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2nd OoT Backstory Competition -- 80mil prize


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CoX themed Story competition, hosted by the Order of Thorns! 1st place is 80 MILLION 👍


We're running this competition a little differently this time. We're going to allow everyone to see the other entries before being judged. Please be respectful of the other contestants or risk attracting the wrath of Nex 😱



1. One entry per person (not per character, not per account...) Please play fair

2. Must fit in the in-game bio section.

3. It must include your character's name and account handle. These do not count toward you character limit.

4. Competition ends October 14th.


How to enter: 

Join the Order discord and paste your story into the #story-competition channel. https://discord.gg/JXvxz2K

You will only be able to post in the channel once every 6 hours. But you may edit your post any number of times you'd like until the competition closes.


Past Competitions:


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