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  1. So I discovered something, whilst meddling with the Badger "settitle.txt" bind file that's used to dump all your badges into chat so they can get logged. You can get commands in a bind file to EXECUTE when a bind file is loaded, by prefacing the command line with $$. This is kind of a 'cheat', because when CoH loads a bind file, it assumes every line begins with the word "Bind" followed by the contents of the line. By putting $$ at the beginning of a line, CoH interprets this as "Bind (nothing) $$ execute this command". This means instead of creating a macro to do three things (toggling off powers/changing forms, rolling power trays, and loading a new file), you can have it load a file that switches your form and rolls your tray, and then in turn loads your keybinds for that form. Here's how I manage form switching on Warshades: Set up a macro (or a keybind) for each of your forms: /macro Human "bind_load_file wshuman.txt" /macro Dwarf "bind_load_file blackdwarf.txt" /macro Nova "bind_load_file wsnova.txt" What this does, is when you switch forms, the first bind file rotates your power tray and formshifts, as a command, and then loads all your keybinds in the second file. (You could probably put the binds in the first file on subsequent lines, rather than invoking a second loadbindfile, come to think of it.) By rotating trays, you don't have to change muscle memory for firing off attacks, they're right where you expect them to be if you're a mouse-clicker, and work with the standard number keys if you're a numpad jockey or a number row maven. This does mean that as you gain powers, you need to park them in the correct trays, preferably in the same slots so that analogous powers match. WS Human : uses Tray 1 -- wshuman.txt ==> wshbind.txt WS Dwarf: uses Tray 8 -- blackdwarf.txt==> wsdbind.txt WS Nova: uses Tray 9 -- wsnova.txt ==> wsnbind.txt As for movement, I have a standard teleport mapping scheme that leverages SHIFT and CTRL for normal and combat teleports, respectively (except for WASD, which I use Combat Teleport if available because it's instant and the distance is very short). For Warshades, you have two teleports and a 'teleport target' on Human form, and a Teleport on Dwarf form (there are no teleport powers on Nova form - it has an inherent Fly and that's it.) Shadow Step = Black Dwarf Step = normal Teleport Starless Step = Combat Teleport Shadow Recall = Teleport Target HUMAN: ` "powexec_location camera:max Shadow Step" SHIFT+` "powexec_location target Shadow Step" CTRL+` "powexec_location target Starless Step" The ` (backtick) is in the top left corner of most QWERTY keyboards. Shifted it produces a tilde (~). Unshifted, it teleports along the camera view's centerpoint, forward, to the limit of the power's range OR when it hits an intervening object such as a building. Shifted, it teleports to a selected target (ally, enemy, or npc) IF that target is in range. Out of range, it is queued until you are in range (keep this in mind if you're running along the ground!) Ctrl'd, it uses Starless Step (Combat Teleport) to do the same thing. This is a much shorter range, but there is next to no animation time AND you get a small ToHit buff when you do so. SS will go on cooldown after three 'ports. SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexecname Shadow Step" CTRL+LBUTTON "powexecname Starless Step" This binds a "teleport to mouse click" when shifted or ctrl'd. Same rules as above, only if the point clicked is out of range, the port will still happen, only to the limit of the power's range. Keep in mind that Starless Step does NOT include a phase shift or hang time, you WILL fall immediately upon 'porting if you don't select a surface to land on. CTRL+TAB "powexeclocation forward:4 Shadow Recall" This binds the TAB key to pull the target TO a point 4 units in front of the Warshade. This target can be an ally, from pretty much anywhere in the zone, OR an enemy, limited to a relatively moderate distance. NOTE: Porting allies to points in midair, off of the sides of tall buildings, is considered very rude, so don't do that, make sure that there's a safe spot to stand 4 feet in front of you. SHIFT+W "powexeclocation forward:20 Starless Step" SHIFT+A "powexeclocation left:15 Starless Step" SHIFT+S "powexeclocation back:20 Starless Step" SHIFT+D "powexeclocation right:15 Starless Step" Note that SHIFT is used here instead of CTRL. This is just an ergonomic decision I made. One can use CTRL, or if you prefer to use your thumb to shift things while keeping fingers on WASD, ALT might be a good choice. It uses SS to hop short distances forward, back or to the sides, using the WASD keys. This is useful for getting out of burn patches, caltrops, freezing rain, or other AoE effects that hamper your movement. Adjusting the distances is as simple as changing the numbers and reloading the bind with your form macros. SHIFT+SPACE "powexeclocation up:max Shadow Step" SHIFT+X "powexeclocation down:max Shadow Step" CTRL+SPACE "powexeclocation up:max Starless Step$$bindloadfile wsnova.txt" CTRL+X "powexeclocation down:max Starless Step$$bindloadfile blackdwarf.txt" As above, these use the standard Up and Down movement keys to effect a 'port to the limit of range OR scenery. Helpful if you're in the middle of Steel and can't get decent LOS to port anywhere, or you need to pop up out of a battle and reorient. CTRL versions use Starless Step for battlefield repositioning, for example, you want to get a little height before shifting to Nova, or want to land as you shift to Dwarf. Since Starless doesn't include a hover, binding the Nova shift into the same key as the up teleport keeps you from falling (and since shifting from Human to Dwarf breaks the hover from Shadow Step, a quick pop down as you shift also keeps you from falling too far). DWARF: ` "powexec_location camera:max Black Dwarf Step" SHIFT+` "powexec_location target Black Dwarf Step" SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexecname Black Dwarf Step" CTRL+LBUTTON nop CTRL+` nop CTRL+TAB nop SHIFT+W nop SHIFT+A nop SHIFT+S nop SHIFT+D nop SHIFT+SPACE "powexec_location up:max Black Dwarf Step" SHIFT+X "powexec_location down:max Black Dwarf Step" CTRL+SPACE nop CTRL+X nop As above, the same binding scheme is used, except Black Dwarf doesn't have a Shadow Recall OR a Starless Step, so those binds are turned off. NOVA: ` nop SHIFT+` nop SHIFT+LBUTTON nop CTRL+` nop CTRL+LBUTTON nop CTRL+TAB nop SHIFT+W nop SHIFT+S nop SHIFT+A nop SHIFT+D nop SHIFT+SPACE nop SHIFT+X nop Nova forms have no teleporting ability at all, so all port binds are turned off. If you're a costume maven, and want to use your Warshade formshift effect to swap costumes, use: cce # ccwarshade Slots are numbered 0-9, 0 being the first slot. You can bind these to keys, or make macros and put them all in a spare tray. If you don't have a slot unlocked, invoking it does nothing; the same happens if you invoke your current slot #. If you're tired of having a battlecry that's too short to fit into the ID character limit, or you want a different one for each form, you can always rebind F10 to say whatever you want. Use $target as a placeholder in your text for the name of whatever you have targeted (will be blank if you don't have anything targeted). Binds ARE limited to 255 characters... so don't go too crazy. F10 "/l Beware, $target... I will feed on your soul. l I will consume your life essence! l I will strike terror into the hearts of your next of kin!!" Which should come out to: Beware, Damned... I will feed on your soul. I will consume your life essence! I will strike terror into the hearts of your next of kin!!
