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Post your best costume designs here!


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This is my newest character, "Savior Machine". I wanted to call him "Iron Savior", as I am a fan of that band and the science fiction story that is told over the course of their albums. Alas, it seems there was already another Iron Savior. So I went with "Iron Saviour" before deciding that was cheesy and went with Savior Machine. One of the band's songs is sung from the point of view of the inventor of the Iron Savior, and he calls it, "savior machine, creation of mine". And as that song is called, "Titans of Our Time", so my character uses the "Titan Weapons" powerset.



I'm a professional cook IRL, so I created an "evil chef" supervillain. He cooks everything in the microwave (Radiation Blast PS) and fails to observe proper food safety practices (Poison PS). His name is "Recipe for Disaster":


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Guest The Adgramaine

This is Kwipster, the first hero I created, and this is the only surviving pic I have of him as the original computer I used has long since died. My computer has recently died and I have been unable to get back in-game yet, but you better bet your bottom Influence that I'll be re-creating him as soon as I am able to log in!!!



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I have one character with three different outfits at the moment, but I am working on a few other concepts.


This is the Fantastic Firebird:



This is his outfit when he is flying or using his powers:



Firebird in his street clothes:



Here is a sneak peak at a character I am working on...



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whats the easiest way to post a pic in here, step by step please. because I am having no luck, keeps tell me the folder is full or to big.


Upload them to Imgur and use IMG tags


And to get the proper IMG tag, hover over your uploaded image and click on the dropdown arrow, then select 'Get share links' from the dropdown list.

From the Share Options, click on Copy button for 'BBCode (Forums)' link and paste here.

Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified whole powerset sfx?

Check out Michiyo's modder or Solerverse's thread.  Got a punny character? You should share it.

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Been messing around with the goblin design. Went for a little bit of a more archaic design. Not super happy with the armor colors, but everything else looked worse.  Sometimes I swear....as good as the character creator is, I kind of wish there were a few more options. Some costume pieces just not being available with certain sets gets annoying.



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I was a little annoyed that elongated alien helmet is no longer available for female toons...

Archetype Concept Compilation -- Powerset Concept Compilations: Assault Melee


The Great Archetype Concept Battle: Final Round


Archetype Proposal Amalgamation

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One of my favorite things to do in the costume designer is to use costume pieces for concepts quite far from their intended use judging from the names. 


This one uses the 'Jester' head detail and the 'Lab Coat' jacket to create a character far removed from comedy or science.




Witchfinder General of Excelsior.  Founder of The Holy Office supergroup.

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Maybe you could find out what the words for 'golden' and 'dragon' in other languages and combine them. Examples:



Elven/Drow: Tagnik'zur


Gaelic: Arach


Zulu: uzekamanzi














y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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This is simple, but it's my first try at recreating a real-life person. This is my attempt at Tatiana Shmailyuk, the singer for Ukrainian metal band "Jinjer". Unfortunately, there are no skirts like the one she's been wearing on stage lately, so this was the closest I could get. Sonic/Darkness blaster.


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I am looking for a name for this stalker concept.




She almost looks Aztek or Incan to me.  Maybe look up some interesting names from there?

Are you a Wolf, a Sheep, or a Hound?

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