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  1. Several guides on the forums here use popmenus, for the most part though it’s “here, use this popmenu to do the thing.” without any guidance on how to modify it to suit your needs. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially since plenty of people don’t want the added complexity of modifying or customizing a popmenu. I am not one of those people, and if you’re reading this guide you probably aren’t either. I like to poke things. I like to figure out how they work and how I can make them work to suit my needs. So recently I decided I wanted to make a custom popmenu for chat, just a simple one, but I wanted quick access to multiple presets for chatting without a bunch of keybind. Unfortunately, Paragonwiki’s article on popmenus isn’t that helpful: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Popmenu_(Slash_Command) SO! What is a popmenu? A popmenu is a custom menu which can be used to execute any number of slash commands, it essentially allows you to bind a large number of options to a few keystrokes. Why popmenus? Because they’re cool? In all seriousness, popmenus are ideal for commands you want ready access to, but don’t need at a single push of a button. You probably wouldn’t want to use a popmenu to activate your general combat powers, though you could certainly use one that way. You might use popmenus to combine inspirations on the fly, or start chatting in certain ways, to send commands for a raid, or maybe to set up flyposes… The options are nearly endless. So how do I do it? The first step to making a popmenu is creating the directory the game will look for them in: <game install>/data/texts/english*/menus *or the language your game is in. From there you will create a .mnu file named whatever you happen to want to call it. In Windows 10 I find that to create an .mnu file, I have to create a text document and then ‘save as’. Do make sure you don’t accidentally save it as menu.mnu.txt. Inside that .mnu file, you will need to use this format: Now… this doesn’t make a lot of sense, let’s be honest. I copy and pasted that from the Wiki article, and you can read what they say about it, but there’s a lot you really don’t need right now. Like the divider command, that just puts a divider between options (.. Seems like wasted space to me >.>). The LockedOption command is cool, if you want options to only be available to certain people (super cool uses, but pretty advanced stuff), etc. If you want to make any notations in your popmenu, you can easily do so! If you enter // in to the menu, it will ignore anything following that until the next line break (the next time you hit enter). I don’t tend to make use of this for my own popmenus, but I can see why some would want to have notations and comments in their files. We’ll start with the basics by looking at simple one I built for chat: Menu “Chat” This just tells the game what the menu name is, and this is how we will find it later. { Title Chat This is what will display as the name of the menu when we open the popmenu. Option “help chat &q” “beginchat /hc [@Zolgar] “ Option tells us this is a new command in the popmenu. What follows in quotes “Help chat &q” tells us the name of the command, and the keystroke for it, in this case the keystroke is q. The second set of quotes is the command it issues. Like keybinds and macros, you do not need to use the slash before the command. “But Zolgar, it says /hc right there!” Correct! That’s because I’m using the beginchat command. This particular command line will open my chat box up for typing starting with /hc [@zolgar] , which allows me to quickly send messages with help, tagged with my global handle (since I alt all the time.). Option "LFG &w" "beginchat /lfg [$level $archetype] " Same deal, sets up to send a chat to the looking for group channel, opened with my level and archetype, saves me a bit of typing. 🙂 } Just closes the menu out. Update: I am am idiot and missed a key piece of Information! Popmenus must be preceded by // or a blank line So it should open like: // menu (menu name) Or: menu (menu name) Now, how do we turn that into a thing in game? First, you can’t add/modify popmenus on the fly, you must reload the game for it to acknowledge they are there or have been changed. In game, you use a keybind to open the menu, so you have to set that up, in my case I used shit+enter for this. /bind shift+enter popmenu “chat” That’s a really simple example, of course! You can get fancier, like you could do a menu for mastermind commands! Credit where it’s due, I got the idea for this, and stole the commands from this thread: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,7092.0.html The numpad binds are super amazing and the only reason I don’t like them is the number pad is on the right side of the keyboard my right hand never leaves the mouse while I’m playing except to type. I want something to function on the fly… SO! Let’s play. A quick side note, you’ll notice I use q, w ,e r, a, s, d etc. as commands a lot. This is because I want to be able to hit the commands needed from the natural state of my left hand. This gives the functionality of the keybinds in the above link, but as a popmenu. Unfortunately, some of the commands don’t work on keystrokes (go to and dismiss), but these are two things you’re not going to need all the time. 