  2. I'll keep this short and sweet as no one really wants to wade through a wall of text... I probably spend too much time in mids which has resulted in a lot of builds being created, specifically Peacebringer and Warshade builds. So I thought I'd start posting them here, hoping they could either be put to use in their current state or be helpful templates for people needing assistance with their own builds. I will post a build every so often and give a quick run down on the build. If anyone is interested in a particular build after it's posted and have questions on that build, feel free to DM me. UPDATE 03.02.2021: The first 9 builds will likely not receive further revision until Warshades receive any significant updates/changes. I have however, included my latest Warshade build to the batch which is the most experimental to date. UPDATE 03.02.2022: Last few legacy builds have had data chunks removed from posts. New upload files added. All build downloads should be working again. UPDATE 08.24.2022: New Toggles Suppression Friendly BIFORM Warshade build added.
  3. My main is a granite tanker, and I absolutely love the look with Mini Mode. However, Granite Armor reverts him back to the usual 9-foot-tall rock. I assume other shape-changing powers like those of PB/WS similarly cancel out Mini Mode. Would it be possible to enable Mini Mode to be active with these powers? I know Shadow Mode works with Granite Armor. I just really wanted to be a pebble tanker. Thanks for any consideration!
  4. Minor Non-Game Breaking QoL Bug: Hello, so I was playing my warshade and tinted all my powers away from purple and found that works great, except the pet spawned by Dark Extraction spawns in with the same ole Purple color scheme. Is there any way we could have it inherent its color scheme from the color choices on Dark Extraction? Thank you.
  5. Ok, ok, I looked around, searched through threads, found a couple here and there. BUT, not too much info. So who's got that golden ticket, who's gonna be my Willy Wonka to my Charlie, Virgil to my Dante on this little trip? Leveling a WS is a different kind of beast to be sure, I'm going tri to benefit from everything this AT can offer. I'm at a whopping lvl 9 now heading into the Hollows, and following Dechs MF Warshade as a guide of sorts. So any help, advice, etc is of course appreciated. Yeah macros, I won't remember anything else, getting old, foggy brained, yada yada yada.
  6. If you play a kheldian for any reasonable amount of time you probably have ended up fighting your camera as much as the mobs while transforming to Nova or Dwarf form. (Please see the attached video.) Not sure what would be the easier fix, shortening the wispy color flair or toning down the alpha on the effect. Just tossing this out there as a bit of player feed back. Thanks for your time 🙂
  7. Recently ive started to play coh again and I was wondering if anyone was interested in creating new characters and teaming up im looking for a minimum team size of 4 and a max of 6. I wanna to explore the depths of the storyline for coh going rogue and i invite anyone that also wants to do that as well to join me
  8. This is almost certainly never to be a thing as it is a considerable change, but I have to throw this out there as a suggestion anyways. For my own sanity at least. Quite literally, why cant we take a lunch to go? We absorb all of this essence and consume it to heal, buff our damage, or summon pets, but we throw away any we cant use right away? Why cant we store some of that for later? It becomes a malleable resource that we can use for whatever we want to burn it on. On an archvillian but no minions around? Use some of the stored essence to heal yourself or give yourself a damage buff while burning off your reserves (numbers not mentioned for obvious reasons). Or we could use it to summon pet(s) in the middle of that AV fight. We absorb essence from foes nearby, or siphon after the fact. We build up a bar, then spend it as needed. If we don't use it fairly quickly, it starts to evaporate and we lose it. This would be a possible solution to all sorts of problems we face as warshades. The current mechanic works, but I feel it has problems that need some brainstorming to fix. This is one possible fix I've been thinking about for a long time. This does bring us closer to some of the Peacebringer mechanics, but still has our own twist. Now again, this is almost certainly never to be a thing, but a keldian can dream right?
  9. Hi everyone, I've been a long time Kheldian player and have quite a few of them as I can't get enough of tweaking and working on them till they're a diamond in the rough. That being said, I would like to address the state of the archtypes post the Christmas update with a few things I find as pet peevs playing them. First of all, Kheldians are relatively well balanced if you use them as intended as group support characters. I've personally managed to build a powerhouse tri-form/human only Warshade and Peacebringer on a single character build and can solo AVs as either playstyle. However, that being said, I do agree the Warshade is weaker in the respect that they cannot solo as well as any other archetype in the game, and really do need mobs to fuel it for it to be an amazing class, making it a long winded affair to fight singular AVs or EBs. I would suggest in this regard maybe changing the Kheldian mechanic of group play to something more in line with a Defender's archtype, where as a solo player you receive larger benefits, but in group play the Kheldian buffs are weaker, but wider ranging. For example a +10% damage and defense boost as a solo player; But a +2% resistance, defense, damage (ect.) boost in teams. Obviously not those values, but the concept overall. This would not only circumvent the frustration many players had in Live and now in Homecoming about a shortage of enhancement slots (I personally don't mind it but I agree more slots would always be nice! 😉 ), but it would also make the class more friendly for newer players. The main peev I personally have is the new long range teleport rework. I enjoyed being able to jump into a purple portal across entire zones, since it felt like a very 'Warshady' thing to do. The new rework takes away some of the joy playing as a teleport inherent Warshade since the cooldown and the gfx have made Warshade teleporting feel as if the archtype was left behind. I would request that the long range teleport either be brought back as an inherent power, or as a power in the set, since that would make it fun to jump around again. If that's not possible, then please reduce the cooldown on the new teleport for Warshades, and allow for the customization of the gfx to allow for the purple portals. Keeping the badge collecting feature for the teleport would actually work really well if you see it in the terms of the Warshade having to see a place first before being able to teleport there. Another rework for the Warshade that I would suggest is removing starless step. It isn't practical in a fight to be jumping all over the place, especially in a group setting given that for a majority of 'triformers' they'll be either in Dwarf or Nova anyway; As for Human-only, the powers are geared for ranged fighting, with a handful such as Essence drain or Gravity Well needing you to be in melee range. I saw that Unchained Essence and Quasar worked okayish with the to-hit buff, but after popping a sunless mire as either a triform or human-only player, do you really need the to hit bonus Starless Step gives? Perhaps a melee power or even a new pet (permanent or otherwise) would really be appreciated here. You could even use this power space to provide a boost for solo players through a toggle or pet to circumvent the problem outlined in the first paragraph. Peacebringers are much more player friendly. There is not much you can change about them as they really do feel like duct tape as a super hero. Need a tank? Be a Dwarf. Need a ranged blaster? Be a Nova. Need a swiss army knife? Be a human only or a PB with any combination of the shapeshifting powers. However, Combat Flight for Peacebringers could use a rework in its visuals, as it feels goofy 'flying' so slowly around in a Hover-type power. It would be nice if the power was at least customizable to be changed into the same look as regular Hover. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So in summation: Warshade: Rework Dark Sustenance to make it more solo player friendly, Bring back the Long Range Teleport or lower the cooldown on the new teleport power and add an option for Kheldian gfx, Remove starless step and add a melee or pet power that can either help human only players or circumvent the first problem. Peacebringer: Allow for the change of Combat Flight's gfx to that of Hover. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope y'all have a happy new years!
