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Post your best costume designs here!

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8 hours ago, Jawbreaker said:

Blacktop. Once a motorcycle cop, he was chasing a car full of Hellions with a trunk full of stolen arcane artifacts. He rear-ended the getaway car, causing a massive explosion. He emerged from the bubbling road surface, forever changed.


StJ/Shield scrapper


That's very crafty :] sweet character, nicely done

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On 10/31/2019 at 12:32 AM, RikOz said:

How about some of my more militant characters?


Soldier 66, so named because he was my 66th alt. (Assault Rifle/Willpower sentinel) :



Midnight Blue (Energy Rifle/Bio Armor sentinel):




And Little Longbow. She was attending a comic convention and cosplaying as a Longbow agent. Then, the guys cosplaying as Skulls turned out to be actual Skulls, not cosplayers, and started shooting the place up. The stress triggered her mutant gene, unlocking electrical powers. She couldn't figure out how to use them to fight back, but the electricity seemed to protect her and she was able to help evacuate the building and protect the other attendees. She later determined that her electrical powers were strictly defensive in nature, and so if she wanted to be a superhero, she figured she'd better learn to shoot! (Assault Rifle/Electric Armor sentinel).


Here's her whole costume wardrobe so far. They're progressing with her level, and she's wearing the pink one now:








For Midnight Blue, what face mask is that?  I can't seem to find it?

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3 hours ago, Regloh said:

The glowy blue one? That's an aura (Cyborg auras -> A.C.A.D. Hud) 


3 hours ago, Crysis said:

Thanks!  I never would have been looking there!

But just for the record, the cyborg "auras" are combat-only - they don't show if you're not in a "combat stance".

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Heer Oranje:  Daan Visser, while not a direct descendant of the legendary William of Orange, is related to the famous Dutch house through a chain of marriages. Erm, that is, his great-great-aunt married into the house a century ago. Daan himself is unmarried. When his biophysics research resulted in his gaining superpowers, however, he came to the attention of the house's more prominent members, and they elected to name him the house's Champion. The House of Orange provided him with the resources he needed to become a full-fledged superhero, including obtaining for him suitable training and equipment and sending him to Paragon City to gain experience and develop contacts within the superpowered community. While he does not hold an actual noble title, the house chose to grant him the honorary title "Heer Oranje" (in English, "Lord Orange").



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For what is lit-erally the 666th post in this thread I am soul-prised

you didn't post a demon summoner costume of some scorch @RikOz,

or at the very least something Hades adjacent... what the hell man???  rs4wmRnk_o.gif


I mean you Satan-ly don't have to demon-strate it with a un-whole-ly costume but the way it is right

now (cool meme bro 07K1tHnz_o.png) really just Styx out as being kinda Meh-phistopheles ya know?

I mean it totally pale(horse)s  in comparison to what it could Beelzebub.

It's almost like you don't Charon-ough to even fry.

Seriously whadda ya got to Lucifer? rs4wmRnk_o.gif


...besides eternal pun-nishment that is.  kYftkbzZ_o.gif


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Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN?

You really should've clicked here before 6pm on Sunday the 18th!



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6 hours ago, Midnight Blue Mage said:

@Jawbreaker That shot is super awesome! Nicely done on both the costume and the camera

@graff Damn, those are really innovative and beautiful; I feel like you have a unique approach to costume design (it is especially apparent with Acid Wash), and it shines

Thank you, I spend an inordinate amount of time on getting the screenshots some days

Ask me about my City Of Heroes patch problem https://levelzeroems.com/search?q=City of Heroes

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