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ArcID 14388: The Storyteller: Sabrina’s Tale – Arc of the Year 2009

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Winner - Best Original Story and Arc of the Year 2009 in the first AE Awards!


Description: "Reading a story is one thing, watching is another, but to relive it....  That's something else entirely.  The Storyteller invites you to live through one of his tales in which we see that sometimes, superpowers can't make the world right."

Length: Very long

Morality: Neutral

Mission 1: Escort, Boss

Mission 2: Boss, Collection

Mission 3: Boss (Elite Boss at larger team sizes and Difficulty Settings)

Mission 4: Destructible Objects, Release Captives Boss (Elite Boss at larger team sizes and Difficulty Settings)


"I am The Storyteller, a keeper of tales from now and before.  Some stories are inspiring, uplifting; some are base and full of despair; some.... some are merely what they are.

So you wish to have a story?  A tale from before?  Be warned, I could tell you a story, but that would be too simple, you have to live it, to see it with your own eyes, to feel it with your own hands, experience it with all your senses.

So, you still want a story?  Perhaps Sabrina's Tale?"


The Storyteller doesn’t just tell you his stories, you live them, taking part in them as they unfold, stepping into the shoes of the protagonist.


A unique trip into interactive fiction.


Back after all these years, the original winner of the first AE Awards! The Storyteller: Sabrina’s Tale, newly remastered for Homecoming.


What The Players Said:

"Five stars. Unforgettable. The best arc I've played yet, and one that will stay with me for some time, I imagine. From the opening scenes to the wrenching finale, this is Mission Architect at its finest."

"Good god that was awesome.!!!!"

"was one best ai mishes ever and awsome story teling."

"Very Lovecraftian; a bit on the dark side, like many of Poe's stories. Definately a different change of pace."

"WOW amazing"

"this was great story line, ty."

"Great plot. Highly dramatic, but still fun to play! Complete in itself and satifying."


What The Reviewers Said:

“The Verdict:
This is definitely one of the best story-driven arcs I have played since the Mission Architect was added to the game. I am having trouble finding any flaws whatsoever. The description lacks a warning about the two EBs within the arc, but that's not a problem with the arc itself. The story is well written and the idea that you are placed in the Storyteller's shoes to experience it yourself is rather creative. Now I don't know if he really had superpowers or if the big battles are just embellishment, but honestly I don't care to ponder that question at all. A well-deserved 5 stars.”

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