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Ry's Requests: Part 1


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Hey guys, I figured rather than posting a TON of separate requests on each and every little thing I'd like, I thought I'd make these shopping lists to go over what I believe would be really nice for the community . . but mainly myself because I'm a greedy and nasty villain >:) mwahaha! 


The format works like this, I'll list off seven things a month so I don't spam the site. Each request will have a sentence to explain why I really want said thing to happen, I'll try to keep it brief. Furthermore, I fully understand the Homecoming team has a lot on their plate so even though I want these things I wont get mad about it if it never happens, this applies to every suggestion I make. I'm just happy to have the game back and RP in a new community on a game I cherish.


With all that sappiness out the way, lets start the list! In no particular order! With cherries on top~


1. The Katana/Ninja Blade Bug - I'm not entirely sure what the teams stance is on this, I haven't come across any posts (if they exist please show me!) but I remember this cheeky little bug from live and it honestly is the only thing stopping me playing this set all together. I'd LOVE to get into my anime state of mind and swing a Japanese blade around at criminals or heroes but the fact its bugged just hinders the experience. I know this ones a long shot since the original team couldn't figure out why the models vanished in game, but I'd be so thankful if the models came back into view.


2. More Lore Pets - City has some of the most fun and colourful NPC groups I've seen in a game, having more of them to use for our characters would be amazing.


3. Infernal Blast/Assault - I've previously talked about this in another post so I wont mention it again, but the hellfire that the demons use combined with the three whip powers could seriously make an amazing set. I've already tested this on a solo instances, player models can use the powers the demon pets use so its not a huge stretch. 


4. Costumes - Some more patterns and NPC pieces would be marvelous, the team has already done a wonderful job adding some new content in this area which I'm VERY grateful for. Smallest request? Chain pattern for legs, it bothers me you can have a chain pattern on your chest but not on your legs. But more additions in general are always awesome! Thanks again guys :3


5. New Procs - Who loves proc's in IOs sets? I sure do. Some IO sets don't get used at all and I think adding a nifty proc could fix that.


6. Themed Events - City already has some great events for holidays, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and the Summer Blockbuster. I'd love one for Easter and perhaps some other holidays? Or perhaps some new additions to the themed events we have right now.


Thank you for reading this list. Hope you agree and if not that's okay! Happy hunting!





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