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Hey Darcy, I've been watching your videos while building my very first sg base.  The videos have been extremely helpful!


I am having one issue I'm hoping you, or someone could help me with, and that is the editing commands.  I understand that for the specialized commands you use F1, F2. and F3.  Well, I've been trying, but I can't get my Fkeys to do anything.  Now this might be because I'm on a laptop, and not a pc, but I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out why my Fkeys aren't working as far as base editing.


Also, there might be someone out there that is having the same problem, so an answer here, may help anyone that's having my issues.  Thanks!

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Hi Ladiestorm! Glad the videos have helped you.


Did you check to see if you'd perhaps disabled the f keys? There is usually a button that enables/disables the f keys. If not, you can use / commands for all but the F5 key, I do not know the commands for that, although there probably are slash commands for the attachments. I'll ask someone who knows the code better than I do if they know the keyboard commands for that. Otherwise, here are the commands:


/edit_base [1/0] = Turn base editing on or off. 1 = on, 0 = off (e.g.: /editbase 1 to start editing from anywhere)

/grid_snap [value] = Set item placement grid to [value] degrees. Default grid = 1 (/gridsnap .25 for 1/4 grid placement, /gridsnap .5 for 1/2  grid, etc)

/angle_snap [value] = Set rotation value to [value] degrees. Default snap = 5 (/anglesnap 15, /anglesnap 25, etc)

/room_clip [1/0] -- 0 = In parent room, 1 = no constraints (this enables clipping, the F3 key. /roomclip 1 to enable clipping.)


One other possibility on why the keys don't work for you: did you by chance create a bind while in edit mode? That can screw up keybinds for that character in editing. If you did, I don't know of any fixes other than creating a different character to do the editing in that base. You might try that, anyway, to see if that fixes your problem, whatever its cause.


I hope that helps! Feel free to join my Discord channel if you are on Discord: https://discord.gg/mrGpNTMt



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15 hours ago, Dacy said:

Hi Ladiestorm! Glad the videos have helped you.

Did you check to see if you'd perhaps disabled the f keys? There is usually a button that enables/disables the f keys...............................................


F-Lock is a likely suspect. Without seeing what kind of laptop keyboard it is, some possibilities

would be look to the left or right of the space bar for a Fn key and press and hold it down while trying

your number keys. 1,2,3 should function as f1,f2,f3 or look along the top of the keyboard for anything that says

fn-lock and press it to see if a little LED comes on. On some laptop keyboards where space is limited the

text is replaced with a padlock symbol. To leave it "always on" could be a combination of Fn+Shift

or Fn+Esc or even Fn+Caps Lock as in the pics below. Hope this helps @ladiestorm. zb7XgP0P_o.png


c06086182.png    img_565e28a3734ec.jpg?trim=1,1&bg-color=000&pad=1,1


If that doesn't do it for you I may be able to help with a bind or

load file to switch them on and off with a key or mouse button for you.


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Thanks, CR! Very helpful stuff, I would not have known the specifics. 🙂


Ladiestorm, please let us know if you fixed the problem? 🙂



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@Dacy's videos are phenomenal.  Glad to see there will be more of them.  Sorting out the particulars of editing bases can be a real grind if you are trying to start from ground zero. 


Personally, I have a toon exclusively for base editing, and have a bunch of macros set up so I don't have to cycle through everything.  In the vein of helping people edit bases, maybe this will be of some use to someone as well.


I set up keybinds for my NUMPAD...


NUMPAD0 "powexec_tray 8 2"
DECIMAL "powexec_tray 9 2"
NUMPAD1 "powexec_tray 1 2"
NUMPAD2 "powexec_tray 2 2"
NUMPAD3 "powexec_tray 3 2"
NUMPAD4 "powexec_tray 7 3"
NUMPAD5 "powexec_tray 8 3"
NUMPAD6 "powexec_tray 9 3"
NUMPAD7 "powexec_tray 1 3"
NUMPAD8 "powexec_tray 2 3"
NUMPAD9 "powexec_tray 3 3"
ADD "powexec_tray 10 3"
SUBTRACT "powexec_tray 10 4"
MULTIPLY "powexec_tray 9 4"
DIVIDE "powexec_tray 8 4"
DECIMAL "powexec_tray 9 2"
NUMPADENTER "powexec_tray 10 2"


I put them in a bindfile, and then load them for all my new toons.  For my base editing toon, I put macros in those slots.   These macros set grid size, snap angle, and attachment.  This way I don't have to cycle through all of the options.  I push one button, and its set.  For example, the G.25 button is /macro G.25 "grid_snap 0.25$$local Grid Snap 1/4" sets the grid snap to 1/4 and says "Grid Snap 1/4" in local so I can see it.


In regards to the F5 key, a Dev went diving into the code.  According to Coppertop, nothing other than /attach_cycle exists, so you have to cycle through the options for attachment.  I just created a /attach_cycle macro for NUMPADENTER slot to keep everything together.  Its also easier because its closer to my mouse, and I don't accidentally hit a different F key by mistake.  


The numeric keys are bound to tray 1 by default, so for that I made base edit setup macros.  They enter base editing mode, open the Local chat tab, enable clipping, adust the visual scale, and bring me to the Entry Portal by pushing the numeric keys 5-9 sequentially.  When done, O exits base edit mode.  All of the macros say what they do in Local so I can make sure I have the right thing selected.  It makes it so much easier if you are doing a ton of editing.


Hope this is helpful!



Screenshot 2021-01-17 124624.jpg

Screenshot 2021-05-14 153625.jpg

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