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TW animation times with Momentum


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Does anyone know what the animation times are for the TW powers during Momentum? I remember viewing them before shutdown, probably on City of Data, but sadly the fast versions of the powers don't appear to have been archived. Pretty sure they were all in the 1-1.3s range or so, but it varied and I don't recall exactly.

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I'm pretty sure Crushing Blow was 1.2 seconds with Momentum, ie Arcanatime 1.452 seconds. You can view their power info by typing something like [Crushing Blow.Momentum] in-game, but I can't remember what the syntax was and none of the obvious guesses seem to be right.

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I posted them in the tanker section. Check the 2nd post.




Edit, went ahead and copied the quote for convenience.



Defensive Sweep:   2.2 second cast time (reduced to 1 second with momentum)

Crushing Blow:   2 sec (1.2 sec)

Titan Sweep:   2.43 sec (1 sec)

Follow Through requires Momentum, 1 sec cast time

Rend Armor:   2.3 sec (1.3 sec)

Whirling Smash requires Momentum, 1 sec cast time

Arc of Destruction:   2.7 sec (1.5 sec)


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