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Post your best costume designs here!

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I have dozens of characters but for some reason this particular one really sparked something for me.  I have been on him pretty non stop for a few days now.  Even typed out a little backstory which I rarely do unless I love a character.


Death's Breath.  My DM/SR stalker.  I colored the SR dark purple too so it looks like he turns to vapor when hidden and ninja run looks like a ball of vapor tearing across the map.


Backstory:  Reapers.  The impartial handlers of souls.  Meeting them is inevitable.  Everything has it's time.  Be you righteous or evil, all face death.  Lately there has been many more righteous souls entering the soul well though.  Too many.  Balance must be restored.  For the first time ever the Reapers are taking direct action.  Reaper #4650 AKA Death's Breath is sent to do the unthinkable.  To save lives rather than take them... well the righteous ones anyways.



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Just a Boyfriend from Hell, looking for his Girlfriend from Hell 


Assault Rifle/Fire Blaster 





Hello, my fellow skulls, it's The Death's Black Hand


Dark/Dark Blaster




Taste the meat not the heat. it's The Prince of Propane!


Martial Arts/Fire Brute








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On 2/10/2020 at 4:38 PM, Jawbreaker said:

Astrowoman and her retro and modern costumes.

Because the Crey pistol has to be useful for something

Makes me wonder how shield defense would work on Sentinels, if they left the animations as-is...

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35 minutes ago, SirCowdog said:

But female legs in this game are disproportionately long.

Not by default they aren't, but it's quite common to slide the Legs slider all the way to the right for the statuesque woman/coltish teenager look in which the female is "legs all the way to the armpits" that seems to be the norm in "heroic" art styles.


Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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7 hours ago, SirCowdog said:

I can't be the only one here....  This has been bothering me since release.  But female legs in this game are disproportionately long. Bugs the living daylights oit of me. Looks alien.

For almost every female character I create, I drag both the Legs and Hips sliders all the way to the left, then move the Physique slider a bit to the right to beef them up a bit. The default long legs/wide hips results in female characters looking bowlegged when they run, or at least looking like they have a huge thigh gap, which I find visually unappealing. My adjustments mitigate that somewhat. I think part of the problem is that the animators tried to make the run animation "sexy" instead of "realistic".


Actually, it's pretty apparent that they lavished more attention on the female run animation than on the male animation. Males just clomp along, which is why I'm more likely to give them capes so I don't have to see the terrible run animation.

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