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RP and OOC Global Channels' Code of Conduct


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So um, my opinions are my own but I wanted to share my views a bit since VT is asking for input.

  • I do feel that the channel needs more activity and usage guidelines. To keep down spam, and allow players to invite and engage other players looking for roleplaying events, locations and such, up to and including the clubs, cafes, and base locations that are being opened to the public for RP use. LFG has been the main tool to draw notice for many of these locations, but I feel that the RP channel would be made to better use for RP oriented location and event notifications either in the MOTD, or regular RP notices in the channel without disrupting active RP communication happening in the channel at that time.
  • The OOC channel DOES get a bit of use, but not nearly as much as it would require an update in the guidelines. I feel like it's pretty much common sense that drama is kept to a minimum and using the OOC channel has helped with keeping players involved with the community up to date, and informed on OOC planning, plotting, and event ideas for the community. So, that is all I can say of that.
  • I feel that we do need to promote the use of these channels to help culminate the community activities further, but at this time, I will try to keep the channels as recommended to my class groups when we start teaching again in the coming year.
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