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Base Editing Bug: Positioning


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Hi, I've got an editing bug. When trying to rotate an object when it's first placed on a floor,  if it's rotated towards the south, it will not go 90 degrees. That is, if it's lying down, it won't go upright, and if it's upright, it won't totally lay down in that direction. It will go the other way, but not towards the south. If you rotated the item, that inability to go 90 degrees  stays with that side. This of course means that, if both sides are the same, you can turn the item around and it will lay flat, but if the side you want to rotate has a particular feature you're trying to get into that position, the job becomes much more challenging, as every rotation axis will include that error when it comes to getting to perfectly horizontal or vertical. This is consistent through every angle snap degree and whether or not  you are running the 64bit or not. You can, however, position a one sided object the opposite direction from where you wish it to end up, and use right click to rotate the object, and it will go to vertical then, but that's the only way I've found to work around this very annoying bug. I have had one instance of editing when that bug did not appear to be in effect, and nothing had changed; it was after many sessions of experiencing the bug. I don't know why it decided to not have the bug at that time. Otherwise, the bug has shown up every time I've edited, which has been many, many times.

I tried to make a video, but it was too large, so pictures included to show bug.


Item placed and rotated top towards south from initial position. Won't lay flat.



Item rotated top towards north from initial position. Lays flat.



Item returned to upright, rotated 1/4 turn via right click, then attempted to lay flat again, rotating top towards east. Won't lay flat. (Same side as wouldn't lay flat when trying to rotate towards south).



Object with one side different than the other, lays flat on floor when initially placed. This is an attempt to rotate to upright, northern side turned upright north to south movement. Won't go vertical.screenshot_190920-16-43-36.thumb.jpg.2b80211193b17191bbaa28720dd74f36.jpg


However, bringing the side pointing south upright works fine (south to north motion). However, using either axis to try and rotate this to upright with the end that is now pointing down turned so it is now pointing up, perpendicular to the floor, will result in an angled item once again.



This is especially aggravating, when you want a particular side of an object, and it WILL not stop on the upright or horizontal position you need, and you have to figure out how to position the object so that clicking will turn it to where you need it to be. Please fix. 🙂



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