  10. For anyone who wants to refer to the prior versions of my Warshade builds, and there is still some useful info to be found in those older posts, they can be found in the links below: Leveling Tri-Form Warshade [v2.0] Leveling Tri-Form Warshade [v3.0.0] Evolving Tri-Form Warshade So I made a mathematical discovery regarding a matrix of recharge possibilities in which you can achieve perma Light Form or Eclipse without needing Hasten and then proceeded to take that insight to its logical conclusion so as to develop a Tri-form Peacebringer and Warshade build that would not need to rely on Hasten to "close the recharge gap" on Light Form or Eclipse (although Eclipse is a little trickier in this regard since it is dependent upon having $Targets to drain for the buffing, just like the Warshade Mire powers). I'll be reposting the chart for that info below, but I wanted to provide the impetus for why this (new?) build is being posted. And yes, there will be a Peacebringer counterpart to this post, since although the two Kheldians do share some (some...) similarities they also have some pretty radical differences that have pretty dramatic impacts on their respective builds. So while they can "mirror" each other to a certain degree, there are also points of divergence that keep the "mirroring" from being a straight up one to one translation between them. For one thing, Warshades have more Human form powers that are useful enough to warrant slotting ... So, with all of that said, you know what time it is (again) ... WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU!!! Yes … You Have Been Warned … again … ... it keeps being necessary for some reason ... So ... first things first. Here's the important thing you need to know about how to perma Eclipse without resorting to use of Hasten. In the build plans you'll be seeing below (one for leveling and the other as a "finished" Superior/Purple 50 build) there are essentially two breakpoints from the above chart that are relevant to how this build will play when fully slotted. Prior to Superior/Purple 50 completion, the build will have +102.5% global recharge. Add that to the +78.55% recharge enhancement slotting in Eclipse (which isn't +5 boosted yet because, leveling) and you get +181.05% recharge with Level 50 set enhancements. This falls about midway between rows 9 and 10 of the above chart ... so use the (lower) 10 Force Feedback procs required per 90s line that lies just under that amount at +177.78% total recharge. So with 10 Force Feedback procs per 90s (approximately 1 every 9s) you can re-cast Eclipse before the 90s buff duration expires (assuming you're in a location where there are plentiful $Targets for that to make sense at that time). This is likely not sustainable except in Nova or Dwarf forms. However, the Superior/Purple 50 version of the build will have +120% global recharge. Add that to the 94.56% recharge enhancement slotting in Eclipse (which is now using +5 boosted frankenslotting) and you get +214.56 recharge with Level 50+5 set enhancements. This falls about midway between rows 3 and 4 of the above chart ... so use the (lower) 4 Force Feedback procs required per 90s line that lies just under that amount at +211.11% total recharge. So with a mere 4 Force Feedback procs per 90s (approximately 1 every 22.5s) you can re-cast Eclipse before the 90s buff duration expires (assuming you're in a location where there are plentiful $Targets for that to make sense at that time). This should be relatively trivial to achieve, regardless of which form you're in. So to summarize, being able to increase the global recharge by an additional +17.5% above the leveling build baseline resulted in a 60% reduction of the number of Force Feedback procs needed to perma Eclipse without needing to rely on Hasten. I would also point out that, all else being equal (which it wouldn't be, but this is a counterfactual thought experiment) ... if Hasten's +70% recharge were layered on top of the +120% recharge of the Superior/Purple 50 version of the build, the recharge time for Eclipse would fall to ~78.01s which is just barely 12s shy of the 90s duration. That would allow for a bit more "margin" within which to refresh Eclipse on a fresh set of $Targets and would amount to a difference of 17.36s without Force Feedback procs factored in (which, of course, moves the goalposts, so to speak, when factoring those procs into the equation). But relative to Eclipse's duration of 90s, that 12s gain on recharge probably isn't as valuable as it might at first appear given then you aren't necessarily going to have a $Target rich environment around you "reliably" (like Clockwork?) just in time every 90s to use Eclipse on. That's also not including the additional complicating factor that the 120s duration of Hasten does NOT conveniently align with the 90s duration of Eclipse ... meaning that if you're not in Human form at exactly the right moment(s) to recast Hasten "for" Eclipse, you wind up with a markedly less efficient means of recharging Eclipse. Without Hasten, you only need to be in Human form briefly enough to cast Eclipse (and presumably Sunless Mire immediately after that) at which point you are free to assume any form(s) you want for any reason at any time. But with Hasten, you need to return to Human form for both Eclipse AND Hasten ... and since their recharge and duration times do not align with each other that means you're "forced" to revert to Human form to use one or the other (or both) more frequently than you might like or is practical given the circumstances you're playing in. By removing Hasten from the "requirements" for perma Eclipse, you have less ... demand ... for reverting to Human form just to maintain/sustain perma status on Hasten in addition to Eclipse. This simplification reduces "form pressure" to be in particular forms at specific intervals in order to maintain and sustain peak performance. For casual players like me, that is sufficient benefit to have a more freewheeling Tri-form gameplay experience. I would rather have to score 4 Force Feedback procs, via ANY form, every 90s than I would prefer to have to keep reverting to Human form to perma Hasten AND Eclipse on dissimilar recharge schedules that do not synchronize all that well. A few other changes have cropped up in the current build relative to the v3.0.0 posting. For one, the slot pressure became even more acute such that I had to pull slots out of Sunless Mire and Quasar(!) in order to achieve the necessary objective of rebalancing and reshuffling slots in order to add a Force Feedback proc to both Dark Nova Detonation and Black Dwarf Strike so as to have a Force Feedback proc slotted into all three forms. Shifting the slots around in this manner is what then enabled a whopping +20% global recharge gain on the leveling build and an almost incomprehensible +37.5% global recharge gain in the Superior/Purple 50 "finalized" build relative to the performance in the previous v3.0.0 build. At the same time though, core slotting priorities have been preserved (and in a number of ways improved upon) so as to yield an even "tighter" completed whole compared to the prior effort. Another point that kind of blew my mind is that by sacrificing a mere +2.5% global recharge on the Superior/Purple 50 build out (so needing 4 Force Feedback procs instead of only 3 in order to perma Eclipse) I was able to pour a considerable increase to overall build damage production into the mix. While the leveling build retains its +24% global damage set bonus, the Superior/Purple 50 pushes that up to a whopping +33.5% global damage set bonus, which quite possibly may be the highest I've ever been able to cram onto a build with as much recharge as this one has going for it. However, in order to achieve that I did need to sacrifice a smidgeon of global recharge ... but all other factors being equal, I figure that an additional +3% damage is better for the build overall than another +2.5% recharge, all things considered. However, all of these factors mean that unlike with most of my builds, the Superior/Purple 50 structure is the intended "end state" of the build that is intended to be played in perpetuity as the "finished" version of the build. So with that in mind, I've structured the pre-50 leveling version of the build to lead into/feed into the Superior/Purple 50 endgame upgrades with the minimum amount of hassle. Consequently, most of the slotting in the build is intended to be Attuned rather than Fixed to specific levels, and I've tried to reflect that on the leveling build by showing "minimum attuned" levels where possible so as to give a sense of when various enhancements need to be acquired while leveling up so as to "grow into" the build over time. That way, by the time you reach Level 50, the only thing left to acquire are Common 50 IOs, HOs, Boosters, Catalysts, and Purple 50 set IOs ... and there won't be an endless shopping list for those, so it ought to be manageable. Another thing to note is that in this version I actually succeeded in cramming in additional global set bonuses to Range (courtesy of the new Bombardment set!), HP, Regeneration, Resistances and even Running Speed (so Dwarf form isn't quite as much of a slowpoke!). Overall, I'm very happy with where everything "settled into place" since it yields a better balanced and more cohesive combination of powers and capabilities that enables three "strong" forms which each have their own identities but which are also mutually supporting. The last thing I'll mention here is that I'm really disappointed in myself for not seeing what has been sitting in my blind spot for Kheldians almost this whole time here on Homecoming. The Flight pool. Specifically ... Hover. One of the frustrations of playing Human form Warshade, particularly pre-Nova form, has always been the fact that Peacebringers can Fly from Level 1 in Human form, but Warshades were firmly nailed down to the ground (and originally couldn't even get Combat Jumping until Level 6 when you'd be wanting to get Nova form anyway). But now, here on Homecoming, you can pick up your first Pool powers starting at Level 4 ... and being able to Hover as a Warshade who can use Ebon Eye and Gravimetric Snare, so as to play "Keep Away" and not be vulnerable to melee swarming, is simply HUGE for how much of a difference it makes in the lower levels when you're first starting out! It also makes it possible/feasible/viable to stay in Human form for hover blasting so as to prevent runners ... because Gravimetric Snare is an Immobilize power, allowing you to "park" $Targets so they can't get away from you while you sequentially blast them from "on high" above them (where they can't reach you to melee you). This