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A Day In The Life of a Hero

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I have a concept for an arc: five stereotypical missions for superhero types. One is stopping a bank robbery. I also want to toss in a Godzilla type GM fight, a comics con appearance (NOT to kill cosplayers with bad attitudes ... selfies and maybe an attack from an anti comics group)


And a mission where heroes save kittens stuck in trees.


Any idea how to get a glowie kitty cat?


Thanks in advance!

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While there's no glowie kitty cat option, I'd look through the defend an object options (in the advanced mission objectives drop down). There's a couple objects that are interesting and could fit what you're going for generally. For instance, there are a number of box options. Maybe it's Schrodinger's Cat and you have make sure the mean, nasty people don't bust open the box and risk the little guy coming out dead.


Most of these options are also in the destroy an object mission objective, so maybe the cat got stuck in a Rikti Incubator or a Snake Egg (somehow) and you've got to destroy the object to free the cat.


Or you could just make a cat-like character and have the player rescue him/her/etc. from... Devouring Earth?


Sure, why not.

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