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ID16763 "Caper" - An Alternative Cape-earning mission

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Even though it's not required anymore, you've decided to undertake the old ritual of undertaking a task in memory of the Omega Team to earn your cape. As usual, you talk to the City Representative, and she sends you to talk to Paco Sanchez, Sgt. Bernhard and Justin Greene, who each tell you about Hero One and how he helped them. When you call the City Representative, she directs you to return to City Hall and pay your respects at the Omega Team memorial. As you do, however, you find that you're not the only ones visiting today...



A simple 3-mission arc created as an alternative to the canon cape-earning mission, with a rather different enemy group targeting the memorial for rather different reasons. Player level will be set to 50, but I've been able to beat it easily enough on my sub-50 characters on my usual difficulties. Defence tanks may face problems, as my re-made Warriors have a lot of -Defence attacks, as you'd expect.




Mission 1: Arriving in City Hall, finding that the Warriors have broken in to loot the Omega Team Memorial, and driving them out after finding they've stolen Bearer of Aegis' letter.

Mission 2: Tracking the Warriors down to their warehouse, and finding that they've somehow use the letter as the last clue they needed to track down Bearer of Aegis' artefact cache.

Mission 3: Catching up with the leader of this band, Jason, to defeat him before he can loot the cache, and recovering the artefacts to put into MAGI custody.



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