🙂 Really, I have only scratched the surface of what popmenus are capable of with this post. I have heard tell of some amazing things, like using it for a badge checklist. I am currently trying to suss out how to make a popmenu that I can use to check and see what badges I am missing for a given accolade, but haven’t figured it out yet. Over all, I hope I have given you some idea on how to create popmenus to do whatever crazy and/or useful things you might need them to. What else should I know? So, I recently discovered an interesting quirk with popmenus that make them annoying to deal with while editing my chat popmenu for a global channel I joined. I joined the channel Looking for RP, so as you can imagine, the first thing I did was add a line for that in my popmenu, that looked something like: option "LFRP &r" "beginchat /send "looking for RP" [$name, Everlasting] " This should have the effect that when I hit shift+enter r, it pops the chat bar up to send to the channel looking for RP with my current character's name and the server I am on autopopulated. Except instead it pops up a chat bar with /send It took a lot of fighting with it to figure it out, and several other helpful folks in Help Chat fighting with it and doing some Google searches. Ultimately the issue was discovered: You cannot have quotation marks in a popmenu command line. I came to the conclusion that the popmenu expects the command to be encased in quotation marks, and so sees one and basically reads it as a full stop on the command line, ignoring everything after. Further testing, if I leave the quotations off, it tries to send "for RP [$name, Everlasting] " to global channel 'looking'. Unlike powers, I cannot use underscores in place of the spaces in the global channels name. Basically, you cannot use a popmenu to chat in a global channel with spaces in its name... I, however, was not satisfied with this answer! So I built a workaround. This deviates from popmenus a bit, but it's still interesting, and it will let you know how to get around the issue, if you run in to it: I discovered the /powexectray command will activate macros, and will do so from a popmenu. So I created a macro and shoved it in to the first slot on my 7th tray: beginchat /send "looking for RP" [$name, Everlasting] " Then, I added the line to my popmenu: option "LFRP &r" "powexectray 1 7" Now, I don't particularly want to type "/macro LFRP "beginchat /send "looking for RP" [$name, Everlasting] "" on every character I roll and then drag that macro to 7:1, and I have a few keybinds I use on all characters already, so I finally got around to setting up a bind file for them, and added to it: f11 "macroslot 60 LFRP beginchat /send "Looking for RP" [$name, Everlasting] " So yes. I have a keybind. To make a macro. To be activated by a popmenu. To chat in a global channel. You might say it would be easier to just make a command like ctrl+enter as a bind to just chat in looking for RP. SURE, it would be, but then I would have to use a different command than I do for all my other chats, plus that's quitter talk 😛 Side note: the /macroslot command is super cool, it automatically dumps the macro generated in to whatever slot you choose, from slot 0 (1:1) to 89 (9:10)
  2. I'm often frustrated by the way map icons overlap and even if I zoom in, some are so close that I can't select my destination. I don't want to have to deselect each and every type of marker when I normally want to see what's around when the map isn't too cluttered for me to click on a base portal or whatever. So, my idea is what if we had a way to temporarily isolate one type of icon to show on the map? For example, maybe CTRL+clicking on the icon in the legend hides all icons but that type. Alternatively, there could be a button to clear all icons and another to show all icons.
  3. The Consolidated List of Popmenus We already have a guide on how to modify a popmenu to suit your needs and what a popmenu is, Thank you @Zolgar. You can find it here and this one for custom windows, Thank you @Healix. Custom windows is a godsend to using macros & popmenus without cluttering up your power trays. I would recommend reading those two first if you don't understand popmenus or how to install them. Popmenus are highly underrated compared to macros & binds and this post will consolidate most the popmenus found on this forum & ones on the original forum which has fortunately been mostly archived. The downloads will be available here along with the code below them. Special thanks to the creators of the popmenus! This post wouldn't have been possible without you. With that sorted let's get into the list. Note: The popmenus in Italics came from here Utility Ashlocke's Handy Menu courtesy of @Ashlocke Ashlocke's Handy Menu.mnu Teleport Menu courtesy of @heywoods1230 TPMenu.mnu Extor's Emotes Popmenu courtesy of @Extor Prime and updated by @AboveTheChemist UniversalEmotes.mnu Alphabetic Badge List PopMenu courtesy of @Janrith and later @ROBOKiTTY BadgeList.mnu 188.25 kB · 34 downloads Ultimate Mission Helper courtesy of @Profit and @Living_Hellfire menus.zip 455.64 kB · 211 downloads Inspiration Maker Popmenu courtesy of @Microcosm InspirationMaker.mnu Costume Change Popmenu courtesy of SnowGlobe CostumeChange.mnu All Popmenu courtesy of Scur It is mostly a whole bunch of powers with some extras. All.mnu Interface Color Chooser courtesy of Djeannie It is also in the Useful Commands popmenu. Interfacecolorchooser.mnu UsefulCommands courtesy of Djeannie A big list of Useful Commands. UserfulCommands.mnu Base Building & SuperGroups SGMusic Menu courtesy of @qwy SGMusic.mnu 16.91 kB · 17 downloads SGStuff Menu courtesy of @qwy SGStuff2-5.mnu 28.85 kB · 5 downloads
  4. Hi Not sure i reported this before, if so, sorry for the duplicate. Some long power description goes off their frame when choosing a power from the trainer, or during a respec. Here are examples with Rune of Protection and Arcane Bolt.
