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Island Rum Install. Game Won't Play.


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I'm not pretty tech savvy when it comes to downloading things like this, but I've tried my best so far & would appreciate a little assistance.

I tried following the steps to downloading the game on Mac, I have Island Rum installed. The file is located in my 'Applications' folder, still named 'Island Rum'.

I have clicked the play button once it says 'Ready To Play', it will then say 'Launching Homecoming 64 Bit' or 'Launching Homecoming', as i have tried both, but then nothing happens.


Can someone explain to me as simply as possible (lol) what I might have done wrong in the process? I know the installation for Mac said somewhere about selecting 'File' & changing the name of something to 'CoH', which I haven't done because I'm not sure where I'm supposed to do this.


Also, do I have to do anything with regards to this HomeBrew page?


Any help appreciated! Thanks!

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 6.21.10 PM.png

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