opens up a whole range of vertical movement and tactics that simply doesn't exist without access to Hover! Additionally, you're a Warshade ... you've got Shadow Step from Level 1 and can Teleport. Combine that with Hover at Level 4 and you've got your travel power combination that Exemplars from 1-50. And then once you reach Level 22 you can slot an Attuned Luck of the Gambler global recharge IO into Hover and just keep on cruising. When I was working in the build planner I kept thinking I needed a 5th Defense power beyond Shadow Cloak, Grant Invisibility, Maneuvers and Vengeance (so as to slot that last Luck of the Gambler) and at first thought I'd need to take Stealth ... which was totally redundant since Shadow Cloak and Stealth are mutually exclusive, but I only needed a One Slot Wonder™ mule power. Then I figured I could swap out Stealth for Combat Jumping, but still hadn't realized that Hover was also available (now). It took a couple of rounds of revision before it finally dawned on me that Hover would be WAY MORE USEFUL to my Human form than Combat Jumping EVER could (see: hanging in the sky the way that bricks don't) and that's when a number of other things started falling into place. After all, I didn't "need" Hover in order to get around for travel ... but having Hover synergized just too well both for offense and travel that I've been kicking myself ever since for being so hidebound and Olde Skool that I was still thinking that Warshades were still locked out of the Flight pool, when in fact they aren't. So yay! Hover made it into the build! Hello Hover+Shadow Step for all my long distance travel needs! And even better yet, that +10% Range global set bonus from slotting Bombardment into two Nova powers also boosts the range of Shadow Step and Black Dwarf Step! Win-Win-WIN! 😎 I think that's enough pontificating and preamble on what's going on in the build posts you'll see below. However, because I've had to modify some of my keybind files to accommodate the new changes, I'll be including an update to the more modern structuring of my keybinds in this build post also. Also, please note that the attached .mxd file has both builds in it. Use the Alternate Slotting feature to flip to the other build once you've imported from the .mxd file. Also, since this build is using the (current as of 14 May 2020) bleeding edge update to MRBU ... so if you're having trouble opening the build from the attached .mxd file (it's the same file on both builds) you'll want to download/update your build planner using LINK and LINK for updates. Enjoy!
  11. I have a lvl50 Stone Tank, lvl50 Warshade, lvl50 Peacebringer and other characters with teleport or, mystic flight. Along the way, I've come to know what I like and don't like. I also have a lot of binds and a lot of alts, leading me, like a lot of people I'd guess, to start putting energy in to one global profile to cover as much as makes sense and smaller profiles for toons that develop out of it. I'm up to 11 level 50s in all so, that global has matured a lot along the way. There's great guides on this topic already. They've definitely helped steer me along the way. if this is something you're interested in, I highly recommend checking the previous posts for more information. This guide will be focused on what I haven't come across yet. Couple quick things, 1. I haven't tried Jaunt yet. I suspect this works but it hasn't been tested. With P2W flight and Ninja/Beast Run, I don't tend to lean towards travel powers like back in live. My stone tank's run speed at almost 70mph. KInd of an extreme example although, at an average of 60mph on others... anyway. 2. I've messed around with powexeclocation but ultimately, my preference for teleport is excename. I use powexeclocation for other things and I'm fairly confident it can be used here, interchangeably. 3. I only like LeftDoubleClick, sometimes. I use the client to grab a, "fresh off the press" copy of keybind.txt as the base for my global file. I splurged on some extra characters and named it Global.txt. This first bit goes in there. @/Global.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step" LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt" My active binds are kept in the Install/data folder. My subfolder is, "@", where all the binds go. CTRL+LeftDoubleClick loads a file to mimic SHIFT+LBUTTON. It's in another subfolder named, "!". It's for anything global, Global.txt couldn't manage alone. Edit to taste. @/!/LDCTP1.txt LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step" CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP0.txt" CTRL+: Flips LeftDoubleClick back to my preferred default, off. @/!/LDCTP0.txt LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt" This manages itself until the next reset. Warshade Minimum So, on to warshades. We have Shadow Step covered, so Dwarf is all we're missing. I'm using, a minimalist global folder structure here. Everyone has their own methods, so I wanted to present a, "just the facts" version to illustrate my thinking and conforms to other methods with less to cut. Afterwards, a puffed-up opinion piece, closer to what I use. That being said, Essentially, I'm mimicing the above. 1. @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum <KEY1> "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt" This is a bare minimum option. <KEY1> loads the Dwarf binds. 2. @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt" <KEY2> "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt" Unlike the multi power option, I prefer LeftDoubleClick's default is functional if I go Dwarf. <KEY2>, pops back to human form and Shadow Step is restored. 3. @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt - Minimum LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt" This keeps the activity, back and forth, in the global folder . 4. @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt - Minimum LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt" And, like the first bit, this manages itself until <KEY2> gets pressed. Then, were back to square one. WIth that, the teleport part is finished. It's nothing fancy but, hopefully useful. Warshade Options So, here's a little more QOL and global flexibility. The teleport part is essentially the same. For anyone just getting familiar with this, we're rolling binds. Anyone who's spent any time with them will testify, interrupts, too-much-too-fast keyboard action or occasional glitches can knock them out of sync. With easy access to reset them, it's hardly worth mentioning. WIthout, possible disaster. Likely frustration. There's a lot of ways to do this and, here's a couple I use a variation of. 1. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt SHIFT+1 "powexectoggleon Dark Nova$$windowhide Tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithNova/IsNovaBinds.txt" SHIFT+3 "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$windowhide tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt" SHIFT+C "+$$powexectoggleon Penumbral Shield$$powexectoggleon Twilight Shield$$powexectoggleon Gravity Shield" CTRL+C "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds" CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt" I've added spaces, for legibility, that will need to be deleted before using. The rest of these can be edited for your pleasure. The Keys are relevant accept to illustrate one of the QOL pieces. SHIFT+1: Only added to illustrate where toggling on Nova fits in. SHIFT+3: Toggles Dwarf on, handles some window & tray stuff and then the binds load as follows. unbindall: I use this like it's part of an attack chain. Personally, I've found using it often means not really needing it. *(READ FOOTNOTE BEFORE USE!!) Global.tx: Now, it's my personal clean slate. Nictus/AllBuildBInds.txt: The Character's general binds load to catch Global overrides or, anything unique. Kheld.txt: I have global file for both forms, shared by PBs & WS so, Kheld.txt... This would be where it goes, if you do to otherwise, it's dead to us. BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt: I spend more time on the human form so, a division. SHIFT+C: Notice the +$$ in the front, that's why I added the key names, it serves two functions In human, it kicks on two shields at once. More importantly, it picks up a cue from SHIFT+C in the next file and kicks on gravity shield, coming out of the other forms. If there's a bind issue, it buys a little time. CTRL+C: Emergency protocol if anything interrupted SHIFT+C. In most cases, rolling SHIFT+C works so, another key is the only choice for insurance. (Unbindall is in here too.) CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.) 2. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt" SHIFT+3 "windowhide tray7$$gototray 4" SHIFT+C "-$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow Tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/AllBuildBinds.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt" CTRL+C nop CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt" The teleport binds show up again. The path added a subfolder named /Kheld/ which isn't necessary. It's only there to further illustrate the global purpose. SHIFT+1: Is gone, carried over from the last file and still toggles Nova on. SHIFT+3: We're in Dwarf so, this just maintains the window and tray stuff. SHIFT+C: Starts with -$$ to carry over to the last SHIFT+C command and auto toggle a primary shield. Both forms are toggled off, window & tray stuff then load the previous state. (Unbindall is in here too.) CTRL+C: With the rolling bind on SHIFT+C having more to offer, I only wanted CTRL+C if, SHIFT+C fails. Deleting it here, preserves its original command if, preferred. CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.) The last two steps from the Minimum version are nearly identical. Only the paths have changed to protect the innocent. We went from, @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt to. @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt. *UNBINDALL/KEYBINDRESET: These two commands are identical. They will wipe your active (Client managed) bind file clean. You won't be able to recover what was lost. Bindsavefile, managing files locally and knowing what you need to load and when, is imperative to successfully implementing either of these. If you're not sure what these do, don't use them without doing some homework. I apologize for endlessly nagging about this. I'd just hate to find out, I was the guy that walked you through vaporizing your data, like it didn't matter. If this tutorial was helpful, I posted a recovery guide right here. Thanks for checking out the guide! Let me know If there's any corrections, improvements or elaboration in order.