  5. [i27] qwy's Razer How I Learned to Stop Wondering and Love the Razer Naga Tray. by qwy Default Layout Naga Tray Basics A closer look at the Razer ● Compact ● Pliable Transformation ● Show & Hide Through Menu ● Scales from .65 to 2.256410. ● Takes over as primary tray. ● No parent or child windows. Resembling the №Pad, pulling the borders creates a variety of shapes. Editing the WDW offers more flexibility, at risk of great peril. Don't mess with it until you know what your doing. Preamble I'm sure a lot of people remember the Razer Naga Tray, from way back when. Like most of 2010, I didn't remember it, at all. I found the setting to enable it, in options, a couple of days after creating my homecoming account and started using it. The actual purpose of the tray went straight over my head. II had been using the tray incorrectly for well over a year before I realized it. I'll save that story for another time. At first glance, I saw how I wanted to use it. It was going to track chord keys. Similar to the AltTray command but, in my humble opinion, this was even better. The Razer becomes the primary tray, while active so, I just needed to put some binds together that show one tray while a chord is pressed and flip back to a default tray when released. It took a few variations to get the feel I was going for but, I found a lot of variations that worked well. What's the benefit of that? Brief-ish backstory I prefer binds to clicking icons. Alternating focus between the action, zeroing the cursor on an icon and reorienting back on the action, isn't one of my superpowers. As I get older, my glasses prescription is leveling faster than my reflexes. On top of that, my memory is terrible. So, I got that going for me. Which is nice. In spite of these, natural gifts, I'm currently 2 levels from my 12th lvl50. I can jump from one alt to the another without anyone realizing I have more in common with Mr. Magoo than a super human. It's definitely thanks to the global binds, I've hacked together to create that illusion, not a natural born talent for discerning idiosyncratic nuance. The global file pairs slots with keys. Chances are some powers will have a reason to alter how a bind functions. The Details matter but, those couple of binds easily layer over the shared foundation. I don't have to remember how I set them up to actually work, if I get an icon in the right slot to remind me which key gets things started. Generally speaking, travel can still go here, defense and resist stay together, kaboom goes over there and, "OH #[email protected]*!" is in slot 10 8. Trusty ol' CTRL+SPACE. the icons might be fake or no longer be triggered by a bind but, as long as it's there, I'll know what key to press. My 7th (or, 9th? I can't remember) lvl50, a beam/bio corrupter, only has 10 command lines in their general bind file. 7 of them are Nop. What's that have to do with the Razer Tray? I'll cover more on that in the next installment but in the simplest of terms, this set of binds allows me to essentially see 40 slots at once. That's 10 more than the main tray window while only taking up about 1/3 of the real estate at the same scale. The two, together, open up all kinds of possibilities. When you only get 1 shot, do not miss your chance to blow. Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, so...you need THE BUTTON!!! Razer Tray Binds I use 9 as my default tray. it covers my no chord binds. I like it because it's the last tray a temporary power is going to show up in. When I press and hold the LALT key, the Razer flips to Power tray 6, LSHIFT flips to 7 and LCTRL to 8. These are arbitrary assignments, easily edited to suit your needs. Version 1.1 K.txt C:\<RootInstall>\data\K.txt Included in a global bind file insures the bind set will be initialized after resetting or loading an alternate build file. Examples of redundancies are shown, following line 5. They aren't required however, in the event something gets hung up, forcing binds to fall out of sync, simply moving your character would resolve the issue if all of these were used. This isn't necessarily a frequent problem however, the more these are peppered throughout the active binds, the less likely an issue would even be noticed. Chord Keys There are 3 files, the global bind files point to, 1 for each Chord. They hold the Chord's Tray until released. Each file only has one command line and, they're nearly identical so, I'm combining them here. Open.txt C:\<RootInstall>\data\!\Razar\Open.txt The basic set has one last file which mirrors the original global binds toggles. This serves two purposes; 1. It reduces the data that needs to load, per request. 2. Once initialized, the set functions autonomously without interference to, or from, other bind sets in use. So, that concludes the basic set. As I continued to use the Razer tray, I couldn't help notice the similarity to the №Pad. In the next installment. I'll go over my first pass at connecting the two and an advanced version, inspired by actually seeing the Naga Mouse. In the meantime, hopefully this is as entertaining for some of you, as it has been for me. Where's Razer? Clicking the checkbox in the options menu, seems to be the only way to show/hide the tray. Using wdwload can tuck it away (as shown above), but it's still enabled as the primary tray. Glossary What I mean when I say words Razer_1-1.rar
  6. So, I've been working on my user interface and have it mostly the way I want. When I load the window file it places all of my windows exactly where I want them. The only issue I am still having is the power trays. I always have to press the little arrow to the right of my first power tray a couple times to get the additional trays. Does anyone know of a way either through a slash command or something in the window file itself that can have it automatically expand that out to to the full 3 trays?
