you need to be AFK briefly, plz say so. Also, as a general FYI, the hospital is across the street from Mayhem Motel. If you are AFK for prolonged periods, you will be kicked to make room for players present and actively playing No dual/multiboxing if the league is full and others are waiting to join - currently the only exception I can think of is if there is a need for an additional 50 anchor. Which leads to my next point... If you are a team lead that is logging or alting, please replace the team lead position with a 50 If you get the XP bug, please let either your team lead or league lead know. They will ask you to drop and then re-invite you. This continues to be a consistent issue, but more difficult to determine who is integrated into the league in a zone w/o a population cap. The same as last year, we will not be running a Tip Team w/in the league. I like the idea of having a parallel team/league/what have you that folks can drop in and out of for tip missions but not something we have specifically planned out. Be patient when asking for invites. We're not ignoring anyone but the league leader is managing nearly 50 people. Also, just be aware that team leaders may also invite to their teams w/in the league. Also be aware that the league leader cannot move player positions w/in a team, so if a level 16 ends up with the star please don't get angry and hostile. Be mindful that this event tends to be the first time many players are exposed to such large scale team/league events and will quite frequently not understand what to do. If you want to help, please calmly provide clear and detailed explanations on how to remedy the problem. Remember the Golden Rule - treat others as you would like to be treated Lastly, please remember that this is entirely a player led event as we run it. If you cannot be civil and gracious, please do not participate with us. We try our best, we try to be fair, and we're here to have a good time. If we're not having fun, then we're done. For some of our regulars, the plan will be to continue normal Hami raids as scheduled. For folks that decide you want to try out our Hami raids, welcome. We have a breakdown of our raids over on the Player-led calendar. My last note for the time being, due to the currently demanding nature of my job and my own health issues, my role in this year's ToT event will be more limited than usual. I ask that everyone show the same amazing support, Dad jokes, and honorary faceplants with whomever is in the hot seat at the time. Mayhem Motel - We'll leave the fright on for ya!
  3. On Saturday, October 30th, The Theme Team will be hosting several instances of Dr. Kane's House of Horrors. We'll run it until we get tired and send out a tell in LFG if we're short on Themer's. Hopefully, we can get a good mix on the teams. Since we are allowed four people per run, I will make a dual time slot for each team, running every half hour. If the team gets done sooner, they can choose to start earlier for the next round. Let's make it casual and not worry so much about exact timing. We will be going for all four badges each time so make sure you have a Halloween costume for each of your toons. Let me know what time slot(s), plus name/build, you would like and I'll try to make sure the teams are even with damage, control, buffs, etc. You must be a minimum of Level 15. We will max out at Level 29. It would be helpful if your toons were the max level! 12 pm EST/9 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Champagne Dreamz (FF/Beam Defender) @FrauleinMental Ruby Kit Kat (Rad/Rad Stalker) @Vigilant Vergil C. Abyssus (Water/Sonic Corruptor) 12 pm EST/9 am PDT: @TraumaTrain Thundercrack (Electric/Electric Brute) @Midnyte Sally Swashbuckler - Katana/SR Scrapper @Bananiac Le Savant d'Ombre - Dark/Zombie MM 12:30 pm EST/9:30 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Mizz Direction (Ill/Rad Controller) @FrauleinMental Sunset Smash (WP/SS Tank) @Vigilant Vergil Amentia (WM/Shield Brute) 12:30 pm EST/9:30 am PDT: @TraumaTrain Witch Hunt (Archery/Tactical Arrow Blaster) @Midnyte Frau Rammstein - Beam Rifle/Inv Sentinel @Bananiac Amber Elfling - Staff/SR Stalker 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PDT: @TraumaTrain H3K70R (Invuln/Energy Melee Tanker) @FrauleinMental Cosmique (PB) @Midnyte Moonlight Mistress (Staff/WP Scrapper) 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Trace Memory (Emp/Psychic Blast Defender) @Vigilant Vergil Nox (Night Widow/Fortunata) @Bananiac Forlorne - Fire/Fire Blaster 1:30 pm EST/10:30 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Punkin Pie (Emp/Dark Blast Defender) @TraumaTrain Tsov Tom (Street Justice/Willpower Brute) @FrauleinMental Coffee Ring (Water/Dark Corruptor) @Midnyte Nyte Goddess (Dark/Rad Tanker) 1:30 pm EST/10:30 am PDT:
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