  12. Perhaps I might be one of the few people that really look at the Kheldian HEATs and think 'When you really compare it to other AT's it doesn't quite measure up!' especially when the VEATs can be absurdly broken for very little work put into them (Leadership from their secondary and Pool is amazing for support). Honestly, it makes me sad when it boils down to it as the Dwarf Form for Peacebringer feels too squishy to compete with many high-end scrappers Or tanks for durability and the Squid Forms feel like a joke overall. But as I was toying with Mids numbers last night I kind of realized a lot of issues I seem to have with it could be alleviated by the simple implementation of Pool Powers into a build. With proper sets and slotting with the activation of Maneuvers, Tough, Weave, and Combat Jump's bonuses you would be looking at a White Dwarf with 30-ish defenses for M/R/AoE, 80-85% resistances for all but Psionic (which sits at 31%) and decent stats overall making it a decent off-tank or main tank if you are lacking one on the team. At the same time, with the same build and powers I just mentioned with the Bright Nova instead, it would allow you to make a decent blaster replacement for the team as they sit at the 30-ish defenses and sit anywhere from 25-40% resistances. Mind you, this is merely with the Peacebringer I have toyed with numbers wise. I love the concept of a Kheldian AT, a kind of 'Be what you want' set that allows you to go tank or blaster at a whim and swaps between the two as the team needs. But I believe that perhaps it is a bit too weak as is, especially when you compare it to the VEATs answer and that something as simple as allowing the use of Pool Powers alongside their Alt Forms could be the single 'Buff' it needs to make it a truly Epic Archetype. Sorry for the ramble here all, but I would like to hear others opinions on this as well. Maybe my suggestion is a little odd? Maybe there is a good reason it might be too broken if the powers are allowed?
  13. I'm looking for a very optimized mids build for tri-form warshade. Would prefer something not homemade, genuinely insane DPS, and not limited by budget. Thank you all!
  14. Alright. You all know the drill by now (and if you don't, well … you're going to learn!). If you've read ANY of my other builds that I've posted, you know what's coming … WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU!!! Yes … You Have Been Warned … again … And for anyone who isn't clear on the concept (yet), you're going to see this same preamble of the common features repeated on both my Peacebringer and my Warshade builds, simply because it does bear repeating due to the common features shared by both (before they diverge into their own build specifics). For anyone who wants to refer to the prior versions of my Warshade builds, they can be found in the links below: Leveling Tri-Form Warshade [v2.0] Leveling Tri-Form Warshade So ... what happened since the last (Warshade) build post I put up? To put it mildly ... my [v3.0.3] Peacebringer build happened, that's what. For the first time, I tried doing a "beginning to end" analysis of how powers in the holistic context of the entirety of a build would ultimately "throughput" into repeatable attack chains, and where the ... breakpoints ... for building that way would tend to fall as a result of all of the choices made in powers selection and allocation of slot resources so as to see how EVERYTHING "fit together" into an overall cohesive whole ... and it turned into a FAR LARGER project than I could have ever anticipated (I figure I've spent more than 20 man-hours on that Peacebringer build do to ongoing discoveries and revisions followed by more discoveries and more revisions leading to yet more iterations of the process). So ... yeah. THAT happened. And now it's time to take everything I learned from redoing (and redoing and redoing and redoing!) my Peacebringer build to hone it to the point where every slot in the build is virtually SCREAMING under the strain of needing to allocate scarce resources (because Tri-Forms are just that slot hungry!) as efficiently and optimally as possible ... and here is the results of that labor. I've been playing the v2.0 version of my Build build linked above and found through actual gameplay that the idea of slotting up and using Shadow Bolt and Ebon Eye in lieu of slotting up and using Dark Nova Bolt and Black Dwarf Strike ... because as I discovered you can use Shadow Bolt and Ebon Eye in ALL forms(!) instead of just one or two(!) ... and had been thinking I'd be able to leverage that into slotting up one power and then use it in all three forms (twice!) wasn't really panning out as being all that good of an idea. Don't get me wrong ... it works ... it's just not as "superior" an option as I had been hoping for. So ultimately I was wanting to do the same thing with my Warshade, where the foundational attacks for Human form would be Ebon Eye and Gravimetric Snare instead. Suffice it to say that Shadow Bolt is only "useful" for Levels 1-5 because at Level 6 you get Nova form and then basically stop needing to rely on Shadow Bolt for much of anything (except as a filler). Go to a P2W Vendor (they're in all the starter zones and even in the tutorial zones!) and pick up Throwing Knives (best damage per attack option), either the Nemesis Staff or the Blackwand, along with either the Ghost Slaying Axe (which works, as advertised, on Ghosts!) or Sands of Mu (a knockoff of Flurry from the Speed pool). With those extra attacks you can "make it till you make it" to Level 6 and get Nova form ... but until then, you need to pick SOMETHING as your power picks between Levels 1-4 (and spend your enhancement slots from Levels 3-5) before you can get to Nova form. So looking at the v3 build here relative to the v2 and earlier v1 builds, that's pretty much the only "real" change going on in power picks ... aside from dropping Inky Aspect and the Stealth pool (which was only being used to mule Luck of the Gambler global recharge enhancements) in order to make way for Maneuvers, Tactics (because of how the Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control Build Up proc works in it) and Vengeance out of the Leadership pool. These resulting changes combined to lower the overall global recharge set bonus to the entirety of the build, but I was able to "juggle" the repeating attack chains for each form into a "shape" in which that relative loss of recharge buffing isn't actually as big of a problem than it might at first appear. For each of my previous Kheldian builds, I'd first build the (MFin' Indeed!) Warshade and then proceed to adapt the "core" choices from that build into a (G*d D**n!) Peacebringer counterpart ... but here that process has been reversed. This time is was the Peacebringer that came first, and it's the Warshade that wound up needing to play catch up afterwards due to the things I "discovered" as a result of honing the Peacebringer build into the v3.0.3 that you can see in these forums (and everything THAT experience implied). That said, there are some pretty significant things that a Peacebringer can do which simply don't "translate" over to a Warshade ... such as having a plethora of Knockback powers which can be leveraged into Force Feedback "recharge refueling" attacks in each form. A Warshade simply doesn't "do that" the same way, mainly because a Warshade is a "slow monster" compared to the Peacebringer's "knock monster" thematics. So while some things translate across from one to the other, a number of other things don't (Photon Seekers vs Essence Extraction simply being a prime example of this). One of the major considerations for the v3.0.2 Peacebringer build was that I needed to apply a "governor" to all the major knockback powers using the Sudden Acceleration KB>KD IO while at the same time wanting to add in a Force Feedback proc for recharge buffing onto AoE attacks in all three forms, because Peacebringers are