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  1. Hey thanks for your time and thanks for dropping by my post! After a lot of discourse on how to go about this and feedback from a lot of people all over the community. here's my idea. Removing the minimum entry level from PvP zones is already committed, and with the new Level 50 "Temporal Characters" for PvP the question remains, are we using the lower level PvP zones, because what I'm hearing a lot is no. So I propose a poll to decide if people think this is a viable baby step to making the zones more interesting/ add some more zone diversity for these new 50's ( this change pitch does not apply to Recluses Victory that can be left alone as it's already 50 w/alpha ) Pitch 1: Raise Bloody Bay, Sirens Call, and Warburg to level 50 to equalize the zone PvP experience to the new PvP accessibility changes Pitch 2: Raise Bloody Bay to 30(from 25), and Leave Sirens call at 30, to not axe lower level the small part of the community who likes the limited alt build PvP challenge (no T9's). but still raise Warburg to 50 like pitch 1. This way you have more diversity of zones for 50 PvP, while not taking everything from those who don't hate the lower level restrictions. Pitch 3: Don't change the level caps, they are fine where they are. A lot of this pitch gains traction for me because it's not super time hungry to implement over all. To quote Faultline. A question was asked, if it's worth worrying about the mobs that don't scale to 50 to be fixed over time, as time permits. Since, it's a PvP zone and it would be an understatement to say the critters are not the focus of the zone. It would leave the mobs without level 50 definitions at a lower level than the zone, say 37 for thorns, to be fixed with a later update. But, I think if it's a sacrifice people would be willing to tolerate for the time being, leave a comment letting me know "who cares! it's a PvP zone after all" or "yeah this bothers me, here's why". Lets discuss the affected critters. If the majority of people agree the few weird mobs are a tolerable side effect (to be fixed later), Since this has potential be a quick change, maybe it could make it on page 4(probably not)? I can't promise that with any seriousness though. I'm leaning towards option 2: because with two zones at level 30( no T9 ), and two at 50, it creates a more flat level meta, it's a good start. What do you folks think! I'd love to see these unloved zones get some sunlight and more controlled level balance, thanks for reading!
  2. I opened a ticket in-game about this last weekend, but then didn't check my email again until this weekend. So the ticket was closed because I failed to respond to their question. Issue: Storm Palace is not awarding credit towards Dimensional Explorer/Plunderer. Reponse to ticket: Are you just stuck at the halfway point? No, Storm Palace is not progressing the bar at all. (Confirmed further down this thread, this zone is bugged!) I found four toons with NO PROGRESS toward Dimensional Warder and logged off one in each purple zone. I took screen shots before I logged them out yesterday, and then left them logged out until today, and took new screen shots. As you can see, when I started NONE of the toons had Shadow Shard Day Job progress. When I logged them in today, the toons in FBZ, Chantry, and Cascade each had the progress bar pop up, but NOT the toon in the Storm Palace. Cascade Archipeligo:
  3. With the ban lifted figured I'd finally post this. If you don't like the effects, I couldn't preview them on my trash computer so it wasn't easy to tune/change them.
  4. Hey all, I am looking at trying to learn how to design costume pieces and art assets and I was wondering what tools I need and how I go about getting under the hood of COH. I really want to design a zone with dinosaurs and nazis (fifth column) just to see if I can. I can set up a private server to play with it, but any help you can offer or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone written any guides for this kind of thing?
  5. The discussion about potential new grinding/rewards concepts here got me wondering... In theory only, what would a cooperative zone unlocking event look like in a CoH/V interpretation? For example, look to the Ahn'Qiraj zone unlocking challenge in World of Warcraft. In that game, there's a ton of grinding, and questing, if I recall correctly, for the server to fill up quotas to unlock a massive new zone, with several special rewards in the process. But grinding for cloth doesn't seem like a COH/V kind of thing. So just for kicks, how would the forumites envision such a thing working here? Would we need one zone (purple), or two? By two I'd think one unlocked by blueside and that's more heavily blueside but with redside opportunities, and vice-versa for red (this might stimulate redside play). Do we save up salvage, crafted enhancements, or a mix with maybe a few other things? what would an unlocked zone have and look like in COH/V? Looking for creative ideas. (Note, this is strictly speculative. I'd never ask this of the Homecoming team.)
  6. I use the Reunion server. Most of the time I try to enter or leave a mission instance, the loading bar freezes and it returns me to the login screen. After i type my password to reenter i get a pop-up that says "your account is already logged". If I type again it lets me enter without showing the EULA. I tried numerous time and the loading screen always take at least 2 minutes even when it doesn't crash. I tried to lower the graphics but it didn't change anything. Also I noticed it happens more often in the Imperial City and King's Row zones. I would like to know if I can do anything about this, thank you.
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