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WHat do I do now?

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1 minute ago, Rerun said:

So... got a toon to lvl 42. I just wanna run radios / papers. But I can't find a zone that doesn't say "Events here seem beneath your notice."

So, what do I do now?

If you go to a tram station it lists areas by level.

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1 hour ago, Rerun said:

Yeah, Kallisti Wharf is the highest area I see, and when I go there, it says, "The Police scanner seems remarkable quiet."

I guess there's no more radio missions after 40'ish ?

FYI, KW was an incomplete zone at shut-down and stuff like that (and other missions) never got set up there by the original devs, so it's a kind if empty zone.  This is why there's no random bad guys scattered about, for instance.

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I believe he is referring to the Tunnel System, it is accessible next to the Train Station on Talos Island and in Most zones somewhere, if you are in a Super Group, TP may be an option. Ouroborus is a great place to visit to get that Transportation Option, just have someone Portal you there, then get the badge on the top of the spire which will then let you open your own Ouro-Portal.

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Just out of curiosity, why don't you want to run contact missions? Some of the storylines are fun and interesting. Plus you get merits which buy some good stuff. If you want repeatable missions try Shadow Shards. It's mostly rescue missions and collect fruit, but the enemies are very different and quite challenging. I'd advise fly though. It's the only zone in the game where recall friend can actually be out of range.

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