so "self-contained" in that they are completely independent of factors external to themselves for buffing (Inner Light vs Sunless Mire for example) and that Peacebringers have a number of powers that are advantaged by recharge buffing in a way that Warshades are not (or at least not to the same extent or in quite the same way). Peacebringers can reduce the recharge on Light Form, for example, and never have to worry about having enough $Targets around them to get the most out of casting Light Form upon completion of recharge ... not so for Warshades, who are far more dependent upon external circumstances for powers like Eclipse, Sunless Mire/Black Dwarf Mire, Black Dwarf Drain, Stygian Return as well as Stygian Circle and Dark Extraction (of course), where you not only need to have the power recharge "in time" for it to be perma but also the necessary "fuel sources" to make it worthwhile to even use a number of abilities at all (although, granted the times when you can't use Stygian Circle are limited...). So with a lot of the demand for Sudden Acceleration KB>KD IO slotting removed from the Warshade build, that made available (a few ... too few ...) extra slots for repurposing in a Warshade counterpart build. The first and biggest (and earliest) difference between a Peacebringer and a Warshade arrives by Levels 2-4. What I mean by that is that instead of having Glinting Eye, Gleaming Blast and Essence Boost as the first 3 power picks, with recharge times of 4s, 8s and 360s (respectively), with Essence Boost being a Dull Pain power port ... on a Warshade you get Ebon Eye, Gravimetric Snare and Orbiting Death as the first 3 power picks, with recharge times of 4s, 4s and 4s (although Orbiting Death is a toggle instead of a click, so the low recharge is kind of moot here). That makes it a LOT easier for a Warshade to cycle their early Human form attacks around the addition of P2W sourced supplemental attack powers since the recharge times aren't quite as staggered as their Peacebringer build counterparts. The problem though is that Gravimetric Snare is a damage over time power that functionally takes ~10s to dish out all of its damage, and at low Levels Orbiting Death adds smidgens of damage against $Targets within 20ft of your PC. However, Gravimetric Snare enjoys one decidedly useful feature over Gleaming Blast in that it also MAG 3 Immobilizes for 20.12s without any slotting whatsoever, meaning that it is not only "perma out of the box" on Immobilization but you can use it to rotate among $Targets so as to lock them into positions where they can't escape your Orbiting Death aura radius while keeping them outside melee range as a form of "poor man's incoming damage mitigation" to protect yourself. Alternatively you can use Gravimetric Snare as a way to "defer" the approach of a $Target from a spawn group such that you only need to deal with 1-2 instead of 3 simultaneously when using Line of Sight blocking to force other (mobile) $Targets to come to your position while leaving behind 1-2 of their fellows who need to wait for the Gravimetric Snare duration to expire. Also, Gravimetric Snare helps prevent "runners" by Immobilizing them so that you can dispose of them at your leisure. By the time you reach Level 8 you'll have Starless Step which is even better for "dismantling objectionables" in spawn groups (such as Quantum Gunners and the like) by virtue to being able to teleport (foe) them away from their spawn groups so that you can deal with them in a 1 on 1 context, rather than in a many on one context that is far more hazardous to your chances of survival ... especially since unlike a Peacebringer, as a Warshade you haven't got the extra "insurance policy" of an Essence Boost/Dull Pain equivalent power at your disposal, meaning that a PvP-like "surprise burst" of damage following a Starless Step "get over here!" against Quantum Gunners (et al.) is your best bet for taking them down with the least amount of risk for your own safety/survival. I personally find that on a Peacebringer, the best thing to do is to use Nova form and try to burst the Quantum Gunners down with sheer damage production in as short a time frame as possible, using any Knockback that RNGesus provides as a delay in incoming damage from the Quantum Gunner, before needing to engage the rest of the spawn group to dispose of them. By contrast, with a Warshade I find myself selecting a Quantum Gunner as my $Target, moving BACK through already cleared areas until I can reach a "safe distance" that Starless Step can "reach through walls" to bring the Quantum Gunner to my position in Human form (with Orbiting Death already up and running). I then set up to use Starless Step, to put the Quantum Gunner "in a corner" (if available) such that in order for them to escape my Orbiting Death aura they will need to run past/around my Warshade (which helps to maximize return on Orbiting Death chipping away at them) and then I use Starless Step to teleport the Quantum Gunner into the corner I've selected ... but I aim the teleport rings UP TOWARDS THE CEILING of that corner so that when the Quantum Gunner arrives THEY WILL FALL DOWN to the floor. It has been my experience that the scant second or so it takes a $Target to fall down to the floor from being teleported up towards the ceiling by Starless Step is time during which my $Target isn't able to draw a weapon and therefore attack my Warshade. Put simply, most $Targets that don't have Hover/Fly powers need to be standing on the ground in order to cast ... and I USE that delay created by the (admittedly short) fall after a Starless Step to make it more likely I'll be able to pull off/cast my next power before the Quantum Gunner can shoot me. So my standard operating procedure when dealing with Quantum Gunners is to use Starless Step to teleport them into a ceiling corner that has them fall down into my Orbiting Death aura ... but Starless Step has an Interrupt of 2 seconds on it, so if you queue up another power during the 2s Interrupt of Starless Step you'll interrupt Starless Step (and Starless Step requires a to hit check and sometimes it will "miss" and fail to teleport your $Target) so you'll want to wait until you see the hitbox of your $Target MOVE to the destination point before doing the next step. Once I see the hitbox arrive at the teleport point, I then IMMEDIATELY queue up the P2W Nemesis Staff power, while Starless Step is still completing its animation ... because although Starless Step has a 2s Interrupt duration it will continue animating for an additional 1.93s (for the full 3.93s of the power's animation time) after the $Target has been teleported ... and during that remaining ~1.93-ish seconds of animation, if you're quick, you can get most of the weapon draw animation for using Nemesis Staff finished(!) ... meaning that as soon as Starless Step finishes its animation you can be casting a blast out of the Nemesis Staff which has a very high probability of being a Knockback that will buy you even MORE time before the Quantum Gunner gets to draw their weapon and attack you. And even better yet, since your $Target usually can't attack until they're STANDING on the ground (instead of falling towards it or ragdolling around) that buys you the precious time you need to finish off most Quantum Gunners before they can get off a shot against you! And because you picked your location wisely, the Knockback from the Nemesis Staff will toss your $Target into the corner while keeping them within your Orbiting Death aura radius so it continues to tick and chip away at their HP for you while you queue up the necessary follow on attacks to try and finish off your $Target. It's at this point that I will often times either stay in Human form and just keep using Human form powers (and P2W supplemental powers) or switch to Nova form for increased spike damage production so as to attempt to finish off the Quantum Gunner as quickly as possible. Sometimes I'm able to get