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Liberty Task Force Thorn Tree Mish Repeats

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Ran a Miss Liberty TF this morning with a full team. One team member appeared to have quit upon entering the Thorn Tree Mission. 


Remaining team cleared the vines, grabbed the glowie, got the mission complete audio, and exited to find the same mission was up.


Cleared the mission again, another team member grabbed the glowie, exited the mish, and we faced same Thorn Tree Groundhog Day Experience.

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It's an old bug.

If a TF member quits the TF, then it can bug it so that missions repeat like that.



You'll have to get a GM to manually adjust your team (I think they have a way to promote a different person to leader then it will fix the problem)

But it happens often enough if you just let the GM know you had a TF memeber quit and now you're having to repeat a mission, they should know what to do and fix it up pretty quick.

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