  7. A New Mod has been created for City of Heroes: Bernard The Beast's Statesman Eye Login Screen Background Fix ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DESCRIPTION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This mod is a quick texture edit that spaces out Statesman's eyes slightly. No idea if anyone else has already done it, but hey! There's a fix right here, good find! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Installation Instructions ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1) Copy/Cut/Move the 'data' folder found in this .zip file to the same location (folder) where "cityofheroes.exe" is located. 2) You're finished! To ensure you've done it correctly: Navigate to the folder where your "cityofheroes.exe" is located. You should now have a folder called "data" in this directory, which is the folder you extracted. Good job! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHANGE LOG ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// • v3.0 Fixed a game-crashing error! • v2.0, Added {HOMECOMING} banner! • v1.0, Mod Created! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// IMPORTANT NOTES ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Adding/Creating a 'data' folder in your City of Heroes directory is very likely to change the default configuration write/read directory from "piggs" to "data". This means if you use /bind_save_file or /bind_load_file, the directory has changed and the command/your macros may fail to load. TO FIX: You need to move your custom bindings and macros from "piggs" to "data". TO UNINSTALL: Delete the files added by this mod. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LEGAL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY CRYPTIC, PARAGON STUDIOS, PERFECT WORLD ENTERTAINMENT AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. THE MOD MAKER TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY IF THIS MOD IN ANY WAY DAMAGES, CORRUPTS, OR CAUSES UNFAVORABLE ISSUES. PLEASE FOLLOW UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS IF SOMETHING GOES TERRIBLY WRONG. COH_GUI_LOGIN_BG_FIX_v3.zip
  8. What can be done to control or suppress where "bonus powers" appear? Mainly this is an issue when I tried using an Origin Power Pool and the "bonus power" appeared on a new power bar attached to my topmost power bar (and overlapped my target and inspiration windows). Another time this happens is when you step onto a Shadowed Path in First Ward and the shunt power pops up. I have searched the forums here and have not found an existing thread that talked about this, but is there a way to make these bonus powers appear in a different place in my UI, ideally one of my choosing? Thanks!
