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Team Lethal Lottery Event, Oct 5 - big prizes, all experience levels welcome!


Run event on the test server?  

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  1. 1. Run event on test?

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6v6 arena matches where each round your team of 3 players gets paired with another team of 3 players and will face off against another randomly paired 2 teams.

The number of rounds played during the group stages will depend on the number of teams signed up. Finals format is to be determined based on number of teams attending.
You play as one of the 2 the characters you signup with.


We're looking at running the event on test server which has the PVP mez duration fixes and allows people to bring different characters without leveling up new toons. This means using the test server commands to level up and slot your characters prior to the event (it probably takes 20 min if you have a build ready); see the popup menu utility for an easy way to do this. Vote in the poll if you're for/against running the event on test. edit: test server won the vote, event on the test server


Reward merits
temporary PVP Discord Titles



Sign up as a team of 3 in this thread with one player posting your @players and characters (ATs and powersets). You can edit in the characters you're bringing later, just do it before the event. Feel free to enter with a team name if you want. Be sure to read the rules below.

While it’s encouraged to sign up as a full team you may use this thread to sign up solo or a team of 2. You can use this thread or Discord to join or form teams prior to the event -be sure to update your posts with changes. Before the event teams of 2 (and teams of 3 with no-shows) will be filled with the remaining solo-signups with early signups having priority (late signups may not get on to a team). If there are enough solo signups they’ll be formed into teams of 3. There's no guarantee you're get to play if you don't sign up with a team, but we'll try to get everyone in if possible.
Default arena settings (10 min matches, small insps only, no TS, no heal decay, arena temp powers only)
Ties settled in sudden death
Banned powers (pending test server changes): electrifying net arrow (blasters) and telekinesis.
Limit 1 poison (any AT) per group of 6 (and only 1 of your 2 characters may be a poison).

late rule edit: AT limit of 3 stalkers

You determine your lineup each round in your group of 6 before being matched with an opponent (i.e. no counter picking for team comps).
Alpha only incarnate powers. Other incarnates to be unslotted for the event.
Group stage maps will be randomly chosen from a pool of the following: Sky, Steel, Outbreak, Striga, Atlas, Lab
Finals maps will be chosen from the same map pool.
Length of event will depend on the number of teams, but we’re aiming for 2 to 3 hours like the previous events.


New players are welcome and encouraged to come out and get a taste of some arena PVP. 
Feel free to ask any questions about the event, builds, or PVP in general here on the forums or on the PVP Discord. You can also PM questions to the admins and mods on the PVP Discord.


The event will be run from Discord and voice channels will be available to use for communication, be sure to check beforehand that you can get Discord working. This event will be run instead of Saturday kickball.


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Barrier, Avid, and I are putting our names in. Will update with globals and character names.


Barrier - Fire/Poison Corr, Ice/Plant Blaster

Avid - Fire/Nature Corr, Ice/Plant Blaster

Macskull - Fire/Emp Corr, Ice/Pain Corr


Apparently our team name is "macskull and the farm targets"

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@macskull/@Not Mac

Proc information and chance calculator spreadsheet (last updated 28JAN22)

Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

Twitch | Youtube

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Merit prizes will be at least in the amount of the last tournament (500-1000 for members of winning teams and less in increments for 2nd and finalists). There will be at least two raffle prizes as well. 


Sign up or I’ll delete the empathy powerset from the game. 

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On 9/18/2019 at 9:51 PM, CR Banana Man said:

Merit prizes will be at least in the amount of the last tournament (500-1000 for members of winning teams and less in increments for 2nd and finalists). There will be at least two raffle prizes as well. 


Sign up or I’ll delete the empathy powerset from the game. 

Where's the downside to not signing up? ^_^

Death is the best debuff.

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Congrats to Poned, Chris, and MJB on the win with the 6-1 record!


Thanks to the 8 teams (~23 people) who came out and played and all the people who made their characters last minute.

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Xhiggy and the others who helped, thank you for setting this up. I thought it was a fun and challenging experience. My favorite part about this was the rotation of teams, where at one point I'd be playing a difficult team, and the next match they'd be teaming with me - this was a fun idea that kept the matches civil, fair,  and interesting. The spreadsheet with the bracket was very helpful to me as well in finding the next group to join after each match. This was my first PvP tournament and I'm excited for the next one. 


As for the variety of builds I saw, beam is still the go-to pick. I personally didn't have a counter to a team of beams when playing either of my builds, but I suspect there is a strategy out there to at least mitigate their effectiveness. I was also surprised to see so many emp players contributing to damage spikes! I am just getting the hang of playing emp, and there are a lot of moving pieces so to watch an emp both heal/buff, switch to the target and throw ice, then get back on the buff/heal train was very impressive. 


And great job getting the message out about this tournament. I heard about it through the HC forum, Discord, in KB matches, and from pvpers in-game. I was hoping to see a HC rep or some sort of involvement, but I figured they are all volunteers so they've got their hands full with other stuff.  


Lastly, I was a last minute sign up and I was still placed on a team. Thank you for making that happen and congrats to the winners. 


edit: oh and this event had more players (23-24?) show up than the testing events for the RWZ Raid mechanics - which had direct involvement from the HC team. That's something!

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