lucky and defeat Quantum Gunners before they can even fire off so much as a single shot, meaning that it is possible to take basically no damage from pulling this Starless Step stunt until other mobs from the spawn group arrive (and start attacking) ... but sometimes I can pull a Quantum Gunner out of a group using Starless Step and none of the other members of that spawn group "notice" that anything happened, so there's a LOT of permutations for using this trick (including the Nemesis Staff MISSING, which sucks when it happens) ... but on the whole, it's a safer set of options than engaging the way that I would want/need to with a Peacebringer who cannot bring $Targets from their location to mine (without investing in the Teleport pool for Teleport Foe). The next big difference between a Peacebringer and a Warshade is that Warshades don't get a Radiant Strike equivalent power (since Warshades have Starless Step instead). This radically changes the calculus for what powers to use for attacking with while in Human form, which again pushes the advantage onto being able to simply alternate Ebon Eye and Gravimetric Snare by getting the recharge for both of these powers under 1.67 seconds each (so they recharge in the time that it takes the other to animate). Gravity Well is the equivalent power to Incadenscent Strike, but Gravity Well animates FASTER at 2.07s vs 3.3s for Incandescent Strike ... and with only Ebon Eye and Gravimetric Snare to fill the time between uses of Gravity Well, you want the recharge of Gravity Well to be "conveniently under" a recharge time that is a multiple of 1.67 seconds for a "just in time" recharge performance from Gravity Well when using a repeating attack chain that is filled out by Ebon Eye and Gravimetric Snare where you aren't "wasting" too much recharge time waiting for other powers in the chain to finish animating. Another HUGE difference from Peacebringers is that Sunless Mire for Warshades has a less favorable uptime than Inner Light for Peacebringers. Sunless Mire has a 120s recharge for a 30s duration instead of Inner Light's 90s recharge for a 30s duration ... meaning that it's possible to make Inner Light a perma buff without Force Feedback procs (and I have in my Peacebringer builds), while it is almost impossible to do the same for Sunless Mire ... and that's not even including the fact that Sunless Mire requires $Targets be within 15ft of your Warshade to get any benefits at all AND you need to hit 7 $Targets with Sunless Mire to gain +78.75% damage buffing to match/exceed the +72% damage buffing that Inner Light gives to Peacebringers for hitting ZERO $Targets. Yes, you can get up to +1112.5% damage buffing out of Sunless Mire by hitting 10 $Targets with it ... but you can't always count on having that many $Targets (oh so) conveniently located next to your Warshade every time Sunless Mire finishes recharging. The point I'm making here is that even IF (a humongous if!) you're able to get the recharge duration of Sunless Mire down to less than 30 seconds (good luck with that one!) you aren't always going to be able to make use of it, regular as clockwork, every time Sunless Mire has recharged simply because Sunless Mire is context dependent upon the situation you find yourself in at that time. So Warshades can temporarily achieve a higher amount of damage buffing from Sunless Mire in $Target Rich Environments™ but those conditions are hardly consistent ... while a Peacebringer can just cast Inner Light upon recharge and be able to sustain their damage buff indefinitely (so long as their endurance holds out and they switch back to Human form in time to recast). The next big difference between Warshades and Peacebringers comes when comparing Gravimetric Emanation (a 45º Cone with a 40ft range that does Knockback and a MAG 3 Stun) to Solar Flare (a damaging 15ft PBAoE Knockback) and Pulsar (a 20ft PBAoE MAG 2 Stun), because Gravimetric Emanation occupies this weird tangential relationship to both of these Peacebringer counterpart powers. Although Gravimetric Emanation is a damaging Cone attack power, its primary purpose isn't to be a heavy damage dealer (base damage is 17.8 Negative Energy), but rather to act primarily as a control power. In its default out of the box configuration Gravitic Emanation can best be described as a "Keep Away From Me" type of power since it has a base Knockback MAG of 9.35 and it will MAG 3 Stun for 13.41 seconds, allowing you to buy yourself time before needing to deal with what can best be described as "small fry" in front of you. So Gravitic Emanation allows you to "filter" Minions and Lieutenants in a way that mezzes them so that your Warshade can concentrate on taking down a Boss (or Bosses) without being distracted by the extra adds (temporarily). I've taken that basic functionality and augmented it with slots almost beyond recognition in this build ... and this is something that I'm rather proud of, since I haven't seen anyone else do exactly this on any other Warshade builds posted here in the forums (they might have, but if so, I haven't seen it, so there's that). What I did was this ... Level 26: Gravitic Emanation (A) Rope A Dope - Accuracy/Stun/Recharge: Level 50 (27) Force Feedback - Chance for +Recharge: Level 21 (29) Sudden Acceleration - Knockback to Knockdown: Level 21 (29) Superior Frozen Blast - Recharge/Chance for Immobilize: Level 50 Okay ... so what? You 4-slotted Gravitic Emanation with a pile of procs, none of which are damage procs. What's the big deal? The big deal is that those 4 slots change Gravimetric Emanation almost beyond recognition, as I mentioned earlier. In the context of this build, the duration of the MAG 3 Stun gets increased from 13.41s to 16.96s (okay ... big whoop) while the recharge drops down to 14.89s without a Force Feedback proc, and all the way down to 13.24s with a Force Feedback proc (which has an over 50% chance to proc per $Target hit, which rapidly increases to over 90% with 4+ $Targets getting hit by Gravitic Emanation). This makes the MAG 3 Stun portion of this power relatively perma-able (depending on the shaping of the rest of the repeating attack chain). It also means that with a 1s animation time it is theoretically possible (in what would no doubt be heavy combat) to cast Gravimetric Emanation as often as 4 times per minute and get 4 Force Feedback procs per minute ... or up to 8 Force Feedback procs within the 2 minutes of Hasten's buff duration (which I'll circle back to later). So, so far ... the MAG 3 Stun can be perma and the Force Feedback proc slotted into the power can procced relatively reliably as often as 4 times per minute, despite Force Feedback being set for 2 procs per minute (2 PPM), so long as there are $Targets around for Gravimetric Emanation to be used upon. But Gravimetric Emanation also deals a base MAG 9.35 Knockback ... which Sudden Acceleration then converts into Knockdown, preventing unwanted scattering of $Targets. This conversion to KnockDOWN then makes Gravimetric Emanation a power that is "team friendly" in that it doesn't "knock over the board" of the battlefield, scrambling the positioning of $Targets (whether you want to or not). So the Sudden Acceleration makes up to 10 $Targets "fall down" where they stand (or "flip them over" where they hover/fly) which can disrupt their attack patterns against yourself and your team. But then in addition to all of that there's the Superior Frozen Blast chance for Immobilize, which in its Superior format yields an astonishing 89.04% (less than 1% shy of the 90% chance cap!) of applying a MAG 3 Immobilize for 10 seconds(!) ... which then combines with the MAG 3 Stun of the base power to yield a Stun+Immobilize=Ghetto Hold for 10 seconds following the 1s animation of casting Gravimetric Emanation. In effect, Gravimetric becomes an area lockdown (that may leak the occasional $Target who isn't Immobilized, but you've got Gravimetric Snare to lock that down too) where $Targets