  9. Do you suffer from altitis? Do you have a minutes-long ritual to set up up your 100th alt to have the *exact* same settings as your 10th allt? Here is a guide for you! In this guide, I’ll show the steps to create a custom window or popmenu (your choice) that allows you to copy your custom binds, options, and window settings for each new alt in less than five mouse/keyboard clicks. Basically, on create, each alt will have a window or custom popmenu. So you can load up your custom binds, custom macros, chat channels, saved options, and saved windows all in one spot. Prerequisites: - Basic knowledge of how to create and use *.txt bind files (guide here) - Basic knowledge of popmenus and/or how to create custom windows (here is a link to my steps on custom windows how. See section below on how to bind a key to a popmenu). - Basic knowledge of how to set window UI scaling (here is my quick version how-to) - A saved default options.txt file and .wdw file from the COH Options window that you want loaded for all your alts - Generic custom binds text file. I use a pared down version of Shenanigunner’s GABB.txt file - Generic custom macros text file. For this example, I’ll call it genMacros.txt (here is a how-to) - Generic custom channels text file. For all the custom channels you want your new alt to join immediately OPTION 1: Steps for creating a custom popmenu This option can be helpful if you don't want a persistent window on your UI. - Create a Setup.mnu file in your City of Heroes \data\texts\English\Menus directory location (note you need the extra line at the start of the file) like this: - Login to COH. In your new alt, bind a key to the Setup menu: /bind shift+S popmenu Setup (this should be same as the name of the Setup.mnu file) - Use your bind key and select all the setup options you want - Quit and restart the game. On login to your alt, all options should take into effect. (Bind_load and Bind used as commands in the menu shouldn't work until you do so.) OPTION 2: Steps for creating a custom Window To make my guide simpler, I've assumed you already created a custom Window and simply want to add the Setup menu options. If you have not created and tested a custom window, I recommend you do so first and test that your custom window works. - In your COH \data\texts\English\Menus directory, open the existing .mnu file you created (see link above on creating custom windows if you need help on how to do this) - Edit the file so it has a new submenu, called “Setup”. In this example, the new submenu is BELOW the “Divider” command: - Save your .mnu file and exit. - Exit and close CoH if you had it running. Restart CoH. - After restarting and logging in, you should see the new menu option. Each time you create a character, that option will be there for them to easily load up your custom UI, macros, channels, and keybinds. - Quit and restart the game. On login to your alt, all options should take into effect. (Bind_load and Bind used as commands in the menu shouldn't work until you do so.) Disclaimers: While I tested the popMenu and customWindow options, I haven’t tested the macros and channels options. Also, I have tried to consolidate this guide to the absolute minimum new information you need to get started. So I have not recreated the information found in the links I posted in the prerequisites. Feel free to ask for clarification if you try and it doesn’t work for you.
  10. Dear devs, To start: thanks for bringing this game back to life and keeping it that way. You're awesome! With that out of the way, I wanted to make a small request: that an option be provided to enable Villain Reticles all the time so that we can quickly distinguish between enemies and allies on crowded battlefields (or that the client be modified to honor the setting when the options.txt file is tweaked to allow this, see below). When running some of the endgame raids it can be very difficult to parse visually where mobs are clustered with the default tab-targeting. Tabbing to target an enemy lets you know where that particular enemy is, but it doesn't give a great representation at-a-glance of where groups of mobs are when there's a lot happening on the screen. MSR and Underground are some good examples of this. You could sweep the screen with your mouse or quickly tab through, but this is tedious and difficult to manage in a fast-paced scenario. I've played around a bit with the options file and what I can report is that while forcing Villain Names and Bars to "Always" by editing their values to "1" manually and then loading the options in the client works, doing the same for Villain Reticles does not work as expected. Additionally, friendly NPCs are lumped in with the "Villain" category and are also shown when Names and Bars are forced on using this method (this is probably more complicated to untangle and isn't a deal breaker). I realize that the complication here will be that if Villain Reticles are always on, how will you be able to distinguish which target you're actually targeting from the rest of the mobs? One possible solution might be making the active target reticle a different color than non-active reticles, granted that would probably require new code to realize. Then again, as of right now the active reticle is seemingly larger and brighter than mouse-over reticles, so maybe not. In the meantime, I think that allowing the client to honor this option file tweak or adding it as an experimental or beta setting despite the drawbacks would be beneficial in certain specific scenarios like raids. For the most part the visual cue of which specific mob is being targeted is not that important since we can use which direction our character is pointed and the target window (as well as the aforementioned differences in size/brightness/opacity) as an indicator. Since the reticle is just a 2D transparency, it shouldn't be unduly taxing from a graphical perspective to enable them all the time, or at least no more taxing than turning on player character nameplates might be in the same scenario. Thanks again for all of your hard work and for taking the time to read this! Best, nror
  11. My UI keeps changing scale. What's going on?! I did customise some audio with a data folder - someone said this can affect other settings somehow, but really, what gives?
  12. Why is everything so big? Chat font size is fine, windows scale is fine. What's up with the locations and "Menu" options being so biggggg ._.
  13. First off: I love the new Roleplaying tag, even has the word 'Roleplaying' up above the title and everything! However I'm making this because immediately after using it I've notice how...dark it is! I like the purple but it really does make it harder to see the names of people compared to the lone cyan, helper yellow, teamed green and even the Helpme! pink. I think what all those statuses have in common is that they're all on the brighter end of the spectrum and the subtle dark outline and gradients used are optimal for brightly coloured text. Again, Purple is fine but it looks like it's a bit too dark a purple to be readable at a glance, bump up the brightness a bit and it should be perfect!
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