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It's been said that I'll write a guide at the drop of a hat. Just looking at all the guides I've written since City of Heroes came back in the form of Homecoming, it's possible the people saying it might be right.


Here are all the post-Homecoming guides, from right here on this forum. Rather than the order in which they were written, I'm listing them in the order I think they would be useful to new players.


But those aren't the only guides I've written to City of Heroes. Here are a few others that are still relevant (including a little updating by me for the new I25 realities).


And here are a couple that are out-of-date and need work to be brought current, if they can even be brought current at all. If I update them, I'll edit this post to move them to the previous category. For now, just remember: the stuff I say here may no longer be true. (This is especially true for the "XP Gain" guide, which is more useful as a reminder of how things used to work than an indication of how they work today.)

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If you liked what I had to say, please check out my City of Heroes guides!

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