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I am having problems with the game being jumpy. Especially in Rogue cities.

I move really slow near Ms. Liberty.

Is there something I can do to correct this?

All servers.

Ran verification too.

Have Windows 10.



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Common to Rogue Isles and Praetoria City Zones, the client tends to drag in these areas on certain systems.  This is especially true on computers with on-board video cards versus discrete ones.  (Intel GMA and Radeon APU systems versus computers with dedicated graphics cards like Geforce or Radeon.) 


The biggest two culprits: shared video memory, and limited feature-sets in such on-board video, since it's a sector of the CPU that's processing the video, not a dedicated card away from the CPU with it's own RAM.  Put simply, it won't be as strong of a performance.


If it's a laptop, small-form-factor, or other computer that won't take a video card, there's only settings fixes possible.  (Open the Spoiler below for a wall of text.)


All of these are in the in-game Options panel, visible in Login or while playing the game by opening the Menu:

-- Advanced Graphics Settings set to Disable turns Ultra Mode OFF.  While this gets rid of a lot of options and keeps the tuning simpler, I've been told that the newer graphics system in Ultra Mode is friendlier to systems made SINCE 2012, so take that with a grain of salt.  It's better to turn the Ultra Mode options down than off.  
-- Set Texture quality to low.  Same with Particle Physics Quality.

-- Reduce draw distance/quality.  Turn down the World Detail, Character Detail, and Particle Count sliders.

-- Settings like Environment Reflections, Water Effects, Shadow Quality, and Ambient Occlusion I'd turn down as low as possible, if not off.

-- Turn Depth of Field as well as Bloom OFF.  These are post-processing effects which eat a lot of GPU power.


The big settings that make the largest difference (but with big compromise) is really up at the top of the option list:

-- Screen/UI Resolution should match your desktop, or be set to Windowed.  If you're on a High DPI System, you have another choice if you like full-screen gaming...

-- 3D Resolution Scaling: you're still full-screen or windowed and maximized, but you can turn the resolution down at the cost of quality.  So it's possible to have a 2496x1024 desktop, but run the game in 1248x512.

-- FSAA - Full Screen Anti-Aliasing, or the video card being able to use smoothing pixels on curves and arcs to make them appear more round.  As the name implies, it's full screen so it's running on everything you see.  FSAA is in magnitude: x2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32, or off.  Set this as low as possible, or off.


Gamma and Automatic Field of View should be negligable, just your preferences.


Give the above list a try and tweak things until the frame rate is how you like it.  As a start, turn EVERYTHING listed above in the "settings affecting detail" down as much as possible (before turning down the "BIG SETTINGS" first) and see how it performs.  If it plays much better, slowly turn up the settings to a degree where you have an acceptable compromise between appearance and performance. 


However, you may still notice the following:


-- Frame Rate in enclosed areas (mission maps, indoors, etc.) is 30-60 FPS, but outside (most City Zones) and especially congregation areas (Atlas Park) the frame rate dips below 15 and the screen looks like a flipbook instead of animated.

-- Looking up at the sky, the frame rate dips tremendously.  Looking down and getting the sky out of your view raises the FPS considerably.


If this is the case, even after shutting most of the above options off, then you're looking at hardware as the limiting factor.  If it's a laptop, that's as good as it gets, you can live with it, or find another system.  If it's a desktop that has expansion slots in the back, I'd strongly advise getting a video card to play the game.  (It doesn't have to be an expensive one, either.)

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I did all these and it wasn't much difference.

I noticed that on missions there doesn't seem to be a problem most of the time.

It's mostly in the cities.




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