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Bring back some of the old Emotes

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Please bring back some or all of the old Emotes that we had before the game closing.

Some Examples:

  • /em Pizza = Your character eats a slice of Pizza
  • /em Fly1, Fly2, Fly3, Etc.... = Different body postures for flying
  • /em Dance1, Dance2, Etc... = selectable dance style ( I thinh it was at 6 or 8 styles)
  • /em Sitchair = Character sits like in a chair
  • /em SitLedge = Sits like on a ledge
  • /em WallLean = Leans against a wall
  • /em SitLotus = Sit in the Lotus Posission
  • and many more

Their were over 200 emotes in the game and I miss them, some were funny while other were better for customizing tour character's look when just hanging out.

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