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The Aurian Archive ~590 builds


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This is a collection of builds made over the course of the existence of the "Hidden" server. I'd apologize for taking so long to make this available but many of these builds received adjustments to make sure they loaded against the most recent release of Pine's Hero Designer. I also have attempted to standardize the naming format and scrub any global name or character information that may have been included in the files. 


That being said there are some notes on the name formatting. In general the format follows as:

  • Archtype  :  Primary Power Set  : :  Secondary Power Set : :  (Tertiary Power Set])  : :  Revision : :  Revision Number  : :  (other identifying information)

The general outline of the (other identifying information) is as follows

  • Alpha, BravoCharlie, Delta :: these tags indicate minor changes that were saved for comparison values.

    SCD :: Soft Capped Defense :: self explanatory. 

    SCLR :: Soft Cap Level Revision :: The build was adjusted to achieve a Defensive Soft Cap at lower levels for the mid range TF's like Citadel, Katie, Hess, Manti, or Eden Trial.

    Beta :: Generally speaking the few Beta builds were actually made and tested, but were quickly changed and likely never originally posted to the "Hidden" Server. 


Generally speaking the Revisions are identified as:

  • R :: Primary Revision

    RR :: Remix Revision

    H :: Hold - a retired build

    DE :: Damage Edition

    DR :: Detuned Revision - I think I only used this once for a Stone Tank going to a Stone Brute

    DB :: Dual Build - used on a few brutes and tanks. Basically when I got a build that was really good at one task, and then I wanted to make something a little more suited for general play.

    RS :: I have no idea what I meant with RS. It's on at least one defender. I think it was Revision Secondary.


Other notes: While cleaning these up I merged the list of builds I personally ran and the list of builds I made for other players. I also kept in builds my Concepts folder that I modified or used as reference from Other Players. To protect those players who were on the "Hidden" server their names have been stripped and those files labeled with Other Player.


Builds that are labeled Concept generally weren't ever made in-game. Or at least I never made them. Well... most of them. 


*The Knock Warning*


I'll spare Homecoming my rant on why Knock effects suck and why most knocks should be replaced with Repel. I will note that anytime you see a [Kinetic Crash] you should swap it out for a [Sudden Acceleration]


As of the most recent update for P.H.D. the [Sudden Acceleration] set is being treated as a unique proc set, but the proc shouldn't be unique. So some builds have been updated to reflect the slotting of [Sudden Acceleration], so just be aware of that if you are using a knock-heavy power set. 

*The disclaimers*


I'm not claiming these as the be-all-end-all of builds. Most of my personal builds were constructed within the in-game economy of the "Hidden" Server, where many of the changes made to the games reward system allowed even casual players the capability to construct a dream-build. You know, instead of the Live Server where dream-builds were a gimmick for those players who did nothing but farm all day. These builds are not going to be practical for servers that re-implement the Live-Game economy 1:1.


So, do be warned, there is a fundamental opinion of how this game should be played that will affect the viability of actually replicating a number of builds that I made. I bring this particular subject up because the in-game economic viability will impact what a player can afford to build, and I shouldn't have to say more than Casually Purpled Out Warshade for players of the Live Server to understand that perspective. 


There is another factor at play in the viability of the builds I made for the "Hidden" server. There are any number of other players who can likely come up with builds that have better overall survivability, better offense, better (insert stat here). Different players have different perspectives on what they want to get out of a build.


Most of my own builds are also built around concepts of [Sustainability]. I'll spare the Homecoming Server the original rant, and just shorten that rant to say that in most cases my "Finalized" builds should be capable of driving all toggles and powers in Real Play sustained combat. Notable exceptions still being the Ice/Rad controller and the fire/pain controller. Actually just all my controller builds in general all tended to go Support Hybrid / Ageless  for the endurance. 


So: with the Disclaimers out of the way and with enough information to decipher how the Archive is structured: 


*The Archive Link*




* Endnote *


A big thank you to everyone who was on "Hidden" server who kept asking me to republish the build archive.


And also a big thank you to everyone who took the time to track me down on Steam and apologized for some of the nastier things said over the years after my Live-Game global got leaked. 

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3 hours ago, SmalltalkJava said:

You link when clicked goes to this same forum post.



Huh. Well indeed it does. 


Give me a minute to fix that.


* * *


Okay, Chromium and Vivaldi are both now opening into Gdrive. 


Let me know if it's borking on any other browsers. 

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I think I've updated the archive with all of the builds I've made since September. 


Not all builds were posted to these forums. 


Not all builds are meant for all players.


If you encounter build difficulty please put the Lime in the Coconut and drink it all up. 

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Bit of an organizational update. My "Main" computer has been dying for a while, and I wound up trying to manage builds on a low end Ryzen 3200 laptop. So now all the builds are organized into folders. Hopefully that might make navigation a lot easier, speed up searching for a build by AT and then power set, as well as better position the builds for ease of changing file storage solutions. 

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