are MAG 3 Stunned while MAG 3 Immobilized (denying them actions AND movement simultaneously) in a 45º Cone reaching 40ft in front of your Warshade that can be used "with impunity" (even in teams) because it won't rearrange the locations of everything you hit with Gravitic Emanation ... while at the same time often/usually proccing Force Feedback to speed up the recharge on your long recharge time Human form powers (Hasten, Sunless Mire, Gravimetric Emanation itself, Dark Extraction, Quasar and Eclipse!) so as to be able to use them more often and to better advantage than you would have been able to without Gravimetric Emanation. In short, this slotting practically revolutionizes both the potential and the applicability of Gravitic Emanation well beyond the uses that the power would otherwise be confined to (except in a solo context). It also means that the best time to use Gravitic Emanation as part of a repeating attack chain is AFTER using Gravity Well, so as to possibly get the Force Feedback proc from Gravitic Emanation to accelerate the recharge on Gravity well to the point where you can use Gravity Well more often (and stack Gravity Well's Hold MAG on a Boss even faster/deeper). But if you aren't in melee range to use Gravity Well, just use Gravitic Emanation on a group of $Targets as your alpha strike to neutralize a substantial number of them ... or allow a teammate/aggro magnet to herd them up and then hit them with Gravitic Emanation (guaranteed useful against Malta Sappers!). And because Gravitic Emanation will recharge in under 15 seconds, with or without a Force Feedback proc, you have every incentive to use Gravitic Emanation at every opportunity that presents itself! So yeah ... that's ... rude ... to NPC $Targets. I've got Dark Extraction slotted up the way that I do for maximum recharge in the fewest slots (in this case I had to use Call to Arms in order to avoid over slotting of +3% Damage set bonuses) while using the 5th slot for the Soulbound Allegiance Build Up proc. The reason for this is that once a Fluffy™ procs the Build Up the duration on the damage buff is 10 seconds for Pets, unlike the Build Up procs in Decimation and Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control which last only 5.25 seconds. In the context of Fluffy™ pet attacks, that's a fair chunk more potential damage during those 10 seconds (when it matters) and they can keep proccing the Soulbound Allegiance Build Up by continuing to attack, meaning that the benefit of the slot is most apparent in a $Target Rich Environment. Quasar is basically slotted the same way as on my Peacebringer build, where the idea is to deliver a massive burst of damage without hurling $Targets away from their current locations, turning Quasar into a very team friendly crashless "nuke" power to use in Human form. Nova form ... is Nova form when it comes to attack power rotations, because the core functionality remains unchanged from previous versions of my Peacebringer and Warshade builds. There are basically 2 rotations that can be used for either Single $Target or Multi $Target. But Dwarf form for Warshades is fundamentally different from Dwarf form for Peacebringers, because Warshades have Black Dwarf Drain, which simply NEEDS to be used to survive while in Dwarf form ... and once you include Black Dwarf Drain in the attack rotation there is simply no good reason not to include Black Dwarf Mire in the rotation so as to power up and supercharge damage throughput while in Dwarf form. Consequently there is basically just one attack power rotation that makes sense to use while in Dwarf form. Since this build doesn't reach for defense buffing from set bonuses, the protection scheme is a purely resistance based one ... mainly since Shadow Cloak and Maneuvers only offer a pittance of defense buffing to Human form only, although Vengeance is good for a 21% defense buff when a teammate can't stay upright (and there's always one ...). With Gravity, Penumbral and Twilight Shields toggled on you can hardcap all of your Resistances, except Toxic and Psionic, by hitting as few as 3+ $Targets with Eclipse while solo. Hitting 4+ $Targets with your Shields toggled on will hardcap Resistances to Toxic and Psionic as well for you. With Gravity, Penumbral and Twilight Shields toggled off (and/or while in Nova form) you can hardcap ALL of your Resistances, including Toxic and Psionic by hitting as 5+ $Targets with Eclipse while soloing. With Gravity, Penumbral and Twilight Shields toggled on, Dark Sustenance will hardcap your Resistances, except to Toxic and Psionic, with 5+ Corruptors, Defenders, Masterminds or Tankers on your team and 7 Corruptors, Defenders, Masterminds or Tankers on your team will hardcap even your Resistances to Toxic and Psionic. While in Dwarf Form you can hardcap Resistances to Smashing/Lethal and Fire/Cold with 2+ Corruptors, Defenders, Masterminds or Tankers on your team. You can hardcap Resistances to Energy/Negative Energy and Toxic with 4+ Corruptors, Defenders, Masterminds or Tankers on your team and can hardcap Resistance to Psionic with 7+ Corruptors, Defenders, Masterminds or Tankers on your team. While in Dwarf Form with Eclipse can hardcap all Resistances, except Psionic, by hitting as few as 2+ $Targets with Eclipse while solo. Hitting 4+ $Targets will hardcap Resistances to Psionic also. The final point I want to make for this build is that YES ... I took 3 powers out of the Leadership pool ... mainly as set mules, but also as "opportunities" when playing late game content (particularly Task Forces/Strike Forces) where someone else on the team is playing aggro magnet and you can get away with staying in Human form for a while and letting Orbiting Death do a fair amount of damage for you over time on the cheap. Maneuvers and Vengeance are basically there as Luck of the Gambler mule power picks, although they do still have some usefulness when used (in the right contexts). Tactics, however, is simply "too good" to pass up with the way that the Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control Build Up proc "works" in teams (and leagues!) to in effect supercharge your Human form damage dealing potential by having an increasingly high chance to proc the larger the number of team/league-mates you have within range of Tactics and being buffed by it (~41.5% chance every 10 seconds in Team-8 contexts when the team sticks together). Blended together with the Decimation Build Up proc in Ebon Eye this can provide significantly increased uptime for the Build Up procs (plural), turning your Human form into something of a damage and control powerhouse (who also has a damage aura in Orbiting Death). And while running ALL of the toggles available in Human form might get rather ... expensive ... in terms of endurance costs, when you can use Stygian Circle every 13.05s (or less if Gravitic Emanation procs Force Feedback!) to refuel yourself from the (mountain of) corpses you'll be creating as a Warshade using this build, you don't want to look at all those demands on your blue bar as being necessarily prohibitive to getting the most you can out of this build. And just in case it wasn't obvious, Nebulous Form is included as an "Oh S#*t!" button to escape from situations where you're taking too much damage (as well as using it as a travel power for getting around zones outside of combat). And I'm sure that someone is going to notice that I've got Superior sets slotted into Gravimetric Snare, Gravity Well and Gravitic Emanation in this build, unlike in previous builds I've posted. Mainly that's a matter of being able to acquire the non-Superior version of the enhancement while leveling (so as to slot it in) and then upgrade to being Superior at Level 50, providing the increased recharge and proc values represented in the proc performance data. So with all of that blathering out of the way, let's get on with the build itself, shall we?
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