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Galaxy Brain

Scrapper Melee Primary Testing: "Standard" environment

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2 hours ago, Galaxy Brain said:

Also, anyone know the easiest way to load up IO's on Pineapple?

Welcome to the slowest part of testing on Pineapple. Assuming you didn't delete your SO built characters, hit a respec (fastest way to rebuild without level-up process), and use the POP menu option. There's a topic thread on it in the Beta section; here is the thread. It's a menu you set in the game files that a command line is able to bring up only on the Beta server that will give you access to a menu of all the enhancements in the game based on level range, piece, or whole set. It's the fastest way to load up a character with IO's. And it'll still probably take you about 15-20 minutes per character to grant yourself everything. I sorta time it on one of my tests with Tanks, and from creation screen (no customization, all preset costume choices) to full build took about 45 minutes >_< But I was also catalysing and boosting certain parts too, which take extra time.

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13 hours ago, Galaxy Brain said:

I do think that they'd be slower.... SR especially as it'd be luck based with no HP recovery. Invuln would probably be safer and more consistent with +Acc from Invincibility... worth a shot ūüôā


Also, anyone know the easiest way to load up IO's on Pineapple?

/boost crafted_damage crafted_damage 50


/boost crafted_endurance_discount crafted_endurance_discount 50


/boost crafted_recovery crafted_recovery 50


/boost crafted_tohit_buff crafted_tohit_buff 50


/boost crafted_recharge crafted_recharge 50


/boost Crafted_Res_Damage Crafted_Res_Damage 50


/boost crafted_defense_buff crafted_defense_buff 50


/boost crafted_accuracy crafted_defense_accuracy 50


/boost crafted_run crafted_run 50


/boost crafted_fly crafted_fly 50


/boost crafted_jump crafted_jump 50


I just use commands like that then hit backspace up arrow to edit to change types.


edit: just added more commands. Just copy and paste.  Hit backspace up arrow enter for rapid multiple creation.  Don't hold me to the run jump and fly ones I couldn't remember if it had or did not have the word speed attached, bu I think it did not.  If you want different lvl IO just change the 50.

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Went through and replayed 5 runs of Ice, Rad, Broadsword and Elec melee given my better experience with the map and the sets. These 4 were chosen due to being outside the normal range of the Standard Deviation when looking at all the sets (on my personal runs specifically). The new runs looked at the 5 slowest times per set and I gave myself only 5 mulligans to try and best those specific times. I have included the original runs in Blue on both the main sheet and my page on the doc for prosperity.


All my runs are now within +/-6ish seconds of the "average" standard deviation (sort of a mouthful there lol).





I feel more comfortable with myself going forward with the runs more tightly packed. Sets I observed to be finicky based on types of spawns still have a higher SD than others, just no longer as wild as before.



In doing this, the averages of some sets changed.



















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